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Delta Force
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This typical but well-made action movie, which spawned numerous sequels, means to combine the best elements of the disaster movie with the hard-boiled attributes of traditional action-adventures. When a plane is hijacked to the Middle East by Palestinian terrorists, the Pentagon calls into action the Delta Force, an elite squad of highly trained commandos led by tough guy mainstay Lee Marvin and karate-action-star Chuck Norris. Their mission is simple: to thwart the terrorists and rescue the hostages, and the plot concentrates largely on just that, as the team uses its experience and fighting skills to get the job done. Its sometimes preachy patriotic bent occasionally gets in the way of the action, and Norris is a one-dimensional figure who at times takes himself too seriously, but his rapport with easygoing veteran Marvin moves the film over some implausible rough spots. While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, Delta Force impresses with its straightforward tough-guy style. --Robert Lane

Customer Reviews:

  • great action movie
    I never saw this when it first came out, & it is perhaps more timely now than 20 years ago............

    If you like this genre at all, you may as well get the best. At times, it is hard to watch & you want to look away, but unfortunately, that is the reality of what we live through.

    In this day & age, even if it is fanciful, it is good to know that these people are on our side!

    Chuck Norris at his best, bravo!...more info
  • The Motorcycles and Dune Buggies Rule!!
    Man, I've seen about every action movie there is, but this is the best ever. The motorcycles shoot missles for crying out loud! That's AWESOME. I've never seen the uncensored version in my life. I must buy it and see the difference....more info
  • 5 Star film 3 star DVD
    This is without a doubt my favorite Chuck Norris flick. The film also stars the late great Lee Marvin as Colnel Nick Alexander. The film is loosely inspired by a 1985 hijacking that much I know (I was only 7 when it happened). The film has a "happy" ending but I do think that the film is overly long at 2HRS 8MINS. The dvd is lacking in a widescreen format (only fullscreen) the region 2 dvd is widescreen No subtitles only English but only when the baddies are speaking Arabic?? I think they also translated the tower when the plane was hijacked so the subtitles for that are a plus. The sound is a little soft in places. MGM need to remaster this it is a good dvd that replaces my old worn out vhs video but there is room for improvment. The bike and dune buggies were cool too I want one. I got Delta Force for under $10 so I'm happy as pie oh the music by Alan Silvestri is one of my favorite film scores (soundtrack reissue anyone?)...more info
  • Typical
    A typical action movie from the -80s.I really dont care for american patriotism because im not american and the action sequences even if they are good looking area little bit like "americans kill thousand arabians and only one american dies(which is of course the main characters best friend)".It does have a good musical score and the action sequences are well done(except for the americans kill a lot of arabians).Its a shame the movie gives a bad picture of arabians(which of course is understandable because its done by israelians).I dont understand why you give it 5 stars its loong way from perfect but a fun and well done action flick.It also shouldn't have taken itself so seriously,still it has the best preformance of Chuck Norris(not much but stil) and a good send-off to Lee Marvin.It is also sometimes comforting to watch a happy ending movie that gives a "good guys fight bad guys and good guys win" feeling,its stupid but comforting to watch now and then....more info
  • A quality Special Forces adventure
    This is likely the best Chuck Norris movie ever to hit the big screen. Granted, given the dozens of horrendous films to his credit, that might not be saying a WHOLE lot. Nevertheless, if you're in the mood for an action movie that details Special Forces, this is one of the better flicks out there that's of that genre.

    The film opens with the (historical) botched attempt to rescue the Iranian hostages under the latter days of the Carter administration. Norris plays a member of team that suffered casualties when things went awry. Fed up with the politicians running the show, Norris decides to retire from the Army.

    Enter the Delta Force, which is the Army's Top-Secret anti-terrorist unit. After the Iran fiasco, they're chomping at the bit to prove their worth in a new scenario. Predictably, Norris' character decides to return to the fray.

