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Lonesome Dove [VHS]
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Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones star as Gus McCrae and Woodrow Call, aging cowboys and former Texas rangers and who organize a 2,500 mile cattle drive for one last great adventure in this excellent 1989 miniseries adaptation of Larry McMurtry's novel. The best friends, who steal the herd from a gang of Mexican cattle rustlers, drive their herd from Texas to Montana, battling horse thieves, angry Indian tribes, and a renegade half-breed killer named Blue Duck (Frederic Forrest) on a mission of revenge. The excellent cast also includes Robert Urich as cardsharp and former Ranger Jake Spoon, Anjelica Huston as McCrae's old flame Clara Allen, Danny Glover, Ricky Schroder, Diane Lane, Chris Cooper, D.B. Sweeney, Steve Buscemi, and even a small role for author Larry McMurtry. Australian director Simon Wincer shows a tremendous capacity for balancing sweeping drama and intimacy against the gorgeous landscape of the American Southwest, giving a grandly epic feel to the film despite its small-screen target and limited budget, and for forging memorable characters of even the smallest supporting parts. The heart of the drama belongs to McCrae and Call, memorably etched by Duvall and Jones as the last of the range romantics. In the age of revisionist Westerns, this excellent cattle-drive drama nicely maintains an old-fashioned feeling while still showing the dark side of the American West. Winner of seven Emmy Awards and responsible for two miniseries sequels (Return to Lonesome Dove and Dead Man's Walk) and a TV series. --Sean Axmaker

Customer Reviews:

  • Les's take on " Lonesome Dove"
    Absolute best Western ever put on film, a real collectors item, Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones make this epic leap off the screen. ...more info
  • great movie
    I loved this movie when it first came out 20 years ago. It is the best western I have seen. Robert Duval and Tommy Lee Jones were a perfect match in this movie. It wouldn't be the same without them. It has it all. Romance,drama,learning about life comedy and heart ache....more info
  • Lonesome cowboy
    This mini series reminds me of how I have longed for a good western and why I am a fan of westerns in general.The story never gets old(to me anyways)a long and close frienship is tested,good versus bad,rescuing the girl.Other reviewers are right when they stated that Duvall and Jones ARE McCrea and Call.I know some of you will laugh after reading this,but I really can identify with both characters in this movie.I see myself as the serious Call,but also the jester McCrea.I guess that's why I love Lonesome Dove so much.Most people will probably relate to one or the other character.I won't sit here and say that everytime I view it I find something new,NO,I just love this story and everything about it...plain and simple.Kids now a days really don't know what they are missing.The camp fires,the horse trails,stagecoaches and chuck wagons,salons,gamblers,cattle rustlers,indian raids,the list could go on and on!This movies has it all for any true western fan.I'd hoped that westerns were making a comeback,but,t.v. viewers are more interested in reality t.v. that entertainment,so the western might be riding into the sunset(I really hope not,it is what defines US,as Americans!)I have been to three different countries so far in my life.A good portion of the people in those countries all wanted to be American cowboys!That should say something about America!Yes,I would recommend this mini series to ANYONE,not only does it tell a great story about friendship,but it also tells a great story about us Americans!...more info
  • Blu-Ray????
    I am not going to re-hash what other reviewers have said about the Blu-Ray version of this great film, they are very accurate and I agree with all the criticism. I suggest you not waste money on the Blu-ray and get the standard, you will still get the widescreen and all the extras. This is the same problem I found in the new DVD, Les Mis (see my review)VERY grainey, particularly on interior shots and night scenes. Go cheap on this one....more info
  • cropped
    In the opening scene, Woodrow Call sits gazing across the river. In the 2002 DVD, several inches of early morning light are visible between the top of his hat and the top of the screen. In this new DVD, several inches of the top of his hat are not visible....more info
  • Grainy night-time images
    The Lonesome Dove story is good enough, and the cast is fantastic, but the quality of the images on Blu-Ray vary from ok day-time images to night-time images that resemble the same kind of grainy reception that I used to get on an old Zenith tube television set with rabbit-ear antennas in 1974. The crop-job to widescreen format is fine, I just have a problem with shelling out "Blu-Ray" dollars for "rabbit-ear antenna" images. As I said, it is usually the night scenes where you see this issue....more info
  • Lorrie Darlin What a movie and even better in Blu-Ray
    This is one of the most electrifying mini-series ever made. Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones are perfect in their parts. I have watched this series at least 4 times. If you like westerns, a gripping story and strong cast of characters this is the one you don't want to miss....more info
  • Lonesome Dove
    My father used to raise Tennessee Walking horses for a hobby. He loves the move. Thank you for your prompt shipping and quality....more info
  • Lonesome Dove - huge fan!
    It does not get any better than the Blu-ray version! Worth twice what I paid. This is the best example of what Blu-ray is capable of that I have seen. I watched this on a Panasonic 58" 1080p plasma, Sony PS3 and a mid-priced surround sound system. Seeing Lonesome Dove (Blu-ray) made the money I put out for this setup worth every penny!...more info
  • Robert Duvall is a genius
    Lonesome Dove has a lot to offer, even for those who don't consider themselves a fan of the Western genre. But if you appreciate great acting, Robert Duvall's performance alone makes this worth the money. In fact, Duvall himself said that one the of the greatest moments of his career came during the scene where Jake Spoon is hanged. Incredible performance, one you'll never tire of watching....more info
  • Subtitles Needed!!!!
    The movie Looks good. But you can't hear the voices over the special effects half the time. It's harder still when you have a movie where the characters have thick accents, one that is not in the best condition to begin with. My father is in his 80s and this is his favorite movie. You don't want to know how loud he plays it.

