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Winner of four Academy Awards, including best picture, director, supporting actor, and best editing, Clint Eastwood's 1992 masterpiece stands as one of the greatest and most thematically compelling Westerns ever made. "The movie summarized everything I feel about the Western," said Eastwood at the time of the film's release. "The moral is the concern with gunplay." To illustrate that theme, Eastwood stars as a retired, once-ruthless killer-turned-gentle-widower and hog farmer. He accepts one last bounty-hunter mission--to find the men who brutalized a prostitute--to help support his two motherless children. Joined by his former partner (Morgan Freeman) and a cocky greenhorn (Jaimz Woolvett), he takes on a corrupt sheriff (Oscar winner Gene Hackman) in a showdown that makes the viewer feel the full impact of violence and its corruption of the soul. Dedicated to Eastwood's mentors Sergio Leone and Don Siegel and featuring a colorful role for Richard Harris, it's arguably Eastwood's crowning directorial achievement. --Jeff Shannon

Winner of four Academy Awards, including best picture, director, supporting actor, and best editing, Clint Eastwood's 1992 masterpiece stands as one of the greatest and most thematically compelling Westerns ever made. "The movie summarized everything I feel about the Western," said Eastwood at the time of the film's release. "The moral is the concern with gunplay." To illustrate that theme, Eastwood stars as a retired, once-ruthless killer-turned-gentle-widower and hog farmer. He accepts one last bounty-hunter mission--to find the men who brutalized a prostitute--to help support his two motherless children. Joined by his former partner (Morgan Freeman) and a cocky greenhorn (Jaimz Woolvett), he takes on a corrupt sheriff (Oscar winner Gene Hackman) in a showdown that makes the viewer feel the full impact of violence and its corruption of the soul. Dedicated to Eastwood's mentors Sergio Leone and Don Siegel and featuring a colorful role for Richard Harris, it's arguably Eastwood's crowning directorial achievement. The digital video disc offers standard and widescreen formats and a remastered soundtrack. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Unforgiven Review
    Very good quality transfer to HD DVD. Lacking in sound quality somewhat, but i think this is exagerated by the sound reproduction from my Xbox 360 HD DVD. Fairly extensive extras, particularly if you are a Clint Eastwood fan and not just an admirer of the film. Well worth a buy....more info
  • OVERrated, but still good
    It's all these guys in their later years so kind of goofy to see them as trying to be studs. Hackman is the best thing in the movie. BR continues to miss on the extras. ...more info
  • A Western, One Last Time...
    Clint Eastwood revisited his movie cowboy roots one last time in 1992's highly acclaimed "Unforgiven." Eastwood directs and stars as one William Munny, retired gunman and formerly notorious killer, now in unsuccessful retirement as a pig-farming widower with two small children. The opportunity to make some money comes in the person of the Schofield Kid, a young, cocky, and inexperienced gunman wanna-be headed to Wyoming to collect the bounty for a revenge killing in the small town of Big Whiskey. Munny goes along, and recruits his former side-kick Ned Logan (played by Morgan Freeman), also retired.

    Big Whiskey is run by its tough-talking, preening sheriff, Little Bill Daggett, played with smooth menace by Gene Hackman. For Little Bill, the free ranging gunmen of an earlier era are meant to be a dying breed, and he runs out of town the first man who shows up to collect the revenge killing bounty (Richard Harris in a nice cameo).

    Munny, Logan, and the Schofield Kid reach Big Whiskey and promptly run afoul of the sheriff, who abuses a sick Munny and murders Logan, while the Kid discovers killing is not all it's cracked up to be in the dime novels. Munny will seek his revenge on Little Bill in a final, blazing gunfight in the middle of a thunderstorm.

    Eastwood purposely deglamorizes the Western myth. Big Whiskey is barely a muddy wide spot in the run, easily run by a bullying sheriff with a big ego, who tolerates prostitution and the abuse of the prostitutes by ranch hands. Munny and Logan are well past their prime; their killing of two ranch hands for the bounty money is painful in its ineptitude. Munny's final confrontation with Little Bill is fueled by whiskey and grief over Logan's death.

    Eastwood's direction is spare and straightforward. The dialogue is laconic but authentic to the period. The cast, beyond the headlining actors, does a nice job of portraying the dreams and struggles of people in a small place. This movie is highly recommended as a masterpiece of Eastwood's movie-making art and as perhaps his last look at the movie cowboy....more info
  • HD DVD
    I bought my husband the HD DVD of Unforgiven for his birthday and he loves it! he said the picture is better than any movie he ever watched!! when either of us need anything, from movies and music or books, or ANYTHING we go to Amazon .com first. We dont know what we would do without you!
    Thank you so much for all you do for your customers, it is much appreciated!

