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Invasion USA
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Chuck Norris himself cowrote Invasion U.S.A., a movie that's partly a right-wing paranoid fantasy and partly a prescient vision of contemporary terrorism. A Soviet superagent named Rostov leads an invasion of guerrilla squads who, after landing in Florida, spread throughout the U.S. and start shooting bazookas into suburban homes, inciting race riots by impersonating the police and attacking ethnic events, and planting bombs in churches and on school buses. Soon martial law descends as the country sinks into chaos. Only American superagent Matt Hunter (Norris) can take Rostov on, and eventually the two men face off, Rostov in full-body black leather, Hunter in black gloves and painfully tight blue jeans. For anyone who yearns for the simplicity of the cold war and enjoys a vengeance-laden action flick with lots of guns and exploding cars (but little martial arts), Invasion U.S.A. will provide some cinematic comfort food. --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • a new meaning to "implausible"
    Ok some kickass action, BUT, my word it is so implausible! The bad guy is so obsessed with eliminating Chuckee, they know exactly where to find his swamp house, they go to all the trouble of of going there, blowing it up to kill him, and you would think they'd take the trouble of getting out of their swampmobiles to check if he's really dead. But noooo, they drive away. Stupid. The whole thing is dotted with rediculous contradictions to logic. Switch off your brain when watching....more info
  • The army of Chuck
    Anyone around in the 80's, when Nancy Regan told us to 'just say no', the US military was paying $900 for a hammer, and and Member's Only jackets were cool, will have most likely had the experience of seeing a Cannon film. For better or worse, the Golan/Globus group were quite prolific, and their movies tended to focus on visceral elements to satisfy the public, while other aspects like a credible plot, believable story, or realistic characters got swept under the rug, but hey, it worked pretty well and they made great gobs of money (I'd be happy with a single gob of money myself). This is the company responsible for such films as American Ninja and it's sequels, Sylvester Stallone classics as Over the Top (it's Rocky, but instead of boxing, it's arm wrestling...where's Joel and the 'bots when you need them?) and Cobra, Superman and it's sequels, Deathwish 2 thru 5, Missing in Action movies, Delta Force, and Invasion U.S.A, to name a few. During the 80's, the Cannon EZ Bake movie machine churned out up to 15 movies per year up until it's bankruptcy in 1990. One thing for certain, if it was a Cannon movie, you were pretty sure to get big guns, car chases, people getting shot, people getting blowed up real good, and lots of explosions, and Invasion U.S.A certainly doesn't disappoint. The antagonistic roles in these movies often was decided by how the political winds blew at the time. Be it the Russians or the Arabs or whoever angered us, you could be sure they would show up as an evil force in a Cannon movie bent on destroying the Amaerican way of life. Things you weren't guaranteed to get were cohesive plots, character development, continuity, and credibility. These were testosterone fueled, shoot-em up explosion orgies intended to entertain without requiring a lot of thought.

    Invasion U.S.A. features Cannon perennial Chuck Norris as Matt Hunter. Matt is an ex-operative of some government agency, we're never told which one, so I'll guess it's the CIA. He lives in the middle of a swamp, I'm assuming Florida, as much of the action in the movie takes place in Miami. Why he'd want to live in the middle of a swamp by himself I don't know, but maybe it has something to do with his past work with the CIA and just wanting to leave it all behind.

    Soon we are introduced to our lead bad guy, Mikhail Rostov, played by Richard Lynch. You may not recognize the name, but you'd most likely recognize the face. He's had quite a career in movies and TV, generally always playing a bad guy, due to his somewhat sinister look. Eventually we learn he's planning an invasion of the USA and a small army of armed men hit the beach. Their plans involve dressing up like authority figures, attacking civilians, and causing civil unrest. Apparently, Rostov and Hunter have a past history, as Rostov wants to eliminate Hunter. Once it's discovered that Rostov is in the US, the agency tries to get the now retired Hunter back into action, but he declines, as he says they should have let him kill Rostov when he had the chance, and it's now their problem, not his. Rostov, still bearing a super sized grudge, finds Hunter's place in the swamp and blows it up real good, but doesn't manage to kill Hunter. Along with his house, they also killed his friend, and now Hunter decides to take on the mission. Naturally the agency says that if he is caught, they will have to disavow any knowledge of Hunter. By now, I am starting to wish I could disavow any knowledge of this movie....

