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All This & Heaven Too [VHS]
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Customer Reviews:

  • This is one film which surpasses the original book
    Most books are better than their film renditions, with a few exceptions. I personally enjoy the movie based upon Rachel Field's "All This and Heaven, Too" more than I ever liked the original novel. Not that the book is dull; it is based upon a true event. Rachel's great uncle married the infamous Henriette Deluzy-Desportes. Mademoiselle Deluzy was accused of complicity in a murder which rocked France and ignited the Revolution of 1848. After her release from the Conciergerie she fled to America where she married the Protestant minister Mr. Field.

    The film, however, brings all the characters and their vying passions to life far better than does the novel. Charles Boyer wavers on the brink of insanity as the honorable but tormented Duc de Choiseul-Praslin. Scion of an ancient but impoverished family, the Duc has married the nouvelle-riche Fanny Sebastiani, daughter of one of Napoleon's generals. Barbara O'Neill, who played Scarlett O'Hara's saintly and refined mother, demonstrates her range as the hysterical, paranoid, oversexed Fanny, dripping with venom and religiosity. She would have stolen the show from any other female actress but Bette Davis. Bette is the restrained Huguenot governess Mademoiselle Deluzy, who brings order and dignity into the chaotic household, winning the hearts of the Duc and his children, thus earning for herself the Fanny's hatred. Davis simmers along as Mademoiselle Deluzy, who must face the stigma of sins she did not commit for, as so often happens, people are more incensed by the platonic friendship between the Duc and the governess than they would have been by a full blown love affair. Perhaps it is because such romantic but chaste relationships are sometimes more intense and longer lasting than sexual flings.

    At any rate, Henriette pays a high price for the Duc's admiration and devotion. It is a most bitter tragedy, made all the more so by the reality of the actual story. The family of the Duc de Praslin-Choiseul was destroyed by Fanny's violent murder. Henriette found peace in a faraway land, where she passed on the story which became an American novel and classic film....more info
  • DVD format please!
    I adored this movie! After seeing it, I was compelled to read the book by Rachel Field. Bette Davis did an excellent job of portraying Henriette Deluzy-Desportes, the loving, quick-witted governess falsely accused of being associated with the notorious Praslin murder that helped to bring down the French monarchy. After reading the book and seeing the movie, I was surprised that it took the Duc so long to lose it with the Duchesse. See the movie or read the book and you'll probably agree with me. This movie was amazing and it showed me what a versatile actress Bette Davis was. This isn't her normal brand of movie. I was intrigued when I found out that it was based on a true story, that's why I read the book. My only disappointment with the movie is that it isn't on DVD yet! I really wish they'd release the DVD version of it, I'd buy it the second it came out!...more info
  • Favorite Davis film....
    This film is the best kept secret in the illustrious career of Bette Davis.

    Mademoiselle Deluzy is not the quintessential Davis character. In fact, Barbara O'Neill plays the "bitchy" role. And although she does an amazing job (she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress), Bette is absolutely riveting...captivating...she manages to say so doing so little.

    The story is haunting and beautiful. From the acting, casting, screenplay, cinematography, set & costume design: BRILLIANT. A hidden treasure.

    ...more info
  • One of Davis's Best !!!
    Flawless performance by Bette Davis this is one of those films in which you realize what a gifted actress she trully was she hardly speaks and yet she says so much with her expressions, Charles Boyer is equally good in his role and so is the rest of the cast. Absolutley a masterpiece this movie most defenetly should come out on dvd, SOON....more info
  • Such a good movie!
    I found this movie by accident and fell in love with it instantly. The acting is great, but what else would you expect from Bette Davis? This movie really deserves more attention than it's had as of yet. The film inspired me to read the book by Rachel Field, which is amazing. I'd advise anyone to read the book and see the movie as soon as possible!...more info
  • hello..??? donde esta en version de dvds
    bueno realmente me sorprende que este clasico..con un elenco sorprendente.. no este en dvd,,,favor a los de la warner tomar esto en consideracion ya que.. muchos queremos tener esta pelicula


    good really it surprises that this clasic ..with a wonderful cast. not this in dvd,, favor to those of warner to already take this in consideration that. many we want to have this movie greetings...more info
  • "We have such a friendship that is given to very few."
    Warning! Minority opinion on the horizon.

