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Star Trek V - The Final Frontier [VHS]
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Movie critic Roger Ebert summed it up very succinctly: "Of all of the Star Trek movies, this is the worst." Subsequent films in the popular series have done nothing to disprove this opinion; we can be grateful that they've all been significantly better since this film was released in 1989. After Leonard Nimoy scored hits with Star Trek III and IV, William Shatner used his contractual clout (and bruised ego) to assume directorial duties on this mission, in which a rebellious Vulcan (Laurence Luckinbill) kidnaps Federation officials in his overzealous quest for the supreme source of creation. That's right, you heard it correctly: Star Trek V is about a crazy Vulcan's search for God. By the time Kirk, Spock, and their Federation cohorts are taken to the Great Barrier of the galaxy, this journey to "the final future" has gone from an embarrassing prologue to an absurd conclusion, with a lot of creaky plotting in between. Of course, die-hard Trekkies will still allow this movie into their video collections; but they'll only watch it when nobody else is looking. After this humbling experience, Shatner wisely relinquished the director's chair to Star Trek II's Nicholas Meyer. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • The Enterprise Finds God?
    Many people write off "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier" as the worst film in the Trek franchise. However, it's like the old saying goes, "A bad day fishing is still better than a good day at work." "Frontier" has its downfalls but it still manages to be a solid science fiction film.

    In this tale, we are introduced to a renegade Vulcan named Sybok (Laurence Luckinbill) who has embraced the ways of the ancient Vulcans who deemed emotion more important than logic. He has plans to find God (or at least the Vulcan version of Him) on Sha Ka Ree, a planet that is supposedly the Vulcan equivalent of Eden. How's a religious zealot to do this? By simply kidnapping Federation, Romulan and Klingon officials on Nimbus III, the planet of galactic peace. Sybok determines that by doing this, the Federation will send a Starfleet ship to rescue the hostages. When this occurs, he and his small band of followers will overtake the vessel and fly it to the center of the galaxy which is where Sha Ka Ree is supposed to be located.

    Kirk and the gang are called away from shoreleave to take an undermanned and malfunctioning Enterprise to Nimbus III to save the hostages and find out what's really going on. Also en route is a Klingon Bird of Prey guided by the eager and cocky Captain Klaa and his right-hand man, er, woman, Vixis. Klaa longs to fight a Federation ship. When he learns that it's Kirk's ship on the way to Nimbus III, his hunger grows stronger. Vixis also longs for power, and uses Klaa as a means to gain it.

    Of course, Sybok manages to overtake the Enterprise and gains the trust of most of the crew by allowing them to "show him their fears." Kirk doesn't fall for this so easily and Spock is more familiar with Sybok than even his longtime shipmates know but, in the end the Enterprise does make it to Sha Ka Ree. Do they meet God? Have they really discovered the final frontier? What happens when Klaa decides to give cloaked chase to the Enterprise on its way to the center of the galaxy? I'm sure most of you already know, but I won't spoil it for anyone.

    What is good about this film is the fact that it doesn't make light of Sybok's religious beliefs. Sure, he's a bit "out there," but he has true feelings for his god and for his followers. I also like the fact that he isn't seen as a tyrant. While Kirk questions the "god" creature in the film, he doesn't necessarily eliminate the possibility of there being an actual God somewhere out there.

    The beautiful shots of Yosemite National Park are also welcome to this film. In a future cluttered with starships and technical jargon, it's nice to see some green for a change.

    Jerry Goldsmith's music is spot on as usual, and is one of the highlights of the film.

    The downside to this film is the fact that it has a rather cheap feel to it. The special effects are poor even when compared to other films released at the same time. Paradise City looks like it was built from the scraps of "The Road Warrior" film. Also, in the reveal of the god creature, I felt that this all powerful being was just too hokey to be feared.

    This DVD release does up the ante for those who are on the fence about purchasing this film. Highlights include an interview with William Shatner, a conference on the bridge of the Enterprise, a few deleted scenes that are worth looking at, Rockman test shots and a very lively interview with "That Klingon Couple," Klaa (Todd Bryant) and Vixis (Spice Williams-Crosby, billed as Spice Williams in the film). An Easter egg awaits those who take the time to search for it as well.

