The Naked Gun - From the Files of Police Squad!
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David Zucker--of the Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker creative troika behind Airplane! and television's Police Squad!--directed this 1988 feature film based on the latter show. Leslie Nielsen returns to his old TV role of Lt. Frank Drebin, the deadpan idiot with a detective's badge. The reinvention of the failed series as a theatrical feature seems to have inspired everyone involved to make a pretty funny movie, and the jokes gather a momentum that lasts until the final act. Ricardo Montalban is a perfect foil as a villain whose aquarium is being invaded by Drebin during routine questioning, and George Kennedy is delightful in a self-parodying part as an earnest but obtuse lawman. There's a hilarious bit when Drebin--wearing a live police wire while going to the bathroom--can be overheard over the loudspeakers at a speech given by a flustered mayor (Nancy Marchand). Yes, that's O.J. Simpson as a detective who ends up on the wrong side of numerous Drebin blunders. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Hysterical From Start to Finish
    You'll know this movie is going to be a riot from the openning sequence in which a meeting of the worlds master terrorists - including Castro, the Ayatollah and Gorbachev are folied by inept cop Frank Drebin, played with perfect deadpan expression by Leslie Nielsen, who went on to a second career starring in films like this.

    Drebin, from Police Squad, must try to stop the assasination of the Queen of England. Drebin is assisted by George Kennedy, a fellow cop and O.J. Simpson as detective Nordberg. Nordberg, especially is the victim of most of Drebin's foul ups and spends most of the movie being beaten or maimed (just desserts!). Ricardo Montalban stars as the construction magnate that is masterminding the dastardly plot.

    Nielsen's physical humor is the focus of the movie. His systematic destruction of Montalban's apartment is hilarious. But the highlight of the movie is the ending baseball sequence. and is where Nielsen shines. From his impersonation of opera tenor Enrico Polazzo (his butchering of the national anthem is a total classic) to his routine as a moonwalking showboat umpire, Nielsen is at his finest in milking laughs. The baseball game between the Mariners and Angels is the funniest baseball sequence ever filmed and funnier than any of the Major League movies. This segment features real-life baseball announcers including Dick Enberg and the great Mel Allen. When a highlight shows a baseball players head being knocked off by a fly ball, Allen delivers his classic "How About That?" while a stunned Enberg looks on, speechless. And there are real-life ball-players Jay Johnstone and Reggie Jackson, ("I must kill the Queen").

    Priscilla Presley looks beautiful and shows her ability to do comedy. Although Nielsen looks much too old for her, the scenes between them work, probably due to Nielsen's boundless energy and little boy innocence.

    The Naked Gun series follwed the Airplane movies in a line of hits for the ZAZ team (not all of them particpated in all of the films). Although the latter two Naked Gun movies were a let-down, Naked Gun shows ZAZ at their best and this movie remains funny.

    Also worth noting is the TV series that inspired the Naked Gun movies - Police Squad (in color). Look for it at your video store. Underrated and very funny....more info

  • Nice beaver!!
    The Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker team has given us hilarious classics like The Kentucky Fried Movie, Airplane! and Top Secret. However, for me, The Naked Gun is the best of the lot and is one of the funniest films ever made. I was a huge fan of the TV series Police Squad. Unfortunately, ABC did not really give the series a chance and axed it after one year. One of the series' original gimmicks was to have a "guest star" who was killed off during the opening credits (Florence Henderson was machine-gunned, William Shatner was poisoned, Lorne Greene was thrown out of a speeding car, etc.) Unfortunately, one of the "guest stars" was John Belushi, who died before the episode could be aired. The producers had to pull the episode as a result. This was the final blow for the series which was canceled soon after. The series Sledge Hammer feebly tried to cover the same ground, but paled in comparison to Police Squad.

    That's why I was overjoyed when the movie came out in 1988 and was even funnier than the original series. Zucker/Abrahams/Zucker take the Mel Brooks approach of cramming every one of their movies with jokes, knowing that a good percentage of them will hit their mark. The jokes in The Naked Gun, however, ALL seem to work.

