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In the Line of Fire
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This smart, tautly directed thriller from Wolfgang Petersen is about the cat-and-mouse games between a Secret Service agent named Horrigan (Clint Eastwood) and the brilliant, psychopathic assassin (John Malkovich) who's itching to get the President in his cross hairs. The back-story--Horrigan is haunted by his inability to prevent John Kennedy's assassination (Eastwood is computer-generated into archival footage)--is more than a little hokey, but the plotting itself is smartly, even ingeniously, constructed. Petersen manages a viselike grip on the tension and Eastwood even gets to deliver an ever-more-timely lecture on the diminished nature of the office of President. Eastwood's as gruff and as infuriating to the by-the-book Powers That Be as ever, and Malkovich oozes delightful menace. Renee Russo capably costars as a colleague with whom Horrigan gets friendly. --David Kronke

Customer Reviews:

  • Hard Work PAYS OFF
    Clint Eastwood and John Malkovich did a very fine job very fine indeed but let us not forget the other cast members who helped this movie too....more info
  • Thrillers don't get much better than this, don't miss it.
    "In the Line of Fire" is a superb thriller, it manages to maintain tension throughout. The dirction from suspense master Wolfgang Petersen is brilliant, this film builds and builds to a great climax. This film in my opinion took thrillers to a new level, it holds you until the vey end. Don't miss this film....more info
  • A Must Have For Any Eastwood Fan
    A Must Have For Any Eastwood Fan
    Great extras with commentary from Rene Russo, John Malkovich, and Clint of course and interesting footage of real Secret Service agants...more info
  • Enthralling and tasty!
    Eastwood plays a complex character filled with regret--a familiar character for Eastwood. He was present when JFK was assasinated--as a secret service agent guarding the president. This failure has haunted him for 30 years.

    An assassin played wonderfully by John Malkovich is threatening the current president. The interaction between Eastwood and Malkovich is enthralling and tasty.

    This tale of longing for redemption has superb acting, suspense and resolution. Enjoy!...more info
  • A good suspense thriller!
    Horrigan (Clint Eastwood) is an FBI agent who had bungled in his duty of protecting President Kennedy, and has never forgiven himself since. He is now much older, and makes a number of false moves in trying to protect the present President. He comes across as unfit for the job and comes close to getting suspended. Life is hard for poor old Horrigan.

    Leary (John Malkovich) is an ex-FBI agent who had the misfortune of thwarting his partner's attempt to murder him on a direct FBI order. He now holds a grudge against the FBI for this incident, and plots to kill the President.

    While we are aware of Leary's methodical planning, it is still suspenseful to see if Horrigan can figure it out. The movie is thrilling to watch and is never boring....more info
  • Malkovich Steals The Show
    Here's another entertaining Clint Eastwood action-suspense film. I am not a particularly fan of his but I have to hand to him: he knows how to make entertaining movies. It didn't hurt, either, to have John Malkovich as his co-star. Now there is an intense actor!

    In this story, Malkovich plays an assassin, and he is fascinating to watch, thanks to his different disguises and the terrific dialog he was given. He also has a interesting voice.

    Rene Russo is fairly low-key (for her), but that's fine and Eastwood plays the usual loner-cop role, not appreciated by his superiors but showing them all up in the end. I guess he couldn't stop playing the "Dirty Harry"-type figures, but he played them well.

    There were some negatives this film, however, namely: credibility. The climatic scene, in particularly, had too many holes in it. There also were too many verbal blasphemes in here.