    Overall, the Enterprise and her crew took a hard blow from this film. While I enjoyed the added humor and even the storyline, most were turned off by it. This DVD is a must-have for Trek completionists, but casual fans may want to skip this entry into the Star Trek universe. For those who tire of watching films based in a bleak future, the breathtaking shots of Yosemite are more than enough reason to check this film out. Is this a terrible Trek film? Maybe, but I like it just fine....more info
  • Underappreciated and profound!
    When I first saw STAR TREK V in the theatre I was very disappointed. Having loved all of the previous films in the series I felt this entry just didn't hold up to the others (even to STAR TREK the motion picture!) I never had a desire to view the film again until recently when I purchased the special edition dvd because it had gone on sale for a very low price. Wow! What a difference 17 years can make! I loved it! Yes, the commentary by William Shatner and his daughter helped me understand the stress and pressure they were under just to make the film. The budget cuts, the studio suggesting dialogue cuts and inserts, the time constraints and Shatner's original vision not coming to life all contribute to a film that when first viewed are obvious problems. But, upon 2nd viewing the film has taken on a more topical and ironic parallel with what's happening in our world today. I was mesmerized by the whole story and situation in which the characters found themselves. The dialogue between the principles was humorous and was some of the best in the series.

    Budget was cut for the special effects, but they weren't awful as so many reviewers have stated. They just didn't look like they used the current techniques that were available to special effect films at that time. They looked more like they used a process used in the 50's and 60's.

    The film as a whole works on many levels. Flawed? Yes. As bad as they say? No! I found it funny, charming, exciting, topical, profound, moving and satisfying. Give it one more chance. I'm glad I did!...more info
  • Only for the TRUE FAN. 2.5 Stars
    This movie is severely critized, it deserves it. Nevertheless not everything is awfully bad in this film. Instead of writing an essay type review, I'll point the good and bad things:


    - THE FORCED HUMOR. Totally unnecessary, blame it on Paramout, after the success of Star Trek IV, studio absent minded executives demanded and forced humor into the script. Some of it is not that bad (Scotty crashing his head is laughable), but the bad, is BAD, the worst example is Chekov and Sulu lost in the woods.
    - BAD FX. Specially at the end of the movie, it degrades the movie making it almost B quality. Blame it again on Paramount, for giving barely away a limited budget.
    - ENTERPRISE DAMAGED. With the forced humor, the mighty Enterprise was a helpless victim. Making everything functioning bad in the starship takes away its dignity and makes look the Federation as a bunch of space morons instead of a competent organization.
    - THE KLINGON SUBPLOT. Again, the forced humor makes the Klingons look cartoonish and not the powerful warriors that were portrayed in Star Trek III. It would have been much better to avoid it completely and focus more on the story and characters.
    - SHATNER'S ACTING. In the bad moments, the worst in all of the ST movies, and perhaps, his carrier!


    - MUSIC SOUNDTRACK. One of the best of the movie series, beautiful. Along with the soundtracks of Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek II.
    - FILM MAIN THEME. The general story is classic ST, the search for God, the ultimate trek. Sadly its execution was poor.
    - KIRK/SPOCK/MCCOY TRINITY. This is where we see the characters as true friends and we know them better than ever before. The scene with the three of them and Sybok exposing their pain is a Gem, one of the finest Star Trek moments. I don't find the 'row, row your boat' singing insulting, but can understand the fans that hate it.

