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The Assassination of JFK
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  • [Four of Four stars on my rating scale] A very soild tape with experts like Fletch Prouty, Jim Garrison prove the Warren fiction
    The Warren Report, to put in nice
    terms, is full of prunes! This
    video came out only six months
    before Mr. Garrison died. But
    most was filmed between 1988-91.
    Mark Lane (Moshe Levine) is here
    as well and he wrote two very
    fine books, one of which was the
    ORIGINAL basis of Stone's fine
    film, 'JFK'. The other, Plausi-
    ble Denial is based on why he
    thinks Stone's people went the
    other way on some things plus
    the Liberty Lobby case v. E.
    Howard Hunt in Jan. 1985, which
    proved the Watergate liar Hunt
    WAS in Dallas, Texas that day!
    Garrison is very good in here
    and if you want to know the truth,
    Mr and Mrs America, get this tape
    while you can!...more info
  • Excellent Video and Excellent Customer Service
    Excellent Video and Excellent Customer Service

    I am impressed with the product, it is an in depth and informative documentary.

    iNetVideo provides great customer service....will do business again

    Mike...more info

  • An entertaing conspiracy tale
    While I'll admit to a pro-conspricacy viewpoint. The Assassination Of JFK should be viewed only as an entertainment for conspricacy buffs. The vast majority of the commentary comes from authors of pro-assassination books (no underlying motivation there eh!) with no ground breaking interviews or facts presented. It's simply a rehash of an interesting period in American history, but it's that period with its myriad of secret dealings and unknown characters that make The Assassination Of JFK fun, looking at a picture of the real Dave Ferry alone makes the tape worth a look....more info
  • A Must Have
    This video gets in depth with Jim Garrison, and it tells of his investigation into the assassination of President Kennedy. This is a perfect companion to "On the Trail of the Assassins" as it takes you into the whole case, and interviews all the primary figures involved with the investigation. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Best video on Jim Garrison, bar none
    I highly recommend this excellent video for anyone interested in the Jim Garrison case (the basis for the Oliver Stone movie "JFK"). The video ends with a poignant scene---the real-life Jim Garrison, frail and dying in his hospital bed (he passed away in Oct. 1992). Lots of good footage in his video and the narration is first rate. Get it!
    Vince Palamara...more info
  • Interesting documentary, could have been better
    My only complaint with this one is that it does not get to Garrison's investigation until the last half-hour. When I bought this one I thought the entire video was going to focus on just the Garrison case which I have read 5 or 6 books about. The first hour is a tidy wrap-up of some covert CIA history and there is a rundown of the events in Dallas with Garrison occasionally speaking of events, but I want to see a thorough documentary on just the Garrison case emphasizing background on some of the bizarre principles involved such as David Ferrie, Guy Bannister, Perry Russo, Dean Andrews, and others surrounding those bizarre events in New Orleans in the late 1960s. I will admit what I saw of the Garrison case in this video was compelling. The most interesting was Perry Russo's interview as he drove his taxi. He said that Ferrie, Shaw and Oswald were all at Ferrie's apartment during a party there yet police polygraph examiner Edward Odonell said that during the lie detector test, Russo told him that he did not know if Clay Shaw was ever at Ferrie's apartment. Odonell asked Russo, "Perry, Clay Shaw is a very distinguished looking tall gray haired man, if he was at Dave Ferrie's place you would have remembered him". At that point Russo told Odonnell:"Well, sir if I have to give you an answer the answer is NO Clay Shaw was not there". Who is telling the truth for God's sake!!!...more info
  • An excellent intro to the mystery of JFK's assassination
    As I write this, the fortieth anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination is one week away, and there are far more questions about his death now than there ever have been. I have been intensely interested and disturbed by the assassination of JFK for many years now; as I personally do not hold JFK in high regard, I can barely fathom the emotional trauma his still-unexplained death brings to those who loved and supported him at the time and who honor him today. Whatever you think of the man, there is no question that his assassination in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963, changed America, destroying not only the idyllic dreams of Camelot but invoking what has now become a permanent mistrust of government at the highest level in the hearts and minds of the American people. Many, many men and women have devoted their lives to studying the tragedy that took place in Dealey Plaza on that terrible November day, and I am hoping that the event's thirtieth anniversary will reawaken an American public to a travesty of justice that has been somewhat forgotten during the turbulent past two years in American history. This video, The Assassination of JFK, makes for an excellent introduction to the truly incredible story of this tragedy, although it certainly cannot begin to cover all of the questions and inconsistencies of the "official" Warren Commission report on Kennedy's death.

    The first half hour of this video is devoted to Kennedy's life, the pivotal events of his shortened presidency, and the possible implications his decisions and intentions played in his death. Basically, the viewer will see a lot of background material explaining the different motives of a number of groups hostile to JFK. I think the video makes a mistake in actually blaming certain groups, though, as it basically accuses all of the usual suspects without explaining exactly how they came together to change history: the Mafia, right-wing extremists, anti-Castro zealots incensed at JFK's Cuba policies and his betrayal of the freedom fighters who died in the Bay of Pigs fiasco, a hostile faction of the CIA, J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI, and the wealthy oil barons of Texas. The possible motives of each of these groups are summarized rather well, but the video really doesn't get any farther than the pointing of fingers in a number of directions at once.

    It is not until the mid-point of the presentation that one actually examines the assassination itself, and the material included here only grazes the surface of what we know. One sees several replays of the Zapruder film which shows the kill shot in strikingly gory detail as well as a number of other shots of the motorcade and Dealey Plaza. No witnesses are ever interviewed, but a number of prominent assassination theorists state their opinions on various aspects of the case. Special attention is given to the official "magic bullet" theory espoused by the Warren Commission. I think anyone who takes even the most superficial look at the evidence regarding this most remarkable of bullets will agree that the official version of the assassination is ludicrously absurd. Noted pathologist Cyril Wecht gives a very convincing explanation of just how impossible the official scenario is.

    Lee Harvey Oswald is naturally discussed, but not to a very significant degree; of course, Oswald may be the most mysterious man in American history, and all of the Oswald sightings and stories of the days leading up to November 22, 1963, make the man a total conundrum. This video does not declare Oswald completely innocent, but it comes close, explicitly arguing that the government decided Oswald was the lone gunman as soon as they took him into custody. Casting aside all of the questions about the unusual (and illegal, as Texas law forbade the deceased's body being removed from the state before an autopsy could be performed there) and questionable autopsy findings (and the evidence of forgery of several autopsy photos), this video clearly insinuates that Hoover and the powers that be turned justice on its head; they "knew" the murderer was Oswald, and all of the shenanigans surrounding the autopsy and the Warren Commission investigation were engineered on the premise of convincing the American people that Oswald acted alone.

    This is a more than worthwhile video for any American who wants to know more about the JFK assassination, but let me assure those unfamiliar with assassination research and study that nothing you see or hear here can even compare to the extraordinarily disturbing stories that many diligent private researchers have put forth about the murder and its aftermath. Americans of all ages, whether we be Democrats or Republicans, men or women, black or white, should continue to demand and seek the truth about this pivotal event that changed America forever in a matter of six seconds. For those who want to know more, this video is a great starting place....more info