Cool World (1992)
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  • Fun to Watch
    This is not the best movie ever made, but if you have nothing to do, should definately watch.It has great animation, and for those Brad pitt fans, he comes out extremely hot....more info
  • A movie for people with taste and style
    Cool World is a great movie full of some really great creativity and innovation, and really deserves some credit especially for it's time. In terms of story, acting, and writing, it does okay, however the real shining points of this film are in the animation and more than anything the ideas and production.
    The complete insanity and escapism portrayed by the "Cool World" does ring true to the fantasies and different sides of people usually not seen, where instinct and spontonaity rule. This is contrasted to the real world in the movie, where quite the opposite kinds of ideas are shown.
    I watch a lot of movies, and this one definitely has something, though it's not a masterpiece, as one person pointed out, it wasn't meant to be. But it definitely should peak your interest a bit if you view it with an open mind.
    For anyone into electronica, there is a definitely a "rave" theme to the movie, specifically the animated world. I don't know of any other movies in 1992 that played real underground "rave" music from that time and as a big fan of EDM, this definitely added a lot to my experience. A good scene representing my point here was when Hollywood (attractive toon of Kim Basinger) is dancing by herself at a party on a dancefloor to FSOL's classic, Papua New Guignea.
    I saw this for the third or forth time or HBO and decided to see what people thought of it and the volume of people hating this movie kind of disturbed me. I really don't get it. This movie was groundbreaking in it's own ways and like any really good movie I've seen, still to this day, it has a uniqueness about it that sets it apart from the rest....more info
  • Ghastly
    Brad Pitt tried when he was younger to do cutting edge work in film. As he rose the ladder he succumbed to the Hollywood cookie cutter style of acting, but you have to give him points for trying early on (remember 12 Monkeys and Fight Club or if you're really good - Johnny Suede). However this mishmash of an attempt to cash in on the success of Roger Rabbit was ill-conceived and badly executed. Not that Pitt didn't bring somehthing to his role and the same can be said for Kim Bassinger's badgirl, which made Jessica Rabbit look like Snow White, but they both failed to salvage the movie. The interaction with the doodles (toons in Rabbit) is mostly annoying and lacking in wit and style.

    The movie is noisy and meandering. Save your money.
    Save your money....more info
  • I wish I could give this film no stars
    This is simply the worst animated film I have ever seen in my entire life,there is nothing to warrant even one star.This film is nothing but a mess of wooden characters, bad animation,and a poorly conceived plot. This film could have been good in the right hands,namely Ralph Bakshi's hands.The studio executives changed the entire film without Bakshi's knowledge and the final result was this animated abortion. The film started good at the begining, Frank Harris being sucked into the "Cool World" and eventually a detective there and that's were the qaulity ends. The film goes back and forth between the cartoonist Jack Deebs in the real world,who is given no detail, and the poorly animated and un-funny "Cool World". Then all of sudden at the finale, Jack Deebs is given a massive dose of character development at the very last minute and actaully ends up being the hero. Yes,this is film is actually that sloppy.I think I need to alert the Guantanamo Bay prison camp, they have obviously overlooked "Cool World" as a great form of torture....more info
  • Funny Movie
    My daughter is a BIG Brad Pitt fan. I bought this for her as a gift for her collection of movies he has done. It is a cut movie that Brad did in his earlier days. ...more info
  • cool world indeed
    I've seen this movie several times and it is truly for the twisted minded folks such as myself. It isn't supposed to be a great classic. It is supposed to be mindless, non-thought provoking entertainment and it is just that. If you pay attention to the movie, it's more like real life than the "normal" people want to admit. ...more info
  • one liner
    I only rmember one thing from the entire movie that I just sat thru.
    One toon calls another "pencil d##k". I laughed and laughed. Then I went back into my coma. Not a very good movie at all....more info
  • Cool World
    Cool World is a weird mix of live-action and animation. There's the real world, with flesh-and-blood people, some of whom discover they can cross over to Cool World, which is like a tawdry version of a Warner Bros. cartoon; anvils routinely fall on various cartoon extras, and countless noisy animated creatures race around the colourful scenery...but a few Doodles (animated characters) are really interested in sex with Noids (real people). It turns out that too much shenanigans between Doodles and Noids crossing crazily between worlds can cause damage to the fabric of reality--like, destroy Cool World and Real World--especially if Holli Would, a sometimes drawn/sometimes real Kim Basinger--tampers with a Spike (some kind of key to keeping the worlds from intermixing) at the top of a casino in Las Vegas.

