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The Bodyguard [VHS]
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A romantic love story!

This 1992 crowd pleaser made almost as much money for Whitney Houston as its chart-busting soundtrack. A high-wattage star vehicle as only Hollywood can make, The Bodyguard stars Houston as a pop-music diva (now there's a stretch) and Kevin Costner as the stern bodyguard who is assigned to protect her after the singer receives some nasty death threats. Pop star and bodyguard don't hit it off at first, but they wear down each others' defenses, and before long Houston is baring her tonsils with a rousing rendition of the Dolly Parton chestnut "I Will Always Love You." The film, written by Lawrence Kasden, was originally intended for Steve McQueen, but the script languished for years before Houston took an interest in the project. A proposed sequel would potentially have starred Costner and Princess Diana, until Diana's tragic death precluded that possibility. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

    This movie was always going to be popular. Whitney the druggieHouston, and Kevin where's my career gone Costner.

    Sure it's ok, but I thought Costners performance came across as cold rather than cool. The cool would have made this a winner. A bit of John Woo light action in it and there you go.

    The sound track it lieable to crack your windows if you play it too loud, but never the less it's a decent buy. Good to show your girlfriend....


    PEACE OUT. GO SUNS!...more info

  • The best movie EVER!
    "The Bodyguard" is my favorite movie. I've seen it already about 50 times and I can't really get enough of it. Whitney's acting is incredible! And her voice! I've become a fan of HER after this movie. I also like Kevin Costner very much. He's a good actor. Whitney and Kevin are the best duett onscreen, they should do one more film together. The Bodyguard is the best movie of all times and it still makes me cry!...more info
  • And I-I-I-I-I-I-I, will never love you.....
    The Bodyguard (1992) You know, after seeing a movie like this, I sometimes wish I had a bodyguard who would rush me from the room whenever a bad movie appeared. But I don't, so I was forced to watch Kevin Costner as a former Secret Service agent trying to protect a superstar singer/actress (Whitney Houston). There's a lot wrong with this movie, and it gets sillier as it goes along. Let's look at a few of the problems: Costner and Houston have no chemistry together; first-time actress Houston being cast as an Oscar-nominated actress (whose acting we never get to see); a mystery I had solved in the first ten minutes; "tough guy" Costner only getting to beat up two out-of-shape guys who present no challenge; and a completely ludicrous climax that takes place at the Academy Awards, where the stars are shown arriving at night (!), with a killer who's smart enough to rig a gun inside a video camera but not smart enough to include a silencer! Whew! This one's the bottom of the barrel! A couple of good songs on the soundtrack do not a movie make!...more info
  • Do not buy this DVD
    The film is great, but the DVD is NOT widescreen, even though the movie is available in widescreen in VHS. So, forget the DVD until a widescreen version comes along....more info
  • Or as I like to call it, Before the Fall...
    Stars fade, in time. But, at the summit of her talents and her popularity, Whitney Houston was simply untouchable, a singing phenom and, lord, was she lovely. Being so photogenic, it was a natural that she dip her toe into cinema. Whitney made her film acting debut in 1992's THE BODYGUARD, starring opposite Kevin Costner, who himself at the time was riding on a film career high, coming off Dances with Wolves - Extended Cut (Two-Disc Collector's Edition) and JFK - Director's Cut (Two-Disc Special Edition).

    Costner plays Frank Farmer, an ex-Secret Service agent who now hires out as a private bodyguard. Frank's vocation requires him to live a solitary, almost austere life. He doesn't stay too long at any one assignment for fear of forming attachments to the people he safeguards. Considered the best, Farmer is tapped to protect music and film superstar Rachel Marron, who is being relentlessly stalked. Farmer reluctantly takes on the gig and immediately clashes with the spirited and temperamental Rachel, who rails at the restrictions Farmer places on her lifestyle. And, because the long-proven cinematic formula dictates that the intensity of the leads' initial mutual dislike is adversely proportioned to how heated the romance becomes, well, the sparks fly brightly between the stoic bodyguard and the tempestuous diva.

    THE BODYGUARD, in 1992, was a box office moneymaker, undoubtedly helped by the spectacular soundtrack, but also because, in its own right, it's a decent thriller and an effective and bittersweet romantic story. The action sets are nice, my favorite being the "We won't talk about this again" kitchen discourse, although that was more of a one-way conversation from Frank. The hook is undeniably the prickly interaction between the two leads. I would think that a bodyguard, by necessity and by definition, would need to blend into the background. As such, Costner's bodyguard tends to be understated and very controlled. But every now and then, the actor's low key charisma does get a chance to leak out, as Farmer cracks a half-smile or three or makes the occasional straight-faced one-liner. And by having his character this impassive and guarded, Costner allows his female lead to shine. And Whitney's Rachel Marron certainly has that large personality.

    Casting Whitney Houston was a stroke of genius and luck. In that time and place, who better to play the most popular pop star than the real deal herself? I thought that Whitney was a natural on screen, although critics shaved points off because, supposedly, she was only playing herself. But do you think a non-singer could've pulled off the musical sequences with as much conviction and credibility? Whenever she sang, Whitney Houston was in her element, and I totally bought into it and, consequentially, everything else that came with the role. And, lest you think she's a one trick pony, she would show even more of her acting chops in Waiting to Exhale and The Preacher's Wife.

