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Tango & Cash [VHS]
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Another action flick from an unlikely source (wildly inconsistent Russian director Andrei Konchalovsky), buddy movie Tango & Cash teams Sly Stallone and Kurt Russell as bullet-dodging cops who get on each others' nerves while uniting against a slimy French drug kingpin (Jack Palance). Violent, profane, and packed with implausibilities, this is one of those big-budget, stunt-laden affairs that gets by on the charisma of its stars, and they almost pull it off. Tango & Cash was Stallone's first attempt to share the spotlight with another hero, and he's casually laid-back in his change-of-pace role (well, OK, it's not that change-of-pace), while Russell is equally enjoyable as Sly's well-coifed sidekick. Ridiculous all the way, this one is entertaining if only as a virtual catalog of action-movie clich¨¦s.--Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • A wonderfully hammy parody of macho buddy flicks
    TANGO & CASH is more a parody of macho buddy pictures than an adventure story, with everything played for laughs. There are several tons of beefcake, muscle cars, a demolition derby, monster trucks, stupid jokes, an extraordinarily hammy performance by Jack Palance as a master crook, and Terri Hatcher as a stripper. What more could you want? My only real complaint is that there is not an original scene in it and Hatcher doesn't get enough screen time. I hope that the studio does justice to it on Blu-ray because it is just the sort of action film that would benefit most from such a presentation....more info
  • one of Stallone's best
    i really liked this was funny and full of action.I really did'nt notice the plot but it had a lot of action in it.get this movie,u won't be dissapointed....more info
  • Stallone & Rusell - an explosive combination
    I must say I'm a big fan of detective movies, and '80 were great time for that kind of films (action comedies, adventures...). We already had LETHAL WEAPON in that time, but this film really pushed the limits. Critics often say that this is a B-movie, but that is what they think. For me, this is one of the best Stallone's movies and he and Rusell are really good together as two heavy cops alway aguing and having a lot of troubles with Jack Palance, leader of some terrorist organization who send them to prison where they will meet their doom. Of course, they will win and the rest is to you to be seen. Don't listen the others who didn't like it - give your own oppinion (possitive, I hope)....more info
  • A lot of fun!
    I have to agree with the majority of reviews posted so far regarding this flick. I saw it when it came out in theatres (with my dad; I was just a little kid) but this movie is so cheesy that it's laughable (in a good way) and a lot of fun to watch at the same time. Very adrenaline rushing, action pact destruction and pyrotechnics best define this movie as Stallone and Russle play two cops from the East and West side who cost the local drug lord big bucks by busting all of his drug deals, so he has them framed and sent to prison. They escape of course in order to clear their names and seek retribution. You could probobly find it on VHS for a few bucks at the local pawn shop.....just don't expect Shakespeare. Appriciate it for what it is....more info
  • Best Worst Movie Ever!
    This movie is so bad, so stupid, that it's great. Where to start? Well, to begin with the acting. No one ever expects a movie headlined by Stallone and Russell to be a groundbreaking film. Nevertheless, their over the top cheesiness (especially Russell's) lends the film a sort of idiotic charm. Stallone's inane delivery of his lines will keep you captivated. Jack Palance even seems to up the cheese factor in his performance. Teri Hatcher is a highlight of the movie, playing Stallone's spunky sister. She plays the part of damsel in distress, but is also very clever and strong willed. (Who knew there would be a role-model for feminists in a film like this? I kid, I kid) The story is pretty cookie-cutter for an '80s action buddy film. You could almost transplant Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte into this film and it would just about have the same effect.

    So, with a mediocre script and subpar acting, Tango & Cash could very well be a train wreck of a film (like any Seagal or Van Damme flick). It avoids this though, by being so tongue-in-cheek. Whether or not this is intentional can be debated. I only know that I can't help but watch this film every time it comes on!

    So if you're looking for big, dumb fun, this is the flick for you!...more info

  • An fine comic buddycop action film.
    The plot:Ray Tango(Sylvester Stallone) and Gabe Cash(Kurt Russell) are two of the best cops in L.A. but they have there flaws, they think, each are the best. All things change into, when a criminal mastermind(Jack Palance) has framed them for murder. Both cop are sent to prison, since they escape, a couple of days later. Now the cops and criminals are after Tango and Cash. These two guys are just trying to clear thier name.

    DVD`s has non anomorphic widescreen edition(2.35:1) and Pan&Scan is also alivable. Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround is fine with a limited .1 bass woofer. A fine DVD`s worth buying for die-hard action fans. Grade:A-. Panavision....more info