    Here's the real problem in this surreal film: we never care about the real-world characters...that would be Frank Harris (Brad Pitt) and Jack Deebs (Gabriel Byrne). Harris is a fella who has a horrible motorcycle accident in 1945, before finding himself transported to Cool World, where he proceeds to make himself at home in a place where he can forever escape from reality beside a doodle girlfriend. His mother dies in that motorcycle accident, but that doesn't matter; it has no bearing, unfortunately, on what happens to Frank Harris, and could easily have been written out of the movie. But I can kind of forgive the 2D nature of Pitt's character because he inhabits a 2D world for most of the film--his only connections are to shrieking cartoon pratfallers, along with a few over-the-top doodle females who have only one emotion, sultriness, if that's an emotion (if it isn't, they have no emotions). But I can forgive Pitt's character for having no complexity and very little personality: he's chosen to live in cartoonland with all its freedom from logic, tragedy, and edges.

    But Gabriel Byrne's character--Jack Deebs--is also completely uninteresting, and he has no excuses. His real-world scenes add nothing to our interest in him. We see him being released from prison--it doesn't matter. We see him thrash around in Cool World--it doesn't matter, but at least it's an entertaining place to toss him. Then, whenever he's thrust back into the real-world, Jack Deebs STILL doesn't matter. We see him buying comics at a comic-book store, where he is recognized as the creator of Cool World: it doesn't matter. We see him interact with his two neighbours: it also doesn't matter. Byrne is a good actor, but he's got nothing to work with here, when it comes to making us care about him, or what happens to him. With the scenes in Real World feeling as superficial as what happens in Cool World, the entire film begins to fragment into meaninglessness. And near the end, when both realities are in jeopardy as Real World begins to morph into another animated world..uh...: it doesn't matter.

    Cool World, as a locale, is the best thing about the film, with its manic energy, it's hopping, howling, animated cast of thousands of unidentifiables. It's fun to watch, in the way that most cartoons are fun to watch. But the films is still obligated to make us care about the flesh-and-blood characters, and instead they're just bland.

    Despite my low rating, this film is actually worth a look, just for the strangeness of it. But as a comedy--if that's what it's supposed to be--it is funny/strange, not funny/ha-ha. Enjoy the funny/strange, I guess. But anything flesh-and-blood in this film is dull, and all the real world scenes are flat. ...more info
  • I've seen worse!!!
    I've seen worse!!! I think that this movie is trying to somewhat copy the fantastic movie "Who framed Roger Rabbit?"...more info
  • It was alright A 3.5 stars would be fair.
    I admit it this movie may not have done too well for alot of people and it may have alot of cristisisms but on the other hand it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but I thought they could have added a much better storyline to this movie because it was pretty flat and this whole cool world place just comes out of nowhere created by jack deebs (gabriel byrnes) and man these cartoon characters he created are so creepy like hollie (Kim Basinger) is just a sex crazed cartoon character who wants to get laid with jack who created her and to me that was pretty messed up. And brad pitt plays the CW cop who got sucked into the cool world out of nowhere after his mother died from a motorcycle accident. his character was pretty much a cocky toughguy cop and a married man to a cartoon wife and makes sure that jack doesn't lose his virginity to a cartoon character since it's against the law in cool world.

    Bottom line this movie was alright but it has a pretty messed up storyline and it smacked a 1 hour rush job making this movie and I don't know what on earth the director was smoking when he created this movie.