    There's this thing which Rachel's jerk of a manager tells Frank as he dresses him down: "I mean, look, she's so hot right now. This is her time. If she doesn't get out there, she's dead... If she doesn't sing, she's dead, anyway." This, coming from a tool, nevertheless is a stark commentary on the ephemeral quality of stardom. THE BODYGUARD has lost a bit of its luster down the years as Whitney's star waned. Not because she suddenly sucked or anything, but her troubled personal life did get in the way of her performing and producing records (thanks a bunch, Bobby Brown!).

    And, since misery loves company, Kevin Costner, after a string of film successes, would soon churn out A PERFECT WORLD, THE WAR, and the career-crippling WATERWORLD (which I actually thought was a cool flick).

    The key song was originally going to be "What Becomes Of A Broken Heart?" And who knows what Whitney would've done with that torch song (but it would've been great). As it is, we instead end up getting the fabulous remake of Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You." I eventually got sick of this song, because of the constant airplay, but I remember how well it framed the closing moments of the film.

    Another thing I dug: Costner's white, Houston's black. This wasn't even a factor in the movie. How cool is that?...more info
  • A Good Movie With a Few Minor Flaws
    First off I'd like to mention that even though it lists the remastered soundtrack as one of the special features, it doesn't mean that it is has the actual soundtrack included, it just means the scenes of the movie with music are remastered. This DVD isn't really good as far as special features, but the movie is as good as it was 10 years ago. Whitney is excellent in her film debut, and Kevin is no worse than he usually is. The only big problem with this movie is that Whitney's character, Rachel, curses more than half the time. If you have a child that you don't think is old enough to listen to Whitney Houston saying the F word, I suggest you tape this off TV (it's always on) and watch that copy when with your child, as they always edit the curses out. Other than these things, this movie is excellent, suspenseful, romantic, and gives you insight into the dangerous life of a superstar. If you like these things, or just like Whitney, or, umm, Kevin, you will love this movie, just don't expect "I'm Every Woman" to show up anywhere, it doesn't....more info
    This is a brillient film with 2 great talents coming together to play the main characters. Actor Kevin Costner plays Frank Farmer, The Bodyguard & singer Whitney Housten,plays famous popstar Rachel Marron. She starts being pestered by an obsessive fan who has turned nasty and started sending threatening letters, so Frank farmer is employed to protect her, against her wishes. But she finds herself falling in love with him, & after a lot of nasty incidents is glad that he is there to look after her. Kevin Costner & Whitney Housten both play their parts very well, with great chemistry between them. There are great Whitney songs such as, her no. 1 single "I Will Always Love You" & "I Have Nothing" & "Queen Of The Night" There is also a good supporting cast. Its a film I have seen many times & never get tired of & I`m sure if you buy it you will feel the same. One of the best films of the 90`s....more info
  • cute actors, romance, action, what's not to love?
    whitney & kevin may not be the best actors, but so what? they did a great job in this movie!!! to the reviewers who said there was no chemistry -- i don't agree. what about the cute scene where whitney tells kevin of her dating dilemma & that saucy look she gives him while "getting fixed up." or when they're dancing in that club or the final heartstopping scene when she tells the plane to wait? a truly worthwhile movie for all incurable romantics....more info
  • made me cry a little.
    I had never before seen this movie in my life until i rented it from my local corporate owned video store. I kind of always wanted to see it but have always passed it by (for nearly 10 years!). I must say that Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston both did fairly decent jobs acting; I do believe that they have both improved their abilitys greatly since this movie debut. There were alot of the typical "cheap" tugging at the strings to get the audience to become emotionally invested with the movie which i believe that some movies do need in order to have and recieve a more successful feel to them... hey what can i say it worked on me!...more info
    This is one of the best movies to buy on DVD. Unlike the VHS version, the color and clarity in the movie is outstanding. Whitney Houston's tracks in the movie are brought to life with the digital sound.

    The concert scenes will blow you away. It will make everything you have hangin on your walls "SHAKE" no lie. Expecially the scene where she sings Queen of the night.

    It has two formats to offer you standard and wide screen. So you can pick your choice which is nice. A must buy, you wont regret it....more info

  • First there was Whitney, then there was Obama
    I'm writing this review mostly to make a political point: this movie dealt with race the way Obama dealt with it in his presidential bid: he didn't (okay, besides The Speech). Obama ran as an American first, and nothing else second. He crossed racial and class lines.

    The Bodyguard takes the same approach. The story intrigues the viewer in such a way as to make him/her forget that the boy is white and the girl is black. Race is not an issue; there are other issues and the viewer gets consumed by those: celebrity, security, careers. The Bodyguard was ahead of its time in portraying a post-racial reality, placing it as a significant milestone in American film history.

    The acting is solid; many criticized Whitney Houston, but she does a decent job playing herself. Kevin Costner is subtle and powerful in his role. The editing is excellent, moving the story quickly and captivatingly along. The music is phenomenal, of course, and Whitney adds extra punch to her role with her very real musical talent. The Bodyguard was a major hit of 1992 for good reason....more info
  • The Bodyguard aka He'll be back
    Who hasn't seen this movie if at all remotely curious, interested or fans of either megastar? The unattainable White Knight and IR relationship that may or may not move beyond confines. Can't imagine in real life, a clean end after such intensity. If you've ever gone there, you can imagine the real deal....more info