    Please fix this next time around. Subtitles need to be made available....more info
  • Best Western Ever
    LD is probably the best western I have ever seen. If you see it once you will never forget it and will want to see it again & again. Robert Duvall is perfect for the part Gus. He is one of my most favorite actors. Tommy Lee Jones is also great. They really get into their parts. Absolutely wonderful movie....more info
  • Fantabulus!!
    We have been watching Lonesome Dove on VHS for years, and decided to upgrade to DVD. Not only do you get much better quality, but this is an anniversary many extras. Just buy it, you know you want to....more info
  • Classic film, well-presented in 16:9
    Reviews abound on the quality of the storyline, the cast and the acting, the filming, how viewers who "don't like Westerns" or "can't sit still through a long movie" regard this as a masterpiece. They are correct-no better film's ever been made, in my opinion.

    The Blu-Ray presentation of the film is very nice, with good color and excellent sound, both improved over the DVD release. A common complaint on other Amazon reviews has been the cropping of the original film dimensions to fit a 16:9 screen--a process that does end up costing some of the original film (mostly on the bottom of the screen). The trade-off is that all of the screen real-estate on your beautiful, expensive plasma or LCD is filled--no black bars, no stretched faces. For me, it's a worthwhile tradeoff. It's really not noticeable to me, and if you are engrossed in the story and the scenery, you won't notice much either.

    If you're a lucky owner of a good TV and a Blu-Ray player, this all-time classic Western belongs in your library. Highly recommended....more info
  • Order It, You will LOVE it.
    MUCH better than the original DVD. We watched it on our 73'' HDTV and it was wonderful. It is not as perfect as a movie that would come out today, but it is really good! Don't worry about cropping, etc. It looks great and you will enjoy....more info
  • Bleak and dismal. Not in any way a "feel-good" movie.
    I got this show based on the many high reviews, but when I actually watched it my reaction was very different. The story is beyond gritty, it wallows in dirt. For example,Robert Duvall's character is physically dirty, he rarely washes (this point is made clear), and has two pigs who are forever rooting in the dirt and eating trash as pets. They chase after him repeatedly, but he never says a kind word to the animals. Instead he curses them and achases them off, and he does so by kicking one leg up at them sidewise, eerily resembling another animal relieving itself. We are apparently meant to take this warmly.