    We get various scenes of the bad guys blowing stuff up, killing Americans here and there, and talking about how weak we are, how easy it is to kill us. One scene in particular is when they pull up into a suburb and start blowing up houses. Rostov shoots like six houses with a bazooka, and it must have been one of those spiffy auto-loading kind as I never saw him reload once. I always thought bazookas were one shot deals, and needed to be reloaded after each use, but what do I know?

    Anyway, Hunter mixes it up with terrorists he finds, dispatching them usually with twin uzis strapped to his chest. He takes out large numbers of terrorists with much ease. This all leads up to a final confrontation, where a trap is set for the terrorist army, and the fall for it. The terrorists end up fighting the army in a fairly large battle, while Hunter and Rostov square off and guess who comes out a live in the end? Rostov is dispatched in a typically spectacular fashion, as is par for these kinds of movies, and the day is saved. Oh yeah, I alomst forgot, there is a side story involving a female reporter, but that goes nowhere, so it's not really worth mentioning.

    Given what this movie was, there a couple of things that kind of annoyed me. One was the attempt to present it as somewhat patriotic. This was a common theme at the time this movie came out, but looking at it now, it seems so transparent. And Chuck Norris really didn't get to use his martial arts skills in this movie. He hit and kicked a couple of people, but why cast a martial arts expert in an action movie if you aren't going to allow him to use his skills? Seems like such a waste. Even at the end, when he's fighting Rostov hand to hand, they could have incorporated some into that, but they blew it. Oh well....If you want a no brainer actioneer with lots of guns and explosions and little or not plot, then this movie is for you....more info

  • "tell Rostov it's time to die!"
    This movie proves once and for all that Chuck Norris was the force that ended the Cold War. It's clearly a documentary, or at least largely based on real events.

    It is full of explosions, awkward dialogue, and nonsensical terrorist action (magic bazookas! attacking minorities at dance clubs!). And, of course, Chuck "savior of humanity" Norris.

    There is some sort of backstory involving Hunter and Rostov, but it's probably irrelevant to the movie - otherwise, they would have put it in, right? Also, a thousand men just happen to slip past the radar of our government. Completely believable.