    Leslie Nielsen, who was a serious dramatic actor until Airplane! made him into a comedy star, is hilarious. Without trying to be funny, Nielsen gets laughs by playing it absolutely straight -- even when he's wearing a body length condom, passing out by smelling 3 year old Chinese food or singing a horrible version of the National Anthem at a baseball game. Zucker/Abrahams/Zucker use the Leslie Nielsen theory of casting to the hilt in Naked Gun. Non-comedy stars like George Kennedy, Priscilla Presley, O.J. Simpson (when he could show his face in public), Reggie Jackson and Ricardo Montalban have mastered the art of delivering funny lines with absolute seriousness.

    It would take too long to recount all of my favorite scenes. My personal favorite is the baseball scene. If you're a baseball fan, you've probably seen a person singing the National Anthem botch the lyrics or seen an umpire who seemed to get a little too much pleasure in ringing up strike three on a hitter. The humor may be extremely exaggerated, but Zucker/Abrahams/Zucker base the scene on real situations, thereby making the humor even more hysterical. The first time I saw the film, I was laughing so hard, tears were coming out of my eyes and I couldn't breathe during that scene! Apparently, the audience I saw it with agreed because their laughter drowned out a good deal of dialogue. Nielsen's umpiring still makes me laugh, especially when it's shown between innings at a baseball stadium.

    The DVD transfer is excellent, but the real advantage of the DVD edition is the hilarious commentary of David Zucker. So many directors, when they provide audio commentary for one of their films on DVD, act so pompous and self-important you would think they had done something noble for mankind rather than just direct a movie. Zucker, however, has a great self-deprecating style that fits the film perfectly. It's quite clear that he has as much fun making these films as we have watching them....more info

  • I Laughed So Hard I Peed In My Pants!
    This Movie Is Amazingly Funny. I am amazed how they make every single scene funny! The Love Scene is funny when they wear gigantic condoms. The Part with him in the bathroom and making noises into the speaker. The funny death scene. The hospital scenes. The Fish Biting Scene. Oops I may be saying to much. This DVD Better be in anyones Movie Collection this movie is so funny where that AFI HAD TO HAVE PLACED IT IN THE TOP 100!...more info
  • You'll get gas from laughing so hard!
    I saw this movie at the cinema, and when I walked out of the darkened theatre my sides hurt so much from laughing you would have sworn I was suffering from appendicitis, and I rivalled Niagara Falls in my crying - the tears were just streaming down my face!

    This inane, farcical comedy has got to be one of the funniest films ever released. It's silly, but the silliness is funny and not pointless. Even the cameo actors are houmourous! Leslie Nielsen is fantastic as the deadpan, very moronic Frank Drebin, a bumbling detective who wouldn't know a criminal from a saint, and George Kennedy and OJ Simpson are perfect foils for his lunacy. (I'm surprised. I said something NICE about OJ Simpson!) And Priscilla Presley has never looked better. She and Leslie Nielsen have a chemistry between them that is lacking in many serious or other comedy movies. What can I say? This movie is great! I order you to stop reading these reviews and go and rent or buy this movie! Believe me, you won't regret it!...more info

  • Wonderfully Goofy
    This movie is, for the most part, one of the goofiest movies you'll ever see. It's very akin to Airplane! (Don't Call Me Shirley! Edition) in regards to its level of humor but unlike Airplane Leslie Nielson tends to be the only character who takes things literally which definitely puts a spin on the style of comedy. It's enjoyable from the very first moment until the credits with very few scenes lacking some form of humor.

