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Bat*21 [VHS]
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Gene Hackman is a fighter pilot in Vietnam. When he gets shot down behind enemy lines, he manages to hang on to his radio--and maintains contact with Danny Glover, back at the base. Hackman must rely on his own instincts--and the long-distance assistance of Glover--to work his way back to his own territory. The script, by Marc Norman and William Anderson, can't rise above war-movie clich¨¦s and Peter Markle's direction can't lift it. Neither can David Marshall Grant, as an overly passionate copter jockey whose rescue attempt proves more hindrance than help. But crafty veterans Hackman and Glover know a thing or two about transcending mediocre material with performances of depth and humanity. --Marshall Fine

Customer Reviews:

    Terrific Vietnam War movie, based on a true story, which likely heightens its authenticity. Col. Hamilton (Hackman) is called off the golf course to help formulate a carpet bombing campaign against the Viet-Cong along the Ho Chi-Minh trail. He's quickly shot down on a premptive mission and is forced to bail out into the very area that's to be saturated. Capt. Clark (Glover0 literally keeps the Colonel alive through psychology, intensive surveillance, and strategic gunfire. Finally, after watching several apparently authentic real- life horror shows,Glover disobeys orders, and commandeers a helicopter of World War 2 vintage. He locates the colonel, picks him up, is shot down, and the two Amricans srruggle to reach the safety of the river and eventual rescue,barely avoiding the "friendly " fire. This movie is a hidden gem. Try to watch it....more info
  • Outstanding Story, Even Hollywood couldn't screw up
    Outstanding, true story, even Hollywood couldn't add any of their Bravo Sierra and screw this one up. Gene Hackman and Danny Glover are number 1 in this...more info
  • BAT 21
    For a movie based on a true story, I found it be very fast paced with an excellent story line.

    Danny Glover and Gene Hackman really clicked in this one....more info

  • Not an excellent VN war flick, but still one you should see
    High octane action and the perseverance of some of the leads elevate "Bat-21" to that higher level of Vietnam movie. Basically the story of how a high-level intelligence officer eludes capture after being shot down behind enemy lines in Vietnam, "Bat-21" is relentless and never exploitative. Hackman is Iceal Hambleton, a USAF colonel who fights the war in Vietnam from the offices and golf courses of Saigon. Tasked to identify communist missile sites, he boldly (and unwisely) tags along on an EB-66, an unarmed electronic warfare bird loaded with intelligence equipment. The sole survivor after being shot down, Hambleton finds himself pursued by the enemy who apparently appreciate his value as a prisoner. While the enemy (was it the NVA or the Cong? I could never tell) is unable to find Hambleton, they prove more than capable of making life hell for the rescue choppers sent to rescue him - including the crew of a "Jolly Green" cut to pieces over an enemy-held village. While on the ground, Hambleton stays in contact with Bart Clark (Danny Glover), a USAF captain who flies spotter missions for more heavily armed bombers. (Clark flies FAC - from his slow-moving Cessna, he finds targets for the strike fighters, marking them with white-phosphorous rockets). Knowing that the enemy is monitoring them, Hambleton and Clark work out a code that posits the map of Vietnam as a big golf course. As rescue attempts become more dangerous, Clark finds himself drawn ever deeper into the rescue, climaxing in his going rogue when his superiors throw in the towel.

    "Bat-21" isn't really a classic. There's plenty of thrilling action, and the script even manages to find room for irony (as when Clark pauses during a radio conversation with Hambleton while he zaps a few communist troops). Still, nothing really convincingly explains how Hackman manages to elude anybody (the script makes clear that he is definitely no Rambo). The film also breezes over the biggest irony - that Hackman's code is based on his smarts on the golf course rather than the battlefield. If the film excels over cheap action flicks, it's in the determination and exhaustion of its leads and persistent refusal to avoid Hollywood glory. Also, unless anybody knows of another film, this is the only one I've seen that captures the critical role played by Forward Air Controllers in both prosecuting the air war in Vietnam, and rescuing those airmen nearly lost....more info

  • Bat 21
    My husband and I are pleased with the DVD Bat 21. Excellent views. Service from ordering and receiving it was excellent. Thank you...more info
  • Best Viet-Nam movie ever made!
    Absolutely the best performance of Gene Hackmans' career! This is a real thriller of a war movie and will leave you gasping for air. Danny Glover was also exceptional in this movie. For those of you who love to fly, don't miss this one! Based on a true story....more info
  • Exciting and well told true story
    Yet another example of excellent casting here paring Gene Hackman with Danny Glover. The film is riveting, and even while telling the story of Bat 2-1, it delves into the heart of Vietnam, where Bat 2-1 made his 18-hole sprint to freedom. Highly recommended....more info
  • Bat-21
    This film encompases the realism a Vietnam Veteran wants in a film centered on/in that war. the films actors dedication to self portrayals of those who were there while fighting against all odds for those in need and under fire is accurate. Danny Glover portrays the honest truth of character that most men had within themselves while there. I remembered my own dedication to my country and its best beliefs while watching the film. Thank you Danny for a wonderful portrayal....more info