Delta Force 2
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  • No better villan than Drago.
    The shoot em ups and karate scenes are great, but what makes this movie unique is the disturbing coldness of Ramone Coda (Billy Drago). I've seen it 10 times and I still get a sense of dread before watching it again (and again...)...more info
    Okay, let's be honest, Delta Force 2 blew like the wind in my shorts. Yet I have purchased this movie and watch it on a frequent basis. I like it because it so perfectly emulates the bad 80's action movie genre. From the gratuitous amounts of foriegner killing, to a Huey helicopter spewing massive amounts of rockets into a small village, this movie has everything that makes a bad movie great; including everyone's favorite drug lord, the one, the only, Billy Drago. Thanks for such a bad movie, Chuck!...more info
  • Simply Put Chuck Norris is a deadly force of nature.
    The title of this movie should have been changed post-production, after seeing the absolute tour-de-force performance of one of the world's most accomplished B actors, Chuck Norris. If it's us, we're calling this one "Delta Force 2: Don't (explitive deleted) with Chuck!" Norris plays a man possesed and bloodthirsty, taking out every drug poisoner in sight. His nemesis: the one, the only Billy Drago who as we all know was only three short years away from his breakthrough performance as Denton Vachs in the B zenith "Death Ring." Drago was great in this one too. He doesn't try to do too much with the role and stays pretty much the same in Death Ring. It's not bad acting, he just knows what to do to put meat in the seats.

    Meanwhile, lets get into what makes this movie worthy of a go from Sid The Elf. It is extreme B! There is limited dialouge(most of the movie is fight and training scenes which are wonderful, and the most explosions we've ever seen in a B action, which is what gave ith the nod for 5 stars). I mean, there is roughly a 20 minute sequence with nothing but a helicopter shooting missles at a village. Beautiful! And when Norris does deliver lines, they're pure gold. Who can forget the famous "lessons" sequence with the Spanish Gallagher? Another B hallmark was the fact that we counted the same mexican warrior was killed off 5 seperate times, count them 5!

    We would like to announce this is Chucks first movie in our list of reviews due to his sons captivating role in our critically acclaimed "Death Ring." Does it get the Sid the Elf Seal of Approval? You bet your sweet a-- it does, Seal of Approval- Did her. If you do yourself one favor this year, prove that Christmas doesn't only come once a year and check out Delta Force 2 and Death Ring.