    S. Kipp...more info
  • WTF Amazon?
    Am I the only one who has trouble posting reviews here?

    Excellent Blu-Ray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
    "Unforgiven" is one of the many entries into THE American film genre. According to Clint Eastwood, the film's star and director, it "summarizes everything I feel about the western." And it is a fine western film, filled with fascinating characters, exciting gunfights, and beautiful choreography. The story itself is fascinating, though it is a bit slow and uneven in some places.
    Clint Eastwood gives what is arguably his best performance as Bill Munny, a former gunslinger and cold-blooded killer, who's changed his ways, but agrees to collect one more bounty in order to support his two children. We see how violence can corrupt a human being, and how past demons can truly eat at him, and Eastwood plays this perfectly. Morgan Freeman, one of my all-time favorites, gives another terrific performance as Ned Logan, Munny's old partner. Gene Hackman is brutal, but also scarily likable, as the villainous Little Bill Daggett, the corrupt sheriff of the town. It isn't hard to see why he won an Oscar for his performance. The rest of the cast turn in solid performances as well, and help to keep the story both interesting and involving.
    Overall, "Unforgiven" is a fine, if slow and uneven, entry into the genre with great performances and well-done gunfights. Fans of western and drama alike will find much to enjoy in this modern-day western.
    Movie/DVD Grade: B+...more info
  • How the West was really won.
    Clint Eastwood takes his place beside Western film-making legends John Ford ("The Searchers") and Sam Peckinpah ("The Wild Bunch") with this classic. Eastwood, in effect, questions the genre that made him the way John Wayne and John Ford did in "The Searchers" (through gritty realism). A big question you're left with at the end is "Do these people(Europeans/Americans) really represent civilization or is there a bit more to the story?"
    Great cast but even greater approach in the storytelling. "Unforgiven" is unrelenting realism and that is messy. Witness -- clumsy and near-sighted cowboys, outhouse assassinations, moral ambiguity, guilt by association resulting in a man's death, killing prompts remorse (and sometimes not). Essentially, very weighty matters translated to the spaghetti Western (thus showing Old West more like it was than most such films dare depict to their jingoistic audiences).
    Eastwood parodies his "Pale Rider" character and the mythic man on the white horse through playing a domesticated gunslinger who can't properly mount his horse or stay on it that well. Gene Hackman plays the cruel yet personable and smiling sheriff who happens to be a lousy carpenter. Morgan Freeman and Richard Harris add to the exotic mix. Harris's British bounty hunter makes light of presidential assassinations, another example of the dark humor that pervades "Unforgiven." This film is not for laughs. "Blazin' Saddles" it ain't.
    Eastwood's character delivers one of American cinema's most memorable lines about living and killing. Don't miss it.

    ...more info
  • Unforgiven DVD purchase
    Received in a very timely manner and in great condition. I would definitely order from this vendor again!...more info
  • yummy junk food - enjoy!
    As far as grandiose Westerns go, this is about my favorite - along with McCabe and Mrs. Miller. It's a story of two old retired gunfighters, long reformed in their ways, stepping back into the ring for one last hurrah of badness - assassination for hire. The movie builds tension wonderfully, creates a magical vibe of reality (minus the rather cheesy acting of the young guy who plays the "Scofield Kid"), is full of flesh-and-blood, fallible characters with whom you can empathize and whom you can hate - or be sickened by, or root for... And best of all this movie has QUITE the payoff. It WORKS. Mostly Hollywood stinks. Not here. And frankly, Clint Eastwood rocks. He plays his part to the T.

    Okay, two more little criticisms:

    1) The scene where Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood discuss sex and masturbation came out of left field and deflated the reality of the moment. So cheesy. Morgan to Clint, set in 1880: "Do you use your hand?" WHATEVER!

    2) The violence at points went a bit far for me. Yes, it added to the drama and reality of the movie, but how many times does a guy need to get kicked in the bloody face?...more info
  • Second greatest western?
    I wrestle with my mind wondering whether this is the second greatest westerb ever made or just where it sits or whether one should divide quality ratings by time period.
    I'll just go the simple route and say that in my opinion Clints movie, The Unforgiven, sits only behind Fords, The Searchers, as the greatest western ever brought to film.
    I screwed up and bought the DVD after seeing the movie "in house". I should have forseen the development of Blu Ray and waited. Now I am fighting with myself over whether to spring for the bucks to buy the Blu Ray version as well. Might not. Might just wait until Dish brings it to Hi def television and trap in on Tivo....more info
  • "It's a hell of a thing, killin' a man. Take away all he's got, and all he's ever gonna have."
    Unforgiven combines two major elements to make it the best Western ever made. First is its brutally realistic depiction of violence and killing in the Old West. Second is the situation of causing a reformed man to revisit the behavior of his past in order to survive.