    Parents please be advised this movie is definently not for children and it's not another great rodger rabbit movie either. ...more info
  • Cool World
    Cool World is a great movie. I love the way they did the cartoon world mixing with the real world. Reminds me of Roger Rabbit, only this is made for adults, not kids....more info
  • Excellent but underated based on some reviews on this page.
    What makes this film brilliant is the attention to bizarre details and all of the activity going on in the background which is not part of the main story. Anyone who can compare this film unfavourably with Roger Rabbit should get their eyes and brains checked for tunnel vision....more info
  • Uninspired and Disappointing
    Being a fan of LORD OF THE RINGS, FIRE AND ICE, and AMERICAN POP as a kid, I'm really surprised at how uninspired COOL WORLD is. On the positive side, Holly Would is way "cartoon sexier" than Jessica Rabbit (as is Brad Pitt's cartoon girlfriend), and it's great seeing Kim Basinger squirm around like she's in heat, but other than that, there's not a whole lot in COOL WORLD to get excited about. After 80 or so years of rich animation history, you'd think this movie would be loaded with in-jokes and references, but instead the ancillary characters do little more than fill the scene with your very basic cartoon gags. And the more surreal, black and white animation looks amatuerish and out of place. The pivotal moment of the film occurs when a real life Gabriel Byrne and Holly Would do the nasty, changing her into a human. Given Bakshi's graphic past, you'd think this scene would be a little more "climactic," but in truth, I didn't realize it was actually happening until it was over. It is totally uninspired (both parties are fully dressed), and given the way Holly Would looked, that's a damn shame. The review on the box calls this a "darker, more extreme WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT?", but that's being nice. It's more like a WFRR with low production value, crappy acting, cheaper animation, inferior story, and lacking cartoon charm. COOL WORLD is too crude for children, and too boring for adults. And that's too bad. In short, there's not a single character in this film I'd like to see on a t-shirt....more info
  • My Favorite Movie
    I'd been looking all over the place for this movie because i have love'd it ever since i was a kid. so i finally gave up looking for it in the stores and i found it on Amazon and ordered it.
    The movie over all is really good and funny. It has some similarities to Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which i also love, but Cool World is no kids movie. It's like the Simpsons in the fact that even though it is animated doesn't mean that it is for children....more info
  • Good idea, poor execution.
    Cool World was a bit too surreal and disjointed for my taste. Random images flickering across the screen at random intervals doesn't make for good film in my opinion....more info
  • One of my All-time favorite movies
    This movie has wonderful animation! The spiral city buildings are like a dream-land. I like that the movie starts out in a different era also. Love Brad Pitt's hair, among other things. This was actually the first movie I had ever seen Brad Pitt in. If you like Brad Pitt, you'll love this movie. His character is a very nice one which makes him even sexier. This half-animated movie is for the adults because of some sexual content....more info
    Hey!, give a movie a break!!!! i myself love this shows 2 sides of life,and the 2 sides of society. people for real are like this in life,always wanting power,and creating problems,using drugs,alcohol,sex......trying to change themselves physically.....doing the forbidden,so,i dont see why people think the movie was so bad....hey,it could be your next door neighbor!!!!!or a great fantasy. ...more info
    This is a wonderful movie and a definate must-see for cartoon fans. Cute, but in a much more adult way than Roger Rabbit, Cool World is an odd but appealing and fun look into the separate worlds of humans and cartoons....more info
  • For some laughs!
    OK! Maybe this movie is not the best but who really cares. It's sole purpose is to entertain and that is it. Some good pictures of Las Vegas! Good movie to watch on a dull afternoon! Come on, one look at the cover and you should know this is not going to be a serious movie!...more info
  • Cool World is a Cruel World
    When Cool World was released, the Hollywood sign was modified. I saw this movie first in the theater with a good sound system, paid to see it at least 3 times, bought the two movie related albums, one traditional movie music, the other "Inspired by" which provide musical food as i worked my way through bands that appeared. Was not able to go back and compare music in the movie to inspired by. Noticed familiar music in parts of the movie. Sat in a nearly empty theater on a weeknight, with the screen filling the view, like sitting arms length to a 42 inch wide screen, my first reaction to the movie was Cool World was like the nightmares I had as a child, scary. Sent chills up my spine. I didn't like parts, have been to Vegas so many times, the Vegas parts don't seem real. But had to return and see it again before it was done with the theater run. It affected me each time. Combination of the music, energy, video. Cool World is one that is/should be a cult classic. It's not a romantic love story, only a little is shown of 'toon love and although Holly is desireable as drawn, she's the sort you'd want to stay away from in real life. Worth owning, viewing, but for adults, not kids.

