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Pink Panther Strikes Again
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Peter Sellers is "in top form" (Cue) in this zany adventure that finds the accident-prone InspectorClouseau using some of his most outlandish disguises ever. With "ferociously funny karate encounters" (Time) with the enigmatic Cato (Burt Kwouk) and dangerous intrigue with a sexy Russian spy (Lesley-Anne Down), this hysterical comedy will strike your funny bone! Driven over the edge by the maddeningly incompetent Clouseau, former Chief Inspector Dreyfus (Herbert Lom) commandeers a doomsday device and threatens to destroy the world. His only demand? Clouseau's death! But thanks to his nemesis' dumb luck, the assassins hired to kill him can't seem to finish the job - although Clouseau may do it himself by tripping over his own two feet!

The fourth Pink Panther film with Peter Sellers and directed by Blake Edwards is easily the most over-the-top, but it's still pretty entertaining. The story finds Clouseau's former boss (Herbert Lom) totally insane after years of enduring the bumbling detective, and sequestered in a castle with a death-ray gun. Clouseau has to stop him from using the weapon on the world, and his efforts to do so make for some choice, Edwards-style slapstick. The quotient of destruction (a Clouseau staple) is higher than average, but there is also real wit--particularly in a final scene where Lom re-creates his most famous role as the monster from the 1962 Phantom of the Opera. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Great fun, average DVD
    I've always been a fan of the Pink Panther films and I got this one on DVD recently. The film was as funny as ever but sadly this DVD is not as good as it could be. I choose to watch the widescreen version in stead of the pan'n scan version (I don't know what idiot had the idea of pan'n scan anyway) but it surprised me that the widescreen image is cropped and measures more like 2.20:1 but not 2.35:1 (?), but inexplicably the main titles are in 2.35:1. I kept noticing those irritating editing splices that distract from the picture, and the picture is not even anamorphic and looks rather soft. It could have been much worse, but the folks at MGM have just chosen a wrong print of the film and given it a wrong treatment. Now the sound isn't all that bad, but I was shocked to see, at that editing mess in the chapter "Painful interrogation" (the funniest chapter), the sound goes out of synchronization (!?). It could just be my copy of the DVD but still it's awful. I had to look at those lips moving with the sound coming a bit afterwards. The extras are also pretty weak. The pan'n scan version looks much better than the widescreen image, which is a shame. Great fun, a four-star movie with a 2 star DVD....more info
  • Funniest Movie Ever!
    I can remember watching this movie as a teenager and laughing so hard my side ached. Peter Sellers had the ability to make you laugh until you cried. In the scene at the castle as he is conducting a "castle call" Sellers discovers the Nitrous Oxide and begins sniffing it. It appears that during the filming the bottle actually contains nitrous oxide. I have to wonder if the actors weren't actually under the effects of the anesthetic. Even the tears running down Former Chief Inspector Dreyfus's face are realistic. Were they actually sniffing laughing gas during the filming? Or were they the best actors of all time?!...more info
  • Get ready to fall out of your chairs
    This hysterical romp is the funniest of the funniest movies made. Ten stars for Inspecteur Clouseau....more info
  • Best comedy film ever made!
    Although I don't own this movie on either DVD or VHS I thoroughly recommend it. My friend has a copy and I have watched it many times with him, as well as seeing it beforehand on television.This is in my opinion the best comedy ever made and Peter Sellers as well as being my favourite comedienne is a genius when it comes to comedy.It's such a shame he is dead because a few more Pink Panther movies made with him in it couldn't go astray.Forget the original this is the best Pink Panther movie of them all....more info
  • Is Something Missing?
    Okay, I admit this is one of the funniest of the Panther films, but I swear there have to be some deleted scenes. Newsman Howard K. Smith is given star billing in this film and is credited as playing himself, yet I don't spot him anywhere in the movie. Does this mean there may be another reissue of this film on DVD with even more footage? I can only hope....more info
  • Total calamity. Peter Sellers is a master!
    "The Pink Panther Strikes Again" is slapstick comedy at its best. Peter Sellers truly knew how to do it. Getting up off of a bench knocking archrival Dreyfus into the water (and doing it countless times), tears his pants in the door, trying to get to a drawbridge to a castle but keeps falling in the water, and a clever disguise with a prop that sends Dreyfus hysterical! NEat special effects especially when Dreyfus' ray-gun backfires and him and his castles disappear. The final sequence is incredibly silly, the bedroom sequence with Tom Jones singing "Come To Me".
    Great, insane fun!...more info
  • Do you have ruum for this video in your collection?
    A Mouse That Roared, Dr. Strangelove, A Shot In The Dark, The Magic Christian, and now, The Pink Panther Strikes Again. The fourth movie in the Pink Panther series is the best, bettering even A Shot In The Dark. This time, Clouseau must stop his former supervisor, Dreyfus, now a power-crazed madman, from destroying the world with a superlaser that preempts the laser from Grand Moff Tarkin's Death Star by two years.

