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New Centurions [VHS]
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Fans of the TV series Police Story and Hill Street Blues will dig this gritty 1972 drama based on Joseph Wambaugh's groundbreaking first novel. George C. Scott is in his element as Kilvinski, the philosophical 20-year veteran who mentors his new night shift partner, Roy (Stacy Keach), a "slick-sleeved" rookie. "Kilvinski's Law," he growls, "If a dude uses his fist, you use your stick. If he uses a stick you use your gun." Quincy Jones' Shaft-ian score gives the film a funky '70s vibe. Jane Alexander costars as Roy's neglected spouse, with Eric Estrada and Scott Wilson as fellow rookies, and Isabel "Weesie" Sanford as one of a vanful of prostitutes the partners roust in one of the few sequences played for laughs. Directed by Richard Fleischer (Compulsion) and written by Academy Award-winner Stirling Silliphant (In the Heat of the Night), The New Centurions deglamorizes the cop drama with gallows humor and sudden and shocking violence. It is a little dated, but in portraying the dangers and stresses that beat cops face everyday, The New Centurions is not, to quote Kilvinski, the same old "Hollywood crap." --Donald Liebenson

Customer Reviews:

  • New Centurions
    A Geart LawEnforcement Movie set in the LosAngeles 60's It Demostrates the Mental and Emotional Problems that working the Streets of LA as a Cop have to endure! This shows How Wambaugh as a X-LAPD Offficer and Writer, helped to get trama care to LawEnforcment Personal. This is also a Movie thats costars the Young James Woods and Erick Estrada in their early carrier. I grew Up in LosAngeles (The Valley) and this Movie gives a great View of LosAngeles During the Watts Riots in 63'...more info
  • The New Centurions DVD Review
    A good police drama with fine acting by all. This is not an action film like most current police-related films, but an absorbing film....more info
  • Best cop movie ever.
    Just simply the best cop movie ever. I'm a Prince George's County police officer and this is the only cop movie I have ever seen that gets it 100% right. If you haven't seen it, get it. If you are a cop movie nut, you NEED this movie....more info
  • "The New Centurions" is definitely George C. Scott's film...
    George C. Scott is a cool, uniformed policeman who employs his own unique methods of dealing with petty crime - once again, it's the character who knows his beat and knows how to keep it under control...

    Faced with the task of rounding up prostitutes in the local Red Light district, Scott is well aware that dragging them into court will result only in nominal fines and a great deal of wasted time... So he packs them into a patrol wagon and drives them around the streets for the rest of the night, thus losing them a night's earnings and at the same time keeping the streets reasonably tidy...

    Scott isn't in the least vindictive; he is merely keeping the peace in accordance with his own law... He even takes the trouble to stop the truck and buy them a bottle of Whisky with which to while the night away...

    Yet this cop is a fast man with a gun... He is also the kind of policeman who is capable of administering a beating to the wrongdoers... ...more info
  • Possibly the best Police movie ever
    This movie inspired me to a law enforcement career that lasted 28 years. George C. Scott (Officer Kilvinsky) delivers one of his best performances as a veteran patrolman of the L.A.P.D. He teaches a rookie cop "Stacy Keach" how to survive on the streets of L.A. Erik Estrada plays a former gang banger that turned cop, only to find himself working patrol in his old stomping grounds. The realism was great. No doubt they used police advisors when making the film. A sad movie that will make you realize that cops are human. Kilvinsky the cynical cop, shows compassion in dealing with illegal Mexican immigrants that are being taken advantage of by a money grubbing landlord. Stacy Keach suffers a failed marriage and gets involved in an interracial relationship. Truly a gut wrenching movie that shows the brutality of police work, both mentally and physically. I'd pay a hundred dollars if I could get the movie on DVD....more info
  • best police movie i've seen in a long time, maybe ever.
    I must admit that I have never heard of this movie before, I was only a few years old when it came out and only came about it by accident. I'm a big fan of 70's and 80s police shows and movies and mainly purchased this due to Erik Estrada of CHIPS fame. The acting was great especially the leads, Stacy Keach and George C Scott, but had great supporting performances from Estrada, Jane Alexander, and Isabel Sanford of THE JEFFERSONS tv show. What sets this apart from other police movies is that the characters and situations are more real and believeable, not over the top action sequences, though the film does have moments of action and chases. The characters are very real, not 2 dimensional cliches of cops or bad guys. You dont have to be a police officer to enjoy but if you are, you'll understand and sympathize more. The film is enjoyable for anyone, and with the exception of some fashions, music and more technological advances in law enforcement, this film stands the test of time. ...more info
  • Great Cop Movie
    I didn't realize that this movie was still in print, and I was pleasantly surprised.

    I think it's one of the best movies I've seen with Stacy Keach (sp?). George C. Scott was great also. I guess the one thing I did not care for is the way it ended... with Keach getting killed. In fact, both of the main characters get nixed. Don't like endings like that....more info