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The Long, Long Trailer [VHS]
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Success in that newfangled television business prompted Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz to bring their slapstick chemistry to the big screen, courtesy of a 28-foot monster of a trailer home. The Long, Long Trailer is one of those domestic nightmare movies, in which an ordinary couple has their existence upended by a new contraption: in this case, a lemon-yellow motor home. They make the mistake of towing said behemoth to Colorado, a honeymoon journey fraught with tilted axles and Lucy's ill-advised collection of large souvenir rocks. One disaster follows another, with the action rarely rising above the level of a sitcom (MGM's top director of musicals, Vincente Minnelli, is overqualified here). One notable exception: the climactic sequence, a funny-nervous crawl up an 8,000-foot mountain pass. The film was a box-office hit, proving that moviegoers would go to theaters to see a TV star's hair in its natural red color. --Robert Horton

Customer Reviews:

  • Te Long, Long ,Trailer
    A movie filled with everything romance, comedy,and drama.This is an enjoyable movie for the entire family. There aren't movies like this one any more. The plot of this movie is Tacy(Ball) convinces her husband (Arnaz) to buy a trailer for them to live in insted of a house. They would travel across the country picking up momentos along the way. They would eventualy ssettle down and live where they wanted. Ball stays true to her usual charecter that somehow always finds herself in crazy situations that noone else could. I have always loved this movie ever since the first time I saw it even though it was before my time. I would recomend this movie to any Lucy fan,or just someone who enjoys comedys....more info
  • Te Long, Long ,Trailer
    A movie filled with everything romance, comedy,and drama.This is an enjoyable movie for the entire family. There aren't movies like this one any more. The plot of this movie is Tacy(Ball) convinces her husband (Arnaz) to buy a trailer for them to live in insted of a house. They would travel across the country picking up momentos along the way. They would eventualy ssettle down and live where they wanted. Ball stays true to her usual charecter that somehow always finds herself in crazy situations that noone else could. I have always loved this movie ever since the first time I saw it even though it was before my time. I would recomend this movie to any Lucy fan,or just someone who enjoys comedys....more info
  • Remember fella, trailer brake first, trailer brake first...
    It's an outright crime that this in not being released in DVD these days. When you can find all you NEVER wanted being put out on DVD, but this isn't, it just doesn't seem right. Enter the image of a hapless man trying to control a barrelling, careening car pulling a trailer, with a gruff Laurence Tierney-esque head revolving around him screaming "trailer brake!! trailer brake!!"...I tell you, there are simply too many priceless moments. Large boulders being kept as souveneirs being another. It's just a funny, charming, fantastic movie that is that is definitely one you should pick up if you are considering doing so. Right next to any of the "Road to" movies in terms of pure classic nature comedy and perfection. I can never recommend this movie highly enough, and anyone I show it to absolutely loves it. Get it and enjoy and I cannot wait for the DVD!!! My VHS is almost worn thin!...more info
  • Such a GREAT movie!
    This Movie is just great! It has so many laughs and funny adventures, it's like a lost episode from I Love Lucy, and i just dont see how its not even more of a classic than it already is! I highly recomend this movie to anyone who likes I Love Lucy, Slapstick Comedy, or just plain classic Comedy!

    I have rented this movie about six times from my local video sore, and i can find it anywhere else, Im so glad i finally found it here!...more info

  • The Long, Long Trailer
    In the year 1954, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, the world's numder one comedy-couple made this great movie: The Long, Long Trailer. It recieved great reviews then and if you keep reading you will see that it still does.

    Tracy-Lucille Ball, and Nicky-Desi Arnaz are going to get married. Tracy comes up with the idea of getting a trailer because Nicky's work takes him many places. So they buy a 40 ft. long trailer to go around with Nicky as he worked. They go on many adventures and they learn the value of forgiveness.

    This movie is a great over all; Lucy is in it-how could it not be!. I asure you that even if you aren't a Lucille Ball fan, you will like this movie. And if you are, you'll enjoy it that much better. It is hard to pull away from it....more info

