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Die Hard 2 [VHS]
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Director Renny Harlin (Cutthroat Island) took the reins of this 1990 sequel, which places Bruce Willis's New York City cop character in harm's way again with a gaggle of terrorists. This time, Willis awaits his wife's arrival at Dulles Airport in Washington, D.C., when he gets wind of a plot to blow up the facility. Noisy, overbearing, and forgettable, the film has none of the purity of its predecessor's simple story; and it makes a huge miscalculation in allowing a terrible tragedy to occur rather than stretch out the tension. Where Die Hard set new precedents in action movies, Die Hard 2 is just an anything-goes spectacle. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Die Hard 2 - Die Harder
    If you liked the first Die Hard movie then you will really like Die Hard 2 - Die Harder . I now have all three of the Die Hard Movies and they are a must for the collecter or even the person who really likes action movies. Bruce Willis is great in all three of these movies the 2nd one is one of my favorites but you have to watch it for yourself and you be the judge. But if you like good movies or you are a Bruce Willis fan then this one is a must for your collection it's a edge of your seat great movie....enjoy ....more info
  • Good Action, Less emotion
    The second movie is not quite as good as the first, something gets lost, but it does hold it's own. Die Hard 2: Die Harder is almost a repeat of the first. This time, terrorists take control of the Washington DC airport. They have demands they want fulfilled (this is where the second differs from the first in that the terrorists in the first are after something more, but I won't ruin it), and they are more military-like. McClane is at the Airport waiting for his wife to land. The terrorists seize command of the control tower functions from an offsite area and threaten to crash planes if they do not get what they want. McClane's wife, Holly is stuck in one of those planes. What ensues is action, straight forward, with McClane getting bloody and bruised as he fights his way through the terrorists, Airport Security and Military soldiers. Die Hard 2: Die Harder is a good action flick, and fairly smart. Give credit to the book, '52 Minutes' that it was based on for the concept. The book is an excellent read, very fast paced. The movie borrows the idea and then moves away from it completely. Still, Renny Harlin is a good action director and he pulls off an entertaining piece of work. While missing the mark with the emotional level and filling it in with more violence, the movie holds up but is burdened with not being as good as the original....more info
  • A movie 2 Die Hard For!
    The second entry in the legendary action "Die Hard" trilogy movie seems to get an unfairly high number of unfavorable reviews by many when compared to the first "Die Hard" movie. Many say that "Die Harder" is significantly weaker than the first one. As for me, I couldn't disagree more. "Die Hard 2" is every bit as good if not better than the first one and is one of the best movie sequels in movie history. The directing reins are passed from McTierman who did the 1988 original, on to Renny Harlin and I have to say that Harlin did an excellent job directing this movie. This is no sequel slump by any stretch of the imagination.

    After the extremely exhausting events of the first one involving the spectacular demise of the L.A. terrorist leader Hans Gruber and the rescue of the surviving hostages exactly one year ago (according to the storyline), John McClane is on a trip back home to his home city of New York City for the Christmas Holidays on snowy night during Christmas Eve but the pleasures of the holidays are completely destroyed when a vicious band of New-Nazi military men turned traitor terrorists lead by Colonel Stuart seizes control of the airport while numerous planes are stranded in mid-air with plummeting fuel levels and one of those planes stranded in mid-air is carrying John's wife Holly McClane who is still recovering from the last events of the incident at the L.A. office high rise. The mercenaries are demanding the release of a notorious and dangerous drug baron being extradited to the U.S. and now the terrorists threatening to crash airlines with the hijacked air controls if their demands are not met and with the plane Holly McClane beginning to run low on fuel, it's now a frantic race against the clock to stop the evil deeds of the terrorists and save the lives of the countless passengers on the planes.

    Police Officer Al Powell who was there to help Mr. McClane is back to mentor John but they both face another relatively rough path as the police and anti-terrorist force is headed by a VERY disgruntled and inept head of NYPD forces named Captain Carmine Lorenzo(Dennis Franz). McClaen clashes bitterly with Lorenzo and numerous other inept bureaucracies and other police forces, making the whole mission much more dangerous.

