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Stepfather 2
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Customer Reviews:

  • outstanding and very proffessionaly delivered and handled
    I would do bussiness again with this guy anytime if I could give ten stars on the way you did bussiness with me I would -three thumbs up/ten stars from me/I enjoyed doing bussiness with you. Thanks Again james...more info
  • The best of three
    Terry O'Quinn rocks as the Stepfather. This was a big improvement from the first volume with lots of subtle humor and scary moments; although, Meg Foster's eyes were probably the scariest part, lol. The commentary sucks, as most commentaries do. The deleted scenes should be deleted. For a B movie, this one is pretty good. Terry O'Quinn is underrated.

    Skip the third movie because O'Quinn is not in it, and the plot sucks. ...more info
  • stepfather III
    The item arrived in the condition promised and it was great to finally be able to complete my library. ...more info
  • Maybe they disappointed him?!
    The Stepfather returns!

    This was a pretty good sequel, I thought.
    There are not many times when a sequel is nearly as good as the original, but I think that Jeff Burr pulled it off nicely!

    What I like about this one is that the films picks up where the first finished. Jerry (well, no-one really knows his real identity), is locked away. He soon escapes and resumes back to his old ways of finding another family.

    It's kind of a love-hate relationship with this character, because as intense and as much of a psychopath as he can become, Terry O'Quinn, makes the character really likeable in a twisted way.
    At heart, he has family values, and he wants to live the american dream of the perfect, loving family, but each time, his new potenial family goes wrong and things end badly.

    That said, it's a fun and entertaining movie.

    Terry turns in another wonderful, yet psychotic performance (I say that with a smile on my face!), and another excellent performance by Meg Foster and Johnathan Brandis (R.I.P).

    A must see- because you wouldn't want to disappoint him, would you?...more info
  • pretty good sequel to a classic.
    Lame that this inferior sequel is on DVD before the eerie original is.I know it'll be out sometime,but here's the first sequel.It's a decent story,but it seems TOO similar,and the creepy tone of the original is missing.Still,it ain't bad,and Terry O'quinn is great.The dvd looks and sounds nice and has alterate scenes and a commentary track....more info
  • First movie was a hard act to follow
    ...but at least Terry O'Quinn stuck around for this one. Jerry Blake's latest fiancee in this film is played by Meg Foster, an actress who has always given me the creeps for some reason. I was actually rooting for Jerry Blake to kill her.

    FOR SOME STRANGE REASON this sequel is on DVD and the original is not. Go figure. Are the ownership or distribution rights to the first one in dispute or something?

    The first one RULES! Great psychological horror and a career-defining performance by O'Quinn. And director Joseph Ruben would go on to make some other great films, including "Return To Paradise" with Anne Heche and Vince Vaughn.

    As for "Stepfather 3"... ignore it except for the fact that O'Quinn's replacement is Robert Wightman who actually does a very very good job replicating O'Quinn's mannerisms, body language, facial expressions, speech patterns, voice, etc. It is more imitation than acting, maybe, but he's very good at it....more info
  • Where is Stepfather 1???
    This sequel is horrible. The first Stepfather movie is soooo good and original and NOT on dvd??? Why would they release part two on dvd and not the original? Don't bother with this one, search out the first on video, it is so superior. Terry O'Quinn and Shelly Hack plus good story. Not this one. It gets one star just because I like Terry O'Quinn, now on TV's LOST....more info