    This film is only for the true Star Trek fan, although is sometimes painful to watch, it has its moments not a lot unfortunately, but it stays true to Star Trek as a story, it had a lot of potential. I don't think is the worst Star Trek movie, maybe if its tone was more serious and less comedic, it would be better regarded....more info
  • A Very Underrated Film
    This film was unfairly panned. I loved the film, not so much for the search for God theme, but for the humor between Spock, Kirk, and "Bones" McCoy and the theme of friendship between the three principles. The relationship of Spock and "Bones" is just as humorous as ever. The campfire scene, Spock's rescue of Kirk, and other scenes made me laugh repeatedly. The more important theme that touched my heart was the importance of friendship. The characters of Star Trek have been one of the main reasons that Star Trek has endured. To see Kirk and McCoy deal with Spock's death in Star Trek II and III, and then see Kirk's commitment to save both Spock and McCoy further strengthened the bond of friendship between them. Star Trek V solidifies the brotherhood between the three friends and the acknowledgement that they are "family".
    The scene with "Bones" and his father moved me to tears. For anyone who had been conflicted about suffering and death, this scene was very emotional. For "Bones", who values life, yet loves his father, the decision he made must have been the hardest thing he ever did in his life. DeForest Kelly was amazing in this film, given that he had recovered from major surgery and cleared for work just before filming. He was "Bones" McCoy.
    If you haven't seen this film lately, I urge you to see it again
    ...more info
  • Perhaps a bit misunderstood...
    Star Trek V is certainly not a highlight of the series, but I do not feel like blaming this completely on director William Shatner. As you may or may not be aware, there is much of this film that was cut out due to budget difficulties, and the late arrival of models to the studio forced the special effects to be rushed.
    Also, due to the success of the humorous Star Trek IV, Paramount forced some cheap laughs into Shatner's originally dark script. There is also a bit that is left unexplained, including how the Enterprise reached the center of the galaxy in a number of hours, and why Spock's half-brother has remained a mystery until now, among other things.
    Despite its many flaws, there are some aspects of The Final Frontier to be appreciated. In some bookend scenes, we get to see some bonding moments between Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. There was also some well-done set design, in particular Paradise City. Also, shooting smoke into the sky on the location where they shot Sha Ka Ree, blocking out the sun, really did have a mystical effect.
    Anyways, I believe this is a film that must be seen to be judged fairly....more info
  • Not that boldly
    Agreeably not one of the better Star Trek films. I got it just so that I would have a complete set of the original casts movies in my dvd collection. I think this is the one that William Shatner strong armed the producers so that he could direct after the truly awesome job that Leonard Nimoy did n his directorial debut. Just hope that William Shatner will stick to acting and leave directing alone....more info
  • The 3 Stooges In Space
    Trying to capture the clever humor from the previous film, Shatner only manages to turn Spock, Bones and Kirk into The 3 Stooges of the federation.

    Without a clearly defined threat for the first hour of the film, the plot and any attempts at creating drama are meaningless. We are introduced to the "villain" in the first 3 minutes of the film, but he never commits any acts of evil other than commandeering the Enterprise and finally revealing his not at all evil plan near the end of the film. Meanwhile a pathetic Klingon crew hovers around as a possible back-up threat, never delivering and being turned into a sad joke by film's end.

    Usually the Enterprise crew themselves can save the day entertainment wise, but under Shatner's hand they all become slapstick buffoons throwing out the occasional one-liner. The only enjoyable scene is when Spock and Bones are made to confront their fears so there is at least a tiny glimmer of character development in the film.

    Definitely a chapter in the Star Trek mythos to be skipped. It should be noted that the Amazon rating system will not let me choose anything lower than 4 stars, my actual rating would be 2 stars.

    ...more info
  • The worst movie of the series but not the worst movie ever!
    As Captain Admirel James Kirk (William Shatner) with Spock (Leonard Nimoy) and the rest of the crew (DeForrest Kelly, George Takai, James Doohan, Walter Koenig and Nichelle Nichols) are having a nice pleasant camping trip since their newly christened U.S.S. Enterprise are having it at spacedock for repairs. They get called on a urgent mission to head to planet Nimbus III where a renegade Vulcan named Sybok (Laurence Luckinbill) has taken some people there hostage as he wants the Enterprise to find the universe's most supreme being.

    Considered by fans and critics alike as the worst movie in the franchise! William Shatner who directed and wrote the story for this movie. One of the biggest problems in this movie is too much lighthearted humor unlike "Star Trek 4" which worked like a charm but this movie overdoses on it too much especially on Scotty and Uhra who feel romantically involved and of course the infamous teaching Spock how to sing campfire songs. The special effects themselves are quite bad without the help of Industrial Light and Magic as they come off as laughable and the characterization is thin as a pencil but at least Shatner got to give this movie a try at directing and co-storying the film but he failed at that.

    This 2-Disc DVD contains good picture and sound with great extras such audio commentary from William Shatner with Liz Shatner and Text commentary by Michael Okuda co-author of the Star Trek Encyclopedia. Featurettes, deleted scenes, production gallery, trailers and TV Spots....more info
  • I loved this movie! Even if Shatner did write it
    Maybe I'm too much of a Star Trek geek for my own good, but I must admit that the Final Frontier has always been one of my personal favorites. First we find out that Spock has a half brother, and this selfsame half brother is trying to take over the Enterprise in search of God. The outer reaches of space never seemed so dark or mysterous as the crew battles their own personal inner demons on the way to helping Sybok destroy his own.