    If you enjoy non-stop completely goofy comedies you'll really enjoy this one. If you tend to dislike movies like Airplane, Spaceballs, Blazing Saddles, or Robinhood Men in Tights I'd avoid the movie though....more info
  • Among the greatest comedies of all time
    The Naked Gun is without a doubt my favorite comedy. It's got it all: humor, romance, a ketchup and mustard fight. In my humble estimation, The Naked Gun along with This Is Spinal Tap is the greatest comedy of all time. Leslie Nielsen is superb as lieutenant Frank Dreben, the bird-brained cop and sometimes government-terrorist-organization infiltrator. Oh, and who could forget Ricardo Montalban as the sinister Mr. Ludwig who owns priceless pens and fish that are no match for Frank Dreben and his endless aptitude for ineptitude. This is one movie that should be required viewing for all. Truly, you haven't lived until you've seen Dreben umpiring a baseball game, calling strikes and then moonwalking in all his self-congratulatory glory. Movies like this don't come along every day. Four thumbs up! ...more info
  • Great Movie
    This 1988 movie directed by David Zucker (Airplane, other Naked Gun movies) is extremely funny with a lot of laughs. It stars Leslie Nielsen as cop Frank Drebbin who has to foil an attempt to assassinate the queen. Some other characters are Jane Spencer (Priscilla Presley) who he falls in love with. Vincent Ludwig (Ricardo Montalban) the villain, his friend Nordberg (OJ Simpson) and Capt.Ed Hocken (George kennedy). This is a very funny movie which most people should enjoy....more info
  • If Only O.J. Wasn't in it
    I love this movie. I remember laughing nearly till i choked all the way through it the first time that i saw it in the theater. I'd buy it right now if only O.J. wasn't in it. I just can't bare to watch the scenes with him in them, he has spoiled one of my favorite movies for me....more info
  • Laughing Out Loud!
    If you hate to laugh then don't watch this movie! I couldn't stop laughing from beginning to end! I remember Leslie Nielsen from the old "Tammy & The Bachelor" movie, but I didn't think much of him until now. Even my kids know him because of the hilarious "Naked Gun" movies. It's true that the others weren't as funny as the first, but they were still real good! Even Priscilla Presley! She's as crazy as Nielsen! Just sit back, laugh and enjoy because it's just that funny! Good job Zuckers!...more info
  • The comedy most people miss
    This movie is phenomenal. Of course, it is based on the TV show "Police Squad" (in color). I still do not understand what the TV series only had about 4 episodes. This is classic Leslie Neilson and classic comedy. I love how most of the comedy was spur of the moment or based on a situation at hand. It was not full of dirty or vulgar remarks, or obscenities. Although it had its sexual dialogue it was very brief. Comedy today is not the same. If someone farts, curses, or makes in appropriate sexual comments people laugh. The comedy in this movie is full of stupid humor featuring Leslie Neilson as a detective. Most of the time he catches criminals accidently by running them over with a car or slamming the door open on them. In this movie, however, he must sing the national anthem, pose as an umpire, and prevent the assassination of Queen Elizabeth. Meanwhile OJ Simpson gets beat up throughout the movie.

    This movie defines Laughing Out Loud....more info
  • Great baseball parody makes this all worth while
    The 15- to 20-minute baseball game sequence in "The Naked Gun" is - in my opinion - the funniest stretch of cinema in American film history. From Leslie Nielsen's rendition of the National Anthem under the guise of opera singer Enrico Pallazzo (shades of Carl Lewis' infamous attempt at 'singing') to his classic balls and strikes calls to the Queen doing The Wave and passing hot dogs, the Zuckers just absolutely nailed and perfectly zinged everything there is to zing about baseball. You can watch it a dozen times and discover something new every time.

    Also, every fan of this movie probably thought of Frank Drebin recently when a CNN reporter left her mike on the restroom. That's right out of The Naked Gun. ...more info
  • Classic Comedy
    Based on the failed tv series "Police Squad", 1988's "The Naked Gun" was a smash comedy that gave new life to Leslie Nielsen's career (he had previously been reduced to dramatic roles) as well as escued the team of Jerry and David Zucker and Jim Abrahams, who hadn't had a hit since 1980's equally hysterical "Airplane" (which also starred Nielsen).

    Frank Drebin (Nielsen) is a bumbling cop who is assinged to look into a plot to kill Queen Elizabeth at the World Series after his fellow oficer and good friend Nordberg (O.J. Simpson - yes, that O.J. Simpson) is nearly killed. The prime suspect is a businessman named Vincent Ludwig (Ricardo Montalban). Drebin and his partner Ed Hocken (Georeg Kennedy) will stop at nothing to find out who's behind the crime. That is, if Frank can avoid the charms of the sexy Jane Spencer (Priscilla Presley).

