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The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh [VHS]
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Slapstick comedy about a losing basketball team. At the end of their rope, the players decide to try astrology - it can't hurt, right? Features a disco soundtrack.

Customer Reviews:

  • The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh - Throw it back into the sea
    This film is really awful. The acting is wooden and the plot non-existant. The film also very predictable, and rates no stars in my book. I usually find some redeeming quality in any movie but not The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh....more info
  • That Funky Fish
    OK, so it's not the finest basketball movie ever made, but it is really entertaining. Dr. J gives a great performance. I live in Pittsburgh and so I really enjoyed seeing the scenes of the city circa the late '70s. The silver uniforms and the psychedelic basketball court should not be missed. I must say that one of my favorite scenes is when the Civic Arena's dome opens and in flies the Pisces team on a giant, shimmering blue fish balloon --unbelievable. But by far the finest part of the movie is the soundtrack ---total '70s funk.

    All in all, the movie is cheesy, but it is so cheesy that it's good. If you live in Pittsburgh, this is a must-see....more info

  • A very, very cheesy movie.
    Once upon a time in 1979, there was a pittsburgh team that was But then, a boy (James Bond III, not to be confused with the fictional character) meets a female astrologer and turns those Phythons into the Pisces. Every time a home team scores, a sound effect is heard, very cheesy. Also, look for basketball players past and present when that year the movie came out. I saw it on ESPN Classic, but i liked it!...more info
  • "The Fish"
    I liked this movie! It's about a fictional NBA team that struggles to find a winning "chemistry."

    It could be argued the flick was better suited for the small screen: no (then) "big name" actors/actresses; small production values; occasional slapstick dialogue and performances; etc.. Put it all together, though, and the whole proves to be greater than the sum of its parts. I think it's worth viewing.

    "The Fish" is one of those "overlooked" family films that more people should see. In addition, it has an uplifting message and charm of its own. Add that to the b-ball scenes, including some "legends" (Abdul-Jabbar, Hawkins, Lanier and more) plus the soundtrack, and it gets a "thumbs-up" from me. The sight of Dr. J's character, soaring and dunking in "slo-mo", at an outdoor court in his street shoes, is priceless!

    The soundtrack is a big "supporting character" in the film. It's rare in that the tunes were specifically written for and relate to the movie. (How often do we have soundtracks comprised of cuts tossed in like salad ingredients, but have little to do with the story line?) Many of the jams also have a positive and self-affirming flavor to them. Artists include William Hart of The Delfonics, The Four Tops, Phyllis Hyman, The Sylvers and trumpeter "Doc" Sevrenson (of The Tonight Show) blowing his lungs out in a killer instrumental for the "menacing" Los Angeles team!

    If you don't know about this movie, you better "ask" somebody!...more info

  • Good nostalgic family film
    My mother took my brother and me to see this at the movies. In the 70's there were so few positive movies for African-American children. As an adult, I had searched and searched for it, and, fortunately my husband found it and purchased it for me for my birthday.

