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Demolition Man [VHS]
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Searching for new directions, Sylvester Stallone starred in this farcical, 1993 SF piece about an ex-cop (Stallone) freed from 36 years of forced hibernation to help catch a criminal (Wesley Snipes) who released himself from a similar incarceration. The futuristic story finds Los Angeles a sea of Taco Bells and enforced peace, and within that satiric overview Stallone's character becomes a gun-toting fish out of water. The film plays like a live-action cartoon, and while there is nothing particularly wrong with that, Demolition Man is a rather flat experience. The irony of a peaceable society that both requires and despises its bloody saviors has been captured far more profoundly in movies like Dirty Harry. Sandra Bullock costars. The DVD release has optional full-screen and widescreen presentations, production notes, theatrical trailer, Dolby sound, optional Spanish soundtrack, and optional French and Spanish subtitles. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • If only they'd explained the three shells I could die happy
    I like this movie. While Stallone has proven repeatedly he is not a great actor, he does manage to make some entertaining films. This is one of 'em.

    Ya got a futuristic society where criminals are frozen. Great idea. Thawing them out for parole hearings then drowning them again seemed to be a bit on the 'cruel and unusual' side of things, though. Sparton (Stallone) was a cop unjustly frozen while capturing Phoenix (Wesley Snipes). Phoenix escapes and Sparton is thawed to help capture him.

    Snipes should not have gotten a dime for doing this movie. In fact, he should have forked over some $$ to the producers. It is obvious he is having a ball here being the bad guy while doing an entertaining impersonation of Dennis Rodman. (Am I the only one who saw this?) He is bloody perfect in the role. If Rodman could act (and I did see him in a movie, no, he is definately NOT an actor) he'd have been a good Phoenix, too. Still, Snipes, ever the crook, steals all the scenes in which he appears. Not difficult when he's playing against Stallone, but still very good.

    Bullock got a great part, did well in it, and worked wonders for her carreer. She owes whoever picked her for the part a big thank you. Honestly, any cutie could have done her role. Just as any of a hundred Hollywood types could have done Stallones. Snipes was the only perfectly cast actor in the bunch.

    Anyway, you have Sparton and Phoenix fighting their way through the movie, along with a cameo by Jesse the Body (Why? No one knows.) The ending is predicable, the good guys win.

    Go ahead and buy the thing. It ain't Shakespeare, but it ain't boring either....more info
  • "The Time Machine" Revisited
    The Earthquake of 2010 impoverishs Southern California. By 2032 all cities from San Diego to Los Angeles are merged into one continuous urban metroplex. Societal rules also change. Physical touching is discouraged to prevent disease transmittal and permanent coupling, everybody is excessively well-adjusted, and constant nagging surveillance instantly corrects any politically-incorrect behaviour -- everybody is passive. Social rebels live and starve in the sewer system. Then supercriminal Simon Phoenix (satan rises again?) escapes from cryoprison. The police release maverick policeman John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone) from cryoprison to recapture Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes). John Spartan must fight Simon Phoenix according to the rules of 2032 -- not a fair fight.

    "Demolition Man" is a remake of H. G. Wells' "The Time Machine". In both "The Time Machine" and "Demolition Man", a maverick from the past journeys into the future to save humankind. H. G. Wells' masters are cave-dwelling primitives and his attractive surface-dwelling slaves live in Eden, while "Demolition Man's" masters are psychological bullies, its attractive slaves live in an overly-controlled Southern California environment and its dirty rebels are hunted in the sewers. The goal in both fictional societies is total control over human populations.

    "Demolition Man" is filled with flamboyant action and gratuitous violence -- both Stallone and Snipes are in great physical form. Sandra Bullock plays Lieut. (Aldous?) Huxley, Spartan's partner who has some good moves of her own. "Demolition Man" is a fun action movie that should *not* be dismissed as fluff. Too many people are willing to solve all our problems, leaving us to sleepwalk our lives away....more info

    This is an enormously entertaining film that is slyly intelligent, chock full of action, and quite humorous. The time is the future, 2032 AD. The location is California, and the police just ain't what they used to be, as the future is a sanitized, politically correct world, where only the most benign behavior is the standard by which all live. Even bad language is a no no. The police of the future have nothing in common with the police of the past. Guns are outlawed, as is all physical violence. Los Angeles is no more, having merged with San Diego into a new entity known as San Angeles, which is ruled by the architect of the new society, Dr. Raymond Cocteau, who is played with sage aplomb by the late Nigel Hawthorne. He is not, however, all that he seems.

