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Passenger 57
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It's Die Hard on a plane in this action thriller, starring Wesley Snipes as an antiterrorist specialist whose early retirement is interrupted when his flight is overtaken by a bloodthirsty villain (Bruce Payne). Watching this at home is pretty much an excuse to order pizza and kick back, as the familiar rhythms of maverick-cop-versus-international-criminal take over and nothing new or fresh in the formula emerges. The supporting cast includes Elizabeth Hurley (Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery) as a gun-wielding, junior terrorist, which is fun simply for being unexpected. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Passenger 57: Success!
    In my opinion, this film is a 99.9% success. The favourite has to be the icy-cool role of Bruce Payne (Charles Rane; infamous international terrorist) who fits into the character perfectly using dialogue and facial features. Wesley Snipes' part sunk a little in this movie, yet judging by several of his other films, he took a break for this one in particular! Some of the scenes were predictable, yet 8/10 films are, the plot is of an ex-secret-service agent, John Cutter (Snipes) who quits his job after his wife Lisa is killed in a robbery incident which he tries to prevent, as he is offered back a higher standard job than that of which he is in now, training flight attendents and night watchmen, he takes a flight to Los Angeles on the 163 Airline International plane, which, purely by coincidence, Charles Rane (Bruce Payne) is travelling on. The FBI failed to tell the airline before Rane boards and so when his trusty henchmen shoot his guards, he escapes and holds hostage all 200 passengers on board...that is excepting the man in seat 57, who is the only one who can rescue the unfortunate passengers on the flight...if you haven't seen the film I highly reccomend you do, and seeing as i'd hate to ruin the end for you, i'll leave it here! Please e-mail me on for further information on the film, ratings or details. Just one last thing...BRUCE PAYNE IS GORGEOUS!...more info
  • "Bet on black" - only in roulette!
    Mindless action Snipes looks, moves, acts and projects the image of an ex con. Action sequences are not at all convincing. Waste your money on something else....more info
  • Schnooks on a Plane
    Wesley Snipes does DIE HARD (or LETHAL WEAPON sans a partner) in this entertaining but absolutely formulaic action-adventure outing. Another in the genre of the "Lunchpail Superman" movies that have proven so popular, Snipes plays a recently-retired (of course) covert government anti-terrorist agent (of course) who finds his dream vacation of a lifetime (of course) interrupted by A Few Bad Men (of course) who want to take a commercial jetliner bye-bye for foggy reasons of their own (of course). If you've seen the above-referenced films you will recognize PASSENGER 57, which samples the action in them quite freely and unashamedly. That's okay, because the film works well within its own limited expectations.

    The surprises in this film are few, but memorable. The yummy Elizabeth Hurley plays one of the terrorists. The action takes place at an airport in rural Louisiana, and, thank the Script Gods, actually portrays the local Sheriff as a racist jerk good ol' boy, not as a redeemed cracker choirboy. He actually calls Snipes "Boy" a few times. That's a lot of "boys" in one sentence, but whoo boy, it's sooooo un-PC that it only makes Snipes' eventual assumption of command over local law enforcement that much better. So, sit back, grab a slice, and pop open a cold one. This is THAT kind of picture....more info
  • Wesley Snipes Best Film As An Actor!

    Passenger 57 is a definite 5 out 5 movie, the best of his career.

    Thanks and I recommend this movie to any Suspense-Thriller movie goer.

    ...more info
  • Great!
    This is pretty good movie! Wesley Snipes is probably one of the best actors ever, as shown in U.S. Marshals. I just loved when the bad guys gets killed. I like the part when a guy falls off a ferris wheel....more info
  • Wesly Snipes gives an action packed performance
    Wesley Snipes saves a highjacked plane, and saves tons of lives, then can still catch the bad guy. The attendent says, "How would you like your steak"? Then the mad man says"Bloody" and the attendant pulls out a gun! As soon as the opportunity knocks Snipes flies into action, and saves the day....more info
    This picture was in released in theaters on November 10 1992 starring Wesley snipes as John Cutter, Bruce Payne as Charles Rane, and Elizabeth Hurley as Sabrina Ritchie. John Cutter is grieving over the death of his wife after she was killed by an armed robber and John is blaming himself for her death. So John who's an anti terrorism expert decides it's time to retire from this dangerous job. However, a friend who works for an airline offers John a job as his chief of security. So John is being flown to Los Angeles for the companies annual meeting where he will be introduce as the Chief of security. However, John encounters one big problem as the FBI is transporting Charles Rane one of the most sadistic and deranged terrorist of all time to Los Angeles on the same plane. Now John has to stay on the alert because anything can happen when a dangerous criminal is on an airplane. Now a few thoughts on this movie! Again this is one of the few movies that captures you attention at the beginning and it never stops until it's over. John Wesley Snipes does a good job as his role as John Cutter. Based on the action, adventure and drama that are in this picture I give this movie 8 weasel stars.

    ...more info
  • very good!!!!!
    This is a fully action film. John Cutter (played by Snipes) is just great. The action of this film keeps you at the edge of your seat during the entire film. A must see movie......more info
  • Passenger 57 summary by Jack Rosagro
    An infamous terrorist has evaded capture for a long time by being extremely clever and ruthless. Things get interesting when he hijacks a plane carrying famous security expert John Cutter, who isn't about to stand this sort of thing. END...more info