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Thunderbolt & Lightfoot [VHS]
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Jeff Bridges actually corralled an Oscar nomination for his spirited, oddball performance in this genre crime story, directed by first-timer Michael Cimino who (a short two films later) would bring down a studio with Heaven's Gate. Clint Eastwood plays a bank robber par excellence with a flair for explosives who is being hunted by his former partners, who think he has their loot from their last job. Bridges is his eager apprentice and sidekick, who helps him escape; when Eastwood finally makes peace with his hunters, Bridges convinces them to try a daring robbery--but things inevitably go awry. The relationship between Eastwood and Bridges is both funny and touching in this, one of Eastwood's better post-Dirty Harry efforts. --Marshall Fine

Customer Reviews:

  • thunderbolt and lightfoot
    being a big fan of East Clintwood and Jeff Bridges, I wanted to see this early movie. It was great, only problem, the definition stinks, worse than VCR movies, so my flat screen made up for it by reducing the projected image on the screen by half. I have a 40 in. screen and ended up with a 30 inch picture, had I known that, I probably would have not ordered that DVD....more info
  • One of Eastwood's best
    One of Clint Eastwood's best films, and also one of his most underrated and obscure. Michael Cimino made his directorial debut with this tough, funny action film that also has a surprisingly tender side represented in the relationship between Eastwood and Jeff Bridges. George Kennedy and Geoffrey Lewis are also fine in this offbeat caper film for which Bridges earned his second Oscar nomination (the first was for "The Last Picture Show")....more info
  • Seven years after a daring bank robbery involving an anti-tank gun used to blow open a vault, the robbery team temporarily puts
    Seven years after a daring bank robbery involving an anti-tank gun used to blow open a vault, the robbery team temporarily puts aside their mutual suspicions to repeat the crime after they are unable to find the loot from the original heist, hidden behind a school chalkboard. The hardened artilleryman and his flippant, irresponsible young sidekick are the two wild cards in the deck of jokers. Written by {}

    ...more info
  • Cimino first triumphant debut...
    The very first shot of "Thunderbolt and Lightfoot" - a faultless composition, fifty per cent wispy Idaho sky, fifty per cent cornfield - establishes an elegant style which Cimino maintains throughout the film... The second scene - Clint Eastwood as we have never seen him before, wearing spectacles, his hair slicked back and dressed as a vicar delivering a sermon in a crowded country church - immediately makes one realize that the film may be quite different from any of Eastwood's previous ones... But the third scene, in which the vicar is chased across a seemingly endless cornfield by an irate gun-firing George Kennedy establishes that all is not as it seems to be...

    Eastwood is rescued by Lightfoot (Jeff Bridges), who has just relieved a car salesman of $3000 dollars' worth of automobile, and a partnership is quickly created, with the veteran Thunderbolt asserting his experience and virility over the inexperienced Lightfoot... Casting off his vicar's clothes Thunderbolt then takes his belt and endures agonizing pain as he uses it to pull his dislocated shoulder into place...

    Thunderbolt is being pursued by Red Leary (George Kennedy) and Eddie Goody (Geoffrey Lewis) who are former partners of his in crime and who believe he has the half million dollar takings from their last bank raid... They mean business... While Thunderbolt and Lightfoot enjoy themselves with two young ladies named Gloria and Melody, Leary and Goody wait outside. 'Are you sure that's their car?' wonders Goody. 'That's their hearse,' says Leary...

    The film was a triumphant debut for Cimino... His script combined wit and the naive philosophy of the motorized cowboys... 'Leary, I had a dream about you last night." "About what?" "I dreamt you said hello to me.'

    At the beginning of the film when Eastwood recites his sermon for the benefit of his felonious friend, 'and the lion shall lie down with the leopard' (Cimino used it purposely to indicate the liaison between Lightfoot the lion and Thunderbolt the leopard), the younger man asks 'What's that - a poem?' 'No,' replies Thunderbolt, 'a prayer'. At the end of the film the younger man is still seeking answers from his senior partner... 'Where you heading?' 'See what's over the next mountain! We won, didn't we?' 'I guess we did - for the time being.'

    Cimino created the part for Eastwood and in doing so drew greatly on his actual personality... For those people who know the real Clint Eastwood, no film part better conveys the style, the warmth, and the dry delivery of the man himself...