    This is, indeed, a "brave new world" and Lenina Huxley, played with delicious comic abandon by Sandra Bullock, is a police woman who waxes nostalgic for the past. The LAPD is now the SAPD. Her colleague, Alfredo Garcia, played with Eagle Scout earnestness by Benjamin Bratt, epitomizes the new order of things. He is a Dudley-do-right without the wherewithal to set right what is soon to go wrong. His is a future where everyone's whereabouts are known to the police, as all are tagged with a device that allows the police monitor their whereabouts. His is a future where all obey instantly, and civility is the standard of the day. His is a future where all address each other by their full names. His is a future where meat is no longer a food item, the use of salt is illegal, and corporate franchise wars have left Taco Bell to reign supreme as THE restaurant of the time. His is a future where sex is a non-contact activity.

    The violent past intrudes on this sanitized future in the persona of Simon Phoenix, played with over-the-top abandon by a blond Wesley Snipes, who, like a phoenix arising out of the ashes, is freed from his cryogenic prison and unleashed upon an unprepared SAPD. Clueless in the face of such testosterone charged violence, the SAPD arrange to have twentieth century super lawman John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone) released from his own cryogenic prison in hopes that he will be able to deal with the chaotic nature of Simon Phoenix and stop his senselessly violent rampage. Lenina Huxley is teamed up with Spartan in order to help him adjust to this brave new world. She is over-the-top with happiness at this development, as her fondness for nostagia will be sated by the opportunity to get up close and personal with a blast from the past.

    Needless to say, Spartan and Phoenix clash, as old warriors are wont to do. There is enough violence, mayhem, and action to satisfy the most die hard fans of this genre. What happens will not disappoint the viewer, as old scores are settled, inequitable situations are righted, and a brave new world gets a little fine tuning for the better. This action flick, sci-fi crossover does not fail to entertain, and it does so more intelligently than most films in this genre. Make no mistake, however, while Wesley Snipes gives her a run for her money, it is Sandra Bullock who steals the show with her drolly delivered dialogue, her deft comedic timing and innate charm. Sylvester Stallone, as wooden as ever, is not even a blip on the radar....more info
  • Wesley Snipes Rocks!
    Before Blade, this was the film that made Wesley Snipes look cool! Stallone doesn't look too bad, too, it's just that, well, it's Stallone.

    You know you're watching a John Woo movie if...

    1. Most everyone is wearing a black trenchcoat.
    2. Half the movie is in slow motion.
    3. Heros are generally proceeded by doves or other glowing, symbolic
    items of mass courage.
    4. More than one helicopter explodes.
    5. Everyone cool wears sunglasses and eventually removes them in a
    slow-motion, classy mannor.
    6. Character names are unusual, but deeply representative.
    7. Motorcycles are rampant.
    8. The hero can shoot the badguy while jumping through fire, swinging
    from a rope, falling down an elevator shaft or riding on the
    front wheel of a motorcycle while spinning a
    one-hundred-eighty degree circle at sixty miles per hour.
    9. The plot generally revolves around the villian's intent on mass
    10. Ammunition lasts more than the clip can hold. MUCH more.
    11. Always more than one gun shoots at the same time.
    12. By the end of the movie everything that isn't exploding has
    already exploded....more info