    Herbert Lom's talents as Dreyfus are nowhere better than in this movie. We clearly see a man driven further to the edge, and carrying his goal to kill Clouseau to new heights, especially by holding the world hostage in exchange for Clouseau, dead or alive, preferably dead. And yes, that nervous twitch in his eye has gotten worse.

    The scenes with the assassins at the Oktoberfest hilariously shows that Clouseau is a lucky son-of-a-gun, narrowly avoiding certain death. Of particular interest is the scene in the public restroom.

    Just when you think the movie can't get any better, along comes Lesley Anne-Down (Georgina Wellsley in Upstairs Downstairs) as Russian agent Olga Beriosova, who and one of the sexiest femme fatales I've ever seen onscreen. She only has ten minutes of screen time altogether but I had to wipe the steam off the TV both times, especially in the final scene.

    Some gags are repeated from other movies. The tearing of Clouseau's trousers, his falling into a pool of water, having someone remember what Clouseau was saying, and Clouseau stepping on someone's foot all came from A Shot In The Dark. Then there's Clouseau's mutilation of English words, especially "room" from Return Of The Pink Panther. However, take note that the apartment rumble between Clouseau and Cato are the most destructive and funniest in all the series.

    Like all British movies, familiar faces pop up in small roles and cameos. The plummy Michael Robbins (Dr. Who-The Visitation) plays a butler who leads an interesting double life. There's Patsy Smart, who was Miss Roberts in Upstairs Downstairs, as a servant, Damaris Hayman (the white witch Ms. Hawthorne in Dr. Who-The Daemons), as a not-so-alert woman who mistakes Clouseau's attempts to save Dreyfus as a kind of romantic love, Tony Simpson (cameos in Are You Being Served? and The Tales Of Tiffany Jones) as a very old but alert gardener, Leonard Rossiter (Reginald Perrin) as the British inspector who becomes a victim of Clouseau's bumbling in a very painful way, and Deep Roy, (Dr. Who-Talons Of Weng Chiang as Mr. Sin), as a midget assassin,

    One of the funniest gags involve the rendition of a classic joke about a man asking another man if his dog bites. Another is his response to the destruction of "a precious Steinway," and his entanglement with a suit of armour. And Clouseau's repeated attempts to penetrate Dreyfus's stronghold are akin to Wile E.Coyote's attempts to get Roadrunner--something else funny and cruel prevents him. Oh yes, and there's the scene where's he's disguised as a dentist and where he and Dreyfus succumb to laughing gas.

    Of the Pink Panther collection, this one and A Shot In The Dark are the sparkling jewels, so make ruum for it in your video or DVD collection, you swann. Ruum? Oh, you mean room? That's what I said, you fool! Ruum!...more info

    The Pink Panther Strikes Again
    Peter Sellers returns as the slightly dim-witted, Inspector Jack Clouseau, in this sporadically funny follow-up. Steve Martin, like in a Hindu Proverb, has to be born a thousand incarnations, before he can come within a thousand miles of Peter Sellers. This time, Clouseau, is fighting his former chief, Dreyfus(Herbert Lom), who controls a piece of machinery, with which he is threatening to blow us all sky high. Blake Edwards is at the helm again, and, Lesley Ann Down, provides the beauty....more info
    Yes, there is the scene where Omar Sharif makes love to Lesley-Anne Down in the dark, taking advantage of the fact that she does not know that he is not Clouseau. HOWEVER, in the original film (previously issued on DVD, and now missing), Sharif then sings to Down "Come to Me", which is the set-up to the joke at the end when the real Clouseau sings to her in his own bed, and she comments on his voice, noting in her surprised reaction how different it is from what she heard before.

