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Logan's Run
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If you can stifle the urge to laugh at its pastel unisex costumes and futuristic shopping-mall d¨¦cor, this extravagant science fiction film from 1976 is still visually fascinating and provocatively entertaining. Set in the year 2274, when ecological disaster has driven civilization to the protection of domed cities, the story revolves around a society that holds a ceremonial death ritual for all citizens who reach the age of 30. In a diseaseless city where free sex is encouraged and old age is virtually unknown, Logan (Michael York) is a "sandman," one who enforces this radical method of population control (but he's about to turn 30 and he doesn't want to die). Escaping from the domed city via a network of underground passages, Logan is joined by another "runner" named Jessica (Jenny Agutter), while his former sandman partner (Richard Jordan) is determined to terminate Logan's rebellion. Using a variety of splendid matte paintings and miniatures, Logan's Run earned a special Oscar for visual effects (images of a long-abandoned Washington, D.C., are particularly impressive), and in addition to fine performances by Jordan and Peter Ustinov, the film features '70s poster babe Farrah Fawcett in a cheesy supporting role. Jerry Goldsmith's semi-electronic score is still one of the prolific composer's best, and Logan's Run remains an interesting example of '70s sci-fi that preceded Star Wars by less than a year. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • unlike fine wine,logan's run doesn't age very well
    when i was growing up i must have seen this movie 5 times and really loved it. even though i had read the books and knew that the movie was different,but i loved it anyway.
    flash foward to now and i watched this again just a while back and oh man did it age bad! the story was always paper thin but at 9 and 10 years old you don't see that,well i see it now. the f/x are bad(but to be fair they were pretty good in the 70's),and the acting is just not there. oh well like they say, you can't go home again. still you may find something to enjoy about it,i mean i still own it and won't sell it so even if it's not great you may like it....more info
  • Good fashion with out-dated effect
    Can be considered a good movie in the 80s but special effect is too dated. I felt that the fashion sense is stylish though some people may disagree. The transportation and gun look fake. Still watchable but cannot compared to modern science fiction movie. ...more info
  • boring
    I thought I was going to watch one of the greatest sci-fi movies ever made.NOT.The acting was boring and so was the story in which I had a hard time understanding.If this movie is a classic,it should be considered one of the most boring of all-time.Now I see why I didn't watch the so-called TV series....more info
  • My love and hate of this down to a science...
    The premise of this "thinking man's" tale is intriguing enough, with appropriate and fitting set designs and costuming, a semi-fleshed-out dystopian society (a dystopia being a utopia with hidden insidious elements), and an interesting trio of main characters. Their motivations are established and followed through nicely, and the nature of their world aided in those motivations.

    BUT... it wasn't until York and Auggeter enter the ice cave... the exact moment when they put on clothing to warm themselves - is the very moment the movie changes gears. Motivations become skewed. Plot points are made slapdash, forgettable, and at times annoying (the Peter Ustinov character in particular). The conclusions take on a woefully predictable air and the extraordinary setting lowers itself the the mundane and cliched (the ages-old phrase "does not compute" is used as its climactic signative). Only the leads' performances and Jerry Goldsmith's landmark score survive the whole ordeal as shining beacons.

    3.5 stars for the first half of "Logan's Run", 1 for the second half = 2.5 stars....more info
  • Nice Movie
    I kept thinking that this must have come our around the time of Planet of the Apes; very similiar type of movie.

    It starts of a bit slow as you don't care for the people much, but once Jenny Agutter comes into the movie, the chemistry between her and Michael York makes it an easy movie to watch.

    It was filmed in 1976 .. quite sometime ago and some of the effects show it. That said, some of the effects are quite good too.

    It surprised me a bit, but I was really glad to have gotten this DVD and watch it (a couple times now). It actually seems to have the effect -- on me at least -- to be a "feel good" movie. Likeable leads, good colour etc, and worth a viewing....more info

  • This film is why Star Wars rocked the world
    . . . because, before Star Wars, we had to watch befuddled backsewage like this!

    Just about the time you think the story is starting to make sense, the rug is pulled out from under you and the plot goes ga-ga. In thirty-odd years, I have never been able to decipher why the dome city self-destructs in the end, or, for that matter, why Farah Fawcett (age 29 and a TV superstar) was given a bit part while Jenny Agutter (age 34 and a bit chubby)was given the co-starring role. But I suspect that whatever was behind that directorial decision also explains why there obviously was no budget for a script.