    Overall, however, this is good, escapist fare. ...more info
  • good
    This interesting little suspence tale starring Clint Eastwood, Rene Russo, and John Malcovich goes into the world of politics. Eastwood plays FBI agent Frank Horrigan, a man who's been haunted by the fact that he couldn't save Kennedy after the first shot had been fired. Malcovich brilliantly plays Mitch Leary, a psychotic man who's only goals are to taunt Horrigan and to assaninate the president. Russo plays Lilly Raines, the female agent who is bothered by Horrigan's lame attempts to woo her and to help Horrigan solve the mess that Leary has made. Good movie and watch for Gary Coleman,Dylan McDermott, John Heard, and Ed Harris as well....more info
  • John Malkovich is Great.
    Movies about presidential assassinations (whether fictional or non-fictional) are usually lame. They follow the same formula and they always end the same. I guess, technically, "In the Line of Fire" is nothing new for this kind of movie but it's got an exciting plot, awesome acting, and well basically...Despite the familar formula, it's a damn good movie. Clint Eastwood plays a Secret Service agent named Frank Horrigan, who is still haunted by the fact that he could've saved Kennedy from being assassinated had he reacted quicker. Since this incident, Frank has been reduced to a drunken under-cover Secret Service agent who longs for something meaninful to happen. It does in the form of Mitch Leary (John Malkovich, in an Oscar nominated performance). After Frank follows up on a tip that Leary may be up to something, he recieves a phone call from Leary who tells him that he is going to assassinate the Presidents. It seems doors are re-opening for Frank. As Frank and Leary begin talking to each other over the phone, while Frank and the rest of the agents descend upon the case it becomes clear that Leary is no ordinary crazy assassin. Rene Russo co-stars as Lilly Raines, a female Secret Service agent and the love interest of Frank. Dylan McDermott also co-stars as Frank's partner Al. Anyway, the plot is good...It has its moments of predictability, but I actually must admit that Leary's decision at the end genuinely surprised me. Anyway, I don't watch many Eastwood movies (I've only seen some movies he's directed, Any Which Way You Can, Escape from Alcatraz, and that's about it); I think, in all, I've seen 5 movies he's acted in. But I can honestly say that this is, probably, one of his strongest performances. Malkovich is what made me want to see this movie, the man is an amazing actor folks. Every film I've seen him in, he fascinates the viewer. Here, the casting doesn't get much better for his role. I can't think of another actor who could play Leary as well as Malkovich. I'm not sure if it was Tommy Lee Jones (The Fugitive) or Martin Landau (Ed Wood) he lost the Oscar to, but this is a completely Oscar worthy performance here. Russo is good (she has the strong look of a career woman, but can be vulnerable to Franks "charm."), as is the rest of the cast.
    But, Eastwood and Malkovich are the core of this film. Out of all the films I've seen by director Wolfgang Petersen (I've only seen The Perfect Storm and Poseidon), this is definitely his best.

    GRADE: A...more info
  • Outstanding. One of my favorite Clint Eastwood Titles...
    Review Clarification: This review is based on my viewing of this movie in the theater, and on Laser Disc. I have not viewed the DVD (any version).

    This is my favorite Clint Eastwood movie of all time, better than all the Dirty Harry, Spaghetti Western, and Sci-Fi/Space movies.

    I first viewed this movie in the theater, and I was completely blown away. I am disappointed that John Malkovich has chosen not to be in more mainstream movies, because I immediately wanted to see everything he was in, after watching this movie. (I immediately rented "Being John Malkovich" when it became available, and was quite disappointed when he was not the protagonist.) John plays a brilliant Psycho in this movie, and plays it very well. In fact, I actually changed my image of him after this movie. If I were to see him on the street, this is the only memory I would have of him.

    I recommend this movie highly. One of my favorites.

    MC White said: Check it out!!!

    EDIT: Why list the director's name first, Wolfgang Petersen, instead of Clint Eastwood? Stupid!...more info
  • Eastwood takes one for the Pres

    A psycho (played by John Malkovich) plans to kill the President, and Clint Eastwood, an aging, almost over-the-hill secret service agent, is trying to stop him. Malkovich torments Eastwood - Eastwood was on duty protecting Kennedy when he was shot in Dallas, and he didn't react accordingly when the shots went off; Malkovich knows it and drives him batty about it. Eastwood's been carrying that psychological scar ever since, and now he has a chance to redeem himself.