  • Good Laughs
    This movie is such a 'feel good' movie!! Truly a classic! Grab a bowl of popcorn and a soft drink and get ready for some good laughs!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!...more info
  • Hilarious film! Still holds up, watch for the cliff scene, SCARY!
    And watch for Lucy collecting rocks from every place they stop. LOL! Watch Ricky parking the trailer at Lucy's relatives, LOL! See Ricky take a shower in the trailer. LOL!
    If you are a fan of the show you should treat yourself to this quality film, fun for the whole family! And it isn't terribly dated, today trailers and R.V.s are even more popular.
    This film has fantastic cinematography, also. I have a nice copy of the VHS transferred to DVD-R but I may buy the DVD because I like it so much and its rich cinematography. ...more info
    I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed this video! I was never a really a big fan of Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz until I was at my Mothers house and she was watching this movie. I laughed all the way through it, to my surprise. The comedy is superb. Since I saw the film I have purchased it as a gift for 4 other people and all of them were amazed at how much fun they had watching it. If you really want to watch something light and still have a lot of laughs, get your hands on this one. Thank You!...more info
  • the long long trailer
    this is one of my favorite movie that lucille has done along with your mine & ours. these 2 movies are so funny & good nature for the whole family. lucille, has so much talent, far from her series. this is one of the all time favorite of my i truly recommend every one to own this two movies, and prepare to laugh & cry, and watch her talent in these two movies...more info
  • Hilarious Honeymoon in a Long, Long Trailer!
    Unavailable on video for many years, "The Long, Long Trailer," a 1950s "on the road" film, stars the comedy team of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, as Tacy and Nicholas "Nicky" Carlos Collini. Directed by Vincente Minelli, the film rolls along (after an opening flashback) by showing one silly mishap after another as Tacy and Nicky take a honeymoon trip in their trailer. This elegantly mismatched couple go through the inevitable period of adjustment that comes after marriage, with the added stress that comes from trailer living for the uninitiated. The allure of this film is multilayered: a carryover of the 1950s traditional husband-and-wife roles from the popular television series, "I Love Lucy"; humorous vignettes about visiting relatives; vacation miscues and misunderstandings, which are so frustrating at the time but make for great stories later.

    My favorite part of the film is when Nicky is pulling the long, long trailer behind their new car up a narrow mountain pass. The brakes are heating up furiously, and he discovers the reason for it. Tacy has been collecting rocks as souvenirs from all their stopping places, which she had hidden all over the trailer. This scene is classic Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz bantering: he had told her to get rid of the rocks (as the pragmatist), but she would not (as the sentimental). Here is a clear example of subversion of authority, a conflict which creates the tension and the comic relief needed to move the plot (and the trailer) along.

    Highly recommended buy: for family viewing; for cult film aficionados; for those in need of some belly laughs!

    ...more info

  • Where have all the Good ones gone?
    This movie is a longer version of a standard "I Love Lucy" format, so if you like the Ricardos, you will love this movie. It is particularly well liked by the millions of folks who are RV'ers. The lines are traded back and forth on RV newsgroups because it accurately portrays the fears of first-time-trailerites who are towing something for the first time. "Trailer Brakes First!"

    The most hilarious part of the movie is when Ricky is attempting to back the trailer into a narrow drive-way of his new in-laws, which is bordered by flowers and shrubs. He receives directions from more than one source at the same time and the results are worth watching.

    This movie has general appeal to all audiences and is very wholesome in its make up. Desi and Lucy are missed....more info

  • A Hilarious Honeymoon Adventure
    This is one of my favorite all time films. Definitely the best movie ever starring Lucille Ball. I am a long time Lucy fan, but that being said even if you didn't enjoy her television shows, this movie is a comedy film that should appeal to about anyone. None of the slapstick humor and dizzy redhead stuff you might imagine there to be. Lucy and Desi tie the knot and buy a long trailer house with all the modern features of the day. They set out as honeymooners Nicky and Tacy, off to introduce Nicky to Tacy's family. A lot of weird stuff happens on their journey to make this a long long honeymoon which just might bring a few second thoughts about ever having gotten married. I highly recommend this one to anyone. All the professionalism you have come to expect from these two hollywood moguls. A very delightful film and very well done in every aspect....more info
  • The trailer called "Nightmare"

    Director: Vincente Minnelli
    Format: Color
    Studio: Warner Studios


    Lucille Ball ...
    Desi Arnaz ... Nicholas 'Nicky' Collini
    Marjorie Main ... Mrs. Hittaway
    Keenan Wynn ... Policeman
    Gladys Hurlbut ... Mrs. Bolton
    Moroni Olsen ... Mr. Tewitt
    Bert Freed ... Foreman
    Madge Blake ... Aunt Anastacia
    Walter Baldwin ... Uncle Edgar
    Oliver Blake ... Mr. Sudloy
    Perry Sheehan ... Bridesmaid
    Edgar Dearing ... Trailer Park Manager
    Robert Anderson ... Carl Barrett