  • [best!]
    i have seen more than 500 movies in my time, and i have never enjoyed a movie morre than this. dont rent it!now! if you dont you will seriously regret's te funniest, most action packed movie ever. this movie has the most wild, wicked, and weird vision of the futer[dont remember how to spell] ever thought of! honestly, i have a button on my vcr that will never stop a movie when it's over, and i cotinuesly watch this movie over again every day!... the best!......more info
  • Sly and Snipes in top form...
    This one of my all time favorite movies. It is definitely in my opinion, Stallone's best work. I have to tell you I have never been a Wesley Snipes fan, but this is by FAR his best role. Snipes actually stole the show, he is the funniest and at the same time scariest villian I have ran across. This one has it all, action, suspense, comedy, and a great script. Not to mention this DVD's picture and sound is AWESOME!...more info
    I'm just gonna go ahead and say it - 'Demolition Man' is the best action movie of all time. It's got everything you want - explosions, humour, violence, Taco Bell, a cameo by Jesse Ventura and killer performances by Stallone and Snipes. You WILL feel the need to speak like the citizens of San Angeles after the movie is over. "What's your boggle?", "Fellow Greetings", "Joy-Joy Feelings", "Be Well" - ALL will be used by you after seeing this film.

    Snipes kills me in this movie. His best delivered lines are:

    "It's like two for the price of one!" and,

    "Put another log on the fire!"...more info
  • Excellent Story and Awesome Acting By the Lead Actors
    Initially, when I saw the preview for this movie back in 1993, I will be the first to admit that I thought this movie was going to be terrible. However, I was convinced to watch this movie when it came out on video and I must say that this is one of the best sci-fi/action movies I have seen.

    Demolition Man takes place in the year 2032 in the city of San Angeles, which encompasses the current day cities of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Diego. The society closely mimics the society described in the book "The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells. Most of society resembles the "Eloi". Society has turned into a utopia of political correctness. Most everyday things have been made illegal including swearing, sex, spicy foods, and salt for example. The city has no violence or firearms of any kind. Rather than prison, criminals are frozen and rehabilitated during their "hibernation". However, there is an underground "Morlock" type society known as "scaps" in the movie. The "scraps" are the free thinkers, which I would compare to modern day Americans.

    The leader of San Angeles secretly releases a violent criminal, Simon Phoenix (played by Wesley Snipes) to kill the leader of the "scraps", Edgar Friendly (played by Dennis Leary). The police release another "cryo-con", a maverick 20th century cop named John Spartan (played by Sylvester Stallone) who originally captured Phoenix in the 20th century and was framed during the arrest of Phoenix. Spartan is partnered with a bored officer named Lenina Huxley (played by Sandra Bullock), who is a na?ve police officer obsessed with the 20th century.

    The result is an awesome action film with a shaky plot. This movie reminds me a lot of "The Last Boyscout", a loud movie with a lot of shootouts. However, this film is also filled with many laughs, as Huxley rattles off many 20th century clich¨¦s but manages to screw most of them up. Product placement in the movie is everywhere. Despite the frequent referral to brand names that would become nauseous in most movies, the product placement works very well in this movie and adds to the comedy and charm. The movie also makes references to a couple of 20th century actors such as Arnold Schwartzenegger and Jackie Chan.

    If you enjoy an occasional pointless, loud, violent action movie, this is definitely the movie for you. While I would not rate this movie as a masterpiece, I do think this is one of the few movies that pull action and comedy together exceptionally well. I thought the mix of actors worked exceptionally well in this movie and complimented each other beautifully. I would definitely say this is a must see movie! I think the movie is even better now as it brings up a lot of memories of the late 80's and early 90's....more info
  • Not Just Another Dumb Action Movie
    This action-flick is an excellent satire, spoofing such themes as "political correctness", "moral correctness", & extremes in philosphy & thought, within the context of a live-action "comic-book"-type of story. Of cousre, it also has exciting, well-paced action sequences & fun (because they're so dopey) one-liners. The producers even manage to pull off obvious plugs for their sponsors in a funny, yet (ironically) plausible way. (Taco Bell is the ONLY restaurant left in "the future!" I also wonder if Armor Hot-Dogs & frozen vegetable & dog-food companies also sponsored, since their jingles are the "hit songs" in the future. Well, popular "oldies" at least, according to Sandra Bullock's character.)

    Two reasons why I didn't give it 5 Stars:

    First, Stallone's daughter is mentioned yet that matter is never resolved. (Why mention something if you won't follow through?)

    Second, since this is done in a "comic-book" style, as a personal preference, I would have liked to have seen Snipes' death left somewhat "ambiguous" (so he can come back & plague Stallone in a sequel!) That's just a preference, though.