    Once again Bruce Willis brings in another amazing acting character with the oddly eccentric but tough guy John McClane as he uses his incredible wits and cunning battle against the mercenaries. It's difficult to really say which "Die Hard" movie one he did the best acting in but for the most part, this awesome movie trilogy is Bruce Willis' crowning achievement even with some great movies since then. The "NYPD Blue" star Dennis Franz is awesome playing the constantly [upset] Caption Carmine Lorenzo, head of the airport Security. It almost makes me wonder if Lorenzo is about to give himself a stroke one of these days with his constantly foul mood and temper and also of constantly being angry. :\

    I personally love the change of atmosphere in this movie. The first one involved a building and now it's a large airport but an airport being held hostage can be every bit as shocking and dangerous as a large building. The first one was almost like warm sunny desert with the setting in L.A. and "Die Hard 2" is much colder with it taking place in snowy Dulles Airport. I strongly disagree with a previous reviewer saying that it should've taken place in another high-rise office tower. Harlin took a good chance at a new place and really pulled it off very well and the result is another excellent and unforgettable classic with one of the best explosions in movie history. Even elements of Mother Nature (Icicles anyone?) come to the aid of McClane in his battle against Stuarts goons.

    I would almost go far enough to say that while the first movie was great, "Die Hard 2: Die Harder" is even better especially with it's chilly winter landscape and awesome action sequences. In some ways, this movie has gotten a bit unsettling these days because of real life events much worse than have happened these past few years. But even then, it's still a lot of fun to watch and have a large bag of popcorn to eat and soda to drink! "Die Hard 2" is a action movie to enjoy for it's intelligent dialogue and brilliant storyline or just to have adrenaline drenched fun! This is a must have sequel and is an excellent follow-up to the 1988 classic original. Buy this movie today!

    The DVD edition comes in the form of two discs. The first disc has the original movie on it as well as the original theatrical trailor. The movie itself benefits from an excellent transfer to DVD and the picture quality improves the original VHS edition. The second disc contains commentary by director Renny Harlin, interviews with the actors who played in the movie, some deleted scenes that weren't put into the movie and commentary on the making of this movie. I'm not a big fan of deleted scenes so I'm in no rush like there's no tomorrow to replace my VHS edition.

    The series continued to a great conclusion with the 1995 finale "With A Vengeance". If you can, get the Ultimate Collection Trilogy with the silver packaging. You can get all three movies in one!...more info

  • The most awesomest movie
    This movie has so much fire! And things blowing up! And it's even got a plot. How often do you find a movie with non-stop explosions that has a plot? Bruce is pretty hot, and he's got a sense of humor too. An extremely excellent movie!...more info
  • Die Hard 2: Die Not-so hard
    Renny Harlin directed this sequel to the immensely popular action flick Die Hard. While the 2nd instalment has it's moments, it's pretty much more of the same, as Bruce Willis gets back in sweaty vest mode as John McClane, with William Atherton. But this time around, the action, while impressive, isn't as cool as the first one, and the villains arenyt as well written or interesting. Harlin's trademark over- the- top action is always present however, and this makes for some enjoyable action stunts and heroics.

    As action sequels go, it's good enough to satisfy fans of the franchise, and despite its faults, director Harlin (Cliffhanger, Deep Blue Sea) knows how to string together some impressive action scenes. The extras are good, with a commentary from Harlin, making of's, deleted scenes, trailers, visual effects 'making of's and some other cool stuff. A good film made better by the extras....more info

  • Another Christmas, another terrorist crisis for John McClane
    "Die Hard" has become the standard by which every action film made since 1988 has been judged and almost invariably found wanting. Films were sold in Hollywood on the basis of being reduced to such ideas as "'Die Hard' in a bus" (i.e, "Speed"). Of course another Hollywood tradition is to make a sequel of any successful film, so in 1990 Bruce Willis went back in front of the camera, this time with director Renny Harlin ("The Long Kiss Goodnight"), to do a sequel. "Die Hard 2: Die Harder" is not as good as the original, but it does have a self-reflexivity that (for the most part) makes this film work. Ultimately I would rate this at 4.5 stars, but by the standard of sequels that is an exceptional accomplishment, so I round up.

    The plot for "Die Hard 2," which is more unsettling today than it was at the time, has a group of terrorists taking control of Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C in order to secure the release of a South American drug lord (Franco Nero) on his way to the United States for trial. If their demands are not met, they are going to start crashing the circling airplanes. Once again, John McClane (Willis) is in the wrong place at the wrong time, at the airport to pick up his wife, Holly (Bonnie Bedelia), who is on one of those circling airliners. McClane picks up on something wrong and when the airport cops refuse to take it seriously he starts pursuing it on his own, getting in deeper and deeper into the situation. Soon it is clear that what we have here is "Die Hard" in an airport.

