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Leaving Normal [VHS]
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  • Absolutely Fabulous
    This film is one of the best films I've ever seen. It touched me deeply. I, too, don't know why it's compared to "Thelma & Louise" -- why, because it's about two women? So is "Chicago" --so what?

    Both actresses are great and there are some one wonderful lines (especially when Christine is smoking in front of the kids) and there is a beautiful outside scene where a lovely song with a vocal is played in its entirety... a sign that the director is obviously sensitive to music as well as all other elements which combine to make a great film. Totally underrated; absolutely fabulous. Where is the DVD version and why do we have to wait for it? It should be out and available now!...more info

  • Far from contrived...and larger than life...
    I first rented this movie nearly ten years ago when it first came out on VHS tape with no fanfare or expectations. What drew my fancy was the fact that it ended in Alaska, some of the most beautiful landscape on earth. Well, nearly 10 years later, I'm still hoping that they'll come out with a DVD version because it remains clearly one of my top five favorites of all time. Its a study of human nature in which quirky things happen and if you've visited or lived north of the border, you'll know what I mean.
    Reminescent of "Northern Exposure" genre, the characterizations are not far from many people I encountered on a 3 month journey through that area in the mid 80's by bicycle, no less. Furthermore, when I reviewed the credits, I realized why it seemed so familiar because I was actually there in those towns and on those roads.
    The lifestyle is pretty brutal include 40 degree below zero outings but the rugged beauty in that part of the world especially the aurora borealis was tastefully represented and with a simple story line of souls trying to find "home", it hits the mark....more info
  • A boost when you need it.
    I picked this up at a video store--because it was on the monitor at the time. After I'd watched it the first time, I IMMEDIATELY rewound the tape and watched it again! It's an all-time favorite, one that I watch at regular intervals to lift my spirits. This movie delivers the same kind of surprises that life does....more info
  • Leaving Normal is a gem
    I saw this movie when it was first released in the theaters, many years ago. I have been looking for ANY version of it for a long time and am pleased to find it on VHS though it should be available on DVD. This is a wonderful movie with believeable and endearing characters. Their individual journeys and how they intertwine with each other's is a delightful affirmation of how magical life can be when we are open to it. Especially love the scenes in Alaska (actually filmed in British Columbia but has the same feel of SE Alaska)....more info
  • Sensuously Touching
    Leaving Normal is definitely one of my most favorite movies. Those who compare this movie to Thelma and Louise are incredibly mistaken. If I had to compare this film to any other it would be Fried Green Tomatoes. Both films portray, quite simply, the strength of two women's friendship in the feriocity of life--a friendship that, I would argue, blurs the boundaries between the platonic and the passionate. Currently, I am studying in Europe, miles from home, and this movie, although it's been years since I've seen it, has crept into my homesick mind, and makes me yearn for my best friend at home. And Meg Tilly's childhood character's altered words to a famous nursery rhyme song tung gently at my dreams..."twinkle, twinkle little star how I wonder where you are? up above the world so high, when I find you I will fly"...more info
  • Leaving Normal
    Leaving Normal is one of my favorite films of all time. It is an irreverent jaunt through life, filled with wry (bordering on cynical) observations about our world, and zingers that sneak up on you and pounce (Darly: "You gotta know that it's gonna take more than two fingers...").
    There is something in this movie for nearly everybody to relate to; I can't understand why it is compared with Thelma & Louise. T&L was a male-bashing movie filled with hatred and despair. I couldn't stomach it. LN may be less sensationalistic, but in my opinion it is far superior. Despair turns to humor and then to hope, and there are a few positive male role models.
    The cinematography throughout is breathtakingly beautiful, and the opening scene, after the first couple of minutes, is exquisite.
    My only complaint, a small one, is that sometimes the dialogue is stilted, awkward, stiff.
    I had forgotten Edward Zwick directed this film. His movie Glory is wonderful. Leaving Normal is also wonderful, in a different way, and timeless. It left me deeply moved....more info
  • This is one of my best movies!
    And I tell you why. The soundtrack is terrific, together with an excellent performance for both actress. People had compered this movie with Thelma and Louise, I think this movie goes more futher than T&L, is has a different topic, talks abouts dreams, founds dream trough life path, rather than heroes and guns. I absolutelly love this movies, is always has an special place in my heart....more info
  • I love it!!!
    This movie is in my top ten of's about making decisions and never knowing how things will turn out....just like life!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • A special DVD release is long overdue
    It's amazing the glut of mediocre films that have come out on DVD long ago, while Leaving Normal is still only available on VHS.
    This is a wonderful movie, well acted, well written and some very funny moments. It needs another chance to be seen by more people....more info
  • Inspirational and Unpredictable
    I watched this movie on television and fell in love with it. I think that this was one of the gems that not enough people got to see. I am kind of a wanderer and this captured that spirit. Life is unpredictable and sometimes we need to "go with the flow". I love the free spirit of these flawed characters trying to find their way. I agree with the other people that want this on dvd. If the movie companies don't want people copying stuff illegally release some of these lessor known movies on dvd!...more info
    This is a movie about the power of perseverance and hope. It beautifully illustrates how the choices we make in our lives, whether good or bad, can eventually change your life for the better if you just persevere and, of course, learn from the bad choices we all make now and then. It's about how life can take you down the most unexpected paths, and yet you still end up in the best place for you...even if you didn't know you wanted to be there.The scenery is spectacular, the acting is great. Leaving Normal is a classic female buddy movie, and I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY IT ISN'T AVAILABLE ON DVD! Hello Universal Studios...are you listening!? ...more info
  • What a wonderful movie!
    This movie is just fantastic. Christine Lahti and Meg Tilly are both awesome. It is sad. It is funny. It has a great feel-good ending. When I want to watch a movie, and nothing that I have sounds appealing at the time, I just pop in Leaving Normal. I think of it as my "go to" movie.