    Of interest: The whole "Rip Van Winkle" frozen-cryogenic plot device used here is almost repeated in exact detail in "Austin Powers."

    Listen for Bullock's reference to Jackie Chan's movies BEFORE he hit it big in the U.S. & is it just me, or does anybody else notice that Wesely Snipes' "Simon Phoenix" character resembles the Joker?...more info

  • Good Movie? Stop Lying!
    ... To Sly's credit this movie wasn't that bad but the only thing it's got going for it is Snipes one liner's, fighting and Bullock's good looks. Not much to work with folks!...more info
  • Great 90's Stallone if you're into that kind of thing
    This is one of those movies that motivated Last Action Hero to be made. That being said, it's a great representation of the genre. If you like the 90's action movies, this one should be a classic. It's got a good idea, and a fun premise. I'll admit, it probably isn't for everybody...but I really enjoyed it. If it's not too expensive you should at least give it a chance....more info
  • Could have been better
    In the future, everyone lives in harmony; no one smokes, swears or dies of unnatural causes; and popular radio stations play advertising jingles from the 20th century. That is, until Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes), 20th century mega-criminal and all-around bad guy is defrosted from the cryogenic prison and goes on a rampage. The peace loving futurites can't cope with the situation, so resort to defrosting John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone), the man who originally captured Phoenix but who was also arrested for killing over 30 civilians in the process.

    "Demolition Man" is an enjoyable film that had the potential to be better. With Daniel Waters (who also wrote "Heathers" and "Batman Returns") as one of the script writers, the script does have moments of his trademark black humour, but not enough to hide the fact that this is a typical, big-budget studio action film. The cast of the film is incredible and includes, among others, Stallone, Snipes, Sandra Bullock, Benjamin Bratt, Nigel Hawthorne, Rob Schneider and Denis Leary, but many of these actors are criminally underused (especially Leary, as the rebel leader, who only appears for about 10 minutes in total). Nevertheless, the vision of a future so perfect that fun has basically been outlawed is interesting and Snipes is in the role of his career, hamming it up as the villain.
    ...more info
  • Dependable Action
    Sandra Bullock kills every movie she's ever in, so that is my reason for the 4 stars instead of 5. She really just gets on my nerves. The story has been talked about already, but I will say that some of the ideas presented were as interesting as the action itself. For instance, in the car they listen to the most popular radio station in town which is really just commercial jingles, getting the public to sing along about products being sold. Scary to think we are halfway to that reality as it is. This movie is full of useless one-liners that almost every american action film is required to have. They aren't as annoying as arnold's movies, and the delivery is pretty funny so it isn't too bad. The action scenes are clearly the standout moments, the one in the museum being the best in the film. Definitely worth seeing, i picked it up on vhs for 2 bucks at a used record store, can't beat that....more info
  • Demolition Man
    The DVD looked like new when I got it and nothing was missing. I received it within a week and the price was very reasonable....more info
  • You can't match this meat!
    Sylvester Stallone has been in some really bad movies; most notably Cobra and, of course, Rhinestone.
    In 1993, Stallone made a breakthrough, a breakthrough meaning that he made movies that people didn't walk out on! First off that year, he made Cliffhanger, which was a big domestic and worldwide box office success, and then he followed that with Demolition Man, which was his best breakthrough movie since...well, Cliffhanger.

    The movie mixes the usual action with humor. Sandra Bullock cuteness and Wesley Snipes' whacky hairdo and funny oneliners makes this movie watchable. Stallone plays bad-boy cop John Spartan who is frozen in time for irresponsibly taking the lives of innocent people after a bust to catch bad guy Simon Phoenix, played by Snipes, who is caught and put in an ice cube also. 36 years later, the world is a much safer place. Crime is at a rate of zero and people are well-behaved. What happens next? Simon Phoenix escapes from his prison and he is out in search of destruction and since there are no equally demented cops to catch this sort of criminal, they release Spartan to pursue him. And the fun begins! Bullock plays the role of a 90's obsessed cop who becomes Stallone's partner. Her quotes are the funniest in the entire film. ... The movie also features funny cameos by Denis Leary and Rob Schneider.