    Yes the romance between Scotty and Uhura seems rather sudden, but I found it rather charming, its time someone apreciated her.

    The banter is as humerous as ever as the holy Trinity (Spock, McCoy and Kirk) start of the movie sitting around a campfire, introducing Spock to Whisky and song. Row Row your boat for that matter, while Spock synthesizes marshellow's to roast.

    In short, I guess what I'm trying to say that this movie is wonderful, and a definate must see.

    Let it take you into realms where no man has gone before...more info
  • Let's See What's Out There
    The Good Things
    *A lot of good special effects and action scenes (albiet the quality is noticably different).
    *Filming style is good.
    *Characters are good and deep. Good acting, once agian.
    *Writing is not bad. Some good comedy, some good drama.
    *Good music.

    The Bad Things
    *Pretty iffy storyline. I liked the idea and the fact that it is so grand. But most people seem to have a problem with it and other aspects (such as Spock having a half-brother who is so compassionate).

    The Questionable Things
    *It looks as though they tried to make it grittier, edgier, and more sleazy. It kind of works, but in a way, it may be too different.
    *Despite the quality of the effects, some of them are totally weird at the end.

    Bigger is not always better. This film is a great departure from the previous ones, bumping up the scale of the story, adding even more to the characters, and making everything a little scummier. I think it's pretty fun, but it really is the weakest of the "Star Trek" films.

    The one-disc version had okay video and sound quality. The two-disc version has similarly okay quality and a number of featurettes and trailers....more info
  • A True Trek Film, but UNPOLISHED.
    People love beating William Shatner up for this movie... but really, it wasn't all his fault. Stupid budget constraints, the absence of ILM effects, and a failed "Rock Man" suit all worked against poor Shatner!!

    Unlike "The Voyage Home," this film is true "Trek." It has mystery, exploration, spirituality and psychological themes. It may be unpolished, but it WON'T make you yawn.

    I REALLY LIKE the "religious cult leader" theme of "Sybock." I enjoyed the fact that he was Spock's brother, and was a "passionate Vulcan." The theme of "seeking God but finding a devil- like Alien" was rich in irony... and a morality tale for the aggressive Sybock... who ends up atoning for his sin.

    I also loved the idea that one could "control" people by easing their psychological "pain"... using the "feelings" element of spirituality to manipulate followers.

    The most profound statement to EVER come out of Kirk is "(Pain) is what defines us... it's what makes us who we are. We lose this, we lose ourselves! I don't want you to take away my pain... I NEED my pain!"

    Then come the obvious weaknesses.

    Some of the humor is great... other moments are just silly (Like "row, row, row your boat" and Scotty knocking himself out.)

    The effects are very substandard, although the "Great Barrier" is nice.

    (Spoiler alert) The conclusion is HORRIBLE! The "God Alien" becomes some misty form shooting lightning bolts, moaning "Yooouuuuu!!!!!" It's almost laughably funny. Too bad Shatner's original vision of winged, demonic looking creatures or even a troop of fire breathing "rock men" wasn't actualized.

    Having a Klingon Bird of Prey rescue Kirk is a good twist, but it doesn't seem to fit well.

    And another horrible cliche' comes up in this film... the concept that God resides "in the human heart."

    It's true Star Trek, and it's entertaining. Too bad it's flaws held this film back!!

    Jeff Messenger, the author of the novel "the Shroud of Torrington."

    ...more info
  • The Final Frontier? We hope so...
    "Star Trek V" stands as the one&only ST movie directed by William Shatner himself. It's a dubious honor,since Roger "Easily Entertained" Ebert dubbed this "the worst Star Trek movie ever made." "Final Frontier" brings up important questions about God's existence,religious fanaticism and fundamentalism...and bungles the whole enterprise.

    "Final Frontier" begins on a desert planet, in Paradise City,of all places. Spock's half-brother, Sybok, takes the Nimbus III hostage to go to the "Great Barrier" (not the reef off of Australia,unfortunately) to meet his Creator. In the meantime, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are climbing fake rocks in Yosemite (supposedly they're ascending Half Dome,but it looks like papier mache to me) They sing "row,row,row your boat" around the campfire when they find out about the Nimbus III situation. The Enterprise comes to the rescue-complete with a paunchy Lt. Uhura doing a slinky catwoman dance. Yes,that requires a suspension of disbelief! You must have Sybok would say.

