Memoirs of an Invisible Man [VHS]
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Just a quick nap and weary stock analyst Nick Halloway is sure he'll emerge good as new. Instead, he wakes up good as gone. Vanished. Poof. Thin air. A nuclear accident has made Nick invisbile.

The laughs and visual effects are out of sight when Chevy Chase headlines Memoirs of an Invisible Man. Invisibility makes it easier to spy on agents (particularly chief adversary Sam Neill) who've put him in his predicament. And he can romance a lovely documentary producer (Daryl Hannah) in a way she's never "seen" before. John Carpenter (Halloween, Starman) directs and the Industrial Light and Magic dream weavers conjure up eye-opening effects as Nick embarks on his manic quest. Seeing is believing. And enjoying.

Customer Reviews:

  • terrible adaptation of.........
    a very good book. Much like Bonfire of the Vanities, this was horribly miscast and butchered. How this ever fell into the hands of John Carpenter and Chevy Chase, I'll never understand. Someone else mentioned that Harrison Ford would have been better cast as the central character and I think that's pretty much dead on but the screenplay would have to have been trashed and put in the hands of someone who wanted to create something that actually represented the original and also in the hands of a more capable director. John Carpenter may be good at what he does but he was way out of his depth with this and was probably incapable of controlling Chase. Bottom line, the books very good if not great and the movie is a huge disappointment that really sucks. On the other hand, if you're a big Chase fan, go for it....more info
  • Passable film adaptation of one of the best books ever written
    If you have not read the book, you might find this an adequate, reasonably imaginative, and entertaining film.

    Unfortunately, because the excellent book of the same name by H.F. Saint which inspired it is so superlatively brilliant, this film suffers badly by contrast.

    Tells the story of an ordinary man (Chevy Chase) who is accidentally turned invisible, but still needs to eat, drink, sleep, open doors to pass through them, etc. Government agents see him as a huge opportunity for both spying and scientific reseach. Our hero realises that if the government gets hold of him his life won't be that of a human being but a lab rat, so he goes on the run. The main plot line of the story tells of his battle to keep out of the hands of the government forces and their sinister ringleader, excellently played by Sam Neill.

    He also manages to set up a romance with Daryl Hannah's character.

    Probably one reason that the book worked so much better than the film is that invisibility is a subject much more easily described by words than pictures. It was vastly easier for H.F. Saint to write what was happening to his character than for the film to show that there was an invisible man in the room. Having said that, one or two images from the film which did manage this well are quite unforgettable, such as Sam Neill staggering towards a door with his hand up behind his back as if an invisible person was holding it there, and a gun magically suspended with the business end pressed against the side of his head. All credit to Neill for a great bit of acting there.

    Overall I would have to describe this as competent but not brilliant, with some good acting from the three leads. But if you are looking for a story about an invisible man which really is brilliant, read H.F. Saint's book. (Or indeed HG Wells' classic original.)...more info
  • Lessons To Be Learned Here!
    There are some interesting lessons to be learned from this film....not that any of us will ever get to practice what we learn this since we'd have to be able to turn invisible!

    However, when we think about all the fun we could have being invisible, we don't think of all the problems it would cause us, too. This movie brings some of those to light, so to speak.

    I enjoyed Chevy Chase and Daryl Hannah in here and I am not fans of either of them. Chase is funny in this film and does an outstanding job playing the role not just with humor but drama, romance and suspense. You get all of that in this movie. Hannah provides the beautiful face and someone for Chevy to chase.

    This is another PG-13 movie that really should have been rated R with the language, for one thing. Overall, it's a film whose title may sound hokey but the story is done well. It''s actually thought-provoking. Being invisible would not be all fun and games.
    ...more info
  • Very Entertaining!
    This is a very entertaining film! It is one that I have watched many times over the years. I actually saw this in the theater, because I was and am such a fan of Chevy Chase. However, this came out after his heyday, and it was di rigeur (sp?) by that time to bash anything that Chevy did. I even liked some of his talk show stuff, but that is another matter isn't it! Say what you want about Chase, he had a fantastic run didn't he? If you are a fan of comedy, then you must admit that he left his mark. I can't imagine that anyone watching this couldn't get some entertainment out of it. If you know it is about an invisible man, then I think you know somewhat what you are getting into, if you don't care about that stuff, then obviously stick to what you like, but this was a good one, and if I were Chevy I'd be very proud to have this in my porfolio of films, cheers. ...more info
  • Invisibility never had it so bad . . .
    It's a bit depressing that many people on the world have not seen Memoirs of an Invisible Man. But chances are this might turn into a phenomenal cult hit sometime in the future. We can only hope.

    This is another extravagant film by John Carpenter. Here, we get to see the disadvantages of having invisibility. It may sound fun, but in real life, you'll very well regret it if you really have it. Chevy Chase moves away from the comedic genre, and gives us a pretty believable performance as the man who we can't see. Sam Neill is the antagonist that everyone would just love to hate. Daryl Hannah is Chevy's love interest, though her good looks make up for her mediocre acting abilities. The special effects are very impressive, even if it was made in 1992.

    This is one heck of a good film. Even if it's not as great as other films that mix humor with suspense and drama, I still enjoyed it. Fans of Chevy Chase, Sam Neill, and John Carpenter should never stop and think if they should see this or not.

    Grade: A...more info
  • none
    i am gald i comedy like this also has i little bit of drama. I like seeing chevey chase's serius side in this movie....more info