    Despite the movie being a mixture of action and comedy and not solely comedy, this is one of Stallone's funniest roles to date.

    The DVD features only include the trailer and shot-by-shot commentary by the film's director Marco Brambilla. But for the movie's sake, this DVD is worth keeping!


    B...more info
  • oh man this is great
    Ok, where do I start. Before I rented this movie, I wasnt expecting much as it had a selvester stallone and snipes. However, when I watched it, I was dumbfounded. This isnt at all like any of stallone's cheesy action flicks or like the incredibly stupid "Blade" with snipes, this was by far one of the most enjoyable movies I have ever watched, closely rivaling "the matrix". Stallone is still a little wooden as far as his acting goes but I think he fits the part well, and Snipes, in my opinion is exelent in this one. The main reason i liked this movie so much is the plot. The plot is so fun, thought-provoking and original, I would have seen the movie just for the idea. If you havnt seen this movie, see it now! if you have seen it, see it again! if you dont own it, buy it! you wont regret it!...more info
  • Space and beyond.
    Demolition Man starring Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes is pretty far out in terms of storyline and science fiction. Thank goodness for Sandra Bullock! Without her spunk and likability, this film would be just another stinker. The gadgets and costumes keep this movie worth watching but otherwise than that, it's ultimately a film not to be taken to seriously. Good luck!...more info
  • Phoenix vs Spartan in 2032 names for the future!
    Early 1990's vision of Los Angeles in the future 2032-AD. Good funny futuristic atmosphere that doesn't seem all too serious of a thriller these days but when this movie came out, it was a big hit. If the future is really how this movie depict it to be, then i don't want to be part of it. Come on now, the future seem so cheesy in 2032 that i look forward to being frozen in time until the next millenium. Sandra Bulluck is a happy go lucky goodie too shoe cop as a sidekick that irritates Sly Stallone to such a degree that he be screaming '..cut me mick cut me' and 'Adrianne!!!!' in no time at all. One thing i do find hard to believe is taco bell winning the fast food war to be the only food franchise existing in the future....blahhh!!!!! One more thing....Sly, stop it with the one liner comebacks because it's getting old no matter what century were in.

    Check this out for Sly fan' is one of his best nevertheless and i enjoy watching it when it came out on the big screens. I find it funny viewing the movie now but still......more info
  • BAD
    and I mean Bad Bad not good BAD! Waste of time for Sandra Bullock I'd rate it zero star if I could....more info
  • 100 times watched & still going
    I've seen this movie at least a hundred times and it keeps getting better. While the story line was nothing beyond the usual action film gun totting good guy (Stallone) vs. evil psycotic bad guy (Snipes) the social and technological concepts covered in this film really make a person think what could be accomplished & avoided in creating a more peaceful society.

    It would be interesting to see a prequel movie or book based on the forming of San Angelas and characters like Chief Erl, Mayor-Gov Raymond Cocto and Warden William Smithers, but I don't think this movie did well enough at the box office for this to become a reality.

    If you are into Stallone films this may not be his best one, but if you are into Utopian Ideals of future societies then this is the movie for you....more info

  • Really good movie, stupid lexicon
    John Spartin did not do the crime but he did do the time (30 years in a cryogenics facility to be exact). All of that changes one day when the authorities in power the Police Department of San Angles lets him out.
    The only catch is that his arch nemesis
    (a certain psychopath named Simon Phoenix) has escaped from prison.

    How will Spartin survive in a world of (as is so aptly termed in the movie) a bunch of robed sissies" With expressions like "Murder Death Kill" and "Her lifeforce was terminated" and "Be Well". This language really ticks me off.

    My impression-This what I consider to be the last good Sylvester Selone movie. He has had a couple of decent ones since, but not many that can pull off the difficult task of being action packed and funny.
    I also happen to love Dennis Leery. Even though if I were being honest I'd have to say he stole a good deal of his material from the late-great Bill Hicks.