    Perhaps you will also find yourself constantly saying "tell Rostov it's time to die!" as I do, after watching this amazing piece of cinema history. Why it didn't win any awards is beyond me....more info
  • Blurring the line between good and bad
    "Invasion USA" should be a definite guilty pleasure for anyone who thinks it's possible for a movie to be so bad it's good. It's just plausible enough that it COULD happen, but more than ridiculous enough to provide ample laughs along with the action typical of Chuck Norris movies. The plot, to the extent that one exists, concerns an evil Russian agent named Rostov (you know he's bad because he has a very swarthy complexion), who leads a small army in an invasion of Florida. Rostov is one vicious guy: in a memorable early scene, he buys arms from a guy, then shoots him in the crotch and throws a coke whore out the window before departing. Later on, he and some cronies drive down a residential street randomly bazookaing houses. Rostov's fiendish plot is to sow unrest among the people, turning them against each other in order to create disorder. He and his men are always one step ahead of law enforcement, so who can stop Rostov and insure the continued triumph of truth, justice, and the American way? Why, ex-superagent Matt Hunter, that's who. After he survives Rostov's attempt to kill him, Hunter springs into action. In the streets, in the alleys, and even in the mall, Hunter is a one-man wrecking crew, plowing through bad guys to get to Rostov. He foils numerous terrorist plots, leading up to the all-hell-breaks-loose firefight of the conclusion. If all this sounds pretty ridiculous, it's because it is. Early on, Rostov talks a bit about how America's open society leaves its citizens vulnerable to terrorist activity, but the movie quickly abandons any philosophical inclinations for the standard '80's action fare. Still, if you're a fan of Norris movies, or the bad action genre in general, "Invasion USA" is a worthy view. It actually manages to be one of Norris's better movies, although such a compliment is surely damning it with faint praise....more info
  • 'Invasion' Norris!
    "When you open your eyes, I'll be there and it'll be time to die," said Matt Hunter (Chuck Norris) on national television to a bad Russian dude. "Invasion U.S.A." is a startling revelation to lordage. Chuck Norris is definitely a divine person and takes out the garbage without a problem. Stinky mess. People blow up his house for no reason, so he goes on a rampage after the men who did it. Bad guys destroy random houses in a neighborhood and try to take down a mall. Oh no, that doesn't fly, Chuckage drives his pickup through the mall crashing through store windows and takes no prisoners. So much destruction and mayhem to entertain me, yes. I enjoyed this movie....more info
  • One of my greatest guilty pleasures.
    When a group of terrorists invade America, only Matt Hunter (Chuck Norris) can stop them. Pretty simple stuff, not an ounce of plot to get in the way of the story, but what a story it is. Invasion U.S.A. was one of the million or so b-movie thrill rides put out by the now, sadly, defunct Cannon Pictures. I was fearful that changing times (and fashions) would date Invasion U.S.A. some, and, to be honest, they have. But it still retains enough of its bad movie charms to entertain in a brainlessly high octane way. Stuffed with enough action for two Cannon Pictures, this is an essential for both Cannon and Chuck Norris fans - though the 'good' movies The Chuckster did for the studio are, in my opinion, the first Missing in Action and The Hero and The Terror. But this is my favorite of the bunch and I give it my highest recommendation....more info
  • The US invaded
    I only own this on videotape but I am looking forward to the day they release this on DVD in Australia.This is in my opinion, Chuck Norris's best movie, his next best being Code of Silence.There is non stop action in this film.
    The story is about Matt Hunter (Chuck Norris) an ex CIA operative who has retired. His arch nemesis Rostov (Richard Lynch)is a Russian terrorist and he plans on taking over America with his army.Chuck Norris doesn't want to know about Rostov when the CIA first approach him about putting a stop to him but after they blow up his house and kill his friend he is back in action....more info
  • God Bless Cannon!
    If you were a kid in the 80s, you know how influential Cannon films were to your every day life. They made you want to be a ninja, made you want to arm wrestle your friends so you could try that snaeaky hand trick that never worked, and promised you that He-Man sequel that never happened. Well, Invasion U.S.A is one of the finer efforts if you ask me. Regardless of how corny and far fetched it is, it's actually kind of scary considering the events in the world today. Richard Lynch(who is incapable of playing a good guy), a Russian with a nasty habit of sticking his pistol down people's pants before shooting them is the one behind the Invasion. The plan is to shoot and blow innocent people to smithereens to create chaos and confusion, turning Americans against each other. It's supposed to be happening nation wide, but the film centers on the events in Miami where Chuck and Lynch are. The terrorists are hardcore brutal. They stick a plastic explosive to a school bus full of kids singing, "Row Your Boat!" How about that? Norris is an agent brought out of retirement(naturally) to singlehandedly stop the threat. Norris is bad to the bone in this. He goes about slaughtering terrorists without breaking a sweat, as though this kind of thing happens all the time, and it's all in a day's work for him. His method of extermination is similar to playing a first person shooter video game with an invincibility cheat code on. He almost makes Rambo seem lightweight! In his off hours he likes to watch "Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers" with a slight grin. Watch how he handles a terrorist with a gun to a journalist's head. This is the kind of film we're probably never gonna see again, and I guess that's good or bad depending on your point of view. But whether you loved them or dismissed them as complete hacks, the Cannon Group was one of a kind....more info
  • preserving the memories
    I bought this movie because my daughter was in it. It was filmed in Atlanta Georgia and she was 7 years old at the time. I wanted her to have a copy to keep for the grandchildren if we ever have them. ...more info
  • "18 hours from now, America will be a different place."
    Written by the guy (James Bruner) who wrote THE DELTA FORCE and MISSING IN ACTION and directed by the guy (Joseph Zito) who brought us MISSING IN ACTION, FRIDAY THE 13TH THE FINAL CHAPTER and the gruesome 1981 slasher THE PROWLER, INVASION U.S.A. is the true story of how one guy managed to defeat a terrorist army with nothing but two Uzi's, his beard, a old beat up truck and a couple of snappy lines like "I'm gonna hit you with so many rights, you're gonna beg for a left."

