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Last Waltz
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Martin Scorsese's 1978 capsule history of the Band is mixed with footage of the group's allegedly last performance (certainly their last performance as a quintet) in this particularly stylish concert film. Scorsese shoots the players and their sundry guests with the same flair and enthusiasm one can see in the later The Color of Money or Goodfellas. He also proves a good interviewer with Band members, particularly Robbie Robertson, whose sleepy-sexy good looks make a star-caliber impression in close-up. But the film's real hook is the stage show, which features a rotation of rock legends (Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell, Paul Butterfield, Bob Dylan, and so on) playing with the Band before a wildly appreciative audience. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • I was lucky enough to see this at the Cinerama Dome in Los Angeles...
    when it 1st came out. This movie made a huge impact on my life. I was a sensitive teenager at the time, and the impact of the camera and the artists and the emotion conveyed while they performed, and Robbie so elegant and gorgeous with his red scarf, and Joni in her flowing hippie skirt with her angelic voice, and the Staples Singers with their hearts and souls and Pops Staples so gentle and humble., and Van Morrison and Neil Young and Neil Diamond, Muddy Waters, Emmylou Harris, Eric Clapton, and Bob Dylan! Come on people, the top musicians and artists of the day in a stunningly beautiful documentary, what are you all waiting for! This IS the movie for those of us who appreciate true art, who don't think music is to be used as a path towards fame ( so sad for today's kids, really, American Idol!? Manufactured pop singers?! OK OK Generation gap but I do feel so lucky to have my most memorable musical experiences from the 70;s...) This is a wonderful movie, and the stories told by Raconteur Robbie and charming, boyish Rick (may he rest in peace) add to the overall specialness of this stirring true piece of art. ...more info
  • Excellent film!!!
    The film start with a review of the own group about the begining and how they comes to make their carrers. The performances are very exciting and the sound is pretty good!. I recommended this film because you can see not only a traditional concert, but a film-documentary about great artist of the 60's, and of course, in 1979 they was still young, still on tour, so the performances are perfect!. ...more info
  • A little too much Robbie - and his scarf!
    I was fortunate enough to have attended "The Next-to-Last Waltz" - the concert in Pittsburgh's great Syria Mosque a few weeks earlier in 1976. Immediately afterward, The Band (well, Mr. Robertson) canceled the rest of the tour. Then the movie was made.

    The Pittsburgh concert was the best show, performance or event of any type I've ever seen. That includes movies, concerts, opera, ballet, sporting events, cockfights, bar mitzvahs, class reunions - you name it. (OK, I lied about the opera and cockfights.) And I'm an old geezer of 54. I'd give it, oh, 10 stars. I'm told there's a bootleg of it, but I'm not sure.

    This one I give 3 1/2. The music is good, of course, as is the guest lineup. But....

    Scorsese should have clipped a lot of Robertson's mugging (while wearing that ridiculous dangling scarf). Ronnie Hawkins' crack at the private screening about the inordinate amount of attention on Robertson was right on -- and it took chutzpah, especially if Robbie was at the preview, too.

    The short shrift given to Richard Manuel also is annoying. Longtime fans know that he was the soul of the group, and really its lead vocalist. At the Pittsburgh concert, he sounded great. And unlike the movie, he was front and center on numerous songs. (Robbie managed to leave the scarf at home, too.)

    All in all, though, for 7 or 8 bucks - even 10 or 12 - The Last Waltz DVD is a heck of a deal.

    But for the whole story of the night from a musical standpoint, get the complete concert on CD....more info
  • The Last Waltz
    Wonderful DVD and I am so pleased to have it. Great service....more info
  • Better than I remembered
    The Last Waltz is worth remembering. The DVD captures the history and attitudes of these performers at the time of celebration and tribute to "The Band"'s finale. The artists are genuinely candid, seen in rare footage, and the live-on-stage performances are better than I ever remember.The sound and color are dated, but this DVD will be played more than once as you trip back to those days of your youth or if you are exploring the music of one of the finest, most talented groups to ever hit the road. DGM ...more info
  • Last Waltz
    This is a fantastic tape of The Band and their last performances and their view of their short career. The music is great. Robbie is a cutie....more info
  • significant upgrade over the CD and DVD versions
    The Last Waltz is the music, and the BD production offers a significant upgrade over the CD and DVD versions. The 5.1 lossless PCM is a treat with extended treble, solid midrange and taught bass. Every instrument is audible and images superbly in the soundstage, which is lush deep and vibrant. Listen to Joni Mitchell sing backup vocals in Helpless. Female voices are an excellent reference for judging the audible merits of recordings, and here Mitchell sounds full and with gorgeous timbre. Throughout her subsequent performance of Coyote, the way she breaks from spoken words into more melodic placement of the notes soars above the taught rhythmic pulse of The Band. The Last Waltz focuses on the key areas to see at any given moment, whether it's the facial expression of a musician or the entire band on the stage. The 1080p resolution instantly communicates details unresolved in NTSC versions, including fabric textures, hair, or in Neil Young's case a bit of white powder near his nose, rumored to be cocaine. It may look a bit dated, but The Last Waltz is refreshing at the same time. It takes us back to an era when rock stardom was achieved more by talent and dedication to the music compared with today's music business of dancing divas and gangsta rappers....more info
  • The Greatest Concert Film Of All!
    The music here is absolutely spectacular. Not only do you have The Band playing some of their greatest songs such as "Stage Fright", "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" and "Up On Cripple Creek". But they are joined by such incredible artists as Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Van Morrison. I especially loved Muddy Waters' stirring rendition of "Mannish Boy" and Neil Young's "Helpless". The soulful, gospel inspired vocals of the Staples Singers on "The Weight" was also a highlight.