    ...more info
  • Awesome SCI-FI Movie!
    Logan's Run is an awesome Sci-Fi movie and I really enjoyed watching it. Yes it's bizarre. Yes the special effects are not as good as they are in movies being made these days. Yes the costumes are flimsy. But the acting is very good, especially the acting from Michael York and the late Richard Jordan and also Jenny Agutter is quite good too. I had taped Logan's Run when it was shown on Showtime but it was only shown in standard fullscreen and not widescreen so when I bought this widescreen DVD I rewound the tape back and taped over it with episodes of the NBC hospital drama ER. I highly recommend this DVD, the extra features could be better but at least the movie is shown in it's original aspect ratio instead of being cut so the widescreen haters won't complain about the black bars. I read an old review from some guy saying that he heard rumors about a movie remake of Logan's Run and I really don't think this movie needs to be remade but if it is being remade I hope they don't mess it up! ...more info
  • Classic Scifi.
    Loved this movie. I hadn't seen it in a while and I found the storyline compelling. Not bad for that era of movie making! ('70s)

    ...more info
  • logan's run
    I've always enjoyed logan's run. I was happy to be able to purchase online. Very good transaction. Delivered timely, new and sealed as advertised....more info
  • should be remade
    The story is pretty good, the acting ok, the sets are a product of their time. Look, it is virtually impossible to make a film, particularly a sci-fi one and not have it look dated 20 years later. I know its unfair to compare but you will bust a gut laughing at early 1970s Dr Who's where the idea of futuristic transport was a Citroen Diane with the doors taken off, and crewed by 4 camp looking blokes in berets and capes. Tears are rolling down my face as I think of it. Anyway. 2001, Blade Runner, Star Wars - still look good today. Not much else does though. Back to Logans Run, all you need to know is Jenny Agutter gets nuddy in it. How cool is that?

    PS - I noted some comment about the sandmens guns being unrealistic. Well, on my first night excercise, I started firing my semi-auto Self Loading Rifle (SLR) which had a blank firing attachment on it (which provides enough back pressure to operate the working parts of the rifle when using blanks) and lo and behold, 4 tongues of flame shot out of the flash eliminator ports just like in Logans Run, which was great for sci-fi reminiscence but rubbish for my night vision. So there you go, not unrealistic at all. ...more info
  • About What You'd Expect From Aging Sci-Fi
    I have to admit that I liked the epcot-esque city in which this story is based. Its retro sci-fi look is great and lends itself well to the story. The special effects range from "good for the time" to just plain "bad". The story itself drags on a little too long. There is no reason this movie should be 120 minutes. The premise, however, is good and has not been well duplicated since the original. I simply wish sci-fi movies could have avoided "coming of age" during the time of psychedelic filmography. Hard core classic sci-fi fans might be intrigued, but I fear most everyone else will be bored with this film. I can say it's average, and that's about all....more info
  • Delectable 70's sci-fi & grindin' J. Goldsmith synth soundtrack
    'Member watchin' this movie at the middle school gym in Toronto (in 1979) with my brother (we were 10 and 11) - clickety-clackety 16 mm projector - 1 dollar (Canadian) admission - comin' from a rigidly Puritanical home, the coupla scenes where Jenny Agutter (Jessica) lets drop her tunic, were a moral challenge - do we have'ta admit to Mom'n Dad what we saw? uhhhh??! No...

    Found myself drawn in to the combination of loaded 'terms' (sanctuary, renewal, Sandmen [putting you to 'sleep']) + the sounds/'music' generated for the film by Mr Goldsmith - love the almost ethereal/otherworldly quality of the voice of the PA - e.g.,
    P.A. System: Capricorn 15's. Born 2244. Enter the Carousel. This is the time of renewal.
    [Crowd applauds]
    P.A. System: Be strong and you will be renewed. Identify.
    [Capricorn 15's show flashing crystals]

    great (just slight) reverb on the gently female voice - wonder who that was...??? wanna get the book......more info
  • "Good luck, Runner. May you find Sanctuary."
    I've been a lifelong fan of Sci-Fi films of all types and varieties. I first watched "Logan's Run" around the age of 7 (circa 1979) on TV and have loved the movie ever since. Between the interesting plot, highly stylized set pieces, intricate minatures work, expansive and beautiful matte paintings, and of course, Jenny Agutter, what's not to like here?