    When I was a kid, this along with ALIENS and Hitchcock's PSYCHO was one of my absolute favorite movies. I easily watched it over 50 times. Why don't they make action movies like this or COMMANDO anymore?

    Chuck Norris doesn't want a lot of trouble. He just wants to live in peace in the stinky ol' swamp and play with his pet armadillo. He's so cute! But when the bad guys blow up his house and start killing innocent people around town Chuck ain't got no choice but to kick ass.

    And kick ass he does! With almost supernatural like ability Chuck somehow manages to keep one step ahead of the terrorist: plan on shooting some people outside a grocery store? Better watch out for Chuck coming around the corner at 88 m.p.h. with his Uzi's blazing! Think your gonna blow up a church? Think again sinner. Chuck's done relocated the bomb to blow you up! Ah-ha!

    Bouncer: "Hold it! Where are you going, I don't think I know you pal!"
    Chuck Norris: "That makes us even, I don't know you either."

    Chuck Norris: "Nikko was easy. Now it's your turn. One night you'll close your eyes, and when they open I'll be there. It'll be time to die."
    ...more info
  • Chuck Norris = Death to all in his way
    Don't listen to any of these people over-analyzing this movie! Chuck Norris is here in all of his mid-80's glory. I don't think the point of this movie was to be compelling or thought-provoking. This movie has everything you could love about the action movie (which doesn't exist today, no thanks to Vin Diesel!)

    Plot: Bad guys mess with Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris kills them...all. 'Nuff said. Hordes of terrorists all waiting in line to wreak havoc? No problem for Chuck. Armed with machine guns, rocket launchers and a 4-wheel-drive truck, he WILL deal out his justice. Most poignant are the scenes where he mercilessly drives a knife into a baddie's hand and twists it. Also, the end scene where the head bad guy is cowering in fear in an office is great. Chuck strolls in with his twin uzis strapped to his chest, fearless. Great stuff.

    If you don't enjoy watching Chuck destroy anything in his path, don't get this movie. If you love watching somewhat cheesy (in a good way), violent fun, buy it! I say bring back the good old bearded, angry action heros....more info

    Boy I really loved the 1980's. It was a time when you could have films that were totally unapologetic in their over-the-top patriotism. Just try to get a movie like this made today...the lefties would never let it fly. This was when Chuck Norris was at his peak with movies like this, "Delta Force" "Missing in Action" and "Code of Silence". The plot is utterly ridiculous but that's really what makes it so fun. It was the 1980's. The time of excess. Logical plots need not apply. it was a Cannon film so enough said.

    The premise has a rogue soviet agent named Rostov, played by preeminent screen baddie Richard Lynch, leading a terrorst invasion in South Florida. The mixed bag of European, Asian, and Middle-Eastern terrorists start by blowing up residential homes with bazookas, and just as the family had been decorating the tree for Christmas. Later they impersonate police officers and shoot up a Latino street party. When the real cops arrive the party guests pelt them with rocks and bottles. The terrorist goal is to spread panic in America. Totally outrageous!

    Norris is Matt Hunter, a former CIA agent. He is asked to go after Rostov but refuses since he could have killed the agent several years ago but his superiors had ordered him to capture him alive. Rostov now has nighmares about Hunter and wants nothing more than to see him dead. They try blowing up his home in the swamp but Hunter escapes and finally goes after the terrorists with full force.