    Ever since 9/11, this movie has been particularly cathartic to view. Watching cowardly terrorist forces get hunted by elite commandos is nothing short of soothing. It's a testament to the fact that, while we're normally a pretty laid back country, it is unwise to provoke us into anger. The Delta Force, Navy Seals, Marine Recon and Army Rangers are waiting for anyone who makes this lethal mistake....more info

  • one of the best chuck norris films
    this is a verry good norris movie i think his second best film
    (best film is lone wolf mcquade)the action is verry good , and chuck is in realy top condition also a good part of lee marvin
    the dvd looks real good , good clear picture and a verry good sound for a 16 year old movie.
    this one you must buy if you are a chuck norris fan....more info
  • Good movie, bad music.
    The movie is good, has nice action scenes, the terrorists are bad but not as bad as the real ones (well this is a pre 9/11 movie) so I could give this movie 3 stars; however, the music is horrendous, it sound as a Saturday morning GI Joe cartoon. It makes you not to care for the characters because it reminds you that it's just all fictional and that the good guys are going to end up killing the bad guys and there is not tension in it. If this type of music wouldn't be in the movie, or even if there would be no music at all, it would be better. The director should have put this music only at the end credits, that's it. So because of this music, and being generous, I give this movie two stars.

    Alan Sylvestri is a good composer but I think, this is one of his worst jobs.
    ...more info
  • The Delta Force is real action!
    Lee Marvin and Chuck Norris lead the highly trained Delta Force in the fight against terrorism. Perhaps Chuck's best movie even though it doesn't feature the best fight scenes. The Delta Force is straight forward action. Nothing fancy here. When the terrorists high-jack the plane, Lee and Chuck go into action and rescuing the hostages won't be too easy. Experience and technology help not only out fight the terrorists, but also out think them. The Delta Force is fun to watch and won't disappoint. This is what Chuck Norris films should be like, pure, gritty, and full of action....more info
    Chuck Norris in BEST film in career. When a plane is hi-jacked to the Middle East, The President of the United States decides to send in the one group of men who can rescue the hostages and kick some Palestein ass "THE DELTA FORCE". This action packed film features appearances by big name actors:ROBERT VAUGHN, GEORGE KENNEDY, SHELLY WINTERS,MARTIN BALSAM and JOEY BISHOP (THE ONLY SURVIVING MEMBER OF FRANK SINATRA'S LEGENDARY "RAT PACK)....more info
  • Drop-dead laughter
    By far, the most stupid movie I have ever seen in my entire life. I was literally dying of laughter when the opening credits were going. My God! Watch this if you want to laugh your ... off. Otherwise don't bother with a silly, panzy, half-... job of trying to make a home movie gone bad.

    (By the way, if there were anything below a 'one-star' I would give it like [-]500,000 stars)...more info

  • One of the best war movies I've ever seen. Gripping and realistic actions. Riveting acting.
    It's one of the best war movies I've ever seen. It contains gripping and realistic actions. Chuck Norris and the main bad guy's acting are riveting. It's the best film of Chuck Norris too, I believe.

    I've watched it five times over the years. I own it.

    Other favorite war movies of mine are Saving Private Ryan, The Longest day, The Lost Battalion, Gods and Generals, Gettysburg, We Were Soldiers, Hamburger Hill.

    ...more info
  • BEST... MOVIE... EVER...
    yep, my title has it simply put. My brother offered to burn me a copy on his DVD burner and I said no, because I want to PAY for the actualy movie since its so good. I want it NOWWWWWWWWW!!!!...more info
  • Another situation where art mimics life
    Very closely based on a true story surrounding the 1985 hijacking of TWA flight 847 from Greece to ultimately New York, with approx. 70% Americans on board. Instead of the real-life hijacking by Lebanese Shiite Muslim terrorists, the film uses Palestinians as the militants. The movie is very patriotic at times, which it should have been. It is also a little Hollywoody, but that's okay also, based on the theme of the film. Because, art imitates life so many times, especially after what has been happening here, and around the world, the movie is a great boost in confidence, and shows also how America's elite international counter-terrorism force comes to the rescue of the hostages. Fighting hijacking is really Delta Force's specialty, and the movie does not stray away from that theme. Good movie overall, and should be a great one in today's screwed-up world....more info
  • Since Norris is on his motorcycle, the action is intense, sweaty, and fast...
    Few countries in the world have not suffered from terrorist violence over the past three decades... Domestic and international terrorism is now at the top of the agenda for most nations...