    As I indicated above, the self-reflexivity of the film works in its favor for the most part. The exception to this idea is when McClane repeats the "Yippie-kay-yay" line from the first film, albeit in a large context this time around, put the best example is when a bewildered Holly turns to her husband and asks "Why do these things keep happening to us?" Otherwise, throughout the film what McClane did at the Nakatomi Building comes into play as various characters either dismiss him out of hand or take him seriously because of his reputation. The first time around it was his anonimity that was one of his biggest weapons; this time his "fame" is a double-edged sword.

    In many ways this sequel follows the original. But the scope has been enlarged as other parties besides the terrorists become much more problematic for our hero than they were the first time around. Plus, this time McClane gets to keep his shoes on, which is good because there is a blizzard going on in addition to the all the terrorist fun. Actually, there is probably too much going on, because "Die Hard 2" lacks the driving focus of the original. It also lacks as strong of a villain, with William Sadler's Colonel Stewart being restrained to the point of inertness. Granted, it would be hard to top Alan Rickman's Hans Gruber, but they certainly could have found something and someone that would have worked a lot better.

    They could not work Reginald Veljohnson in for anything more than a cameo in this one, but the cinematic law of convenient coincidences finds William Atherton's slimy reporter stuck on the plane with Holly. Of the new members of the supporting cast Art Evans as Chief Engineer Leslie Barnes, who can come up with creative problem solving in an emergency, Dennis Franz as Capt. Carmine Lorenzo, the airport chief of security who has no use for McClane, Tom Bower as Marvin, who lives in the bowels of the airport with all of the maps, John Amos as the major from special forces who taught the bad guy everything he knows, and future senator Fred Dalton Thomas as the man in charge of the airport control tower.

    In the final analysis despite the problems with this movie, especially in comparison to the original, it is Bruce Willis as John McClane who makes this work because he manages to keep his character as more or less a real person in extraordinary circumstances. He is not as strong as Stallone or Swarzenegger and he is not as smart as Harrison Ford or whoever is playing James Bond in any given year. But he has enough to get the job done. More importantly, I did not have the sense of disappointment that so often comes at the end of movies with this one, which is a pretty good bottom line for anything coming out of Hollywood. We will have to see what happens with the upcoming "Die Hard 4: Die Hardest."...more info

  • The best of them all!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What is wrong with you lot??!!! This is a great movie and I have to say that this is better than the first one!!! Not to say that that one was mediocre. It was great to but I love this one even more! McClane finds himself fighting vicious terrorists whove seized a major international airport with many planes stranded in mid-air and McClane has to save the passengers on the planes and destroy the terror network before fuel runs out and causes the planes to crash. This is a great movie and should be owned today!!...more info
  • Suprisingly Weak
    The first, and worst, sequel to Die Hard, is terrorised by the same plot as the original. While waiting for his wife's plane to arrive at Dulles Airport (on Xmas Eve), McClane notices a few suspicious exchanges between a group of men amidst the busy yuletide passengers.

    Before you know he is neck deep in trouble with an army of mercenaries, led by Colonel Stewart (William Sadler), who are hell-bent on setting free a corrupt South American General/Drug Baron (Franco Nero). There are more bad guys than before. And more suspension of disbelief is required.

    There are so many plot holes and illogical moments that the film almost drowns in its own absurdity. But there is enough action and stunts to cancel it out and distract our attention. Though they not presented in a breathtaking or memorable way. It's all too generic and a bit mean-spirited. No audience nowadays would be satisfied with it so prepare yourself for 80's violence.

    William Sadler and Franco Nero lack the callous efficiency of Alan Rickman. And a hero can only be measured by his nemesis. But most of the time McClane is just capping off nameless mercs. How boring. Tho this should not be blamed on Sadler, he has a threatening and intense presence and as he has proved himself in movies like Trespass and Demon Knight. Too bad his character here is so badly written and underdeveloped. I'm sorry but blowing up 250 people off-screen to show how evil you are just won't cut it.