    The movie's setting is the year 2274 and it is clear from the beginning that some great catastrophe has occured which has forced the remnants of humanity into giant domed cities. Within lies a sprawling futuristic metropolis peopled by individuals all under the age of 30 and dressed in color coordinated clothing (Yellow for pre-teens, Greens for late teens and early 20's, and Red for mid 20's to 30). Each citizen has implanted in their left palm a "lifeclock", a small crystal which changes color when certain stages of age are reached. It begins to flash once it's owner has offically reached age 30, marking a very significant stage. When one hits the age of 30 they join in an activity called "Carousel". There these 30 year olds go through a rather mystical ceremony in which they are systematically (and willingly) obliterated by the city's central computer in a high-flying way. In this fashion the inhabitants are "Renewed", that is processed by the computer to begin life again in the body of a newborn infant. Anyone who wants to keep on living and doesn't want to join in Carousel, for whatever reason/s, is called a "Runner". A group of pseudo-police called "Sandmen" are responsible for chasing down Runners and terminating them.

    To the viewer there is something way out of whack with this system and it's clear that the populace is not being given the full story and seem to live life for sex, drugs, and rock n' roll (or disco in this case). Logan 5 (Michael York) is a Sandman alongside his best friend Francis 7 (Richard Jordan), also a Sandman, and go through the daily activities of looking for Runners and living a stress-free life filled with all things carnal. After dispatching a Runner and looting his belongings, Logan takes into possession a small metallic Ankh. The city's Central Computer, recognizing the symbol, assigns Logan with the task of finding "Sanctuary", a mythical safe haven for Runners who flee the city, and destroying it. To help Logan infiltrate the underground society which enables Runners to get to Sanctuary, the computer advances Logan's lifeclock from age 26 to age 30, forcing him to become a Runner himself.

    The movie gets a lot of criticism for being heavily laden with the styles and mannerisms of the 70's, and the inclusion of Farrah Fawcett-Majors did not help as she was as symbolic of the decade as anyone else. The model work, pretty cool stuff at the time, is *clearly* model work now. But one must remember that this movie was made in an era when things such as CGI and advanced special effects did not exist (Star Wars opened that door a year later in 1977) and so the modern viewer is forced to suspend disbelief to a degree in order to enjoy the movie more fully.

    And when one successfully does suspend that disbelief there is a jewel of a movie to be found here. The sets are nicely put together and the situations that Logan and Jessica (played by Jenny Agutter) find themselves in on their trek to Sanctuary are mind blowing stuff. It is interesting watching these two transform from members of a lascivious and hedonistic society to a pair of innocent and almost naive people as they first discover the world outside the dome. The film really reaches it's emotional climax when Logan and Jessica find and explore the ruins of the familiar (and yet alien) Washington DC.

    I've not read the book upon which the movie was based, however I plan on doing so in the near future. The plot and setting leave many questions regarding the world in which Logan and Jessica live (not the least of which is "How did this whole thing come about?") and speculating on those answers is a fun mental exercise while watching Logan and Jessica as they explore long-forgotten fisheries underneath the city, a frozen seafood storage facility run by a robot gone haywire (Roscoe Lee Browne), and a long lost civilization abandoned and grown over with weeds. The movie also raises more serious societal questions and concerns, mostly with regards to age, vanity, and sex. At what point will dying be a question which is decided by the State (or the Computer, in this case) rather than by Nature? I've heard of some place in Europe where this is already playing out, with elderly people being euthanized on the decision of their children, thus saving the State extra expenses. Serious stuff indeed.

    If one can get past the clearly 70's influenced styles and some rather out of date special effects, they will likely enjoy this wonderful film on its own merits. I'm not sure that I like the idea of a remake as modern remakes tend to overdo it and completely bury the intent and enjoyability of the movie being remade (see The Poseidon Adventure as proof of this, among many others). This is a great movie that I never tire of watching! ...more info
  • Entertaining, if Flawed, SF Adventure...
    Whenever I watch "Logan's Run", I feel a touch of angst, much as I do when I see "Marooned"...both films won Oscars for their special effects, and both films would be overshadowed immediately by the vastly superior FX work of "2001: A Space Odyssey", and "Star Wars". In the case of "Logan's Run", the nearly 'quaint' minature work is patently artificial, and combined with the 70s hairdos, and 'mall' environment, gives the film a 'retro' feel; fortunately, the story and performances are so terrific that the film is still very entertaining, and has achieved 'cult' status, today.

