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Dark Angel [aka "Uncle Silas"]
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Every night is dark and stormy in The Dark Angel, a lavish adaptation of Sheridan le Fanu's Victorian thriller, Uncle Silas. Peter O'Toole gives a delightfully depraved performance as the mysterious Silas in a story of dark family secrets, madness, and murder.

Sheltered heiress Maud Ruthyn's troubles begin when her father hires a new governess. Madame De La Rougierre (played with considerable relish by Jane Lapotaire) is a cruel, brandy-swigging schemer with an unhealthy interest in Maud's inheritance and an approach to childcare that would make Mary Poppins faint. When Maud's father dies she has no choice but to live with her wicked uncle Silas, who will inherit the family fortune if Maud should happen to die. This is not a recipe for domestic bliss and soon it seems that everyone but Maud is either bad, mad, or both.

With its gothic horrors and bizarre characters, The Dark Angel is both chilling and silly--perfect entertainment for a stormy winter night. --Simon Leake

Customer Reviews:

  • A must for O'Toole fans
    I first saw this movie on PBS mystery several years ago and fell in love with it. Peter O'Toole plays a sinster uncle who is in charge of Maud until she is an adult at which point she will inherit a fortune.
    Peter O'Toole gives his usual outstanding performance, but its Beatie Edney who steals the show. Another performance of note was that of Jane Lapotaire who potrayed Madame LaRougierre. Lapotaire is even scarier than Silas and you wonder what her plans are for Maud.
    This movie has a great plot but, it does drags on. Overall, I would recommend this movie to anyone who is into gothic horror....more info
  • An Enchanting Gothic Experience
    Peter O'Toole gives an eerie, riveting performance and is certainly the highlight of the movie. The rest of the cast does a good job as well in evoking the mounting tension of rising danger. The great old halls and keeps make a wonderful setting for unfolding tale of terror. Any gothic lover should see it!...more info
  • Okay...
    A bit long and drawn out. O'Toole does a fine job as a creepy dude. But...long and drawn out. The girl is beautiful and charismatic, though. I saw her in the Pierce Brosnan movie "Mr. Johnson" and fell in love with her there. I thought she might be a big star...but this movie is the only other time I've seen her. And bland, so-so looking women like Julia Roberts become big stars. It's all a crap shoot. If you watch this movie in a big, dark house, all alone, you'll probalby get nightmares!...more info
  • Loved it!
    Great movie- I'm hopeing this is available on DVD someday. Watching it on VHS now isn't that cool. One of my favorite movies!! ...more info
  • atmospheric 'la fanu'
    An excellent adaptation of this atmospheric tale.Plaudits richly deserved by Peter O'toole but credit also goes to Beatie Edney as the heroine Maud, an underated actress indeed....more info
  • Deliciously evil, a true literary gothic thriller!
    This is an exquisite dramatizaton of J.S.Le Fanu's gothic masterpiece, Uncle Silas. Although there is some variation between the two, I recommend both the book and the film. Jane Lapotaire(Madame de la Rougierre) and Peter O'Toole(Uncle Silas) are probably the most depraved villains on film! All the roles are very well-acted, which helps suck the viewer into this sinister tale. The sets and cinematography are also fantastic! For those who crave more gothic period works, I also highly recommend The Woman in White and a Sherlock Holmes episode The Eligible Bachelor, also produced by Peter Hammond and starring Jeremy Brett(The Brilliant!) They have the same malignant flavor as The Dark Angel....more info