    In many of Eastwood's movies it's hard to sympathize with him because he's either so cruel and antagonistic or else almost unscathingly superhuman; here he does win our sympathy because finally he IS more human and like the rest of us: he's out of shape, he gets the flu, it takes a while to win the girl (Rene Russo). It's a nice change. There is nothing unique about the story or the way the plot unfolds: crazy man on the loose, Eastwood and cops try to track him down - though it's done very well. The tension is maintained, yet the director (Wolfgang Petersen) takes time to develop the characters, especially Eastwood. Of course there's the wow finish: Eastwood takes the bullet meant for the President (he's only wounded), thus redeeming himself. It's a very well-done thriller; definitely worth a watch....more info
  • Eastwood is great..Russo is sexy and Malkovich is creepy
    Clint Eastwood(Blood Work, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly), a cop..was one of the guys who protected John F. Kennedy before he was he is jumping threw hoops for some killer who likes to toy and play with him..great suspense and Eastwood is a charm to watch..John Malkovich(Knockaround Guys, Con Air) is always evil...there's no denying that. directed by Wolfgang Petersen also starring Rene Russo(Get Shorty, The Thomas Crown Affair), Dylan McDermott(Tv's The Practice, The Cowboy Way), Gary Cole(A Simple Plan, I:Spy), Fred Dalton Thomas(Die Hard 2: Die Harder, Tv's Law and Order), Joshua Malina(Tv's Sports Night, Tv's The West Wing), John Mahoney(Tv's Fraiser, The Hudsucker Proxy), and Steve Railsback(Slash, Made Men). good cat and mouse game...more info
  • Eastwood...stand[s] In the Line of Fire
    In The Line Of Fire is an intense action thriller directed by Wolfgang Peterson (The Perfect Storm), and starring Oscar winning director Clint Eastwood (The Unforgiven), John Malkovich (Con Air), Rene Russo (Lethal Weapon 3), and Dylan McDermott (Runaway Jury).

    Eastwood plays Frank Horrigan, a secret service agent who was hired to protect President John F. Kennedy, but obviously failed. 30 years later, Horrigan has become an undercover agent until he discovers a twisted lunatic Mitch Leary, played by Malkovich, who is plotting to kill the new president. Leary knows everything about Horrigan, and begins taunting him with phone calls. Horrigan finds out that Leary is smart and serious, and attempts to save the life of the president even if it means he'll have to stand in the line of fire.

    The highlight of In The Line Of Fire is Malkovich's brilliant performance. Eastwood proves once again that even at an old age, his 'Dirty Harry' bad*ss image is still intact.


    A...more info
  • First class thriller
    John Malkovich is convincingly creepy and vicious in his role as an assassin turned maniac who wants to kill the president. Next to him, Clint Eastwood is a secret service man who failed to protect JFK. Their demons drive this excellent film, which is convincing and very involving.

    It's an excellent movie and first class entertainment. ...more info
  • Movie: 4/5 Picture Quality: 3.25~4.25/5 Sound Quality: 4/5 Extras: 2.25/5
    Version: U.S.A / Region Free
    Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1
    MPEG-4 AVC BD-50
    Running time: 2:08:36
    Movie size: 35,30 GB
    Disc size: 39,52 GB
    Total bit rate: 36.61 Mbps
    Average Video bit rate : 24.95 Mbps

    Audio Formats

    * English 1435Kbps (48kHz/16-bit) / French / Portuguese Dolby TrueHD 5.1 Surround
    * Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround


    English / English SDH / Bahasa / Chinese (Mandarin)
    Chinese (Simplified) / Korean / Dutch / French
    Portuguese (Brazilian) / Spanish (Latin American)