    Sybok's a smooth-talking outer space preacher. His charisma hooks everyone except Kirk, McCoy,and his skeptical half-brother Spock. One expects Sybok to ask for "love gifts" and give away cheesy gifts that look like they came from the Intergalactic TBN. But no. It turns out he's a result of Sarek's first marriage to a Vulcan princess. Darn pon farr. Sex DOES make people- and Vulcans- stupid. Or Sybok has father issues because dear ol' Dad remarried to an Earthling,and lavished all his favors on the younger. It's Oedipus Wrecks. Star Trek-style.

    The Enterprise comes to Sha-Ka-Ree,the cheesy home of the Creator. It looks like a desert matte painting,but Sybok is impressed and has a mystical experience. But the Creator is not so pleased. Sybok does meet his Maker- literally- and the movie ends with Kirk pointing at his paunchy belly, saying that's where God is.

    "Final Frontier" is compelling in its badness. At several points it's long-winded and boring. For Shatner,this movie was the final frontier. He never directed another Star Trek movie....more info
  • Why Does God Need A Spaceship?!
    With the Star Trek II-IV movie "trilogy" (one long plotline) finished, the fifth film of the series is a self-contained story about growing old, friendship, and religion. Sadly, the film fails on all those accounts.

    The gist of the film is that Spock's half-brother, Sybok (who has rejected his Vulcan heritage), hijacks the Enterprise in search of God in the outer reaches of the universe. Once found, "God" turns out to be a rather tempermental being who becomes angry when his escape from beyond the galaxy (the Enterprise) is taken from him. When Kirk utters the phrase "why would God need a spaceship?", the major plot point of the film turns to shambles. The entire mission (which wasn't all that compelling to begin with) turns into a sham, and ultimately a waste of time.

    Perhaps the largest downfall of the film, however, is the inability of the writers/producers to create dramatic tension between Spock and Sybok. It is too much of a stretch to believe that the emotionless Spock will succomb to the rash tendencies of a character only just introduced to him.

    Yet, despite failing on nearly all accounts, a few scenes are inspiring for their place in the Star Trek cannon. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy's vacation at Yosemite National Park is awe-insipring, heartfelt, and funny (Spock's marshmallow roasting machine is classic!), while the scene where Sybok diagnoses McCoy's and Spock's greatest pain is classic Star Trek fare (even down to Kirk's defiant refusal to be given the same treatment).

    To conclude, this fifth installment in the Star Trek movie franchise is a forgettable romp through the deepest galaxy. Besides a few interesting scenes, the majority of the movie is unemotional, bland, and even hokey. Hard-care Star Trek fans will enjoy the moments (however slight) of character development this movie brings to the table, but I would advise less dedicated viewers to skip over this installment entirely....more info
  • The worst Trek yet!
    I'm not sure where to begin but this movie was just horrible! This is easily the worst Star Trek film ever and that's is definitely saying something because to date, it's the only film in the theatrical series I've seen!

    Like the other Star Trek films (so I read anyway) this one continues the trend of trying to explore some deep, serious issues. In this case, The Final Frontier tries to answer the question that many people today still ask: is there a God? It's an interesting (if potentially blasphemous) basis for the story but the execution of it onscreen is awful. The plotting is a mess and the aging cast can't do anything to prop the movie up. I was thoroughly unimpressed by the special effects. ILM wasn't available (thanks to Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade) and it looks as if the film was handed over to some second-rate effects house.

    The tagline for this movie read, "Why are they putting seatbelts in the theaters this summer?" The answer seems obvious now: So the audience won't walk out of the screening!