    There are really some classic scenes such as Hunter plowing into a crowded mall filled with holiday shoppers, Uzi's blazing as he takes out the terrorists without a single civilian getting hurt. Later the terrorists attach a bomb to a school bus loaded with kids. Hunter grabs the bomb off the side, races after the terrorists, pulls up next to them and says "Did you lose this?" and tosses the bomb in their car...Boom! Just classic, cheesy action of the highest order. This all leads to the inevitable climax. The Army finally arrives and surrounds the terrorists after they've set a trap for them. The streets are filled with those big steel girders blocking the road, just like on the beaches of Normandy in a surrealistic scene. And finally Hunter has his showdown with Rostov in the (literally) explosive final moments.

    Oh this is artful camp at its most skilled but this really is one fun movie. Chuck says little, which is probably a good thing and lets his feet and guns do the talking. Great actioneer!

    ...more info
  • An Utterly Ridiculous Yet Fun Actioneer
    Ah the '80's. Reagen, over-indulgence, superficiality, and of course, the seminal genre that we now know as 1980's action movies. Invasion U.S.A. is everything that an 80's action movie should be: action packed (no matter how ridiculous and moronic the plot lines are), extremely right-wing, and of course, having stone-faced macho men declare war on the entire world. This film lacks in every aspect of a "good" movie (realistic action scenes, drama, good acting, interesting and or thought provoking), yet manages to suceed magnificently on the entertainment scale. One of my favorite scenes in the film are when Chuck Norris takes on the Russian dude in a man to man close combat rocket launcher scene! Also, I must say I was quite intrigued as to how Chuck Norris's ridiculously big truck managed to remain un-scathed through all of the gun battles that occur in this movie.

    All in all, Invasion U.S.A. is the perfect movie for a night with a couple of buddies. Don't expect that much, and you'll enjoy this mindless 80's action flick....more info

  • Chuck: Defender of America
    Oh man Invasion U.S.A. You know I love the scene when the girl gets her head pounded down on her cocaine straw and is then thrown out a window. That was just brutal.

    OK here's the plot. America is a nation of fat, lazy slobs, and are a ripe fruit for the invading Russian renegades. What they didn't count on was ninja master Chuck Norris with twin Uzis strapped under his jacket. The final fight in the office building with machine guns is so over the top, it's mind-boggling.

    For those that don't know, when firing fully automatic weapons, espescially inside, IT IS VERY LOUD!!!!! But, everyone shoots and talks in normal tones as if they were shooting NERF guns. You wouldn't be able to hear a thing after it was over and your head would be ringing. I'm not over-analyzing, I'm just making a point. You have to watch movies like this with the mindset that it is not to be taken seriously. People like action movies and Chuck could deliver the goods. He still has the facial expressions of a rock, but now and then he speaks two whole sentences in a row.
    ...more info
  • Chucko kills the baddies
    The 1980s were a tough time to live through. First, Cold War hysteria reached new heights when Ronald Reagan talked trash with the commies as wife Nancy consulted astrology charts in the White House. Second, those crazy cranks in Cuba and the Soviet Union attempted to establish footholds in Grenada and El Salvador while running the show in Nicaragua. Third, the Medellin and Cali cartels shipped a few million boatloads of cocaine into the United States. Fourth, Islamic terrorists made headlines when they hijacked an ocean liner, several airplanes, and set off a car bomb that killed over 200 U.S. Marines in Beirut. Fifth, at least once a week the television set blared out a noxious series of audio tones otherwise referred to as the theme song from "Growing Pains," a sound that still haunts me to this day. Sixth, I not only went to but also survived that adolescent experience we call high school. All of these events--and a million others--gave most of us sweaty palms for roughly ten years. Fortunately, the 1980s also saw a plethora of action films released under the Cannon Films banner. If not for Michael Dudikoff, Charles Bronson, and Chuck Norris it is unlikely any of us would have survived the decade.