    Leary's performance along with Snipes provide some badly needed comic relief. Along with the action that makes this one of the better sci-fi movies of the 90s....more info

  • Forget Sly!
    To one of the previous reviewers: No you're not alone in thinking Sandra Bullock looks cute in her cop uniform. Forget Stallone, Sandra's tight pants do it for me. Enjoy!...more info
  • Action, sci-fi and comedy rolled into one
    Demolition Man is a film that can please just about everyone. The film mixes three genre's succesfully and has two great male leads, Stallone and Snipes. Snipes is more fun here because he gives a larger than life performance and Sanda Bullock provides a lot of one liners. Great way to waste a afternoon with the guys....more info
  • Fun Movie, Poor Quality DVD
    I have an old copy of this movie that I taped off HBO several years back and this DVD has more picture quality problems that the tape. Random spots, flashes, and obvious pixelation in several spots. Maybe it will look better if I'm not watching it on my such luck.

    Buyer beware, wait for a rerelease of this one even it it is 3 times more expensive or buy it locally so you can exchange it for another copy. Good Luck...more info
  • Don't mess with a Demolitionary Man...
    No wait!?! I alway get that song title mixed up with The Eurthymics 'Missionary Man'...
    I also got this DVD mixed up with one with a commentary and theatrical trailer!!
    Which was missing from my one purchased in New Zealand. South Pacific buyers BEWARE when buying locally!!
    Read what is offered on the back not what is listed on the inside!! Same packaging - Different DVD...
    And for the first time in all my viewings of this action favourite - did I hear 'Pizza Hut' dubbed over Stallones obvious visual pronunciation of 'Taco Bell'!!
    Speaking of yummies!?! Did Ms Bullock ...ever look so appealing in a movie!?!?! Wow!! Stallone was great!! Funny and charming as ever... Definitely one of his best!! Even the kid selling it to me had to smile and comment accordinly... 'Great movie!!'
    Wesley Snipes was hialarious!!
    I loved this film from 'wo to go'... only the other way round - cos we all know ' go' comes first and 'wo' comes at the end... Which is now!! :-)...more info
  • 21st Century Police Man!
    I was astounded by the creativity by this action film. After being cyrogenically frozen since 1996, Los Angeles' most forceful police officer John Spartan and Los Angeles' most ruthless criminal Simon Phoenix, have been brought back for the fight of the galaxy! Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes are dynamite. Phoenix (Snipes) has been brought back to assassinate a homeless rebel leader and Spartan (Stallone) has been brought back to stop the sadistic man. Oh my word! Phoenix learned martial arts and curses up a storm at a bank machine. I know the feeling! But, a censoring program will not allow Phoenix to swear and he gets even more upset. Hostility! The year now is 2032 and San Diego and Los Angeles have been merged as San Angeles. It is a time of peace and 'be well' amongst society. Unfortunately, all of the smiley faces have been introduced to Phoenix and Spartan! Phoenix goes to a museum and gets some artillery. Spartan follows and they fight to the finish. Spartan took time to get used to the 'new' times. He swears plenty, wants to eat meat and doesn't understand Sandra Bullock. The mayor of San Angeles dresses in bedsheets and told Spartan to 'be well' when he was angry. Spartan's response is ultimate and forever will be memorable. You'll have to see it to live it! This movie made me want to go back in time and see it for the first time again. Too bad there weren't any special features on the DVD. But, it's ok, this movie is a masterpiece and was overlooked at every awards ceremony. Rip-roaring entertainment that anybody would love. I saw this movie when I was nine-years-old and I will watch this movie forever....more info
  • wow
    this is the worst movie ive ever seen...the plot is ridiculous...i think the scene that sums up this movie is when stalone goes in the sewer finds a group of people living there and low and behold he happens upon a spanish woman grilling hotdogs and hamburgers and he promptly orders a burger and beer and she asks what hes paying with in spanish of course...then they cut to a horribly ugly watch bullock is wearing and he says hell pay with that so he gets this burger and beer and guess what? ooo whoa ho its actually made of rats ... that was a kneeslapper and than stalone adds the witty quip "oh not bad!" which made me want to drown myself...whats even better is that 2 minutes later he happens upon a 1970 muscle car in perfect condition i mean that would make sense that a muscle car from 1970 would be in a sewer in 2032 and in perfect condition among a group of sewer dwellers...and on that i think im gonna fill up my bath tub with some good ol'water to drown myself after watching this movie...more info