    Darkhorse86...more info
  • Under Rated!
    The best way I can describe Star Trek V:The Final Frontier is, the movie was RUSHED! At that time, Paramount Pictures was looking for a movie that could compete with Warner Brothers' release of the new Batman movie, starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. Paramount was hoping, this latest edition of the Star Trek movies, would do the job. Their plans backfired! Batman was well received and did exetremely well at the Box Office. If Star Trek V had been given more time during production and released at a later date, I believe the movie would have been better received. The weakiness in the movie, was the script and with the sub-par special effects. Star Trek's appeal to its fan base, has always been, its special effects. If Industrial Light & Magic had done the special effects for this installment of Star Trek, the movie would have been better received. The storyline involving the Klingons, could have been better defined. The strengths of the movie, focused on the main characters, especially Kirk, Spock & McCoy. The other strength, was Lawrence Luckinbill's portrayal of Sybok. His portrayal of Spock's full blooded Vulcan brother, was excellent. With Sybok's telepathic powers, Kirk,Spock and McCoy, had to deal with the demons of their past,including Spock's inner conflict regarding his mixed heritage. The end of the movie, should have been on the lines of classic Star Trek. The Enterprise's return to Spacedock complete its refit would have more appropriate than a camp fire scene at Yosemite National Park.
    Star Trek V:The Final Frontier was rushed into production in order for the movie to compete with Batman. If Star Trek V had been given more time regarding script development, production, post production, the use of Industrial Light & Magic to provide the special effects and the movie was released at a later date, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier would have been a better movie and did well at the Box Office. To rate this movie higher than 3 stars, would be a stretch! ...more info
  • What Can I Say
    This movie is horrible. I simply cannot understand viewers who give it more than the lowest rating of one star. This movie was bad in every conceivable way. At least STTMP was trying to be operatic, without understanding that most people (I am not one of them) find opera too long and boring, so it became all that it was trying not to be. I loved #2 with Khan, really liked #3 because it was a transitional film to explain Nimoy being back as Spock, I loved #4 with the Whales because of it's message and its role in Spock fully realizing himself. This however was dreck so bad that I prayed that William Shatner stay in front of the camera (a major miracle given that even though I loved the series, I think Shatner's acting blows chunks). Luckily the studio allowed them to do #6, which was excellent -- Christopher Plummer still rocks, and set the stage for the Klingons' new position as friend.

    See this movie only if you must see all of the Star Trek films. DO NOT HOWEVER BUY THIS AS YOUR MONEY WILL BE BETTER SPENT ELSEWHERE!...more info
  • Cool Movie
    The Good Captain and his crew finally get some shore leave and we begin the movie in beautiful Yosemite National Park - a very uplifting idea from the start, that Yosemite Park will survive into the 23rd Century!
    I'm dismayed that if one reviewer/critic (oh, let's say Roger Ebert) wants to boldly label this movie THE WORST that everyone else feels obligated to nit-pik it to death. Remember, this movie came out the same time as BATMAN and perhaps we were all turning to the dark side anyway. I do, however, remember seeing this movie in theatre and the audience enjoying it as much as the others in the series.
    Yes, this movie IS sentimental. Yes, the money DID run short (if you listen to the commentaries of all the Star Trek movies, all the directors were forced by the studios to do much with little compared to Robert Wise!) and some production values suffered. Yet I much prefer it to Star Trek VI because so much of the enjoyment for me are the ACTORS interacting in character. The themes of brotherhood, blind loyalty, blind faith, facing your own fears and the question of just where GOD is are addressed on grand scale as well as gently. That's a huge undetaking. This is as introspective as I've seen the "brothers" Kirk, Spock & McCoy get. Toss in some sillinessand sweetness, and it makes for great entertainment. Lighten up, people. Go climb a rock! Then enjoy the Commentary by William & Liz Shatner when you watch it the second time!
    ...more info
  • Ah, yes, I was disappointed, BUT, there are some great aspects about this outing..
    Like most folks, I had very high hopes for this film, definitely after the loosely connected 3-movie story arc preceeding it. This movie didn't have the punch nor leave the audience with the typical satisfactory feeling afterwards. I despised the use of an otherwise talented and beloved supporting cast for comical relief. Instead of allowing the secondary characters a real chance to run, it resorted to sight gags and pretty much made them look like buffoons, and Shatner clearly didn't rectify the more-embarrassing moments. However, that being said, the film show several wonderful moments..:

    1) LOVED the campfire scenes both at the beginning and end, effectively bracketing the film's story in a poignant way. Why couldn't you have had moments like these for the secondary characters??? ~ They are seasoned ACTORS for heaven's sake..! After how many movies and episodes, not only are they relegated to remain as secondaries, but treated with even less respectful screentime. Again, warm moments you WISHED they did more on the big screen ~ Taking time out to EXPLORE these characters and what makes them tick together, after all these voyages. Without families, who have they really become..?

    2) Loved the horseback and wilderness scene's overall. Gave the normally 'sterile' starship crew a more beneficial and agreeable backdrop to work against.

    3) Despite the lack of good effects, the Kirk/Spock interplay at the end was excellent ('Spock, not in front of the Klingons...'). It helps to make up for the heavy-handed 'I-need-my-pain' message you had to slog through.