    Experts agree that there is almost always a strategy behind terrorist actions... Whether it takes the form of bombings, shootings, hijackings, or assassinations... Terrorism is neither random, spontaneous, nor blind; it is a deliberate use of violence against civilians for political or religious ends...

    Terrorist acts are often deliberately spectacular, designed to rattle and influence a wide audience, beyond the victims of the violence itself... The point is as Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said at the Pentagon one day: "Terrorism must be vigorously opposed and soundly defeated wherever it exists."

    The Delta Force was secretly created in October 1977 by US Army colonel Charles Beckwith in direct response to numerous, well-publicized terrorist incidents that occurred in the 1970s.

    The number of terrorism attacks was at its highest in mid-1980s... Palestinians have long been associated with terrorism, including suicide bombings against Western targets and kidnappings in war-torn Lebanon during the 1980s...

    Menahem Golan's 'The Delta Force' is inspired by the 1985 hijacking of TWA, which featured the famous footage of the plane's pilot leaning out of the cockpit with a gun to his head... The film opens with two fanatic terrorists taking over an American airliner bound from Athens to Rome and New York, diverting it to Beirut...

    With no other option, the Pentagon decides to send the 'Delta Force' into the area for an emergency rescue operation...

    Colonel Alexander (Marvin) is given the go ahead, and his elite team - specialized in rapid infantry assault, night fighting and airfield seizure - led by Major McCoy (Norris) energetically meets the terrorists...

    Since Chuck Norris is on his motorcycle, the action is intense, sweaty, and fast...

    ...more info
  • You people are missing the point
    Chuck Norris does so much damage in this movie that it makes up for every negative aspect of the movie. Chuck Norris is so incredibly awesome, and all action sequences involving Chuck Norris had me raising my fists and shouting "YES!" This movie is a classic, not because of the acting or the costuming or the props (I found it amusing that the entire Delta Force was armed with Israelian mini-Uzis)or the story even, but because Chuck Norris kicks so much ass. Chuck Norris unarmed is deadly enough, but give him a sub-machine gun, bazooka, or motorcycle tricked out with machine guns, rocket launchers, and mortars, and he is the most deadly creature to ever walk the Earth, and the terrorists in this movie learn that fact the hard way. I recommend this movie to anyone who understands how truly awesome a Chuck Norris movie can be. Also, check out Octagon. The first half of the movie is boring, but it picks up after Chuck Norris bangs a hot brunette and then sneaks into a secret ninja training facility to slaughter countless ninjas and avenge his brother who died at the hands of the ninja-master. Chuck Norris is just so awesome....more info
  • A look at "The Delta Force"
    "The Delta Force" is a 1986 movie with tons of action and an excellent soundtrack. Scott McCoy (Chuck Norris) plays a Delta Force operative freeing hostages from a hijacked plane. The terrorists are in for a surprise when he blows them up with a missile-launching motorcycle! Possibly more explosions than Rambo III....more info
  • i naver got my order
    i naver got my order where is it...more info
  • Phenomenal acting
    People say Chuck Norris can't act. I say it's because he was never put in a role where he could flat out act and show his talents. In this movie we see some awesome and inspiring acting. Bo Svenson who is the black captain is flat out awesome in this movie. I loved the part where Captain McCoy played by Norris comes in late in his van while the Delta Force is about to depart from the U.S. I won't even tell you the rest because this movie is awesome. I have it on an old tape censored from USA Network, but I recently bought the VHS so I could add it to my collection. The music is great too. Anyone know where I can get the soundtrack?...more info
  • Sleep tight, sucker!
    Holy Lord, this movie is great. If you're a fan of explosions, missle-shooting motorcycles, or the USA kicking other country's butts, then you'll salivate uncontrollablly over "Delta Force." A wonderful movie....more info
  • All-American patriotic blast from the past!!
    Watching this movie reminded me of the great national pride and patriotisim felt in America in the mid 1980s. What a wonderful time to be alive! Lee Marvin is tremendous in his final acting role.