    The same director who brought us "The Prowler" and a "Friday the 13th" sequel, Joseph Zito, lensed the Chuck Norris vehicle "Invasion U.S.A." It's a chilling story about a vicious KGB agent named Rostov (Richard Lynch) and his plans to undermine our country. The idea is simplicity itself: take a few hundred Latin American communists badly in need of a shower and shave, land them on the beaches of Florida, and drive around wiping out symbols of American domesticity. Rostov and his goons drive into a quiet American neighborhood, pull out a rocket launcher, and start leveling houses. These redski thugs plant bombs on school buses, pose as cops to attack ethnic minority street parties, launch assaults on shopping malls, break speed limits, jaywalk, and on occasion resort to littering all in an effort to turn us against each other. The nerve of these guys! Just in case you aren't aware that these terrorists are really, really bad guys, the movie shows Rostov killing the guy responsible for selling his troops weapons, a sweaty miscreant named Mickey (Billy Drago), and his tacky girlfriend. Our affable KGB agent even throws Mickey's gal out the window after perforating her nose with a coke straw! Blow his head off, I say!

    We don't have a chance against this force until Matt Hunter (Chuck Norris) arrives on the scene. Billions of dollars spent on intelligence, arms, and hundreds of thousands of highly trained soldiers can't compare to one ex-CIA operative clad in tight jeans with two machine gun pistols draped across his shoulders. The government approaches our hero with a request to rejoin the fight against his old enemy Rostov, but Hunter is too busy roping in alligators out in the Florida swamps to bother with such trivialities. Until Rostov shows up to murder Matt's best friend and level his home, that is. A now angry Hunter zooms around Florida in a pickup truck impervious to all weapons up to and including nuclear bombs, thwarting the terrorists at every turn. Plan on attacking a church with a satchel of explosives? Matt Hunter doesn't take kindly to that sort of rude behavior. Got a hankering for spraying bullets at a crowded grocery store? Matt Hunter will tell you in no uncertain terms to go hit the showers. Magnetic bomb on a school bus? Not when Matt Hunter's patrolling the highways and byways of America, you don't! By the time the government finally gets around to fielding some troops, our protagonist has it all figured out. And Rostov's hatred for his old nemesis Matt Hunter so blinds him to rational thought that he and his men walk right into a deadly trap. Matt Hunter one, terrorists zero.

    "Invasion U.S.A." ranks as one of the most ridiculous action films of the 1980s as well as one of the most ridiculous Cannon releases, and that's saying something when one considers Bronson's "Death Wish 3." Every character in the film is a one-dimensional stereotype, from the good guys to the bad guys to the indigent female reporter McGuire (Melissa Prophet). I can't remember a film where so many cast members exist only to die in violent ways. And it's a rare action film that contains so many unintentional laughs. For instance, one guy who perishes early on reappears later as a background extra. I'm not kidding. He's right there for the whole world to see. Then there is Matt Hunter's ability to roar out of nowhere in his supertruck just in time to stop the latest terrorist shenanigans. How does Hunter know when and where the commies are about to strike? The script told him. Amazing that the police and military can't pull the same trick, isn't it? Lest you think I'm unduly picking on the film, one sequence does require us to think. Hunter drives into the city only to witness scene after of scene of poor Americans acting up in the slums. A message that America isn't worth saving unless we get our act together, perhaps? Who knows? Who cares, for that matter.

    MGM apparently bought the rights to many of Cannon's old action films and has been releasing them to DVD over the last year or two. The roaring lion doesn't really respect most of these movies, however, since nearly all of them come with a fullscreen picture transfer and only a trailer as an extra. Yet we must admire MGM for distributing these boilerplates for a new generation of film fans. These pictures were the bread and butter of cable television back in the 1980s, and as bad as most of them are in a technical sense it's still fun to watch them now.

    ...more info
  • A Cool Action Flick!
    I'm very impressed with the audio and picture quality for this movie. If you're looking for good old Chuck Norris with his smooth and slick style then you should get this title. The plot is kinda one way but if you're looking for mere entertainment, then get this title....more info
  • Rostov...Its time.

