Prince & the Revolution: Live [VHS]
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  • I wished i could have really seen this 1 live and in person
    this brings back memories of when i was growing up and all i wanted 2 do was see Prince in concert.

    Now i know this is the closed i will ever get 2 the Purple Rain tour....

    This is a must have 4 any Prince friend. (he doesn't like the word "fan" cuz it stands 4 "fanatic")

    GET THIS 1.....ITS WORTH THE $$...more info

  • The Prince of Performance
    This video is a MUST for any music/concert lover. Throughout, Prince and his band, The Revolution, shake their booties and shock us with outrageous performances including such classics as "Purple Rain", "Little Red Corvette & "I Would Die 4 U", as well as unreleased gems such as "Possessed" & B-side beauties, "How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore?" The video features Sheila E. adding Latin flavour to Prince's musical genius. This video will appeal to a large audience and has something for everyone. In the words of another of his videos, this is truly a "sign of the times"!...more info
  • A riveting performance in all of his purple glory
    An exciting performance during the Purple Rain tour that did a great deal of justice to the every popular movie of the same name. If you enjoyed the performance scenes of Purple Rain the movie, seeing this concert footage would be a favorable transition....more info
  • Prince at his very best
    "Hello Chicago. My name is Prince, and I want to play with you." With those words from off stage, Prince begans his concert to the loudest chorus of screams I had ever heard in my life. If you want to see Prince, and arguable his best band the Revolution, at the height of his powers and exploding onto the scene, then you have to see this for yourself. I own this recording and also saw this tour when it came through Chicago. This was easily one of the best, if not loudest, concerts I've ever been to. We had 10th row center seats and our ears rang for 15 days afterwards. This concert recording captures it beautifully. The first 30 minutes as he goes from one great song right into another still gives me chills. It's inevitable that Prince is going to take things over the top from time to time during the show. After all he is a shameless, and often self-indulgent performer but he is also one of the most talented musicians and most captivating, gifted live performers that has ever hit the stage. With every smirk, wink, note and brilliant solo Prince owns the stage and the audience. Why this concert recording hasn't been remastered and re-released is a mystery to me. ...more info
    This video has alot of sentimental value to me since I was there as a little 15 year old singing my heart out to Purple Rain. Purple Rain shows that Prince is capable of playing guitar as well as any Rock guitarist. My only gripe with him today is Prince very rarely these days goes over the 6 minute mark with Purple Rain its sad he no longer cares to carry the solo for that song over his set time limit. I saw him in 1984 in Atlanta Georgia with my dad and he did a nealy 24 minute version of Purple Rain I will never forget it the solo alone clocked in at 18 minutes and Eddie Van Halen would have been stunned and thats the Prince I love and remember. And for the person who said Prince wasnt playing his guitar I beg to differ I was there up close and personal you weren't I saw it all he was playing that guitar. Ever heard of cordless? Anyway get this video it is a bit self indulgent o Princes part but hey thats rock and roll and its worth every minute of it ...more info
  • I WAS THERE!!!
    I was at this concert, and unlike a lot of commercially released concert videos, this one captures the total mood of that evening! Awesome musicianship, showmanship,you name it. If this comes out on DVD, I'll get it, but I'm not holding my breath!...more info
  • Still holds up
    Even after all these years, Purple Rain is still my personal fav. album of all time. This concert captures Prince at, I feel, his very best. Still new, still fresh, and all 80's, the performance and music still holds up REALLY well today. I do wish this were out on DVD, remastered for better sound and video. As it is, the video is a little blurry, although that could be due to VHS. All in all, a good watch if you grew up in the 1980s'...more info
  • Fantastic!!!
    Unfortunately, I wasn't even born when Prince rocked the Carrier Dome. So, after having purchased the Purple Rain film, I was longing to see more! I bought this tape, didn't know quite what to expect, and the experience blew me away! Prince performs all the classic songs, and more! Before I bought this video I had never heard the song "Delirious", but now I walk around and hear the song all the time in my head. If you, like me, like Prince's music you should definitely buy this video. My only complaint is that the whole concert isn't on the tape. But, I guess you can't have it all. Anyway, this is the greatest concert (tape) I have ever seen. That pretty much sums it up! BUY IT!...more info
  • Prince and the Revo.,please come out on DVD!
    I used to own this video back in the late 80's,but it tore up in my older brother's vcr a few years later.This is a spectacular concert of Prince and the Revolution around the time of the Purple Rain album and tour.I agree with the other customer reviews,the audio mix as well as the picture when it's dark at times is not great.I am hoping someday that Warner Reprise Music Video will reissue this on DVD soon.The Hits Collection is the only DVD released by Warner so far;I Would Die 4U is on the video of the time of this tour.We know that Prince no longer records for the label,but they could put out more.I hope they release it in 5.1 Dolby Digital and also with multple camera angles on some songs,especially on When Doves Cry.The picture is split screen.Prince and the Revolution Live really funks and roll and again this a great concert but Sign o'the Times still remains the best out of all concert videos Prince has put out so far.Anybody who wants to write a review after this one here,I hope you share my opinions as well as other reviews.Thank U. P.S. Remember the videos they had played on MTV a long time ago on the Purple Rain tour:Take Me With U w/Prince soloing on guitar as well as I Would Die 4U(featured in the Hits Collection video)and Baby I'm A Star with Sheila E.and her band.Please Warner Bros.if you're reading this,I hope these songs go in the DVD as bonus songs....more info
    This video tape is wonderful. It's gorgeous. This man is a genious. If u like Purple Rain movie u will like the concert. l hope soon he will give more live video tapes. Believe me u will not lost your money this concert is fabulous, f a b u l o u s....more info
  • Prince Rocked The Carrier Dome!
    This is the first video I ever bought in fact I Bought this before I owned a VCR just so I could secure a copy and Im glad I did. I was actually at the concert on this tape and although this is an awesome video the concert was ten times better (Due to sheila E and all prince's protege's coming out during a part of the show (Not shown on this video which was also being live telecast to europe) Prince was definatly at the top of his form on this night. The concert went well into the night if I recall it lasted a good 3-4 hours!! If you liked princes early stuff you will love this video it will bring back the 80's vividly in your mind.