    So, what's the problem with releasing an entire movie on DVD, instead of additional selective edits? There are certainly no shortage of substandard "director's cuts" where we get everything that should have remained on the cutting room floor, but for a modern classic, why do this??? And where's the disclaimer on the box that warns the consumer that they are NOT getting the entire original movie?

    With decisions like this, Hollywood deserves every lost nickel of revenue from writer's strikes, actor's strikes, etc.
    ...more info
  • The best of an excellent breed
    The Pink Panther series is one that is well worth collecting for those gems that you just can't help watching time and again. This movie features classic scenes such as the parallel bars stunt "Nothing like a good warm up, when you're on the case you know", the superb priceless Steinway interrogation and lines such as "Does your dog bite?...".

    A little predictable? Yes.
    Laugh-out-loud funny? Yes.
    Worth adding to your collection? Definitely....more info

  • Inspector Clouseau Strikes Again
    "The Pink Panther Strikes Again", though misnamed (the "Pink Panther" plays no part whatever in this installment), is a very funny movie. ...

    The first two "Panther" films had clever, relatively sophisticated plots. In the first one, Peter Sellers was part of an ensemble of stars and was not the sole focus of the story. The second was a transition, with Clouseau emerging as the focus, but with an emphasis on the story still evident. Subsequent efforts were simply vehicles for Sellers' portrayal of Inspector Clouseau. Everything else was secondary. If an Inspector Clouseau film is what you want, then the later films are for you. Personally while I enjoy the later films very much, I like the first two best...

    Of the later movies, "The Pink Panther Strikes Again" is, in my opinion, the best. The plot is completely over the top, but that doesn't really matter. Sellers and Herbert Lom play off each other marvelously, and there are lots of very funny scenes. The opening, with former Chief Inspector Dreyfus ready to be released from a mental hospital, and, later, Clouseau trying single-handedly to break into an old castle, are highlights. This film's predecessor, "The Return..." had classic bits, too, of course, but the plot was allowed to become a bit confused. Here, there is no confusion, just Sellers doing his thing. On that basis, it's funny regardless of the plot.

    For me, this is a strong four stars. It ranks somewhere between "A Shot In The Dark" and "The Return Of The Pink Panther". Not a bad place to be. They're all very good, and there are lots of laughs to be had from each. If you are looking strictly for a Sellers vehicle, though, this might be the best one of the bunch for you. Either way, give it a try. You won't regret owning this. It's a comedy classic in its own right....more info

  • Do you have a room?
    This is the most funny Pink Panther movie. In this film, the Chief has gone mad. He is now free and out of jail and met Clouseau and told him he will kill him. There are a bunch of funny parts. One of them is when Clouseau is dressed-up as a hunchback. My most favorite part is when Clouseau asks "Do you have a room?" This movie is a classic. If you loved A shot in the dark, then see this....more info
  • It's Not English. It's Not French. It's Frenglish.
    "The Pink Panther Strikes Again" is one of the defining moments of my early film going experience. I saw it when I was thirteen (sat through it twice) at my neighborhood bijou. I went to my parochial school and during recess related the film's juiciest parts to my male buddies. I was overheard by a nosy female classmate and she told Mother Superior about my off color remarks. After getting tongue lashed about my impure thoughts I was sent home(this is punishment?) and told to contemplate and maybe make an act of contrition. Oh, well. The movie? In my mind Peter Sellers is the greatest comic force to ever hit the silver screen. After a series of box office bombs and ten years after "A Shot in the Dark"(the best in the Clouseau series) Sellers revived the character in "The Return of the Pink Panther" in 1975. That film was a mixed bag but a box office success nonetheless so another entry was inevitable. In 1976 "Strikes Again" came out. I think this is the second best "Pink Panther" film. It's a mixture of witty verbal gags and over-the-top slapstick. For the most part it works but there are some misses. Sellers was incapable of phoning in a performance but to my mind seems a little tired here. I think that has more to do with the heart attack he had recently suffered than any boredom with the character. Herbert Lom, however, as Clouseau's nemesis Chief Inspector Dreyfus has never been better. Lom was usually relegated to supporting roles and director Blake Edwards gives him the opportunity to chew the scenery in royal fashion and he goes for broke here. Another bonus is the presence of the delectable Lesley-Anne Down as the Russian assassin sent to kill Clouseau but falls in love with him instead. Down gave good performances in "The Betsey" and "The Great Train Robbery" later but never achieved the success that her talents merited. I would recommend this film as a good entry level for those unfamiliar with Sellers' comic genius and then graduate them to "Dr. Strangelove". ...more info
  • The Prince of Prat
    Hardly a vase is left unsmashed. Every great movie hit is parodied, even some movies made long after. Everything associated with the Peter Sellers/Inspector Clouseau series comes to a full and glorious peak. What is surprising is that this movie remains fresh even after all these years.