    The premise is intriguing; in the 23rd century, civilization has retreated into a computer-controlled, multi-domed city, sealed off from the outside world. Given an impersonal, if hedonistic paradise to live in, there is only one drawback; residents must sacrifice themselves on their 30th birthday, in a quasi-religious ceremony known as Carousel, where, they believe, they might be 'renewed'. A few attempt to escape death, searching for the legendary 'Sanctuary'; the task of executing these 'runners' falls to the 'Sandmen', an elite force of policemen armed with explosive pistols.

    It's a great life to be a 'Sandman', which friends Logan 5 and Francis 7 (Michael York and Richard Jordan) enjoy to the self-indulgent hilt...until Logan meets Jessica 6 (Jenny Agutter), a beautiful girl wearing the ankh symbolizing an affiliation to the 'runners', who isn't impressed by Logan's nearly 'rock star' status.

    Logan is secretly assigned by the city computer to find the elusive 'Sanctuary' of the 'runners', and 'aged' to 30, thus giving him an excuse to join them...and making him a 'Sandman' target. The tale then becomes a 'cat-and-mouse' chase, as Logan recruits Jessica's aid, and the pair search for Sanctuary, relentlessly pursued by Francis. Logan discovers that the few runners not dispatched by the 'Sandmen' are executed and frozen by a rather clunky robot, Box (the voice of Roscoe Lee Browne)...after defeating him (rather easily), Logan and Jessica (followed by Francis) break free to the outside world, a wild, untamed wilderness leading to a nearly deserted Washington, D.C., where they meet their first 'old man' (Peter Ustinov), a hermit living alone with a large array of cats. The couple, their relationship deepening to love, must face Francis, and return to the city to expose the fraud that everyone is living under...

    Casting is EVERYTHING in a movie like this, and the "Logan's Run" ensemble is terrific. York, a youthful 34, combines innocence and determination as Logan, and Agutter, 23, is all wide-eyed idealism as Jessica, looking very comfortable being barely dressed through much of the picture. Even better is Jordan, who, at 37, is as convincing a younger man as York, in a far more demanding role. While Farrah Fawcett, 29, in a small role, is more flash than talent, Michael Anderson Jr., 32, is wonderfully menacing as a plastic surgeon. Ustinov, 55, steals the picture, cranky and cantankerous, yet lovable. While one might quibble that a man who could memorize T.S. Elliot should understand the words in the Capitol better, he provides an element of reality and a character audiences can relate to.

    Jerry Goldsmith's remarkable score is certainly a plus, combining traditional and synthetic music, seamlessly.

    "Logan's Run" may not be as flashy or 'cutting edge' as "Star Wars", but it is far sexier (with a healthy dose of nudity), more complex, and definitely worth a spot in your film library! ...more info
  • Logan's Run
    I enjoyed the movie! I saw it when it first came out when I was a teen. I remembered it , but not the details, so it was nice to see it again. It was interesting to see how they perceived the future to be. ...more info
  • Nostalgia
    Like it - or Hate - if you think about life today, this movie for its time - has it all.
    Would love to see it re-hashed for todays movies - i reckon with the special effects available today - this movie would do things.

    Glad i brought it for my collection...more info
  • Not that good. Just a cheesy 70s movie
    This movie was given to me by someone that I think alot of so I want them to find out through this website that reluctantly we can't be friends anymore. Sorry. This movie was pretty damn boring. I agreed with that one guy that wrote a bad review for this movie so bigups to him. Shame to all of you who believe that this isn't one of the more boring movie since the tenant. It has its good points...well all movies have an ending thats one. Cant remember anything else except that punk ass robot crying when his little house fell apart anyway Thats about it.

    This is for my dear friend
    Sorry sweetheart this is where you and me go our seperate ways.
    She knows who this message is meant for.

    Go buy Death Race 2000 now thats a good movie!!!!

    ...more info
  • Good Viewing
    This is a realy well mad science fiction movie.Some say its outdated,but i think the plot is realy interesting.
    Its also a well made movie.
    But i must confess i thought the series of Logans Run was sensational when i saw it as a kid.I have not seen it since the 70's and i would definitly buy it if it came out on DVD.
    I like this movie and i would reccomend it to those who like Sci-Fi movies....more info
  • Utopian Horror
    In a future world, all your needs are taken care of...until you turn 31. Then it's all over and you get "recycled". People are offered a sort of lottery in which they can be "renewed" through a process called "lottery" but it is a sham. Nobody makes it. The other alternative is to run. That's where the Sandmen come in. They chase down and kill the runners.