    This was Renny Harlin's second movie of 1990 (the other was Ford Fairlain) and it is without a doubt the movie that made him a certified action director. It was a tough, and huge, movie to pull off. He just pulled it off with no particular charm. Though he does a wonderful job of capturing the look and feel of an East Coast winter. The wide-open snowfields and ice-covered runways will definitely make you feel chilly.

    Although this is another problem. The first Die Hard worked entirely within the space of Nakatomi Plaza. It was claustrophobic and almost plausible. The scale and scope of Die Hard 2 is too big for its own good. Similar to the problems of ID4, the staples of reality are ripped out with ignorance and over-confidence. The bulk of the film is nothing but one dumb action scene after another. It doesn't make for coherent viewing.

    Die Hard 2 is a definite lag in between both of McTiernan's very strong outings. By today's standards it seems dated and very 90's. Which is a shame considering the original and 'With A Vengeance' are, in a way, 'timeless'. It's movies like this that inspired 'Last Action Hero'.

    Filmed in Panavision, the 2.35:1 anamorphic picture is superb looking with true blacks (a lot of this film is set at night) and nice fleshtones. Fire effects and colors look beautifully orange and overall the quality is top notch aside from a few instances of minor pixelation.

    The gunshots are loud and ferocious in both the Dolby Digital and DTS tracks. All explosions and every punch and kick are rendered with amazing clarity. Some of the surrounds tend to stick to mono but the plane crash in the middle of the movie will convince it is actually happening in your living room. Dialogue scenes tend to stick to the front speaker and the musical score by Michael Kamen is well recorded and is sure to excite.

    Renny Harlin's commentary is much more interesting that John McTiernan's fatigued and labored effort on the first movie. Harlin talks about the characters more and how he prefers his movies to be in terms of motivation and why characters should smoke only if it is necessary. Among other things. Such as how many of the effects he did then, in many different ways, would be so much quicker and easier to do today in Digital CGI.

    The Featurette was made for Fox TV back in 1990 and it is a bit better than the usual, self-congratulatory nonsense that bogs down most featurettes. But it still can't resist talking about how 'great' the movie is. Tho thanks to this extra we now know that most of the snow in the movie is shredded soap. A second, 4-minute, Featurette is basically an extended trailer.

    There are a few deleted scenes that are not that interesting and it's easy to see why they were cut from the film. Although the alternate scene on how McClane gets to the Annex Skywalk (The Boiler Room) is quite cool.

    The interview with Renny Harlin and the Villain's Profile are promotional titbits in which they discuss how to direct a high-concept sequel and how to be an evil bad guy.

    Behind the scenes and storyboards focuses on 2 scenes. The first is 'Breaking the Ice' and the second is 'Chaos on the Conveyor Belt'. The storyboard and film comparison is for the 'Skywalk Ambush' sequence.

    Visual effects breakdowns explore, in great length and tedious, repetitive slo-mo, the Ejector seat scene and the Airport Runway. These are basically green-screen evolutions. The other model effects scenes broken down are 'Chopper', 'Airplane Models' and 'Wing Fight'....more info

  • Recalibrate Your Disbelief
    I was lucky enough to be an extra in the final scene, sharing 2 seconds on screen with Bruce as he shouted "Holly!" over and over (and over). That was a blast.

    Watching the movie wasn't, and not just because they left me on the cutting room floor (I should have had more than 2 seconds!). The first film remains an all-time favorite of mine, while the second was mildly entertaining at best.

    "Die Harder" (I still remember seeing a blank-screen preview for it, well before I became an extra, in which the audience laughed at the title!) has been cited for having more plot holes and flaws with reality than any other movie I can think of. Terrorists could never succesffuly control the fate of so many commercial airplanes (well, okay--not in the way these "terrorists" do). Airplane fuel tanks can't just pop open to dump their fuel, and even if they could, igniting that feul would not cause a plane to blow up. And so on.

    Since I was in the final scene, I'll mention a few flubs that most people never noticed:

    1) If you look real close during that final scene, you'll notice in at least one shot that it is raining onto the snow (thanks to Michigan weather for that one).

    2) Filming didn't wrap up quite quickly enough one night, and in the second-to-last shot you can actually see the sunlight peeking above the horizon, just before cutting to a wide shot of the plane sitting in total darkness.

    3) A kid in a white shirt and gray pants appears for exactly 2 seconds walking behind McClaine as he shouts "Holly!" and looks for his wife. The kid is cold. Colder than he's ever been in his life. Later, he can be seen sliding down the emergency exit of the plane (just after John says to Holly, "Let's go home.")