    Duvall and Jones are run-down, crooked derelicts, with no plans in life other than to get by and evade the law. Their idea of work is to venture across the Mexican border and steal livestock. In the first episode we see them sneak up on their hapless Mexican victims and stampede a herd of the Mexicans' horses, driving them up to Texas and shooting at them while they commit the robbery. They are whooping and laughing while they do it, like this is all a good time. Are we supposed to sympathize with these outlaws? They are not "good guys" in any sense.

    Then there's meanness and brutality. A young woman is trying to escape from the horrible people in Lonesome Dove, Texas, and, lacking the money for fare, jumps aboard a whisky boat in desperation. This is a small barge manned by half a dozen of the filthiest, meanest, dumbest men you ever want to conjure in your worst nightmare. While she cowers between the whisky barrels, they leer and grin at her, and talk about who's going to be first with her. About then, the filthiest, most animal-like of them stabes another to death and throws him in the river, announcing that he's going to marry her. She tells them that she's married, her voice getting fainter and...I'll spare you the rest.

    I stopped watching, because it was all too depressing. I'd like to have at least someone to root for. The Duvall and Jones characters are not any form of heroes. They have lapses in their criminality along the way, and maybe some people interpret this as goodness. I did not.

    The characters here are not merely bad, or outlaws, or flawed. They're rotten, miserable people. I'm sure there were some men like this in the early west, but I'm equally sure there were even more honest and hard working folks. After all, the west did get built. These miscreants, drunkards, woman beaters, murderers and rapists were not the ones who did it.

    This story does not hold a candle to the many better westerns that have come before it. Try watching The Naked Spur or Man From Laramie or The Searchers or many others and see for yourself. Lonesome Dove is a mean-spirited anomaly. I agree with whoever noted that it is definitely NOT for family viewing. ...more info
  • The GREATEST movie of all time!
    I know that it has been said by thousands of folks but lets say it one more time. Lonesome Dove is without a doubt the greatest movie ever made. EVER. Robert Duvall as, no make that Robert Duvall is Gus McCrae and Tommy Lee Jones is Captain Woodrow F. Call. They embark on a 2500 mile cattle drive from Texas to Montana to set up ranch and be cattlemen. Gus is the kind that likes to play cards and get pokes and Call is all about business. They were Texas Rangers together in the old days and have a friendship that we all wish we could have. Along with Jake Spoon, Deets, Newt, Dish and the very underrated Tim Scott as Pea Eye they go and re steal horses from the Mexicans and then head on their way to Montana. Gus is not thrilled about going but is on the trip for only one reason and that is to go and see his long lost love Clara Allen. Along the way you are introduced to the Indian outlaw Blue Duck, who has alluded Call and McCrae from their days as rangers, Sheriff July Johnson and his deputy Rosco along with other great characters. Every actor or actress who played in Lonesome Dove seems custom made for the part they play. In this movie you have some of the best supporting roles in movie history. You have Diane Lane as Lorie, Barry Tubb as Jasper Fant, Leon Singer as Bolivar the cook from Lonesome Dove, D.B. Sweeney, in one of the best character developments, as Dish Boggett, Rick Schroeder as Calls unclaimed son Newt and many others who are just as important to the story but just to many to name. I really don't have the time and space to tell you about all the great things about this movie so you will need to set aside 6 hours and sit back and enjoy the greatest movie ever made. Now onto the Blu-Ray disc. The movie was CROPPED to make it widescreen. There was a lot more taken off of the top and bottom then was gained on the sides. However the picture quality is outstanding compared to my old DVD. The extras on this disc are also way better than the original DVD. Overall a 5/5 movie and a 4/5 Blu-Ray....more info