    When Clouseau's servant Kato attacks him as he enters his apartment the resulting martial arts send-up is like a Jackie Chan outtake. There's even a glamorous Russian assassin wearing little more than a fur coat to outdo all the Bond girls.

    Herbert Lom plays the insane Former Chief Inspector Dreyfus with the manic glee of a little boy running amok, cheerfully reprising bits of his role in "Phantom of the Opera". It has to be mentioned that Lom takes a pratfall with as much grace and panache as Sellers. The scenes where both appear together are comic masterpieces.

    This is the movie where Sellers destroys the audience merely by saying, "Room" in Inspector Clouseau's ridiculous and phony French accent. It might be an old dog by now, but the trick still works, as does the joke.

    President Gerald Ford is memorialized in this 1976 movie, with a look-alike actor stumbling over his feet in the mock Oval Office. I think the real Ford only fell once getting out of the Presidential helicopter, but the comics feasted on it for years. Another scene in this movie that no longer feels the same is the one in which the madman Dreyfus erases the UN Building in New York -- people running through the streets unfortunately called to mind the events in 2001. When this movie was filmed the skyline of New York did not have the twin towers of the WTC. The little flashback this scene engendered in my mind is not the fault of the movie. It was the world that changed...That the movie could still make me laugh after that is a testament to its comic power. Five stars still...the world needs to laugh. The clueless innocence of Inspector Clouseau is still a potent remedy for what ails us....more info
  • Attention, all Austin Powers fans:
    If you REALLY want to get an understanding of where Mike Myers got the inspiration for the shagadelic superspy, don't bother with the old James Bond or "Our Man Flint" mobies from the '60's...those movies owe more to the era in which they were made than the development of the main character.
    No, the ORIGINAL Austin Powers was none other than Inspector (later "CHIFF" Inspector, but that's another movie) Jacques Clouseau, every bit as much a credit to French "leau" enforcement as is Austin Powers to British secret service. Even though the "Pink Panther" franchise was originally created to be more of a spoof on the old pulp/film noir genres best typlified with "The Maltese Falcon", et al, this particular entry in the series provides a secret agent parody that even Mike Myers would have to admit exceeds his own (extremely brilliant) undertakings on the same subject.
    I won't touch on the plot, but the recommendation is simple; if you enjoyed any of the Austin Powers movies, you will love this one, no doubt about it. Jump on it with both feet!...more info
  • Best Film in the Pink Panther Series
    I agree with a few of the other reviewers -- this is the best of the series in terms of comedic moments. From the opening scene the laughs never stop. If you only watch one Clouseau movie, this is the one to get....more info
  • This is a must for you movie collection!
    Dreyfus, Clouseau's old boss, has gone mad and wants to destroy the world with his X-ray machine in this movie. Our only hope is the incompetent chiefinspector, Jaques Clouseau, played by the comic genious Peter Sellers (1925-1980, died of a heart attack). Are you looking for the best classical Clouseau-scenes? This one includes the non-biting dog (really?), the inspector as a tooth-pulling dentist in disguise, and his attempt to get over a moat! As in the other Pink Panther films, this too hasn't got a really credible and reliable story, but that's just a part of all the fun. Watch it over and over again, and notice all the funny details and mistakes Clouseau makes. This is the best Pink Panther movie, no doubt about it! You MUST get this one in your collection!...more info