    BTW, the title theme song is one of the best I've ever heard. Check it out!...more info

  • Chuck Norris uses a night light because the dark is afraid of Chuck Norris.
    I would say this is the great Chuck Norris movie, no wait, the greatest movie of all-time except for one thing. And that is that all Chuck Norris movies are created equal and better then the movies like the Godfather, Schlinder's List, Back Door Sluts 9, and Braveheart combined. Chuck Norris is a much better actor then Tom Hanks and Marlon Brando because he knows karate. Hell Chuck Norris invented Karate as well as Judo, Kung Fu, and Hamster style Jap Slapping. Do yourself a favor and buy this movie so you can call yourself a man. And if your a woman buy this movie and pray Chuck Norris comes to your house and gets you pregnant.

    This message was approved by Chuck Norris.
    ...more info
  • Patriotic
    Great moive, brings a tear to me eye. Instills a sence of pride, and those of you who can tell i cant spell worth a darn, sorry! This movie is one of his best. It makes MIA look like Camando. Loved it! A one to buy, if you like action, violence, and patritizm....more info
  • Showing it's age, Politically Correct, and DVD has problems
    The plot of the movie has alot of promise, middle eastern terrorists hijack a plane and take hostages, Chuck Norris comes to the rescue guns a-blazing . Unfortunately, the DVD version I rented didn't subscript the Arabic speaking terrorists in English, so much of the movie, you just watched the terrorists yell without much of a clue as to what they said. There was alot of this dialog so there is much to miss.

    The terrorists that did manage to speak english had some lines that appears like Hollywood PC croud trying to keep peace with a particular ethnic group. For instance this one terrorist finds a ring that clearly belongs to a Jew, and later returns it to the Lady whom tried to hide it, making him look like he had compassion towards her. The same terrorist looked at another lady and said something to the effect "Your a brave women, your free to go". While saying this, he looked like he admired her. Maybe it's just me, but this doesn't appear to be close to the way middle eastern terrorists really are (especially not towards a woman).

    Chuck Norris seems a bit flat in this, especially if you compare against Stallone or Schwarzenegger movies. I would have probably rated it at 5 stars when it was made, but the story just doesn't fly for me post Sept. 11th.

    If you must purchase, wait until the DVD subtitles are fixed....more info

  • Truth about Islam
    This movie could never have been released after 9/11. It actually shows Muslims as terrorists, instead of substituting in the politically correct "white neo-nazis". Even though 99% of actual terrorists are Muslim, and Muslims have forced us to turn our airports into armed camps, most Americans suffer from Islamophobia, a fear to speak out against Islam. This is a movie worth watching....more info
  • Very Good
    Most likely my favorite Chuck Norris movie of all time. They rarely show it on TV so I knew I would have to buy this DVD online. It's a great investment....more info
  • I watch this movie every night before bed
    The musical score and the american pride depicted gives me a reason to get up in the morning. If you seen the cut version on television, I recommend you check out the uncut version on video. It is better and then some. The part where they go into the school to save the hostages is fantastic. There is no better action movie out there that combines an incredible score with fantastic directing and suprisingly good acting. Chuck Norris played an awesome role. Based on a true event....more info
  • Delta Force
    Loved this movie since I was a kid. Super cheesy, but I still love it, especially the motorcycles with the rockets....more info