    ...more info
  • The long awaited sequel
    Good old American Patriotism accounts for most American action movies, with Chuck Norris representing the free world with his deadly Karate moves and extreme firepower. After seeing Delta Force at the tender age of eight, although I don't recommend it to anyone younger, Chuck Norris took over from James Bond (a true Englishman that represents my humble Great Britain). The original Delta Force, in my opinion, was a flawless 5 star movie that incorporated every action movie clich¨¦ into what should have been labelled the best action film of this century. 5 years on Delta Force 2 is made and the question is on every Chuck Norris fan's lips, "Is it any good". You'd be forgiven for asking this after all how can you build on an already perfect film? Well with production names including Aaron Norris and Globus this film doesn't disappoint. So after blowing up half of the middle-eastern terrorists in the original Delta Force who's in the firing line now? This time the enemy is the almost domestic Columbia drug baron poring it's drugs into America. Sounds boring? Well thankfully once you realise that after the first ten minutes this isn't a second rate action/thriller, the action begins to roll with Chuck Norris going on a one man solo mission. "A one man mission?" you may ask, worrying about not seeing those well choreographed motorcycle stunts performed in the original. Sadly the military hardware has been scrapped from the script. What we do see instead is some of Chuck Norris's most explosive Karate moves since his fight against Bruce Lee in "Way of the Dragon". Delta Force 2 is a difficult movie to recommend to someone who liked Delta Force, but isn't a Norris fan in general. The film really takes a giant leap to once side as supposed to up, in the fact that it is different. By removing the title and changing a few names, you'd believe this is "Missing In Action" 4 as it has the same feel as the series. In short if you liked the original because of it's feel good "go get em" action scenes, then this may taste a little sour. Why? The reason being is that the driving force is basically, witness a few cold blooded killings and watch Norris perform some of the most aggressive kicks you'll ever see him doing. Buy this, sit back and lock and load!....more info
  • probably in the top 20 best movies ever made
    best part was when the Colombian military attache (Major Ernesto) tried to tell Chuck Norris and the Delta Force that they had no authority to "conduct Operation Strangehold in Colombia and that Colombia was a soverign country" Boy, was he mistaken.
    Didnt have as much action in terms of total body count like "Braddock Missing in Action" where Chuck Norris takes on an entire Regiment of NVA troops with one AK-47 or even "Invasion USA" where Chuck Norris (with a few well-placed Uzis) comes out of semi-retirement to take on Cuban and Nicarguan terrorists and infamous Soviet agent Rostov...
    Did have all the essentials of a good movie. Explosions, pummelling, excessive pain doled out to bad guys, good one liners, the best acting short of "Gone with the Wind". This movie just shows what back to the basics can do in terms of brilliant filmmaking and how low Hollywood has gone since the mid-1980's.
    The best part of all is you can buy this one in any Walmart or Blockbuster clearance bin for probably less than 7 bucks. In fact I am still stunned this did not win an Emmy or an Oscar award in 1989.
    I have watched this masterpiece over 300 times, and it gets better every time. The most important lesson of the film is; never ship drugs to America. Considering Chuck Norris moves at 104 frames per second he sure does lay waste to thousands of Ramon Cota's henchman faster than than anyone could comprehend. Also, consider the Die Hard movies with Bruce Willis or Rocky 5 with Stallone cost millions and millions to make. The budget for this movie was probably 5 million dollars with 4 million going straight to Chuck Norris. When you have Chuck Norris's brother directing the film and he has never really directed anything you know it's going to be an oscar level performance. One great piece of brilliant theatrics and directing, even the background music is good, but some of the henchmen working for drug lord Ramon Cota should spend more time enhancing their karate skills in downtown Bogota.
    If you have nothing better to do with a Saturday afternoon I highly reccomend this movie. If you don't buy this when you have the chance you might end up like narco-trafficker Ramon Cota and half the Colombian army.
    plot = atrocities and payback
    setting = some cesspool country in South America
    charactars = Chuck Norris and the other people are unimportant
    theme = never ship drugs to America
    conclusion = half the narco traffickers in Central America and their private armies are either dead or in a world of pain
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  • Does not come close to original
    Dont expect part 2 to come anywhere near to part 1. This version is okay. I would watch it if I saw it on tv and had nothing else to do, but it basically doesnt come close to the original and is dissapointing....more info
  • Chuck's best movie
    This has some of the most inventive action scenes and blows part 1 away. What I really liked about the fight at the end is it was more intense because chuck almost met his match w/coda's henchman. The chases were breathtaking and there's a scene where a missile just bareley misses chuck's head(looks very real). Besides the cool part where they're swinging around and bouncing off of those trees credit has to go to that crazy s.o.b. general taylor(John P. Ryan) for his commie hatin' ultra gung-ho performance. ...more info
  • A good doses of adrenaline!
    Delta Force 2 knew unballast itself of its immediate sequel with adirable originality, turning now the purpose and final objectives. This film foresaw what Philip Kaufman would describe in his saga, the next years to come.

    A cynical tsar of Drug (Billy Drago) in an intense role that reminds so much to Henry Silva) and sliding on the successful performance in "The untouchables" works out as the perfect and ruthless villain, who murders the best friend of Colonel Mac Coy (starred by Chuck Norris in which I would describe as his best performance in screen ever),dramatic circumstance that precedes the final confrontation in the middle of the jungle.

    The mournful fact of the fatal accident in which part of the cast passed away, remits us to "the twilight zone" and Vic Morrow' s death.

    But Norris impresses this character of convincing sobriety and strong personality that definitively clears up him from "Rambo."

    Nevertheless, the film has serious edition problems and incredible holes in the narrative tread, that demerit it as a five stars action film; due perhaps the focused target (teenagers by then) was much more important than other considerations.
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  • Drug Lords Beware, Chuck-A-Roo is armed and dangerous
    Chuck Norris is back and armed and dangerous again. He's still part of the elite Delta Force however with a different commander and new members in his unit.
    Chuck Norris and his Delta Force are sent to burn cocaine fields and save the CIA operatives captured by the ruthless drug lord Romone Coda (Billy Drago from Charmed and the Untouchables). All this equals great action as Chuck Norris also gets revenge for Coda killing his budy and fellow Delta Force member.
    Chuck Norris also has a bit of humor throughout the movie. Billy Drago is always at his best when he plays an evil character. This is a great action movie and for those who are Chuck-aholics. ...more info
  • Delta-force-2
    I loved delta force 2 norris is in top form as he takes down a drug kingpin the drug lord is billy-drago he is in another norris film called invasion-usa. The action is better the cast is great john ryan is great too hes an army guy. The point to this movie is simple a drug dealer cant be taken down so they call in norris and the force the action is hot the stars are hot and the ending is fine it could be better but its good for me this one is a keeper and if you got time cheak out delta force 3 later....more info