    # Audio Commentary
    # The Ultimate Sacrifice (SD, 22 minutes)
    # Behind the Scenes with the Secret Service (SD, 20 minutes)
    # Catching Counterfeiters (SD, 5 minutes)
    # How'd They Do That (SD, 5 minutes)
    # Deleted Scenes (SD, 5 minutes)...more info
  • Real quality!
    This is a great film. John Malkovitch's performance as the psycho assasin is just beyond belief. Note as well the future Senator Fred Thompson as the nervous Chief of Staff. Russo is also great in the role. A pretty impressive cat and mouse game, exciting all the way through....more info
  • Great service
    Great service and great product. I'm stationed in the Middle East, and my product arrived quickly....more info
  • Absolutely loved it
    if your an eastwood fan, you must see this if you haven't already, it's an awesome story that keeps you sucked in, it is an action movie, but its story doesn't allow it to be labeled as 'simply' an action movie....more info
  • Malkovich at his best!
    Though the first billing of this show was Clint Eastwood, John Malkovich was the real star deservedly earning himself the Best Supporting Actor nomination. No offence to Mr Landau's impeccable performance in Ed Wood but I bet the Oscars are going to do the same to Malkovich some time when he's a senior too. It's your usual run-after-the-bad-guy thriller but Malkovich's evil portrayal of the screwed up assassin maniac will keep you watching, even if you know he's going to die in the end (typically Hollywood!). He's a bad guy you love to hate and though he's supposed to be the evil one, you can't help but like him simply coz he's just so evil, you know like Alan Rickman in Robin Hood or Gary Oldman in Dracula. Brilliant movie for both guys and gals to watch together....more info
    From an acting standpoint, IN THE LINE OF FIRE is one of Clint Eastwood's best performances; it was right about this time that Clint decided that he couldn't play the young hero anymore; but for a guy in his fifties, he does pretty well. He plays Frank Horrigan, a Secret Service agent, who was unable to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy; some twenty years later, he finds himself facing a formidable assassin in Mitch Healey, an intelligent, cold blooded killer who has told Horrigan he's going to kill the current President.
    Clint is very well supported by Rene Russo as his female agent for whom he falls; Dylan McDermott, his new partner, who wants to please Eastwood but has his doubts about his abilities; John Mahoney as his cagey boss; and Fred Dalton Thompson as the President's Chief of Staff.
    But it's really John Malkovich as Healy who runs the show; he's brilliant as the crazed but savvy villain, his silky voice smooth when he's in charge but savage when things don't go his way. Malkovich earned a Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for this role and deservedly so. One of his best performances as well.
    IN THE LINE OF FIRE is tense, superbly directed by Wolfgang Peterson, and a top notch thriller....more info
  • A great action/mystery
    This movie contains both action and mystery. This makes the movie really suspensful. Clint Eastwood and John Malcovich make excellent enimies. RENT IT! BUY IT! JUST WATCH IT!...more info
  • Action film with a heart and a brain
    Once again, Clint Eastwood is the central figure in an action movie. However, this time he plays a man with flaws and vulnerabilities. He is Frank Harrigan, a Secret Service agent who is still tormented by his failure to protect John Kennedy on that tragic day in Dealey Plaza. Fate hands him an opportuntity for redemption when a psychotic assasination buff targets the President. He is drawn into a deadly game of cat and mouse with the killer, who is fascinated by Harrigan's role in history as the only active agent to have ever lost a president. Harrigan struggles with self-doubt and age as he attempts to prevent history from repeating itself. An excellent film....more info
  • A Powerful Suspense Thriller! Eastwood At His Best
    Clint Eastwood, John Malcovich and Rene Russo head up a talented cast in "In The Line Of Fire", a tense, superbly written suspense thriller about a veteran Secret Service agent out to stop a pyscopath from murdering the leader of the Free World.

    For over thirty years, Secret Service Agent Frank Horrigan (Eastwood) has been the top dog in his field: always able, always alert, always willing to risk his life should harm come in the way of the President of the United States. But for years, he has been struggling to repress his memories of the past, for he was there on that fateful day of November 22nd, 1963, when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. Horrigan is ridden with guilt over not being able to save JFK. Those memories come back to haunt him when he gets a call from Mitch Leary (Malcovich), a brilliant pyschopath who lets Frank on a little secret: he's planning on killing the president. And he means it. Despite health issuses and ill feelings from his supervisors, Horrigan launches an all out war to find Leary, and stop him before he's too late. However, Leary manages to be one step ahead of Frank. To make matters worse, Frank has become romantically involved with Lily Raines (Rene Russo), a devastatingly beautiful fellow agent who's almost half his age. This all results in a tense and satisfying conclusion.