  • Lethal...
    Still one of my favorite bad movies, despite awful Harold Faltermeyer score and an ending that doesn't make sense to me after half a dozen viewings. Couple of good in-jokes from the two stars about past film roles, with a real star turn from Mr. Russell. Michael J. Pollard and Jack Palance ham it up nicely. They could've called this "Over the Top" if the title hadn't already been used for one of Mr. Stallone's truly bad movies....more info
  • Stallone and Russell fans can't go wrong buying this on Blu Ray!
    Before I picked this up on Blu Ray, I searched for reviews but couldn't find any. I decided to blind buy it from Amazon, because of the great deal offered. Well, sure enough, it doesn't disappoint: the picture quality is very, very good - in direct comparison to the DVD, it blows it out of the park! Contours are sharp and precise, colors are rich and vivid; it is as big an improvement over the DVD as the DVD was over VHS! I couldn't believe how bad the DVD looks (I guess it's been a while since I watched it...), with colors all washed out and the screen flattened. I'm no pro at this, but trust me: it does look great on Blu Ray! The only downside is there are no extras except the trailer. Since we didn't even get a Special Edition on DVD, chances for one on Blu ray are slim at best. I didn't see this movie in the theater, but thanks to the Blu Ray it looks like it's unfolding right before me....more info
  • Enjoyable, funny, and likable...
    This fun action-comedy starring Sly Stallone and Kurt Russell is action-packed and occasionally very funny. There are two top cops called Tango (Stallone) and Cash (Russell) who get framed for a murder and now seek revenge on the crime boss that set them up (Jack Palance). There's plenty of action and great moments, but unfortunately there are loads of huge plot holes and ridiculous moments. This brings the film down a lot. Especially the final 30 minutes, which has Tango and Cash invading the crime lord's secret lair. Stallone and Russell are great in the movie and very funny. There are plenty of great moments with these two cocky characters. Overall, "Tango and Cash" is enjoyable, but there are better buddy-cop movies out there....more info
  • Good teaming of Stalone and Russell
    This is about two cops Stalone the dapper one who is always dressed in a suit and gets his man and Russell who goes undercover and wouldn't be caught dead in a suit. He also gets his man. The mob is led by Jack Palance who gets Stalone and Russell framed and thrown in prison. They are greeted in prison by an army of old friends they put there. The story revolves around their escape from prison and clearing their names. It's a good actioner that could have been better but will satisfy most fans of Stalone or Russell....more info
  • Why transfer garbage to Blu-Ray?
    With all the great films produced throughout the history of cinema, why do the studios insist on churning out garbage like this film onto blu-ray?
    I mean, let's be serious, would any fan of Tango and Cash really be concerned with the improved visual aesthetics provided by blu-ray?...more info
  • Plenty of Action!!
    Lots of action for gals (like me!), watchin Sly and Kurt's cute buns and hot bods running through this movie- also Terri Hatcher is great for the guys to see, she can act but not dance ha ha- lots of one-liner wisecracks and great second performances- Jack Palance as a hilarious chief villain, Geoffrey Lewis (who, incidentally, didn't get listed in the credits!)Clint Howard and more! As fine of a plot as one expects for an action flick, come on, its a MOVIE!! and a mighty FUN one, at that! Two L.A. cops, rivalling for headlines & high total of drug busts, and the bad guys that try to take them out! Not to mention lots of zany characters along the way- WHY can't hollywood make a Clive Cussler Novel like this? Funny, witty, lots of action, just like its written! as the Aussie villain puts it, "Balls to plan A!!" as a "B" movie, this one gets MY vote!! Hope you have fun watching it!:)...more info
  • I miss the 80's
    I bought this dvd for christmas and watched it for the first time in a while. Kurt Russell steals the show from his partner and if this movie starred anybody else, then it would have came out a lot worse than it did. Russeell is Gabe Cash and Stallone is Ray Tango, the two toughest and hardest cops in the city. They have done so much damage to the crime syndicate's income that Yves Perret(a brilliant Jack Palance)has to take matters into his own hand and get the duo off the streets. They get set up and end up in a maximum security prison only to discover that if they don't escape, their is no hope for survival. This movie really owes a debt of gratitude to Harold Faltermeyer, who uses all kinds of COOL beats in his score throughout the film and keeps the viewer interested. This movie could have been longer, but I won't complain considering the action films that are being made these days are really stupid!...more info
  • On Blu-Ray.......why not?
    Why not release movies that aren't necessarly classics on Blu-Ray? Is Blu-Ray only for great movies? I don't think so, studios decide what will be released and there's certainly a reason why they decided to release Tango & Cash. OK it's not great but I believe it's a pretty good movie, lots of action, funny jokes along the way, very good story and good pacing all along. It's entertaining which is the goal of every movie.
    Besides, the DVD version was in widescreen but wasn't anamorphic (means that even if you have a 16:9 TV it didn't adjust to the size of it. So the Blu-Ray version will correct that big flaw.

    So Tango & Cash on Blu-Ray, I'm a buyer!...more info
  • Exceeds its own standards
    This movie is not Shakespeare. It's your basic buddy cop plot, but what elevates this one is the incredible cast and how they all interact with each other. It's funny, cheesy, and it has some good action occasionally. It's one of those films you inevitably love, but don't really know why. It's highly enjoyable above all and that's what counts. ...more info
    A good action movie. There's some good nudity in this movie especially the topless women in the car. The women has nice boobies....more info
  • Lonewolfs vs. Badguys
    Strussel and Sly in the same movie... hmm what to say, the first 60 minutes of this movie are actually very good. The story unfolds at a good speed, youre not sure whats going to happen and that makes it interesting. Unfortunatly everything that they have bilt up is more or less destroyed by a... well, Iam not really going to tell you and spoil everything, but you will see what I meen. Iam not saying this movie is rubish, just that it is not very original, my point is: who among us has not yet seen a movie with a lonewolf cop(in this case two) and a badguy. All in all it is entertaining movie and has its share of action, maybe on a Friday after work, just to relax.

    Replay value: Medium...more info