    Frank Gerstle ... Gas Station Attendant
    Charles Herbert ... Little Boy
    Donald Kerr ... Flagstone Station Attendant
    Jack Kruschen ... Mechanic
    Norman Leavitt ... Driver
    Alan Lee ... Mr. Elliott
    Peter Leeds ... Garage Manager
    Karl Lukas ... Inspector
    Howard McNear ... Joe Hittaway
    Bert Moorhouse ... Car Salesman
    Christopher Olsen ... Tommy
    Emory Parnell ... Policeman
    Phil Rich ... Mr. Dudley
    Fay Roope ... Judge
    Dennis Ross ... Jody
    Herb Vigran ... Trailer Salesman

    Emmett Vogan ... Mr. Bolton
    Wilson Wood ... Garage Owner
    Howard Wright ... Uncle Bill
    Dallas Boyd ... Minister
    John Call ... Shorty
    Richard Alexander ... Bald Shopper in Bungalette Trailer
    Ruth Lee ... Mrs. Tewitt
    Ruth McDevitt ... Mrs. Vagabond
    Ida Moore ... Candy Store Clerk
    Dorothy Neumann ... Aunt Ellen
    Janet Sackett ... Kay
    Judy Sackett ... Dotty
    Edna Skinner ... Maude Barrett
    Sarah Spencer ... Tacy's Girl Friend
    Connie Van ... Grace
    Ruth Warren ... Mrs. Dudley
    Geraldine Carr ... Tacy's Girl Friend
    Juney Ellis ... Waitress

    If you are one of the millions who loved Lucy, you'll love the Long, Long Trailer!

    Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were one of the great comedy teams, and The Long, Long Trailer was one of their most successful films.

    Before their marriage Tacy Bolton and Nicky Collini decide (well, Tacy decides and Nicky goes along, reluctantly) to buy a trailer so that she can follow him and make a home for him while he travels to construction sites. Unfortunately, he has never pulled a long trailer and it proves almost too much for him, not to mention that it is a "budget buster."

    This is a typical situation comedy of the type that Lucy and Desi did so well. A laugh a minute is guaranteed!

    Joseph (Joe) Pierre

    author of Handguns and Freedom...their care and maintenance
    and other books

    ...more info

  • A Very Funny Movie
    Everytime I see this movie, it tickles my funnybone. The views as they travel are great! The things they get into make this movie almost real life. Get this movie...more info
  • Absolutely Love it!
    Lucille Ball has done it again with her wonderful talent. This movie stars main characters Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz in a comedy movie about a trailer they purchase. This movie shows how their journey began and ended and everything in between. Of course, it's hilarious! One of the funniest parts is when Desi is trying to get the trailer out of the driveway! If you love the "I Love Lucy" show, you will really enjoy this movie....more info
  • The Long Long Trailer
    This movie is extremely funny. Although the two main characters are from the I Love Lucy show, it is completely different. It shows a lot of the same funny whim, but it also has serious spots throughout the movie. It's a great choice....more info
  • Who Knew A Honeymoon On 4 Wheels Could Be So Funny!!
    The "Long Long Trailer" is the second Lucy movie I saw and it's probably my favorite one. With a dynamic cast who dosn't love Lucy with Ricky? And a surprisely funny plot you can't help but love this hidden Lucy treasure. I watch this movie again and again- I'm only disappointed it hasn't come to DVD.

    Tacy(Lucy) and Nicky(Desi) have it all love-- but, there love is soon tested when they decide to buy a trailer instead of a proper home. Soon casosis erupts as Lucy and Nicky have to deal with cramped spaces, car problems, dozens of nick-nacks, high mountains,pesky relatives, trailer brakes, and annoying neighbors-- which eventually lead to martial fueds and a break-up. Will Nicky and Tacy be able to overcome the trailer? Who could of guessed a life on four wheels could be so funny? This is one of my favorite old movies of all time and more importantly it's funny I still laugh everytime I watch it.

    This is a must for any old comedy movie buff or any Lucy or Desi fan!!!!!...more info
  • The Long Long Wait
    Waiting a long long time for this wonderful comedic movie that these two brilliant tv and screen stars presented is torture! This Lucy-Desi movie is a classic and should be released on DVD for all to see and enjoy. From the time they marry to the rocks sliding out of the trailer, one laugh after the other, it just gets better and better! I grade this movie an A. And as usual
    Lucy's clothes are grand!...more info
  • The Long, Long Trailer Review by Nicky Rao
    This is a hilarious movie, especially when the trailer door opens and the doorbell goes off all the time. Starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.

    The couple has just gotten married, and buys a trailer home to live in. They have a lot of adventures on the way, like falling out the door and landing in mud. Or preparing a really good meal but gets ruined. It is just the same probably as an I Love Lucy show. I can't tell, I like both.