    Logan is a Sandman. He is assigned to track down vague rumors of "Sanctuary" by posing as a runner himself. The problem is that he gets gypped out of his last four years to make it creditable. Logan runs himself and is in turn chased by a sandman. The majority of the film concerns his run and escape to Sanctuary. This leads Logan and his decorative companion outside the domes of the city and into the real world. It is an eye opening experience.

    This was a very popular film in its day but I never saw it until recently. Now, I have to wonder what all the hype was about. The acting is not too great and the story line is not too much better. It keeps attention but barely manages to do so.
    ...more info
  • Didn't Age Well, but Worth a Look
    Saw this years ago and really dug the thought that 2007 or 08 might look like this. I'd be dead with the "terminate life at 30 years" rule that is one of the foundations of the futuristic society here, but still when I saw this I was sure domed utopian cities and monorails everywhere were just around the bend.
    Intersting enough premise about future society where all life ends after 30 years old, a law enforced by "Sandmen" who grab those in their late 29's and take them to a ritualized slaughter called "Carosuel". Michael York plays a Sandman who has his own doubts and suspicions when his number comes up.
    The effects and the plot look bad thirty-some years later. Effect wise, the chinks in the armor show soon, with a neat little future city shown with a lake that ripples like a baby pool. A then modern shopping mall was used as the city interior and it's pretty hard to force oneself to believe that there's not an Orange Julius or a Spencers Gifts just around the bend.
    Basil Expostion..I mean Michael York is not convincing, particularly in the final scenes. Peter Ustinov is unbearable and I wonder if he was as old and feeble in real life at the time as was his role.
    If you like sci-fi and BAD sci-fi, it's not without merit. Like bad Christmas decorations-most of us still like to see 'em.......more info
  • Solid Sci-fi 70's Flick
    As other reviewers have written, Logan's Run and it's (at the time) award winning special effects was quickly eclipsed by Star Wars.
    Never the less, it is a decent and enjoyable Sci-fi flick. If you can get past the camp look and feel of the fashion, you will enjoy the story.
    Other reviewers have summed up the plot nicely, and they have also made the comparisons to Nolan's novel. So I will try to point out some of the interesting tid-bits in the commentaries:
    John Voight was first considered for the part of Logan.
    Lindsay Wagner was originally considered for the part of Jessica.
    William Devane was originally considered for the part of Francis.
    A retired James Cagney was considered for the part of the old man - later played by Peter Ustinoff....more info
  • Classic '70s Sci-fi.
    This movie is just plain fun. The story is a good one, the acting is passable more often than not, and the special effects are often so dated and cheesy as to feel nostalgic. I first saw this film when I was a child and I remembered much more than I would have imagined possible. With a child the most important aspects of a film are plotting and interesting characters, and that is what this film has in spades. The fact that brassiers are out of style in the 23rd century also makes for a promising future. ;) Michael York plays a Sandman named Logan, a police character who hunts down and 'terminates' what are called 'runners.' Members of this enclosed society who have come of age (30-years-old) are up for possible 'renewal' in an event called 'Carrousel.' Those who are of age that do not show up at 'Carrousel' are considered 'runners.' Michael York (an upstanding Sandman) is summoned by the great machine that oversees this seeming Utopia and is given a mission that requires he be thought of as a 'runner' to gain the trust of unacquired 'runners' still at large throughout the city. As a result, his final four years as a citizen is wiped away and he starts to consider the possibilty that the great machine is not 'renewing' anyone at all, but that they all die in 'Carrousel.' The seed of doubt is sewn in his mind and "Logan's Run" begins. The miniatures used as buildings, etc. are all fake-looking but are still great to look at, the special effects are often laughable, but the story is good and the film is ultimately entertaining all the way to the last scene. Recommended. ...more info
  • classic movie great SF
    Michael York!
    In the year 2274, after the world has been decimated by a holocaust, a new society is built and resides in a domed city. However, it is forbidden for humans to live beyond 30 and you are given two choices, either to go through a ritual called Carousel with the promise of being "renewed", or go on the run and risk being hunted down by an elite police force known as Sandmen....more info
  • brilliant movie
    i just thought the whole movie was well done,and a very cool script.granted it is a little dated by today's standards,but what a movie for it's time. well worth having in your collection....more info
  • Good classic sci-fi flick
    Good film. Dated though and the picture quality needs to be remastered. The acting is superb and no doubt lifts the film. They were so believable! If you love sci-fi flicks this one is a must....more info
  • "logan five, approach and identify."
    one of my favorite things about movies about the future is how everything is always a slightly more rad version of now. i mean, come on! in the future everything is based on radio waves, over-sized computers and shag hair cuts?! probably the best example in this movie is the giant gas pump in the new you plastic surgery clinic. i'm assuming this beast measures not the amount of gasoline that they aren't using to power their non-existent cars, but instead it seems to be measuring the strength of the lasers that miraculously peel away flesh and bone and give guys dark hair because that's what farrah fawcett likes.