    Our hero Matt Hunter just wants to be left alone.

    He wants to spend his retirement from the CIA by passing the time in his shanty in the Florida Everglades with his pet armadillo. He just wants to ride around in his Fan Boat and wear jean shirts. That is all he wants.

    Even when his former employers in the CIA try to get him to come back he refuses. Nope, after a lifetime of spying and killing and terrorizing terrorists ol' Matt wants to just be left alone.

    Sadly, nobody tells Rostov this, the man who is enacting a full scale terrorist invasion of 1980's America! ...and a guy that happens to like to execute people by firing his handgun down into their pants (seriously). He decides the best way to keep Matt Hunter out of his rediculously bleached hair is by killing Matt's neighbor buddy and blowing his shack into a million pieces.


    It seems this is just the thing to get him out of his retirement...and he will stop at nothing to make every last terrorist pay.

    The Gods who were Golan and Globus have blessed the world with this eternally fun and gratuitously violent movie. They stop at nothing to make these terrorist guerillas the most reprehensibly vile people on earth to the point where you absolutely drool at the notion of Chuck Norris emptying his twin uzis into them.

    School buses, churches, beach goers, entire neighborhoods (this is a particularly jaw dropping scene), shoppers. Nothing and nobody is safe.

    And did I mention it takes place during the Christmas season? If anything makes the terrorists in this movie even more evil it is their lack of Christmas spirit. And yes, Santa isn't safe either.

    This is one of those rare movies I can watch over and over again and never get sick of. If you like your movies with a copious amount of uzis, shotguns, bazookas, coke snorting, grenades, mullets, 80's hair, and the CHUCK NORRIS you will absolutely love INVASION U.S.A. ...more info
  • The sequel is better!

    Avenging Force

    Region 2 has a full screen DVD.

    ...more info
  • The US invaded
    I only own this on videotape but I am looking forward to the day they release this on DVD in Australia.This is in my opinion, Chuck Norris's best movie, his next best being Code of Silence.There is non stop action in this film.
    The story is about Matt Hunter (Chuck Norris) an ex CIA operative who has retired. His arch nemesis Rostov (Richard Lynch)is a Russian terrorist and he plans on taking over America with his army.Chuck Norris doesn't want to know about Rostov when the CIA first approach him about putting a stop to him but after they blow up his house and kill his friend he is back in action.Rostov had of course wanted to divert some of his men in killing Hunter because he was a counter terrorist threat but Rostov's lieutenant pointed out he is just one man and that the mission is too important to lose Rostov.
    The terrorists, led by Rostov, dress up as police officers and kill citizens and turn the people against authority. They also dress up as the National Guard.

    The terrorists blow up houses and shopping malls and Chuck Norris is there with his two sub machine guns fighting them.
    At the end the terrorists fall into a stupid trap(all the terrorists converge on the one building) and when Rostov points out to his men it is a trap, it is too late. The National Guard are waiting for them.
    Inside the building a handful of terrorists and Rostov try unsuccessfully to kill Hunter.Hunter ofcourse disposes of all them and it is just him and Rostov left.Both have rocket launchers and one of them gets blown to smithereens....more info
    This was a pretty good movie, it has alot of Chuck Norris Humor in it. If u looking for the movie when he just does MArtial Arts this aint the one it does very little, but alot of explosions and shooting. Pretty good tho...more info
  • Nothing stops Chuck
    I would say this is the great Chuck Norris movie, no wait, the greatest movie of all-time except for one thing. And that is that all Chuck Norris movies are created equal and better then the movies like the Godfather, Schlinder's List, Back Door Sluts 9, and Braveheart combined. Chuck Norris is a much better actor then Tom Hanks and Marlon Brando because he knows karate. Hell Chuck Norris invented Karate as well as Judo, Kung Fu, and Hamster style Jap Slapping. Do yourself a favor and buy this movie so you can call yourself a man. And if your a woman buy this movie and pray Chuck Norris comes to your house and gets you pregnant.

    This message was approved by Chuck Norris.
    ...more info