    This film is one of the best thrillers ever to hit the big screen. A must see movie....more info
  • a well-made thriller
    One of Eastwood's best performances as a Secret Service agent. The movie is a well-made thriller and Eastwood has never been better Additionally, John Malkovich is the perfect bad guy. My only complaint with the DVD is it offers no "extras". Still, it looks and sounds good....more info
  • no title
    Although critics have raved over this, as did just about everyone I knew who saw it, I thought it just OK. The plot was simply too formulaic, but Eastwood and especially Malkevich, were riveting. ...more info
  • Outstanding!!!
    I just wanted to comment on the Special Edition version.

    After viewing the original version DVD, this version simply puts it to shame!!

    The special features are just great... Going "Behind The Scenes" with the Secret Service is a nice long segment on how they operate.. Included is a segment on "Catching the Counterfeiters", which goes into a lot of detail on the new features of U.S. currency and on how to spot a phony bill... Throw in the actor interviews & deleted scenes, and on top of it all, an outstanding film, well, you just have a wonderful DVD that is a MUST HAVE for any collection.

    Highly recommended!!!...more info

  • Very Smart movie, although some may not agree
    The only actor i liked in this political action thriller was John Malkovitch. I mean he is one of the greatest actors alive today and this movie shows why. I loved his other movies like 'Being John Malkovitch', 'Con Air' and 'Of Mice and Men'. The tension and anger could be felt by the charecter Malkovitch played. On the other hand, this was clearly Clint Eastwood's best preformance too. The reson why this great half and half movie didn't win an oscar is because of
    a. The title.
    b. Based on fictional charecters and at the same time discriminating the US Government by showing lack of professionalism.
    c. Only three major actors.
    d. Release date.

    So anyway, some might say that this is just another action flick, which it is, so if you'd like to see Eastwood play a hard nosed secret agent and hunt down a humerous, serial killer physcopath played by Malkovitch, then this movie will do alright. It may be a typical movie but the good thing about movies everybody would like to see is the highly awaited climax. So watch this if you are an action fan....more info

  • A Good Suspense Thriller Despite Gaps In Plot
    Wolfgang Petersen's (Das Boot; Air Force One; Troy) suspense thriller dealing with an old Secret Service agent's race against time to stop a deranged assassin from killing the President. An above-par suspense film in which its fallacies in plot are overcome by a decent screenplay and great acting.

    Secret Service agent Horrigan (Clint Eastwood) is an old-timer who's riddled with guilt after failing to stop JFKs assassination. He soon goes on a race against time with the help of a fellow agent (Renee Russo) after JFKs elusive and psychotic assassin (John Malkovich) resurfaces to do a job on the current president. Will they stop him in time?

    The brilliant acting skills of John Malkovich as the demented assassin makes this movie. His portrayal of an assassin who sees his victims as hunting trophies keeps the audience in suspense. The acting of Clint Eastwood and Renee Russo is also quite good. The film does have several gaps in logic which, fortunately, are not too intrusive so as to undermine the whole plot. First, Clint Eastwood's character is an impossibility. The Secret Service agents assigned as bodyguards to the President and other public officials are an elite group within the Secret Service itself: the Service's primary function being the enforcement of federal counterfeiting laws. Those agents who are chosen to protect the President work only for two years at most and are then rotated back to regular duties. As with all law-enforcement agencies, the Secret Service has a mandatory retiring age that is much lower than that of other types of employment. Clint Eastwood's character is much too old to be a Secret Service agent and, even if we were to accept the far-fetched notion that he could serve that long, he would still have been rotated by 1963 anyway. Even if that weren't the case, no Secret Service agent whose assignment was assassinated would be kept on a protection detail: certainly not for 30 more years. Another reality gap is the assassin's polymer pistol. Altough accuracy wouldn't be too important at point-blank range, a barrel made out of even the strongest polymers would immediately melt or explode as the first bullet reaches the muzzle: even with our technology today, a gun barrel has to be composed of a sufficiently heat-resistant metal to fire a bullet traveling at least 500 feet/second safely and accurately.