    I cannot understand why every piece of junk movie is on DVD, and this gem is not. What a shame....more info
  • Awesome movie...needs a DVD release.
    I absolutely love this movie, and Universal needs to get off their can and release this on DVD, my VCR broke, I'm not buying another one and the powers that be so kindly made this movie copy-protected, so now I can't even get it transferred to DVD on my own. I guess Universal has until the next time it comes on AMC or Turner and then hello DVD recorder and goodbye VHS (it's not like the DVD release is gonna have extras anyway)...more info
  • excellent
    Love the movie, want the soundtrack. Does anybody know if it is available...more info
  • A Road-Trip with Heart ; excellent performances by all
    This is NOT Thelma and Louise, as some may suspect. Instead, this movie is somehow able to capture both women's yearnings to find a place that they truly belong; both geographically and emotionally. It has a magical quality that will remain long after the film has ended. Wonderfully written and acted, this is truly a little gem that will instantly become a favorite with many viewers....more info
  • One of my favorites
    I absolutely love this movie! It's one of my favorites. I only wish that it made it to DVD....more info
  • Please issue on DVD
    I hope the powers that be are listening and release this movie on DVD! ...more info
  • Before there was Thelma and Louise...
    Actually, both probably came out about the same time, or close...I am astounded that this has not been issued on DVD yet. Of all the "buddy" movies I've seen - especially dealing with women - this one always cut straight to the bone with me. When Meg Tilly, in a moment of trauma, cries out "Why am I here again?" referring to her continual missteps in life, it struck such a resonant chord with me. Do we ever feel that we've gotten to the place we're supposed to get to? Apparently, in an absolutely luminous moment, she does, as, looking up at the Northern Lights sometime after that, she responds to a friend asking her why she's happy now, she answers, "Because I didn't expect anything." (Or words to that effect.) Her character comes to an epiphany before Christine Lahti's does - but both come to a resolution by the end of the movie. It's like observing two of your most dysfunctional friends from afar - you long to help them, hope they arrive at the right answer, and sit back happy when they do. (I also like Meg's moment in the phone booth when, after a raucous conversation with her former husband, she screams, "I MARRIED him, what is my problem?") Hopefully in a short while we will be able to get this on DVD - certainly it is the prevailing comment in the critiques....more info
  • Kindness and intelligence
    This is one of my ten favorite movies. I see it perhaps twice a year and weep every time (behind a closed door, I'm a straight white guy). It is one of the smartest, most decent movies ever made. Whoever is keeping it from being released on DVD should be blacklisted. Get a move on! These VHSs won't last forever....more info
  • Leaving Normal is the BEST...My Absolute Favorite EVER
    This movie has nothing to do with Thelma & Louise. There are deep moral issues involved in T&L (Murder, Rape, Suicide). This is not about that at all. It is simply a VERY funny yet touching story about two women who befriend each other, and travel to Alaska together. They don't know WHAT they're looking for but they do seem to find it at the end.
    While Meg Tilly is probably at her best as a supporting actress, this is definitely Christine Lahti at her absolute best. Ya gotta love her after seeing this movie. The scenes at the sister's house and with the truck drivers were so funny I had to replay them and get another good laugh.
    It is hard to believe that this movie didn't win an oscar and that people try and compare it to T&L....more info
  • I love it - And I Want A DVD!
    This is one of my favorites, and that's coming from someone who loves movies! I'm just adding my 2 cents that the DVD for this is long overdue....more info
  • How Could This Lahti/Tilley Charmer Have Passed Us By?
    I recently caught this wonderfully captivating flick on the Sundance channel. It was early one morning when I couldn't sleep and there was nothing else but garbage on over 150 cable channels. Christive Lahti and Meg Tilley were the perfect combination to keep me from drifting off back to La La Land...
    Would rank it right up there with Thelma & Louise...too bad it wasn't released later so it would have received the audience it deserves. Missed the beginning and thankfully found it here on Amazon. Hope someone who has vision and capital to spare puts it on DVD!
    ...more info