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Across the Pacific (1942) [VHS]
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  • Lesser John Huston but quite entertaining
    This spy thriller uses plot 39a--you know, the one in which the hero deliberately gets drummed out of the army so he can pursue counter-espionage activity dealing with the enemy. A poltically incorrect, pre-Sony Humphrey Bogart foils Japanese attempts to sabotage the Panama Canal. Huston uses some deft touches in filming this well-worn, hokey plot. With Sydney Greenstreet as a Japanese-loving adversary, Mary Astor as Bogie's romantic interest and Victor Sen Yung as a smart-ass Japanese gunsel....more info
    The story is corny, the acting is good and the sets are right out of the sound stages at Warners. What makes this movie special is the interaction between Bogart and Mary Astor. The dialogue between the two is crisp and realistic. Astor gives a much better performance than in The Maltese Falcon. Both Bogart and Astor are relaxed and comfortable with their characters. This movie fan finds himself watching this one more than Falcon....more info
  • Huston and Bogie together again. Let the fun begin!
    The re-teaming of director John Huston, Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, and Sydney Greenstreet, fresh off their instant classic, "The Maltese Falcon," make this nicely enjoyable hokum, not to be missed by fans. The old Hollywood suspense tradition of cross and double-cross is followed well up to the end, which is a letdown (Bogie doesn't need machine-guns; he's got Marlboros!). A very light, entertaining romp through the shadows of shady characters and exotic locales....more info
  • Intrigue Before the War
    On November 17, 1941 the Army court martial finds Captain Richard Leland guilty and he is discharged. What was his crime? Will Rick try Canada? Will he go to China? Rick books passage on the Genoa Maru. There he meets Alberta Marlow, who is traveling to California on her way home (not by railroad?). Doctor Lorenz is returning to the Philippines. Their conversation introduces the people and tells us about them. Miss Marlow suffers from sea-sickness. Lorenz plies Rick with drinks and seems inquisitive. Rick drinks too much. In New York Rick views a store window to check for a shadow, and uses an old trick to shake this rough shadow. [A smooth shadow must have been watching.] We learn of his secret mission.

    Rick talks to Miss Marlow and notices another man following them. Back at the ship Rick saves Doctor Lorenz from an assassin. Who is he? [Was this a gambit to put Rick in good with Lorenz?] Joe Tatsuiko introduces himself; he has no accent. The Japanese are taught to hide their emotions. Do they look alike? "Some joke?" Does Rick need money? Will he remember the guns of the Canal Zone accurately? Judo used the strength of an opponent against himself. [Is it only an Oriental concept?] Japanese ships are banned from the Panama Canal so they will travel across the isthmus. Lorenz asks for specific information about Army scout planes. Rick visits a bank office to open an account and they exchange news.

    Rick tries to learn more about Miss Marlow. He delivers the report to Lorenz and tries to get more money. [Do some of the scenes remind you of "The Maltese Falcon"?] Did Rick make a mistake in bargaining so Lorenz could outsmart him? There is unexpected drama at the theatre. Rick visits a plantation on a tip, finds a secret, and is found out. The meeting reveals the facts about the plot. Could something occur to upset the plan? Will the Panama Canal be sabotaged?

    This film shows the attitude of public opinion in 1942. Does some of the dialogue recall earlier Bogart films? Some of the dialogue reminds me of Raymond Chandler's work.
    ...more info
  • Bogey playing Bogey...only Peter Lorre is missing...
    This is Humphrey Bogart the way his fans like him best--being pure Bogart and relishing his role the way he did Sam Spade in THE MALTESE FALCON. He has some crackling good dialogue to share with Mary Astor and Sydney Greenstreet and director John Huston keeps things moving at a lively pace with the usual amount of twists and turns.

    Only problem is this is one of those espionage tales full of hidden identities--a bit disconcerting considering how complicated the plot is. But after awhile that doesn't matter. What counts here is the great chemistry between Bogart and Astor, Bogart and Greenstreet, Bogart and Sen Young. In short, it's Bogey doing what he does best--and Greenstreet as well--with Bogart as the tough guy whose mission is to destroy a scheme by spies to blow up the Panama Canal. All of the shipboard scenes are great fun and played for comedy as well as drama. It has plenty of suspense along the way. Sen Young is especially good in a colorful supporting role. It's slam bang entertainment all the way.

    Of course, at the end, Bogey single-handedly destroys the enemy and is free to pursue the mysterious Mary Astor. At times it seems as though these are characters left over from THE MALTESE FALCON with Astor again playing a woman who just might be treacherous. The only ingredient missing among the supporting cast is Peter Lorre.

    For Bogart fans, this is a must see. John Huston had to leave toward the end of the shooting to go into war service. Filming was completed by Victor Sherman who took no credit for his work.

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