    Despite some gaps in realism, the film stands above average due to John Malkovich's impeccable acting. The performances of Renee Russo and Clint Eastwood were quite good as well. This is a good film to rent or own....more info
  • In the line of fire
    The suspense was incredible. The way it led up to the final ending was great. I would recommend anyone to purchase this TODAY!...more info
  • One of my Favorite movies
    In the Line of Fire is one of my favorite movies of all time, and I see a lot of movies. Great story, great action, great direction, etc. Eastwood, Russo and Malkovich are in top form. The cat and mouse game, Eastwood's backstory and the chemistry between himself, Russo and Malkovich make this a keeper. I especially love the theme of failure and redemption. Favorite scenes: Eastwood explaining Dallas, Eastwood & Russo eating Ice cream at the Lincoln Memeorial, the heart attack joke and Eastwood & Russo preparing for sex by dropping a ton of weapons and equipment....more info
  • CLINT and John!!
    In this movie we find a secert service agent past his prime trying to prevent the assasination of the president. Clint Eastwood's best acting job since his Dirty Harry day's. As always John malcavich does an excellent job at acting. Hands up for all acting in this movie. and great story line that made the movie very intreging....more info
  • Great movie, mediocre DVD.
    The movie rates 5 stars, but the quality of the DVD brings the total package down to 3. There are absolutely no extras on this DVD. It's my guess that this is a "first generation" DVD that the studio released before they had any idea what to do with the format other than slap the movie on a disc and ship it. I base that guess by the only thing that can remotely be called an "extra" is a commercial at the beginning of the film remarking about how great the "new" DVD format is. Most of the movie clips shown are at least 10 yrs old. In fact, I think "In the Line of Fire" is the NEWEST movie clip and it's 7yrs old.

    The picture and sound are spectacular; but don't buy this DVD unless you're a diehard fan of Clint, John or Wolfgang. Consider renting it or buying it as part of the "Wolfgang Petersen Collection" (An outstanding package, by the way!) until a "Special Edition: In the Line of Fire" is released....more info

  • Excellent movie (based on Clint Hill's life, to a degree)+bonus stuff
    I highly recommend this very entertaining thriller starring the great CLINT Eastwood as CLINT Hill (sort of). For the Secret Service enthusiast, there is great bonus footage from several of the technical consultants such as former Secret Service agents Robert Snow (I corresponded with him), Jerry Parr (protected Reagan on 3/30/81; I spoke to him), Hubert Bell, etc. Get this!
    Vince Palamara-JFK/ Secret Service expert (History Channel, author of two books, in over 30 other author's books, etc.)
    Pittsburgh, PA


    ...more info
  • Typical Souless Formulaic Hollywood Thriller
    Highly overrated and poorly written movie which essentially was a compilation of every cliche ever used in the thriller genre. These include the brilliant madman killer who makes taunting phone calls to the good guy cop, "surprise" plot twists, various disguises, horribly insipid dialogue, completely predictable "romance" between the older agent (Eastwood) and a much younger attractive Secret Service agent, etc... Of course the formula wouldn't be complete without some absurd plot contrivance designed to make the audience care about this drek- in this case, it is Eastwood's obsessive need to redeem himself 30 years after he botched the JFK security detail. Right. Anyway, its all been done so much better before. Rent Dirty Harry or Silence of the Lambs....more info
  • "Efficient" is right!
    One of the watchwords for thrillers these days is "efficient" -- as in, does it do its job and thill you? "In the Line of Fire" answers that question unhesitatingly in the affirmative. Wolfgang Petersen (of the magnificent "Das Boot") offers up a very smart, fast-moving story about an assassin and the Secret Service man on his tail.