    There are no glorious killings in Unforgiven. This movie lays to rest the notion of high-noon showdowns or fighting for honor. Executions, ambushes, and agonizing gut-wounds are the staple methods of attack. Alcohol, pride, and gold fuel most of the violence in the town of Big Whisky. Most of the scenes with violence are very one-sided, further lending credence to this film.

    The main character is almost certainly a wolf in sheep's clothing. Through the efforts of his late wife, he has been able to eliminate his psychopathic tendencies, fueled for the most part by alcohol. His sober days are blanched by regret and remorse over the people he has killed. He is for all intents and purposes an unsuccessful farmer out trying to collect a bounty. But when things go horribly wrong, he is forced to return to the behavior and actions of his past to survive. A simple man with an extraordinary past and consequently extraordinary abilities.
    ...more info
  • Great movie
    Bought this as a gift for my husband as this is his favorite Western. Love the bonus disc!...more info
  • anamericancallederik
    Unforgiven was a pretty bad western but not as bad as Pale Rider. Again, Eastwood is given the perfect plot - a bad man turned good forced to return to his old ways for the want of money, the job, to kill two cattlemen who sliced up a prostitute's face. These old veterans, reluctantly, go back to their old ways after the girls of the cathouse put together a big enough "steak" to kill them. Again, the movie had too much talk and not enough action. The ending was an improvement, but by the time I got there I felt like I wasted my time. This movie did not merit the best picture Oscar Award. There are many other westerns that are far more deserving. If you liked: the Good the Bad and the Ugly, For a Few More Dollars, A Fist Full of Dollars, High Noon (Gary Cooper) or Stage Coach (John Wayne) do not watch this film unless you want to disappoint yourself. ...more info
  • The best western
    Unforgiven is definitely my favorite western of all time. Clint directs and stars in this film. This is a must watch for any western film fan....more info
  • Border Wars come to Wyoming
    "Unforgiven" is a deconstruction of the classical Western. There are no 'good guys', only different degrees of wrong. The killings aren't idealized. They are the filthy business that murder always is. Eastwood's character, Muny, is a man with a troubled past. He was a border raider in Kansas and Missouri during the Civil War although we never learn which side he was on. All we know is that he was brutalized and committed atrocities. His wife, however, tried to set him straight and he makes his life as a poor and simple farmer.

    Temptation comes to him in the form of bounty money offerred for the killing of men who cut and scarred a prostitue in Little Whiskey, Wyoming. The prostitutes couldn't get the law to arrest the culprits so they have raised money and, in so doing, they have taken the law into their own hands. Muny, at the urging of a very young, very inexperienced wannabe gunfighter, complies. The result is a series of brutal killings with one culprit shot to death while sitting in an outhouse.

    The local sheriff, Little Bill, is, himself, a sadistic man and exacts retribution on Muny's little gang. Muny, all veneer of civilization now completely stripped away, exacts bloody vengeance. It's all so very satisfying which, I'm afraid, speaks volumes about our basic human nature.

    This is, in my opinion, an excellent film. Clintwood, as director, shows that his attitudes about who we are may very well parallel those of Sam Peckinpah, as in 'Pat Garret and Billy the Kid' and 'The Wild Bunch.'

    Ron Braithwaite author of novels--"Skull Rack" and "Hummingbird God"--on the Spanish Conquest of Mexico...more info
  • Great film transfer
    Pretty much everything has been said about this is Eastwood's best Western, which it achieves by dropping all the trappings of Western films. It's ironic, but this film can be considered an anti-western, anti-violence film, because it depicts it in such a truthful and brutal way, which makes for a stark difference to the usual glorification of violence/gunplay seen in the Westerns of old.

    The blu-ray transfer is just about perfect. For the age of the film, it's quite beautiful, especially when you see the panoramic views and harsh beauty of the West the film represents.

    This blu-ray disk is also loaded with extras...many featurettes about Clint Eastwood, as both a director and an actor. There is also a full episode of "Maverick," an old Western TV show, that features Clint Eastwood in one of his earlier performances.