    I'm looking forward to "Die Hard 4.0," but not as much as I'm looking forward to "Cheating Death: Final Destination 3!"

    "Die Hard 4 script anticipates flooding of New Orleans"
    Google: "Die Hard 4 New Orleans"...more info
  • Audio Doesn't Work! Buyer Beware!
    As soon as the movie would started, and the audio switches to DTS-HD, it would either go totally quiet or make this little clicking noises like there were aliens trying to talk to us. Unfortunately I didn't know there were problems with this disc, so I spent all kinds of time fooling around with my equipment. Buyer Beware! They are having issues with DTS-HD audio on this movie. It did work when I switched to Dolby Surround, but who wants to listen to that if your into uncompressed audio?...more info
  • Die Hard 2: Die Harder (1990)
    Director: Renny Harlin
    Cast: Bruce Willis, Bonnie Bedelia, William Atherton, William Sadler, Reginald VelJohnson, Franco Nero, John Amos, Dennis Franz, Art Evans.
    Running Time: 124 minutes
    Rated R for violence and language.

    The 1988 action thriller "Die Hard" was such a huge critical, commercial, and artistic success that it was probably inevitable, given Hollywood's mentality that there is never too much of a good thing, that a sequel would follow. The result, thus, is "Die Hard 2: Die Harder". Bruce Willis returns as John McClane, who on this Christmas Eve is at Dulles International Airport in Washington awaiting the arrival of his wife (Bonnie Bedelia) from Los Angeles. Flights, however, are being delayed all across the board into D.C. by one of the biggest blizzards on record and when Willis spots Army mercenaries in sensitive areas of the airport where nobody is supposed to go, his cop instincts take hold. As it turns out, these mercenaries are led by a hard-nosed right-wing colonel (William Sadler) whose aim is to snatch a known Latin-American drug dealer (Franco Nero) from the hands of U.S. justice agents. Their reason, as Sadler puts it, is because he had "the guts to stand up against Communist aggression." To prove his point, Sadler and his minions shut the entire airport down, putting all those planes in the snowbound skies over the nation's capital in mortal peril, until Nero's military plane arrives. The result is a battle in more ways than one, as Willis must not only tangle with Sadler's gang, but also with an incompetent airport cop (Dennis Franz from "N.Y.P.D. Blue") who thinks Willis is a lunatic.

    Renny Harlin ("Cliffhanger", "Deep Blue Sea") takes over from John McTiernan, the original films director, and does a fairly good job at delivering the shoot-outs and explosions. The plot is somewhat unclear at times, and the one-liners and nowhere near as sharp or funny as the originals, which is strange considering "Die Hard"'s co-writer Steven E. de Souza also wrote this films screenplay with Doug Richardson, but "Die Hard 2" does have its fair share of thrills. For his rogue gallery here, director Harlin (working from Walter Wager's novel "58 Minutes"), has assembled a flawed but capable production that has a stronger emphasis on action scenes rather plot. In "Die Hard," McClane was an Everyman caught in a not-so-everyday predicament and had to rely on his wits to stay alive, and a lot of the action was spare and took place in confined, claustrophobic areas. We don't have much of that here, as his character has pretty much been reduced to a generic trash-talking, one-liner-spewing archetype who's able to dodge the many bullets fired in his direction without much trouble. But he's still a pretty cool guy, though. The bad guys, corrupt military officials, aren't all that frightening or intimidating either, though Col. Stuart does seem to peak in sly villainy during one particularly disturbing and explosive sequence of "lessons." (This scene alone is probably why "Die Hard 2: Die Harder" on the FAA's "no-play" list of many in-flight movies.) Eventually, Washington brings in Maj. Grant (John Amos) and his men to come and deal with the crooked military terrorists. And lastly, you should also be on the look out for a pre-T-1000 Robert Patrick and comedian John Leguizamo in small parts as Col. Stuart's henchmen. "Die Hard 2: Die Harder" is a worthy sequel to its landmark predecessor. If anything, the film kicks into action faster than its predecessor, with a great shoot out between McLane and two of Colonel Stuart's men near the start. If you're a fan of the original, or if you just love shoot-outs and explosions galore, then "Die Hard 2" is well worth watching. ...more info
  • Great Sequel
    Not only is this a great Sequel, it is a great Christmas movie as well that you and your family should make part of your Christmas tradition. Bruce Willis solidifies John McClane's place in Hollywood History is this action packed follow up to Die Hard. All the suspense, but with more twists and turns, all cramed into airport that can't land planes. You will quickly be drawn in to not just this movie, but the entire Die Hard series. A must see....more info
  • The movie is good, blu-ray audio quality is suspect
    This is my least favorite in the series. The video quality of the blu-ray is much improved from the sd dvd. The audio however is a big problem. Depending on what type of blu-ray player you have, you may not get any sound or only the core DTS. There was a problem with authoring this disc and FOX has been aware of it since the disc was released. I and other on a particular forum have been waiting more than 1 year now for FOX to release a replacement but the replacement they sent was exactly the same disc. Unless you get a blu-ray version from the U.K. or Australia (this disc is region-free)you may not get what you want from the audio.
    A big disappointment from FOX....more info
  • Not quite like Iwo Jima...
    All right! One of action cinema's biggest draws is back! And you know what that means: lotsa firefights, meatier exit wounds, throat-slashing, more stuff blowin' up, and even a guy ground up in a 747's turbine engine! And you thought ultraviolent action flicks were getting tame. Oh yeah, let's not forget that `death by icicle through the eye' scene... yeesh.