    The Sybok character was entirely miscast and misdirected.. Who would believe he would be a Vulcan, even Spock's half-brother, raised by Surak...? Terribly chemistry between him and the stars. Granted he was no Khan, but a more cerebral and reserved, less jovial approach would have made for better and conflict with depth. Instead we're treated to some painfully embarrassing exchanges.

    All in all, some excellent, warm screen moments found nowhere else in this franchise, but try not to wear out your fast-forward button....more info
  • McCoy Really Makes the Movie
    "God D#@* Irresponsible! Playing games with life..." The look on his face as he utters this line is priceless. 'Nuff said....more info
  • Outstanding Trek Nears Cult Status
    STAR TREK V is very underrated. It is the closest motion picture to capture the spirit of the original TV show. The TV series was about characters and their combined experiences integrated into cohesive stories based upon their trek into space. This film reverts back to the characters and forgoes the special effects. Jerry Goldsmith's rich score bolsters this approach directed by William Shatner. ...more info
  • You Know, I Don't See What's SO Bad...
    STAR TREK - THE FINAL FRONTIER is by no means the best STAR TREK movie. It drags on in several places, and the visual effects look like they went through absolutely no post-production. Aside from that, though, there is an engaging story, great acting, and some great moments that make this film memorable.

    I enjoy the STAR TREK films just as a casual movie-goer. I'm not a Trekkie in the least, so I have no idea if this film goes against some of their rules. That's my disclaimer: If you're a Trekkie, see the film for yourself. However, I read quite a bit about the film before I watched it, and it seemed no one liked it. Even Roger Ebert, whose opinions usually coincide with mine, called it "pretty much a mess". I could see where fans might not like this one, as it varies from the usual STAR TREK formula, but I enjoyed it.

    The plot goes like this: Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are on vacation, but are called back in (with the rest of the crew) when intergalactic consuls are taken hostage in a neutral zone. Sounds okay, right? I kept waiting for something horrible...Back to it. The ENTERPRISE, which is in pieces, flies to the planet, Nimbus 3, to rescue the hostages. While there, however, they are captured by a renegade Vulcan, Sybock, whose quest for the Divine has robbed him of his sanity. He holds the crew as prisoners on their own ship, while piloting it to Sha-Ka-Ree, the fabled Eden of the galaxy, where God is supposedly located. (oh, and there are some angry Klingons in there too, but they're not important)

    Yes, yes, it sounds pretty ridiculous, but not any more than any of the other films (VOYAGE HOME, I'm talking about you). And the crew of the film execute the story pretty well. The acting is great (especially by the two Vulcans, Spock and Sybock), and the script was fine, with some genuinely funny and touching moments. The film picks up speed after the first 15-20 minutes, and it doesn't slow down all that much. Some of the visuals are awful (take the Klingon ship firing at an old space probe), but they prove not to be a distraction from the film's real centerpiece, which are the characters. Supporting roles, like Uhura and Scotty, get increased roles in this one.

    About the big climax of the movie: I can see where it might be a bit disappointing (and a bit reminiscent of WIZARD OF OZ), but for me it was okay. The end of this film, for me, was quite like the end of THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK: The real climax didn't come at the big showdown at the end. For me, the best part of the ending was after, when Kirk, Spock, and McCoy speak of what they mean to each other. Sounds corny, but really: moments like that are those that make STAR TREK magic. And, even if no one else agrees, I think this film gets that right....more info
  • The Final Frontier is Like Pizza...'s good even when it's bad. As a result, I believe The Final Frontier is severely underrated. There are many flaws with this movie. First, Klingon Commander Klaa is an extremely weak nemesis with equally weak motives. Most of the time, he just comes off as cheesy. Also, the ending is a major let down. But one must remember that Shatner didn't have the budget to have rock-like creatures attack him.