    This Bette Davis soap opera is seemingly interminable. Davis plays a governess in 1840s France to the 4 children of Charles Boyer, a duke. Boyer's wife (Barbara O'Neill) is insanely jealous and insufferable and imagines an affair between Boyer and Davis; they do grow to love each other but it's purely platonic. But Boyer, driven mad finally by his wife's hatred, kills her, and Davis is implicated. Boyer takes poison rather than being forced to declare his true feelings, thus "proving" Davis's guilt in complicity. The picture goes on for over 140 minutes and becomes a drag, though Davis and Boyer play their parts well. (Davis was always a trooper in this kind of role.) Everything - the overly strident emotions, the devotion of those whining kids, the wife's jealousy, the scandal - everything about this picture is just laid on too thick and heavy in order to produce a single effect: wet handkerchiefs....more info
  • Afternoon of Total Escape
    The perfect Sunday afternoon "old" movie. Laugh, cry, fall in love. Once you've seen this movie it stays with you always....more info
  • A Must See...
    Once again, Bette Davis at her best. This is a wonderful movie to be watched over and over again. ...more info
  • Superb!!
    I am 26 yrs old and wasn't even thought of when this movie was made, but I love it. Betty Davis was so demure in this film. I believe that all black&white movie lovers should have this in their collection. I missed the full showing on TCM about 3 months ago and was thrilled to find out that I can purchase it online....more info
  • I Want a Snow-Globe
    This is a truly remarkable film, and why "Rebecca" won Best Picture over this one in 1940 I will never understand, because this one is so much better. Not that I don't like Rebecca, but... that's beside the point...

    Bette Davis plays Henriette Deluzy-Desportes, who is a sweet, kind governess to three girls and a boy, the children of the Duc and Duchesse du Praslin. I do like Bette in roles such as these, much better than the hard, scheming, or vicious woman she has the reputation of being. This is a sweet, chaste, hopeless love story between the Duc and Henriette, and the jealous, neurotic wife who completes the triangle. (The jealous, neurotic wife is the same lady who played Ellen O'Hara in Gone With the Wind. Now I will never look at Ellen O'Hara the same way again.) At first I thought it strange that the film did not probe more into la Duchesse's character to explain why she was a jealous, neurotic wife - but then, the story is told from Henriette's perspective, and I don't think she really understood the jealous, neurotic wife either.

    You gotta love Bette's hair in this movie. I mean - it looks like someone sculpted it over her ears just so with hairspray. But the lovely dresses make up for the weird hair. All except the one she wore to the theatre with the huge ruffled flower on the front. And the children are all quite sweet. I've always enjoyed Virginia Weidler whenever I have seen her, and the little boy was an angel too. Charles Boyer's voice... Let's just say I dig the guys with the accents, Paul Henreid and Peter O'Toole among others.

    The first time I watched this, I thought that the Duc's suicide at the end was a bit too melodramatic after all the more realistic drama that preceded it, and I didn't understand why he had to kill his wife either. A moment of violent passion, I suppose. Still, with Henriette, you come to love him so much that although you dislike these aspects, you can't hate him for it either. But the book says this is what happened, and that makes it more believable.

    Speaking of the book, I recently read it - same title, and by Rachel Field. I recommend reading that along with watching this movie. Basically the movie adheres to the book, except that the book has a lot more after the film ends, and some of the scenes are switched around a bit.

    Overall I thought this a very engaging, almost perfect film. I hope to own it one of these days, but meanwhile I'm happy to know the library has a copy for me to check out....more info

  • " only happiness will be in knowing I am sharing your loneliness."
    Madmoiselle Henriette Deluzy-Desportes (Bette Davis) is warned the moment she arrives at the Praslin home that she will only come away with heartache. Still, she has nowhere else to go, so she nobly enters a new life. Duc de Praslin (Charles Boyer) hires her to be the governess to his three daughters (June Lockhart, Virginia Weidler, and Ann Todd) and prized son (Richard Nichols) against the wishes of his jealous and quarrelsome wife (Barbara O'Neil). Madmoiselle grows very close to the children and they begin to love her as their mother, much to the chagrin of the Duchess. She begins to antagonize Madmoiselle constantly, which causes the Duc to love her, which antagonizes the Duchess. It all ends in scandal and heartbreak.

    The relationships between the characters is interesting to watch, but most of all, Davis is the true star of the film. She carries the story along nicely with the most restraining performance. She says very little about her love for the children or for the Duc, but her intense passion for them is evident nonetheless. The children are good too, most of all Weidler whose charm and beauty shines winningly, and the adorable little Nichols who could make even the most bitter person fall in love with him....more info