    Of course, considering most folks' feelings about air travel nowadays, you might be of the belief that this movie probably ain't the best thing to watch right now. Personally, I think it's the duty of every hard-core action-flick aficionado to watch and enjoy this movie, in spite of its reminders of unfortunate real-life events. Hey, we can't let the terrorists win, now can we?

    Anyway, time for me to get off the soap box and back to the review. Although I consider this to be the weakest of the Die Hard trilogy, it's still a pretty awesome experience. There's no shortage of memorable action sequences and plenty of that trademark Bruce Willis man-of-action attitude. Also included are a few future big-time TV stars. Future "NYPD Blue" star Dennis Franz plays a PO'd chief of airport police (and just when you thought he'd gotten beyond being type-cast). And let's not forget an all-too-brief showing by future `T2' and `X-Files' star Robert Patrick as one of the bad-guy minions.

    But there is one thing that brings this flick down a notch: Marvin, the somewhat-dense WWII veteran janitor. He's probably the most annoying bit of cinematic comic relief the other side of Jar Jar Binks! Oh, all right-- he's not nearly quite as annoying as Jar Jar (come to think of it, no one is!), but he's just bothersome enough for me to wanna "just like Iwo Jima" him right up alongside his head each time he's on screen! But, after viewing the bonus disc, I realized it could've been a lot worse: a few of the deleted scenes include more dumb shenanigans with this yutz!

    Speaking of bonus features: in the feature-length commentary track director Renny Harlin discusses how there were some occasions where they had to manufacture snow (both `natural' and synthetic) for many of the exterior settings, which were shot all over the US (not just Hollywood or DC). He also points out a few bloopers & inconsistencies in the film. Like when McClane's on the airport pay phone, you can see a logo on the phone box that reads, `Pacific Bell'. The only problem there: DC is on the Atlantic coast! Then there's the elderly lady airliner passenger who somehow managed to sneak her stun-gun on board. Somehow, I doubt that in real life she'd have been allowed on the plane with this device back then, let alone now. But, since it was a vital part of a `come-uppance' scene featuring the smarmy news reporter from the first DH, you're just gonna have to suspend disbelief here.

    Other bonus disc features include a couple of behind-the-scenes documentaries, interview reels, the aforementioned deleted scenes, trailers, and TV spots-pretty much what you'd expect from Fox's 5-Star Collection discs. And, also as expected, the picture & sound quality is excellent! But my all-time fave feature on this set: you can fast-forward through the FBI/Interpol copyright warnings and preview ads! Sigh... if only all DVDs were like that...

    `Late...more info

    Die Hard was a good film but this is much better. The storyline is one which I'm sure most people would fear. YOUR AIRPORT BEING OVERRUN BY TERRORISTS.

    Bruce Willis plays the part just as he did in Die Hard, not much change for him. As for baddies,well they seem to be a slightly sicker group in Die Hard 2.