    all said in love. i rarely make it all the way to the end though. i'm usually losing interest sometime around the skinny dip scene because, well, let's face it - logan's got a flat li'l fanny, and jessica is kind of creepy with that fake-sounding british/cultured accent that people are required to use when they're in movies about the future (carrie fisher comes to mind here).

    all in all, an entertaining film that brings up some of the more poignant "what-if" questions that we're currently facing with over-population, pollution and casual drug abuse. ...more info
  • Weak
    Tripe. Really really bad. I had never seen it before but based on the reviews I figured it would be perfect along side the other classics I love.. Blade Runner, Tron and THX1138... it turned out to be quite mediocre.

    avoid....more info
  • "No Sandman ever ran."
    According to the film Logan's Run (1976), the future holds great promise for us lazy, unmotivated individuals in that we'll all be living in climate controlled domed cities and the menial tasks we now perform will be completely automated, allowing for us to live a life of leisure, our days spent hanging out with our friends and copulating whenever the urge strikes...sounds pretty sweet, but there's one catch...once you hit 30 years of age, that's it buddy boy...end of the road, it's curtains for you, exit, stage left, hand in your chips, time to join the majority, here's your ticket to the undiscovered country, fettuccine al dead-o, time for your neck tie party, become one of the living impaired, shuffle off this mortal coil, cooling to room temperature, going into the fertilizer business, if you were a book you'd be permanently out of print...based on a novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, adapted for the screen by David Zelag Goodman (Straw Dogs, Eyes of Laura Mars), and directed by Michael Anderson (Orca, "The Martian Chronicles"), the film stars Michael York (The Three Musketeers, The Island of Dr. Moreau) and Jenny Agutter (The Eagle Has Landed, An American Werewolf in London). Also appearing is Richard Jordan (Chato's Land, Rooster Cogburn), Roscoe Lee Browne (Topaz, Uptown Saturday Night), Peter Ustinov (Spartacus, Death on the Nile), and Farrah Fawcett ("Charlie's Angels", "The Burning Bed").

    As the story begins we learn it's the 23rd century, and due to war, overpopulation, and pollution, those remaining live in domed, automated cities, their only concerns being that of the pursuit of pleasure and their ever impending `renewal' process. You see, each inhabitant has a crystal implanted in his or her palm, and once the crystal starts flashing red (about the time you turn 30 years of age), that means it's nearing time to participate in the ritual of the carrousel. People actively accept this (hell, it's a daily public event, complete with cheering crowds), as they believe it will lead to them being reborn, but it sounds like a real crock to me, something related if only to make the poison pill of sanctioned termination go down easier (and turns out, it is). Those who actively seek to avoid the process are known as `runners', and are hunted down by individuals dressed in black called Sandmen. Logan 5 (York) is a Sandman, and after the recent termination of a runner, he's given a secret assignment by the almighty controlling computer to uncover the secret location of a place called `Sanctuary', a mythic place where escaped runners are supposed to have found refuge, aided by those among the population sympathetic to the cause. To facilitate the mission, Logan 5's life clock is artificially advanced to the point indicating he's soon due for renewal, in an effort to allow him to infiltrate the underground movement and expose the location of this haven for those who've escaped their predetermined destiny. Problem is he's now a target of the Sandmen, particularly his friend Francis 7 (Jordan), and also the `misfits' (this is what those who question the process are called), who are unwilling to help him out of resentment because he's a Sandman and responsible for the deaths of many a runner, and also because they just don't trust him, but he does find assistance among their group in the form of a girl named Jessica 6 (Agutter). Their quest to find Sanctuary leads the pair on a dangerous journey of discovery, both inward and outward, revealing many truths and kindling the dormant embers of self-preservation.

