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Air Force (1943) [VHS]
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There was no better director than Howard Hawks at depicting group action. Because of his sense of character and pacing, Air Force transcends its propaganda purpose. It's well crafted all the way around, from the acting to the writing to the aerial fighting to James Wong Howe's painstakingly striking cinematography. A B-17 takes off from San Francisco in December of 1941 headed for Hawaii only to witness the Pearl Harbor attack from above, so it lands and takes off to thwart an oncoming attack. Reassigned to Manila, the crew (which includes the always cynical John Garfield, Gig Young, Arthur Kennedy, George Tobias, and Harry Carey) is thrust into the thick of battle. Incidentally, Hawks enlisted William Faulkner to rewrite a death scene that resulted in a sublime sense of honor. He also added some epigrammatic polish to some dialogue, such as Tobias's dismissal of California: "The sun shines and nothing ever happens, and before you know it you're 60 years old." --Bill Desowitz

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Movie
    An accurate portrayal of how unprepreparred the US was as World War II began. Harry Carey as the gruff, wily, mechanical genius reminds me a a real B17 crew chief I once knew....more info
  • Air Force
    This is one of my favorte early World War II movies. It is far from historically correct (I.E. Japanese ground troups are assumed on several Hawaiian Islands), but well acted and full of the stars of the day....more info
  • It brings back memories
    Picture fits the time, it is fairly accurate...more info
  • Air Force
    Who could go wrong with Howard Hawks? A fanciful propagandistic tale set in the days surrounding the Pearl Harbor attack. The "Mary Ann" goes more places in a few days and even leads a counterattack on the entire Japanese fleet only a few days later. Still, it is one of my favorites, I dig the B-17C/D and the cast, featuring a lot of second-line Warner Brothers actors for the time, except Harry Carey, is tight. Commentary would have made this even better....more info
  • One of the best stories about action in World War Two
    While some paid reviewers would classify this film as archetypal and "hard to stomach" because of the political correctness of today, it is an excellent film about the early days of World War II and the crew of the B-17 bomber, "Mary Ann." This film is on par with what some consider the best air war film ever made, "Twelve O'clock High."...more info
  • Great WW-II drama
    A movie that lifted the hearts of the home folks. John Garfield played pivitol role going from trouble maker to a dependable "team" player.

    A must see film for everyone who had someone in the military during WW II....more info