    But what really takes this to an even higher level of artistry is the talent of director Martin Scorsese and his production crew. The editing, lighting and camera work are all light years beyond the typical concert film. Also the interviews with The Band are done in such a way that it's not just a bunch of guys talking. But rather is intended to be a commentary about the joys and sorrows of life on the road as well as the history of American music and how rock and roll arose as a hybrid form of blues, country, gospel, jazz and myriad other styles of music and entertainment.

    The DVD also includes some excellent special features such as audio commentaries from Scorsese and Robbie Robertson, an archival jam session and a short documentary, called "Revisiting The Late Waltz", with an older Robertson and Scorsese discussing the making of the movie. For concert films it just doesn't get any better than this!...more info
  • Rock N Roll Heaven
    No other concert film is as well made as this one. But this is no surprise, the film is directed by Martin Scorsese.
    The DVD is a considerable improvement on VHS. The sound is better, there are a moderate amount of extras and of course its shown in its original cinema aspect ratio.
    However, the main reason to buy this film is the music. Quite simply The Band were one of the greatest Rock N Roll bands ever. This is a film of their farewell concert (at least in the classic line-up with Robbie Robertson on guitar). The Bands music on its own would merit purchase of this disc. They run through a 'best of' set, that as a concert film would be hard to beat.
    Add to this the guest list, and you have the best concert film ever. Van Morrison in his hey day belting out Caravan. Joni Mitchell singing Coyote. Dylan with Robbie Robertson burning incendiary guitar licks behind him. Muddy Waters, Neil Young, Dr John... The list goes on and on.

    To flesh the film out a bit they filmed some of the numbers on a sound stage. One of these is a version of The Weight. This version features The Band with The Staples singers. If you haven't heard Mavis Staples, and you like gospel influenced music this takes what was already a great song to a new level.

    The same year this was filmed (1976) Punk came on the scene and changed music for ever. But it doesn't matter whether you were brought up on Elvis Presley, The Sex Pistols, Nirvana or Coldplay, this music is as essential now as it was 30 years ago

    ...more info
  • Very Good BD
    For a relatively old movie, the SQ and PQ is very satisfying and certaily brings back memories of my high school days. I just find fault with the interview segment. the sound of which was soft....more info
  • Last Waltz DVD
    The Last Waltz DVD is just perfect. Watched it on Netflix and had to own a copy. Came very fast, was a great price and was brand new. Just what I ordered. Thanks Amazon always pulls through and I was able to have it under the Christmas tree!!...more info
  • Better then I remember
    I've watched this movie everytime I've seen it playing on tv. But watching it on Blue Ray has really shown me how great it truly is to watch. The Blue Ray sound will make this worth buying alone. I highly recommend it....more info
  • The Band -The Final Fling
    "Just think of the rich visual eloquence with which Mr. Scorsese was able to invest a simple Checker cab in "Taxi Driver," and just notice that all he supplies here are a waltzing couple behind the credits and some smoke clouds. Given that, you can't help realizing that for all its impressive musical accomplishments, "The Last Waltz" is a great lost opportunity. There is a dazzling array of talent on display here, and the film surely has its memorable moments. But it articulates so little of the end-of-an-era feeling it hints at--and some of Mr. Scorsese's accomplishments have been so stunning--that it's impossible to view "The Last Waltz" as anything but an also-ran." Janet Maslin, The NYT