    Even though the special effects are awful, TFF more than makes up for it by having great character interaction. TFF gives ample screen time to Scotty, Sulu, Chekov, and Uhura (even though some of it was cheesy). But most importantly, the movie focused on the Kirk-Spock-McCoy triad. This movie shows the best Kirk-Spock-McCoy interaction of any Star Trek movie. The 2009 Star Trek movie clearly lacked this essential element....more info
  • top off with RIFFTRAX!
    this movie has its charms, especially (and obviously) for fans of the original series like myself. but it really is a pretty crappy movie overall. the perofrmances seem to almost border self parody, especially with scotty. the crew has a sort of 3 stooges routine going on, acting like bumbling fools. there's even two scenes featuring kirk, bones and spock camping in what are suppose to be 'futuristic sleeping bags'. in actuallity the aging sci-fi icons look like potatoes wrapped in foil. while acting like average joes in the woods dressed with flanels tucked into tight wrangler jeans, spock treats himself to a "marsh-mellon" and they make sad attempts to sing one of the easiest and also dumbest sing alongs ever.......row row your boat. ya no joke.
    other highlights, or lowlights, depending on where you stand with sort of thing, include what is supposed to pass as a sexy kinked up dance by uhura wearing some kind of feathered wings. close ups of "her legs" just seem to wriggle and dig her feet into the sand. back in the day of the original series this would have been pretty sweet but now this kind of exploitation is just awkward and straight up bizarre. as are the sexual overtones between her and scotty. with soft caresses n all that seem to come out of know where. this could really go on and on but rather than spoil all the surprises i simply suggest downloading the mike nelson and kevin murphy (mst3k) from to properly view this surreal trek.
    4 stars with the commentary!...more info
  • Star Trek V: The Gods Must Be Aliens
    For real Trek fans, this one is fairly frustrating. There are just so many things here that don't quite fit with what had been established before: The Enterprise flies all the way to the center of the galaxy in a matter of hours (a trip that should have taken years); Scotty becomes a bumbling, head clunking oaf (though he may have been drinking some more of that famous green stuff with Uhura which might also explain her feeling him up in sickbay); Spock suddenly sprouts a half brother who, despite being fully Vulcan, gives a great belly laugh in the first five minutes of the movie.

    It doesn't help that they had to settle for sub-par special effects because their usual effects studio (ILM) was unavailable at the time. And the studio kept cutting the budget until Shatner had to settle for a horribly cut-rate ending rather than the smoking rock monsters he had originally envisioned.

    In the end, this movie has problems, but there are moments that, for me at least, still work: the "Plan B" is okay; the "Face Your Pain" moments, while over long and a bit out of place, give nice insight into the characters; there are several interpersonal exchanges that feel organic and lighten the mood.

    A fair to middling movie, but the DVD release helps out. By better understanding what Shatner was going for and why he was unable to pull it off, I can more easily forgive some (note SOME) of the missteps. The ending got short shrift, and a better ending can do a lot to help out a movie....more info
  • Special features are very revealing - Shatner got screwed
    We all know that Star Trek V is generally considered the worst in the franchise, and that most people like to blame its director, William Shatner. After watching 'Star trek: Nemesis' and the special features on 'The Final Frontier', I can tell you that people are wrong on both counts.

    Firstly, Star Trek V is easily better than the total disaster that was 'Nemesis', and is probably better than 'Insurrection' as well. Admittedly, the movie has many problems, but it's far from unwatchable.

    Secondly, when watching the special features on 'Final Frontier' it becomes clear that almost everything worked against William Shatner. I know it sounds like I've bought into some sort of Shatner egotist sob-story, but that's not the case. Watch the features, the facts are all there. Forced script changes, cuts, deadlines, low budget, effects shipped out to some awful company that 'didn't care' how they turned out... Everyone who watched this with me felt sorry for Shatner at the end. He got the short end of the stick on this one.

    Anyway, Trek fans will want to pick this up for completeness, and I highly reccommend the special edition. Watch this one again, it's really not too bad....more info
  • Has its moments...
    A less than stellar entry in the series. But I loved every big screen STAR TREK film for different reasons. To me, I like what most Trekkers like about it. It is funny at points (especially the campfire scene) and has a very good moment in the middle with Sybok, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. I thought of an addition to the movie's tagline but its pretty cruel. The tagline was: Why are they putting seatbelts in the theaters this summer? MY ANSWER: To keep people from leaving. Im only kidding. I think Shatner had a different idea and was over criticized. He made do with what he had ....more info
  • Pretty cool in some ways
    While this film is nothing like the others, I find it refreshing in that regard. We need a film in the collection where McCoy, Spock, Kirk are sitting around a campfire. After all, Spock pretty much just died, and is trying to get back to his usual self. But beyond that I thought the plot was indeed sketchy to say the least, but still kind of interesting because it was so different. The conversations between the three main guys, are just priceless though....more info