    This is a funny movie for all ages, kids or adults, it is a classic comedy....more info

  • A Lighthearted Romp
    This is a very funny comedy that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Lucy and Desi were in top form for this delightful romp and the fun they were having shows on screen. The story centers on Taci and Nicky as they sojourn across the country in a 40 ft. long house trailer, and all the treacherous misadventures they are confronted with in the process. Vincente Minnelli directed this film and it was a huge box office success, becoming MGM's top grossing film of 1954. The cast is filled with funny characters like Marjorie Main, and Keenan Wynn, and there is a nice musical number with Lucy and Desi singing "Breezing Along With the Breeze," with Yosemite in the background....more info
  • Lucille Ball's Best Movie!!!
    Get this movie!! I enjoyed this movie so much and I think everyone needs to get this spectacular Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz classic. This great couple made this movie in 1954 with director Vincente Minnelli; and then two years later in 1956, they made another Lucille Ball treasure *Forever Darling* (director Alaxander Hall).

    Tracy (Lucille Ball) and Nicky (Desi Arnaz) are going to get married. Tracy thinks that they should get a trailer as a home instead of staying in 'stale hotels' and 'grubby-furnished rooms'. Nicky goes along with the idea....but he starts to doubt the idea after the trailer costs $5,343 and then they have to buy a new car to pull it. But they get married and then start out on their honeymoon. At first the trip is enjoyable and they have a wonderful time. But just one of Tracy's suggestions and they are in big trouble. Every turn they make seems to lead to trouble (similar circumstance to *Forever Darling*). And all of this trouble leads to a posible divorce!! (I assure you that everything turns out okay.)

    The movie is so funny; you will be rolling on the floor as you watch Lucille try to make eggs on a crooked trailer and Desi pull this 50 foot thing around. You can't watch this movie once. Only Lucy could have made this movie a movie. So if you are a Lucy fan, you need to get this ultimate Lucy-movie. It will give you many hours of fun for the WHOLE family!! will...more info

  • Great News!
    While Paramount Home Video has successfully marketed DVD packages of I Love Lucy, Warner Bros. Home Video is now getting into the act with a package that includes the only two feature films Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz starred in together, The Long, Long Trailer in 1954 and Forever, Darling, in 1955. A third movie, Too Many Girls, produced in 1940, stars Ball in the leading role and Arnaz in a bit part. The two reportedly met on the set of the film, fell in love, and married a few weeks afterwards...more info
  • A Long, Long brigade of fun!
    Everything goes wrong for the sweet couple in The Long Long Trailer, from the moment they buy the blasted vehicle, it goes wild. They unknowingly break laws, lie to one another, and almost topple over a cliff! It was humorous adventure, with the worlds greatest acting pair: Lucille and Desi! It was a long, long brigade of fun! It was never ending excitment, one of the pairs best works!...more info
  • funny from beginning to end!
    Classic Lucille Ball/Desi Arnaz screen action like "I Love Lucy". Starring as Tacy and Nicky, these newlywed lovebirds set out on a cross-country trip in their newly-purchased trailer. With crabby relatives, highway havoc, a mud-laden rainstorm, and rocks, this is dripping with comedy and tender moments as well. As close to the "I Love Lucy" context as you are gonna get in a movie. ...more info
  • A Must-Have for Everyone Who Loves Lucy!
    This wonderful movie centers around Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, playing a newly married couple determined to travel the country with a cumbersome trailer hooked to their car. As the characters run into many MANY unexpected trials, they begin to wonder if their marriage will work out, despite the fact that they are very much in love. The movie mixes a perfect amount of "I Love Lucy" slap-stick humor and warmth with a fairly realistic look at the relationship of a new married couple. This movie is sweet, funny, dramtic, and worth every penny!...more info
  • A funny and entertaining movie for the entire family!
    I highly recommend this movie. It's Lucy and Desi at their best.
    I'd give it ten stars if I could!...more info
  • 10 Stars if I could!
    Love it!!

    Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz take us on a laugh filled adventure in this, one of my all time favorite films. The Long Long Trailer - a classic of 1954 (wow, it's as old as me!)

    Love the color, the scenery, the trailer, the dialogue, the funny situations they get themselves in. It is a hoot of hoots!

    The young couple, just married, set off on a trip to the husband's new job, in a new town. Lucy, the wife, has the great idea to buy this trailer to take with - "Oh we'll save so much money, dear!" LOL Well, you will see how that works out!!

    One disaster after another, and you will be howling with laughter, along with sympathy for her dear hubby, who has to put up with not only her, but this trailer of all trailers!

    Funny from beginning to end. You'll fall in love with Lucy all over again!

    Buy it. An American classic, indeed.

    ...more info