    I highly recommend you get this film, period. ...more info
  • 18 people gave this one star - bet they eat junk food
    This film is rather slow in its build up, but like a great meal which has had hours lavished over it, from firstly buying all the ingredients then spending hours over the stove mixing and cooking. You finally sit down to eat 'mmm mmm, that tastes so darn good' quarter of an hour later you've finished your meal and you feel content. Unforgiven works in a similar way, the film spends large amounts of time bringing the story together, then the climax is short, but it gets me every time, it is so exciting. The film sets to dispel the old myths of the west - regarding cold hearted killers, and the only real cold hearted son of a gun isn't that cold hearted afterall....more info
  • Some of Eastwood's Best
    The west is revisited in this beautifully transferred HD DVD version of the Academy Award winning "Unforgiven".

    Extras include a 1959 episode of "Maverick" featuring a young Clint Eastwood - most certainly a lot sharper than seen before - this is one of the high points that add great value to this HD DVD in my opinion. Hours of other extras about "Unforgiven" and about Clint Eastwood and his career also accompany this HD DVD.

    "Unforgiven" isn't the "best" western I've ever seen, nor does it quite capture an authentic west so much as it captures a more "studio-and-costumer" west, but that's just me. It is a gritty western painted with vigilante justice of severe consequences, along with life-lessons, old-west style.

    The performances were very nice - Gene Hackman played his character well, but I didn't quite "get" him...maybe a second viewing will do the trick. The story moves along a bit slowly, but plays out effectively. I didn't get "lost" in it, but I did like it.

    The lightning is clearly a studio lamp, but the low, rolling thunder sets a nice dark mood.

    I would guess that you've got to like westerns to like this film, as it may not make you a fan of the genre on its own, as the classics might. But as far as value goes, there are plenty of extras and the movie is well done....more info
  • "It's a hell of thing, Killin' a man."
    When talking about westerns you couldn't begin to muster a word without first mentioning Clint Eastwood. Eastwood didn't start the most popular genre in American cinema but he helped to romanticize the idea of a gunslinger with a heart of stone to people the world over with his "man with no name" series directed by Sergio Leoni. My personal favorites of all the spaghetti westerns were his. He continued this tradition when he stared directing westerns of his own like High Plains Drifter, Pale Rider, and the Outlaw Josie Wales to name a few. He began to come into his own as not just an actor on screen but as a storyteller to.

    The Unforgiven is Eastwood at his peak as a storyteller and his first real master piece as a director. He sheds his badass, no fear, bent on revenge gunslinger persona that he made famous behind for a character with more depth. A man with more demons and layers upon layers of baggage, fears and insecurities. In this film Eastwood Plays William Muddy, an ex outlaw turned family man and pig farmer from Missouri. William has a bit of a past that he has long left behind, mayhem, gambling, boozin' and of course killing folks. His long dead wife cured him of those evils and he is just a simple yet inept farmer. William has two youngins that he is struggling to provide for when a young gunslinger wanna be comes riding in, looking to team up with Muddy, to collect on a reward offered by a whore who was disfigured by two cowboys.

    Muddy who is flat broke with children to tend to feels he has no choice and agrees to help find and kill these men but only if he can also team up with his old partner, Ned (Morgan Freeman). The three men soon find out this bounty has many more obstacles to over come besides just finding and killing these men. The biggest being the Sheriff of Old Whiskey, Little Bill (Gene Hackman). Little Bill keep a tight hold on what goes on in his town and outlaws all fire arms in city limits. He has little respect for assassins and hired guns and enforces his law with the most brutal of measures.

    The thing that makes this film so different that the other Eastwood films is the depth of the characters, mainly Muddy played by Eastwood himself. In the beginning he is old, out of shape and soft spoken farmer who hasn't even held a pistol in a decade. He has lost all taste for killing and wants to leave the past where it belongs, in the past. Muddy is not only regretful and ashamed of his past but has become fearful of it as well. On the servace he almost looks like a coward... but no, he's no coward. Muddy is afraid of letting out the monster he was in his youth, knowing full well there is no turning back, if your gonna kill someone you have to be all in or all out. His partners learn this the hard way when you set to kill a man, a bit your own soul dies with it.

    The progression and transformation this character takes is amazing done and explodes in the films climax. Eastwood took a huge chance gracing the film for an hour and a half before ever giving what the true fans want. When Eastwood finally delivers with the goods its well worth the wait and you find out that he is meaner, nastier than you could have ever dreamed. This film has superb directing, writing, acting and pacing, nothing in this movie is off in the slightest and each character is more fleshed out and deep than any other western that I've ever seen.