    "Smart" is another one of those words that gets applied to a good movie like this. The best movies are always about intelligent people exercising their intelligence, and "Fire" is no different. John Malkovitch's assassin character is smart enough to build a gun which won't show up on a metal detector, and can outwit his pursuers in ways that are nifty without being farfetched. Eastwood's Secret Service agent is not as ingenious, but he has the benefit of an incredible amount of patience and tenacity.

    The film takes a bit to get going, but once it does, it almost never slows down and never loses us. The climax, too, is high-energy without being absurd -- too many movies like this blow what should be a snap of an ending. Ironically enough, Petersen's own "Air Force One" made that mistake: it was a terrific film up until the last couple of minutes, where a plot twist that was brewing for the length of the film is completely wasted in a throwaway moment. "Fire" never insults our intelligence like that; it's one of the most tightly-wired movies of its kind....more info

  • Why is this Clint Eastwood's best movie?
    To be the best movie of an actor, the film has to say something that stands true on its own, that will last forever. Think of Jimmy Stewart in "Its a Wonderful Life", Hanks in "Forrest Gump" and "Apollo 13". Eastwood has made many great movies that move you; only In the Line of Fire (ILF) and the Bridges of Madison County change you forever. These are movies that you can think about for a long time afterwards.

    ILF is Eastwood's greatest film because it has him fighting a battle where ALL of the cards are stacked against him. Noone believes in his analysis that there is a killing hunting the President, save his only contemporary who he has to use all his remaining influence to get himself placed on Presidential detail. Eastwood is not in control, he is not supremely more powerful physically but he persists for what he knows is right--you are soon pulling for him. Other movies have played the chase to get to the assasin first before, but what makes this movie better is that you have the mood of failure hanging over Eastwood's character from the JFK assassination and the sense that Eastwood, too may not be the man he was way back then. Its also a question if America is as great as we used to be?

    Along the way, Eastwood has grown as a person, and his test of Renee Russo's interest in him if she turns back for a glance is one of those priceless tips of human nature (like looking into a person's eyes when you talk to them) we seem to not pass down to our young people as we should today. A truly magic moment.

    The conclusion of this film that we are not defined by the events of our lives but what we believe in our hearts and act on uplifts and reminds us of the greatness that is in all of us, as long as we don't become bitter and full of hate as the John Malkovitch killer has become. The choice Eastwood's character makes to stay on the side of good contrasts with the killer's choice and reminds us of the true price of heroism is indeed steep but the person we become when we chose this makes a wonderful human being who someday will triumph in the end for the good of us all....more info

  • Best Thriller ever
    John Malkovich gives a remarkable performance that is simultaneously both incredibly terrifying and gripping. Clint Eastwood gives an equally strong performance as a washed up old secret service agent. This is my favorite Eastwood film, because there is such complexity to the story but with that same Clint Eastwood attitude that gets your adrenaline pumping. There are a couple classic lines that Clint Eastwood makes unforgettable. His romance with Rene Russo is done very well, I especially like the charming piano scene, which showed some complexity and gave insight into Eastwood's character. Overall one of the best movies I have ever seen....more info
  • Riviting suspenseful cat and mouse game.
    Agent Horrigan, brilliantly played by Eastwood, is haunted by memories of the past in dealing with the present. John Malkovich is just perfect as the creepy, calculating, menacing, smart, would be assassin of the President. He takes a preverse pleasure in putting Horrigan in a cat and mouse game trying to figure out who he is, and where he's going to commit the act.

    You are literaly put in the middle of the game. You really feel like you are with Horrigan as he's chasing Malkovich. Rene Russo is good as his partner who can't really appreciate the ghosts that are haunting Horrigan.

    This is a taunt, fast paced thrill ride that doesn't let up until the ending. ...more info