    To be sure, the plot isn't strong, but it doesn't have to be--it's got Dr. J (and a host of other 70's/80's basketball stars), Debbie Allen and the Sylvers! If you're at least 30, you can watch it and reminisce. If you have children they can watch it, too, since it doesn't have profanity or sex. And, its a story about the underdog overcoming adversity and the low expectations of others to succeed....more info
  • The Pisces Conquer The World!
    This really can be called a feel good movie. You have a horrible underdog basketball team that uses a brilliant child, a mystic, the dunks of Dr. J, and astrology to overcome the odds by building a winning team of pisces players. This movie is full of NBA players for the purist, including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; and also adds the B-Ball stylings of former Harlem Globetrotter great Meadowlark Lemon to make a wonderful mixture of basketball wizardry! Oh, and I can't forget the work of the BEAUTIFUL and talented Debbie Allen in the dance scenes! The soundtrack is also outstanding! I give this movie "two thumbs up," and it has nothing to do with me being a pisces!...more info
  • forgotten classic
    this movie is an all time classic.who could ever forget Dr.J flying through the air, the special sound effects and that beatiful music that played through the whole movie. Somebody please let me know where I can find the soundtrack to this movie. this is one of my all-time favorites. check it out if you can....more info
  • get with it please!
    can someone please tell me why this movie is not on dvd yet?
    this is probally the the best b-ball movie ever made can someone
    please help a real fan out and put this movie on dvd
    thank you D- MACK...more info
  • I loved this movie and i love this movie
    yeah get em tell it like it is this movie was cool i cant beleave how some people on here are trying to be siskel and ebert qbert or whatever you call them critics you see that how much i paid mind to there names anyway six stars peace.I GOT TWO VHS,ONE LP SOUNTRACK AND SEARCHING FOR THE CD....more info
  • only for fun
    In no way, shape or form is this a great movie, but it is funny and the soundtrack is awesome! There are a "couple" of known actors, but mostly basketball players such as Dr. J, Kareem, Norm Nixon and a few others. Keep an open mind while watching.....more info
  • Awesome Nostalgia
    I remember seeing this movie at the theatre when I was in the 8th grade. It was awesome then, it is awesome now. I even bought the soundtrack and still have it....more info
  • soundtrack
    Does anyone have any idea where I can find the soundtrack to the movie ? I loved the movie as well as the soundtrack and excellent yet comical movie great for the entire family....more info
  • This movie is the pinnacle of 70's culture !!
    Dr. J. delivers a riveting performance as always ! Plus the half-time show of the championship game features the Sylvers, the greatest band to walk the face of the earth. Buy this video NOW!!!...more info
  • It Is All In The Stars
    It is all in an astrological sign to make hardwood stars.

    This sports comedy features some great comics - Jonathan Winters & Flip Wilson - great musicians for the soundtrack - Doc Severinsen, The Four Tops, The Spinners & The Sylvers - and an all-star cast of pro basketball players, with Julius Erving in the leading role as Moses Guthrie, in a special spin of a lousy team becoming a championship contender.

    The Pittsburgh Pythons are so bad that ownership falls into the hands of young locker room attendant Tyrone Millman (James Bond III). With Guthrie as the only star - and not too popular with the other players - Millman has got to come up with a new plan, and fast.

    It just so happens that Millman has a hobby in astrology and he hires astrologer Mona Mondieu (Stockard Channing) to assist in turning the franchise around. Mondieu says that all players must be born under the same astrological sign - Pisces - which conveniently is the same sign as Guthrie's, and that is where the impossible dream of the newly-named Pittsburgh Pisces going from worst to first sets sail.

    Chick Hearn and Marv Albert do great jobs announcing the action, with Meadowlark Lemon (the Rev. Grady Jackson) nearly stealing the show with his wit. Jerry Tarkanian, Lou Hudson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Spencer Haywood and Bob Lanier provide the star power on the court and the Pisces' home floor is something to see.

    The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh provides enough laughs and continued interest from fans to warrant Sony Pictures to finally release it on DVD. ...more info
  • The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh
    Being a Pittsburgh native, I found this movie about a fictitious Pittsburg basketball team heart warming. Dr. J's performance was above the rim, and the supporting cast took the movie into over time. I loved it. The only thing that could make "The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh" any better is its release on DVD....more info
  • Walked out
    I remember sitting in a theater in Times Square in New York City and trying to watch this movie. I walked out after 15 minutes. Just plain bad filmmaking all the way around....more info
  • The Fish Saves Atlanta?
    Growing up in the 1970's, times were great. Big Wheels and Green Machines. Bomb Pops to Italian Ice. Mr. Softee and those amazing soft serve ice cream cones with sprinkles. Metal roller skates and banana seat bicycles. But nothing speaks more of the 70's than the movie, "The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh". In a time when things were more simple, The Fish, told a tale of a basketball team who needed a miracle, a found in the cards or should I say Psychic. Needless to say the moral of the story is about beliefs. It's OK to have beliefs in other things as along as you believe in yourself first. Now that I live in Atlanta, finding this great comedic tale was certainly an excellent find. "The Fish" reminds me of those summer days and simpler times, yet again saving me from what's going in the world today, if only for an 1 hour and 20 min....more info