    The video is hard to see in spots however (as it was in person) do to the lighting used but the music is pure enjoyment....more info

  • Wish the sound was of better quality
    Since there is very little legitimate Prince footage availible, anything we fans can get is very valuable. This was a great concert and we are lucky to have it on tape. But in comparison to "Sigh of the Times", the sound quality was disappointing. Maybe if this concert is ever transferred to DVD the sound will be upgraded and improved....more info
  • better at the time
    this sounded cool at the time but the music and sound haven't aged well.i enjoyed sign o the times better....more info
  • Great Musical Experience
    If you wasnt one of the fortunate ones to catch The Purple Rain Tour .. This video is the next best thing I was one of the lucky ones to catch this show when it came to my hometown.. I can tell you it is truly one unforgettable experience.. Prince takes the audience on a two hour magical musical ride performing all the classic songs 1999, Let Go Crazy, Do Me Baby, Purple Rain, Take Me With You , Little Red Corvette.. This a must for all die hard Prince fans.. The reason why i gave this only four stars closer to 4.5 is because the audio mix isnt great.. I am not saying that it is terrible but if this concert was transfered to DVD.. It would certainly get 5 stars.. But again despite it's limitations this a great musical ride.....more info
  • Great concert video
    One of the BEST concert videos I have ever seen. I only wish Prince would put this out on DVD!...more info
  • An Journey into the mind of this Artist
    I know I should critique this video but I really just wish to say I really enjoyed it esp. the live performance of " Purple Rain " I want this video for that cut alone ! I just wish it would be re - released for DVD as then I could really enjoy it as it was meant to be enjoyed!...more info
  • Just As Good As The Movie
    I loved this concert, Prince sings all of the great hits from the film "Purple Rain" and his other greatest hits. The Revolution is a great band as well and I loved Sheila E on the drums. The music is really good and so is the whole show. See it if your a Prince fan....more info
  • Live From Syracuse New York!
    Yes I Can Gloat I Was There For This Concert At The Dome In Syracuse New York With Live Feed To England. This Video Doesnt Capture The Full Concert Though Which Featured Other Prince Prodigies Like Sheile E., The Time, Appolonia, Vanity It Was A Jam Packed Three Hours. This Video DOES Capture The Purple Rain Tour Exactly As It Was. Everytime I View It I Relive The Concert All Over Again. This Video Is DEFINATLY The One Video Any Prince Fan Should Own. I Bought My Copy Way Back When It First Came Out And In Fact Bought My First VCR Just To Watch It All The Time. You Cant Go Wrong With This Video!...more info
    LIVE! from Syracuse NY. This has got to be the best concert anyone has ever performed in any genre! Prince and the revolution are at the peak of perfection with lots of fast, furious jamming! Hi-energy vibes are felt from the videocase alone! wendy and lisa are hot on computer blue, and the band is a topnotch funk machine! Prince rocks the place with his usual screeching, oooo-ing and nasty grooving dancing! I was fortunate enough to catch the purple rain tour live in san antonio texas and its every bit as exciting on tape as it was then. PRINCE AND THE REVOLUTION LIVE! is a classic video that every fan(or non-fan) should own. The man knows his stuff!...more info