    ...more info
  • "You stick with me kid. You're gonna live forever."
    This 1974 caper movie manages the neat trick of both delivering what the audience wants and subverting their expectations at the same time. Clint Eastwood plays a crook on the run from ex-partners in crime George Kennedy and Geoffrey Lewis (often hysterically funny here) who teams up with Jeff Bridges' extrovert drifter to retrieve the loot from a previous robbery only to find his old accomplices tagging along and things - naturally - not going at all to plan. It's an almost perfectly judged mixture of comedy and action with both feet firmly on the ground in a way that would be almost unthinkable today. There's a real rapport between the outstanding cast and an affection for the characters that adds to the impact of the very Seventies ending. Writer-director Michael Cimino handles the mood swings adeptly and even injects a subtle undercurrent of sexual ambiguity that never gets in the way of the entertainment: this was a terrific movie in 1974, and if anything it's an even better one today. The transfer isn't great, but it is in the original 2.35:1 widescreen ratio....more info
  • The best caper - comedy ever.
    An inspired story of two men, who with the help of two misfits try to pull off a spectacular caper. The rabbit-shotgun-blasting by a deranged lunatic affixiated by carbon monoxide is classic....more info
  • THAT'S not it!
    Well, aside from being a total classic, this movie is all at once, touching, funny, exciting, moving, and riveting. It is the ultimate entertaining film. It has something for everyone. Car chases, guns, girls, beer, fistfights, guys in drag, and yes, a trunkfull of rabbits... who could ever ask for more? eastwood and particularly jeff bridges are excellent, especially at the end of the film. his nomination is well deserved. see this movie if you want to be entertained, but not insulted. good stuff....more info
  • A Thunderbolt of Fun
    When people talk about buddy-buddy films this one gets overlooked.This was a refreshing break from the Eastwood mold,stepping down from the Dirty Harry altar, to switch sides of the law or God(as a preacher).This has a loaded cast, Clint Eastwood, Jeff Bridges(Oscar nominee/robbed)to George Kennedy, as another evil meanie.The oddball teaming of Eastwood and Bridges seals the movie as an enjoyable romp, where cross-dressing,wearing disguises and other stuff plays second-hand to the relationship which is supposed to be mentor/rookie but becomes Laurel/Hardy too often.The story itself wanders off in various directions until it comes home with unexpected sadness, marking the arrival of the versatile Bridges.Like "Collateral," where Cruise lets Jamie Foxx run with the movie, Eastwood generously let Bridges vamp for effect. Such a free-wheelin' script has not hit the screen in a long while. ...more info
  • Strolling thunder
    Diary of a movie from the viewer's point of view:

    40-minute mark. I turn off the movie because I'm about to nod off. I still haven't got a handle on THUNDERBOLT AND LIGHTFOOT. It's either going to be a buddy movie, a chase movie, a caper movie, or it's going to continue to dawdle till they roll the closing credits. Sure is taking it's sweet time getting off the schneid. Con man/grifter Clint Eastwood met younger con man/grifter Jeff Bridges reels ago, they've stolen a couple of cars together, been chased by a gun-toting George Kennedy, and otherwise did the macho bonding thing. Not sure who is what, yet. Bridges' character, right before I nodded off, was wondrin' out loud what it would take to knock over a bank before Eastwood threw him a knowing sneer. So far pretty much no plot, little character development, and the usually reliable Bridges is mugging around so much I'm hoping that, at some point, Eastwood slaps him. Not at all sure I want to spent any more time with this one after I wake up.

    Later - Hmmm. The nap seems to have helped both of us. I'm refreshed and the movie (finally) seems energized. THUNDERBOLT AND LIGHTFOOT takes its sweet, wallowing-in-ambience, time catching a plot, but when it does it turns into an above-average buddy/caper flick. Either Bridges toned it down some, or I grew used to him, but looking back on it he turns in a fine, affecting performance as a young drifter with grand dreams of grand larceny. Even Eastwood seems a little more relaxed than usual.

    This is one of director Michael Cimino's first movies, and I'm not a fan of his. The Deer Hunter didn't do much for me, and I believe Heaven's Gate is justifiably infamous. I thought this was going to be another slow moving to nowhere picture, but the latter half is engrossing. Looks beautiful, too. Best of all was the ending - which I won't give away here - that Bridges plays to perfection and that brings it all home. If you're like me and tend to get impatient with pretty pictures going nowhere, I'll suggest you give this one a long chance before hitting the eject button. You won't be disappointed.
    ...more info
  • One of Eastwood's most underated films.
    Not many people know of this lesser known Eastwood classic. Eastwood and Bridges both give great performances. Briges actually got his first Oscar nomination. Micheal Cimino's debut....more info
  • Nice light entertainment that will conjure up a thunderous applause...
    There really is a lot of enjoy about this movie, a fast paced and well executed caper movie that has some well developed characters and some very fine acting. I love me some Jeff Bridges, an actor I find to be at the head of the pack, so tagging his name to anything will get my attention. I had just seen `The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' for the first time and so the idea of another Eastwood picture was actually welcomed (I don't find him the greatest actor, but some of his movies are rather enjoyable).

    Overall `Thunderbolt and Lightfoot' is a very entertaining film.

    The film tells the story of former thief turned preacher who is on the run from his former business partners who think he has the stolen loot from their last robbery. While fleeing gunshots he runs into Lightfoot, a free spirited young man who has a way with the ladies and his mind set on learning a thing or two from Thunderbolt. When they finally meet up with Thunderbolt's previous partners they decide to all go into a dangerous robbery together only to have their plans botched as the job takes a turn for the worse.

    The film is crafted rather well, with smart dialog and interesting character development, and surprisingly some sentimentality I didn't expect; especially as the film draws to a close.

    The acting is the films biggest highlight; both Eastwood and Bridges pulling out superb performances. I'm a little baffled at the Oscar nomination for Bridges, not because it wasn't deserved but because it fell in the supporting category. He feels like a total co-lead, but maybe I'm wrong. I don't always have the best judgment when it comes to category placement. He steals the show, that is for sure, giving Lightfoot such natural charm and spunk. I loved every minute of his performance. Eastwood was effectively somber, as he is almost always, but there is an added layer of humanity here that I don't often see in him.

    George Kennedy is a tad over the top here, but whatever.

    I was shocked to see that this came from Michael Cimino for it just doesn't feel like it, but I guess not every movie can be as dominating as `The Deer Hunter'. This is a great little popcorn film. It is nothing spectacular, but it is truly entertaining and is a film you won't regret spending the time and or money to watch.

    So maybe the applause won't be `thunderous', but really, I liked the pun....more info