    This movie is about more than just badass gunslingers, this movie has a message about what killing does to a man and how few people have the stomach for it. Even the badest of them all is kept awake at night from the horrors he's inflicted on others.

    You will not find a better modern day western. Even if you're not a fan of this genre you will enjoy this film immensely and walk away feeling satisfied.

    The title of this move sums up Eastwood character to a tee...Unforgiven. Not just by others but himself as well. You can change yourself all you want but something you do in life will follow you and haunt you for the rest of your days. One of the best lines of Eastwood's in the movie that really sums up what it's about is when the kid said that they had it comin' to `em, and Eastwoon responds, "We All have it comin' kid."
    ...more info
  • The attractive murderer
    "Unforgiven" certainly looks beautiful, especially in HD. And I admit it is a very good film with a lot of good points, perfect timing, excellent acting, good characters, the works. And it has a lot more nuance than westerns normally have.

    But I will contend that ultimately it still boils down to the same old thing: admiration for a killer.

    When William Munny, in the charismatic and handsome frame of Clint Eastwood, rides out of Big Whiskey in the end, saying that if anybody hurt the prostitutes for putting up the blood money, he will come back and kill everybody, there is pretty much not anybody watching who does not feel deep in his/her gut: "my god, there is a MAN!" You just can't help it, it's in our dark nature.

    And you can even see this excemplified in the admiring and longing looks given him by the writer fellow and by the prostitute with the scars, as they watch him leave.

    There is no way around it: it is gut-level admiration for a man who by his own admission has killed many innocent men, and women, and children, and who killed several more just minutes ago. And the film aims for it, it is where it gets its marketing power.

    I am shocked that I've been unable to find any other reviewers (professional or amateur) who really question this. It is not a "great wrong", but there's certainly nothing beautiful about it, and it needs to be recognized.

    In a documentary about Eastwood, the narrator says about Unforgiven: "the sherif has tortured and killed Will's best friend. He has no choice but vengeance." And that's the exact untruth to be uncovered. There is always a choice. Violence begets violence, and he who breaks the chain, wins.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not villainizing "the Clint" here. His hyper-violent movie characters are merely reflecting an important aspect of human nature. I'm just saying it's an aspect we'd do well to look at some more.

    Another way to express my problem with it: if you listen to the movie, it is clearly against violence. The characters say it many times. But if you look at the movie, it is clearly for it. The violence is presented in a way so it is enjoyable. A friend of mine said that the final big gun battle was "like an orgasm".

    By the way, I'm just watching the documentary about the film, and DW Peoples (the writer) does say that the reason people think it's an anti-violence movie is that most other movies are "pro-violence" in the sense that if it is the good guy doing it to the bad guy, it's OK. But that reality is more complex, and that it's often difficult to pinpoint who's the "good guy" and who's the "bad guy". Which I think is wise. You'll notice that each participant in a fight always thinks of himself as the good guy.

    I will concede that within the framework of a big, popular, Hollywood movie, this film is probably as far as we can currently go towards an anti-violence movie. If you'd made a movie like this and not made the violence seductive and aesthetic, it would instantly have lost 90% of its audience. At least. ...more info
  • Amazing Transfer!!!
    I am sometimes befuddled by Blu-Ray, there are times when a recently released movies only looks so-so and then there are movies like UNFORGIVEN. Throughout the movie Leone's film savvy can be seen in Eastwood's directing style....the movies opening scene sets a mood. We, the audience, are caught in the rain (which by the way makes you want to grab a blanket and light up the fireplace), and almost immediatly start forming opinions about the key characters including Eastwood who plays a somewhat dark character. The movie is nicely placed with a very predictable but enjoyable plot. As for the Blu-Ray aspect it is a 10 with one exception the movie is so "bright" at times the characters seem to become a part, or "get lost" in the natural shadows. Not sure if that makes sense but you will know what I mean when you watch the movie. The audio is stellar if not will not need surround for this one. The final gunbattle is again dark and clint seems to have no contrast to his environment. This aside this is a must own as it was an instant classic the second it was released. ...more info
  • Excellent service , hasta Mexico
    I always fan from Clin Eastwood Movies and here in Monterrey, Mexico is hard to find special editions , only under order and is always is the double priced. But this is my first buy from amazon and recomended a lot, the time arrival estimated was by 1 month , and i receive my DVD in only 4 days , amazing ,specially from this seller, SO have the security of you receive your product any place in Mexico or Latin America.
    Gracias....more info