    This one is not batgirl or supergirl, even Poison Ivy is a better partner.

    ...more info
  • What you think of this movie will depend on who you are
    If you're a kid or a parent looking for the sequel to Roger Rabbit, this isn't it. It's not intended to be family friendly, and you shouldn't assume that every animated or live-action-plus-animation feature is child-oriented. This particular piece is oriented toward older teens and people in their 20's and 30's. It's not porn, like Fritz the Cat, and it's not an extended-length music video, like Heavy Metal, but it does have alot of sexuality in it, which is used as a plot device. It doesn't pretend to be a children's movie (look at the cover or the byline), and it doesn't pretend to be X-rated either.
    Judging it in this light, it's a good film. Brad Pitt stars in an early role vis a vis the voice of Kim Bassinger in a piece tinged with equal parts film noir, sex comedy, and cartoon. Does it deserve an Oscar? No. Does it deserve a few good laughs from a group of friends sometime before heading out to the bar? Yeah....more info
  • Roger Rabbit, plus sex, minus any entertainment value.
    How do movies this bad get made? Cool World isn't the worst movie I've ever seen, but it's certainly on my ten worst list. (It might not be if I could remember the titles of the copyright-expired, black and white horror movies I watched as a kid, but it's still incredibly bad.) It's even more surprising that such a bad movie could be made because animation requires a great deal of scripting, compared to live action that can be filmed while the script is being re-written or even without a script. It's not even "so bad it's good", it's just plain bad.

    The best thing about the movie is the basic idea: What if real people could have sex with cartoon characters? That's not even all that great an idea, but the movie is all downhill from there.

    The plot is a muddle. The main characters are a live-action man and a cartoon woman. He finds her attractive, but knows something bad (who knows what?) will happen if a person has sex with a cartoon. What? If they explained, I don't remember. Why? I'm sure that was never even hinted at. Of course they go ahead and have sex anyway (in a way that's OK for the movie's mild age rating). Then bad stuff happens, and various characters try to resolve the damage.

    That story is pretty dumb, but it might have made at least enough sense to be an entertaining movie if we had been given some ideas of the rules of the world where it intersects with the cartoon world. In Roger Rabbit, we knew that nothing can truly hurt a cartoon character except "the dip", a solvent that was rather nasty to real people too. In Cool World, there's no sense that any laws of cartoon physics apply from one scene to the next. Nothing in the entire movie really makes sense.

    The animation quality wasn't entirely bad, but it wasn't anything special either. Saturday morning cartoons look cheap, but that's because they're low budget. Cool World showed signs of a big budget gone to waste. I could see the money in the animation, but the animation was good craftsmanship with no creative vision. It was like trying to find a plot in an animator's portfolio video.

    The live action acting wasn't good either. I can't tell if they were just acting poorly, were directed poorly, or just had such a hopeless script that no acting could save it. Whatever the reason, the live action was just as bad.

    Bakshi made at least one good movie, Wizards, so we know he can do it. Why doesn't he?

    Shame on me for wasting my money (and time I could have spent watching a good movie) to see this during its theatrical run. Even renting it on tape is too much to pay. Don't even think of wasting your money to *buy* it. It just encourages the movie industry to make more terrible movies....more info

  • Hollie Would if Hollie Could!
    Sorry, I don't care what the critics say. I really liked this movie. Sure, the animation isn't as great as what one would find in Roger Rabbit, but so what? It's still a great story. Plus, I love the opening scene where Brad Pitt first arrives home in Vegas (before he gets killed and sent to Cool World). The curved-dome airport hanger in the movie is the old Scenic hanger at the Las Vegas airport. It was torn down about five years ago to make room for the main terminal expansion, so this film is one of the few visual records we have of a lost building....more info
  • Very bizzare and entertaining
    Although not perfect the film does deliver. It is racy, bizzare, and leaves a smeark on your face. Although I liked "Who framed Roger Rabbit?" better, I liked this one more than "Space Jam"...more info
  • Of mild interest only
    Cool World is a very disappointing film. While the concept is interesting, the execution leaves much to be desired....more info