    William Sadler plays the evil Colonel Stuart perfectly. Hard faced, sadistic. He'd put you off flying for life, especially when seizing air traffic control of an incoming aircraft and lifting the ground level displays. The poor pilot has no chance when he think he's hundreds of feet higher from the ground only to crash into the concrete at 200 MPH, thus exploding along the runway. All SADLER can say is " That concludes our object lesson of the day"!!

    If you've not got this in your collection, I urge you to purchase now....more info

  • It won't die any time soon
    Too bad it's not possible to keep the Blu-ray and the DVD reviews separate. While I own both formats, I am discussing the Blu version now.

    Bruce Willis is one of my favorite male 'action' actors. He's all flesh, oozing with blood, sweat, pain - usually a good viewing on a winter Friday night. The Die Hard series are typical BW sweaty, bloody action flicks. The plots don't really matter much: war on drugs, greedy, devilish bandits, vengeful, evil and greedy bandit relatives of greedy bandits... they don't stand a chance when officer McLane is on their case but the officer must first pay in blood - a few pints - and then victory follows, the intrusive reporters are humiliated again, all the baddies die violent deaths and McLane gets to kiss his long distance but loving wife. What's not to like?

    The Blu version of Die Harder offers a significantly improved picture quality - it's Blu-ray, after all - and Lossless sound. It looks and sounds better. The extras are very much the DVD's: a couple of 1990 featurettes in low-res, 'full screen' formats, some deleted scenes and a commentary sound track. One feature that may not be available on the DVD version gives the viewer the ability to select only the favorite scenes and then play them in sequence - didn't feel tempted to try it. There are some trailers too.

    Overall, this is the necessary Blu-ray release. Bruce Willis movies deserve to be purchased on VHS tape, then on DVD and then, once again as Blu-ray. I don't know what medium will follow Blu but I'll probably buy the next (3-D?) version again.

    My rating is three stars. It's a good, not exorbitantly expensive, solid release. The picture and sound are better than the DVD version but, when compared with some of the more spectacular Blu oldies releases (the James Bond collection, 2001), this one does not exactly shine. Three stars means 'good' to me and I do not regret making this purchase....more info
  • We've got you!
    What can I say. This movie is WONDERFUL. The first one rocked, but this one really rocked. Here is how it goes: It is Christmastime again, and John McClane is waiting for his wife to return. Unfortunately, there is a new gang of terrorists on the way, & no, Hans Gruber has not been ressurrected. This time, the gang is led by a stronger, meaner, better leader by the name of Col. Stuart. Soon, John encounters terrorists, who he caps one of two before Stuart finds out about him. Then John tries to inform the other police, but gets turned down by the leader even though the others believe him. Soon, Col. Stuart is demanding goods for himself and his gang, and he even shows he isn't bluffing by using a special bomb to blow up an ENTIRE IRISH PLANE full of people! NOBODY IN THE PLANE SURVIVES! If that's not evil, I don't know what is! Soon, John is fighting more terrorists, while a different plane, the one his wife is in, is not by any means destroyed, but is by all means in great peril, for Stuart's big team of terrorists has planted some sort of nasty device in it. Anyway, very soon all the other police find a way to help John and he teams up with them. They go outside and manage to get quite a few terrorists, but the remainder, including Stuart, get on a plane of their own and take off. Fortunately, John and his team are in a helicopter and therefore are able to help John get on the plane's wing. A large terrorist, one who wants John's blood as much as the big guy in the first one, volunteers to take him out. Stuart allows him, and he steps onto the wing and goes back and fourth with John until he seems to be the victor. John is resourceful just like the first movie, though. He kicks the big bad guy into the propellor of the plane's wing, where he is chopped to pieces. Then John must face Stuart himself, who does even better than his henchman. He and John trade blows and then he pounds on him and knocks the unfortunate John off the plane. It seems like the terrorist will get away, but John has a lighter, finds a stream of fuel, and ignites it. As John says the immortal quote "Aloha, motherf**ker!" the fire catches up to the plane and Stuart, the terrorist gang and all other baddies on it are blown up and destroyed, as is the plane itself. The plane that John's wife is in has just landed by now and his wife gets off. They hug & love all over, and then after funny lines the movie ends. This is even better than the first Die Hard(which still was terrific)and if you like Bruce Willis, action/crime movies or anything with blood and fire, I recommend this movie to you, especially if you're between the age of 17 and 31. Believe me, you have to be crazy not to love this film. ...more info