    If you can get past all the trappings consistent with many science fiction films released in the 1970s, particularly those who portend the future to be something akin to the ultimate discotheque, then you might be able to see the strength of the material with relation to the genre. You've got a man recruited to seek out that which threatens the status quo, ultimately questioning that which he once took for granted, spurred on by the loss of his precious time, as he had like four years left, and never got a definitive answer as to whether he'd get them back once the mission was completed (which, in fact, was an answer, but not the one he was looking for), along with learning the whole `renewal' process was a sham. Once certain realizations emerged, primitive, instinctual, inherent, human characteristics came forth, ones that had been relatively stifled or mitigated by an oppressive society due to circumstances it believe warranted extreme measures. Well, how best to implement these measures? Satisfy all the basic needs (food, clothing, shelter), and push forth the seemingly utopian aspects of a life full of pleasurable experiences, capped off with fostering the belief that as long as one follows the established program (a program that included enforced termination at a specific age), the end really isn't the end, but merely a transitional state from which one can return. As far as the performances, I thought they were all fairly solid, and I did appreciate the brief bits of nekkidness in terms of Ms. Agutter, as she was one fine looking woman. The direction is smooth and well paced, and I was particularly impressed with the sets and locations. The miniature environments present in the overview shots inside the domed city did look phony, but the amount of work in terms of detail was apparent, and given the time the film was made, this was probably as good as could be fashioned. I'd recommend to newer viewers, used today's more sophisticated effects, to bring their imaginations as this will help them get past that which seems antiquated, enough so to allow for the enjoyment and appreciation of strengths of the movie, that being the actual story and its more timeless elements. Is this a classic? Despite its relatively cosmetic flaws, I'd say yes it is, and definitely worthy of attention, especially for those who value a grand, intelligent, adventurous story and production with well developed characters and classic sci-fi themes.

    The picture on this dual sided DVD, presented in both fullscreen (1.33:1) and anamorphic widescreen (2.35:1), looks very sharp, exhibiting only a few, minor flaws, most likely due to age, and the Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround audio is excellent. In terms of special features, there's a commentary track with director Michael Anderson, star Michael York, and costume designer Bill Thomas, along with a featurette titled `A Look into the Future' (9:23), and an original theatrical trailer.


    A side note, I noticed a remake of this film is scheduled for 2006, but they have yet to decide on a cast. Joel Silver (Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, The Matrix) is listed as the producer, so I'm not sure if that's good or bad, but Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects, X-Men, Superman Returns) is listed as a writer, so we'll see...regardless, we'll always have the original. ...more info
  • Logan's Run is a stunning retro-futuristic classic.
    Film about population & resource control in a future post-war setting.
    Cool retro-futuristic sets; definitely 70's style fashion and decor. Great actors, they're all easy to identify with and are believable in their roles. I can put this movie on frequently and enjoy it every time; there aren't any lulls in the plot or "unnecessary fluff." I haven't read the book, from what I hear the movie leaves out/changes details- But if you haven't read the book, you obviously aren't going to miss it and it's still very enjoyable. It makes you want to read the book afterward to hear more about the world of Logan's Run.

    I've heard this film compared to "The Island," which I have also seen. I really think Island is more like "Coma" with Michael Douglas.
    Logan's Run is mainly about population/resource control out of necessity to maintain humanity, while "The Island" and "Coma" are about Money/Greed by showing how far people will go to live longer and what business'll do to make it possible for those that can afford it.
    In Island & Coma, the motivation for keeping the 'secluded world of clones' is not for survival as much as the chase for immortality and the resultant immoral lengths people take to attain it.
    Logan's Run is about the chase of truth and freedom, to escape from their isolated dome world to discover a deserted, isolated earth. Though they are killed at 30, it is humane in contrast to the mutilation of those in Coma/Island....more info
  • DVD Movie
    I bought this movie because I really enjoyed it years ago. Still enjoyed the movie. ...more info
  • One of the Best Sci-Fi Films of all time....
    "Logan's Run" is an outdated film of our time, but you have to remember back in the 1970s, they didn't have computer animation. Anyway, I was engrossed by the story line, the characters, the acting, and of course, the visual effects. I now consider this film one of my favorites of all time. ...more info