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Armed & Dangerous [VHS]
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Perhaps Stripes and Caddyshack screenwriter Harold Ramis and Commando director Mark Lester were not an ideal collaborative team. But while this 1986 misfit comedy is something of a misfire, SCTV fans can take heart in watching John Candy and Eugene Levy triumph over weak material as mismatched security guards who stumble upon mob corruption. Candy, in particular, does wonders with a role that in lesser hands would have been a mere "fatty falls down" stereotype. He plays a cynical disgraced cop who takes Levy's cowardly former lawyer under his wing ("Stick with me, I'll keep you out of trouble," he reassures him). Like Ramis's character in Stripes, Levy rises to the occasion under fire, and even gets the girl--Meg Ryan in early ing¨¦nue mode, trying out the fetching grins and ingratiating smiles that would make her America's sweetheart three years later in When Harry Met Sally. --Donald Liebenson

Customer Reviews:

  • A Comedy With A Few Surprising Touches
    This was a nice surprise. I figured it would be stupid and not all that funny. Wrong. It WAS funny.

    Yes, it's a harmless "no-brainer" type of movie but it was fun and had likable lead characters, people you could easily root for to make good. In this, it was a pair of security guards: "Frank Dooley" (John Candy) and "Norman Kane" (Eugene Levy).

    What also makes this above-average is that it is not just a comedy. There is action and suspense in here and the combination works. Believe me, this film is not all laughs.

    I watch this and makes me sad that Candy is no longer with us. He was a great entertainer.
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  • Great comedy
    Wonderful movie. Will keep you laughing. I doubt this movie was meant to be a great "story", but it sure is a great comedy....more info
  • As Funny As Ever
    John Candy was one of the funniest actors of all time. What a shame that his life was cut so short. There are no comedies like this one and all his others (Uncle Buck, Only the Lonely, Cool Runnings and so on) How lucky we are to have been entertained by him....more info
  • Armed & Dangerous DVD
    Thank you for an excellent transaction and great product! The shipping was also quick. A+ for your business!!...more info
  • Armed and Dangerous
    This is one of our favorite movies with John Candy. Our family has enjoyed watching all of the John Candy movies but this is a particular favorite of ours. ...more info