    'The Band', Rick Danko, Levon Helm, Garth Hudson ,Richard Manuel, Robbie Robertson; all stars of 'The Last Waltz'. This was a concert by the rock band, sometimes known as rockabilly. A term they did not agree with. The concert was held on Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 1976, at Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco. This was known as a "farewell" concert after 20 some odd years of touring. The Band was joined by more than a dozen special guests, including Eric Clapton, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Ronnie Hawkins Pine Top Perkins, Ringo Starr, Dr John, Muddy Waters, Emmylou Harris, and Neil Young. The concert was filmed by director Martin Scorsese and made into a documentary, released in 1978. The film features concert performances, scenes shot on a studio soundstage and interviews by Scorsese with members of The Band. The Last Waltz is hailed as one of the greatest concert films ever made. However, it has been criticized by Band drummer Levon Helm, who disagreed with guitarist Robbie Robertson's decision to discontinue touring. He has said the film concentrates too much on Robertson and not enough on other members of The Band. I have just finished reading Levon Helm's memoir, and I have such mixed emotions about this DVD. It has their marvelous music, the music of their guests, but it is missing the feeling of loss, the emotions of a group disbanding.

    The concert was organized by promoter, Bill Graham, who had a long association with The Band. Starting at 5:00 p.m., the audience of 5,000 was served turkey dinners. There was ballroom dancing with music by the Berkeley Promenade Orchestra. Poets Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Michael McClure gave readings. These readings are shown without rhyme nor reason throughout the film. The Band started its concert at around 9:00 p.m. and history began. Neil Young and Joni Mitchell were then invited back out to help The Band perform "Acadian Driftwood", a song to the Acadians of Canadian history. 'The Band' then performed a short set of some more of its songs before Bob Dylan came on stage to lead his former backing band through four songs, only two of which were in the film. The Band and all its guests, with the addition of Ringo Starr on drums and Ron Wood on guitar, then sang "I Shall Be Released" as their last song. The Band then came out at around 2:15 a.m. to perform an encore, "Don't Do It". It was the last time the group performed with its original members.

    I loved this film, my best friend and I have listened to their music, discussed Levon Helm's memoir and viewed this video several times. I love 'The Band', but this was not the film all of the members wanted for their memories. It is glorious at times. The interviews are interesting, but not particularly illuminating. This DVD gives us more filming not shown in the original set. But the audience, the feast, the comings and goings back stage are not represented. A great film, yes, but not a film that captures 'The Band;' as they wanted to be remembered. Highly Recommended. prisrob 3-25-07

    The Last Waltz CD

    This Wheel's on Fire: Levon Helm and the Story of the Band...more info
  • 6 stars
    This is the best music DVD I own by far. The Band was probably the best group in America and it's a shame that they don't get more credit to that fact. I've watched this DVD several times and it rocks, yes, R.R. gets the lion's share of the interviews but there is always someone in the group that is the spokesperson. That said, the filming of this concert is heads above anything else shot at that time and better than many shot today. The only other DVD that comes close is Flogging Mollie's Whiskey for Breakfast. The music is superb and the line-up is amazing, Rick Danko's Stage Fright may be the high point of the show, it's worth the price of admission for that alone. I always wind up cranking this one way up. Many, many bands break up for personal reasons, I'm just glad that we have this to watch and listen to. ...more info
    The item was in perfect condition and shipped even earlier than I expected!! GREAT SALE!...more info
  • When music mattered
    EVERYONE should own this CD...No one compares to The Band and the GREAT Levon Helm...more info
  • The Last Waltz
    It was excellent. Definately "play it loud!"

    Better in the first half. The first half is absolutely some of the best rock music you'll ever hear (and see), but the second half has some forgetable pereformances - notably Van Morrison....more info
  • Classic Live Show that everyone should See
    This is a great live show that any music fan would enjoy! an endless list of guest appearances coinciding with great music! I highly recommend watching this dvd to get a glimpse at what this experience must have been like! ...more info
  • The Last Waltz - The Beginning of the end
    The Last Waltz-the final concert The Band ever performed completley together. Words cannot describe this motion picture. The Band was a group of so many talented musicians that are more than just that. Composers-poets-teachers-by choosing to be musicians is just the icing on the cake. Robbie Robertson's emotional attachment to his fellow band members is so evident in the picture. The fall of Richard Manuel, you can almost read the future in his eyes during the interviews in the movie. To see the compassion and the respect from all of the other friends and musicians that play with The Band in this movie. Clapton, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, who was a very close friend of The Band's Rick Danko, all perform in the film, and it is so evident the respect and friendship they have all shared with each other. The fact that this band held a formal dinner, an actual waltz, and then a 6 hour concert as finale for their fans is tremendous in itself. A must see for music fans of all ages. This film shows you what it was like to be on the road as a group, and live that lifestyle for over 16 years. ...more info
  • Everything in classic rock
    All the big names. All the best songs. The first time I watched this dvd, I played it 3 times in a row....more info