    This is a great film for anyone who loves to laugh. And get the two sequels as well and pray they comeout with a fourth one soon....more info

  • "I can't hear you! Don't fire the gun while you're talking!"
    Jim Abrahams, David Zucker and Jerry Zucker; the three men who made audiences laugh hysterically with their outrageous 1980 airplane-disaster parody entitled "Airplane!"; caused an equally hysterical audience reaction with their equally outrageous police detective parody entitled "The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!" in 1988. Starring Leslie Nielsen as the bumbling police detective Lt. Frank Drebin of the fictitious special detective branch known as "Police Squad" of the Los Angeles Police Department (Nielsen also played Dr. Rumack in "Airplane!"), the film begins with Frank's partner, Det. Norberg (O.J. Simpson, long before the murder trial), getting gunned down by a group of heroin smugglers on board a boat owned by the wealthy businessman Vincent Ludwig (Ricardo Montalban). Upon hearing the news, Frank cuts short his vacation and proceeds immediately to the hospital where Norberg is recovering and inadvertently upsets Norberg's wife Stephanie (Winifred Freedman). Yet unaware of the connection to Ludwig, the mayor of Los Angeles (Nancy Marchand) puts Police Squad in charge of security for an impending visit by Queen Elizabeth II (Jeannette Charles) and the highly respected Ludwig is in charge of the Queen's tour activities. Upon visiting Ludwig at Ludwig's office (which is partially damaged), Frank meets the woman of his dreams who is one of Ludwig's employees: Jane Spencer (Priscilla Presley). As it turns out, Jane bumbles about as much as Frank; but that doesn't stop them from starting an affair after Ludwig (unknown to Frank) encourages Jane to get to know him. However, it is when Frank decides to make a late-night clandestine visit to Ludwig's office that he learns of a horrific plot to assassinate the Queen; but who is the assassin? Frank then focuses his activities upon finding and stopping the would-be assassin even if it means embarrassing the Queen & the city of Los Angeles, as well as pretending to be an opera singer & an MLB umpire.

    Even after watching this film numerous times over the past 24 years, it is not possible to avoid laughing at the slapstick antics and hilarious one-liners that permeate the film. Some of the most memorable scenes include the hospital visit, the run-away car, the scenes in Ludwig's office, the building ledge, Frank's dates with Jane, the royal dinner and the baseball game. Adding to the humor is the superb acting as performed by Leslie Nielsen, Priscilla Presley, Ricardo Montalban and George Kennedy (who plays Frank's boss, Det. Ed Hocken). Overall, I rate the 1988 "The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!" with a resounding 5 out of 5 stars and highly recommend it to anyone who loves to have a good laugh....more info
    THE NAKED GUN still holds up after all these years. Very funny, snappy and dead on, this movie never fails to entertain and make you laugh, and now that's it's on DVD... you can replay to your hearts content. Clean widescreen transfer of the film, excellent sound, and the best of the best, audio commentary from David Zucker (Director/Writer), Robert Weiss (Producer), Peter Tilden (Host) - which, next to GHOSTBUSTERS, is one of the funniest commentary around. Inside jokes (Davey Crockett is everywhere in this movie), insight, and just plain funny banter make this commentary great to listen to (and like the NAKED GUN movies, you can listen to it several times and come up with something new). I can't recommend this commentary enough... it's that good. So is the DVD as a whole... always worth a rental, but also an excellent addition to the your collection....more info
  • Nielsen Gets High Ratings
    If you liked the summer series, "Police Squad!," you'll love this movie. Like the famed Inspector Cleuseau, Frank Drebin is a bumbling cop who apprehends criminals more by accident than by design. There are a lot of funny moments in this movie, especially the part where Drebin goes to the bathroom during a press conference and forgets to take his microphone off! Hilarious!

    Priscilla Presley raises the temperature a bit in her role as Drebin's sultry love interest. Even OJ Simpson shows what a cut-up he is in his role as the equally bumbling Nordberg.

    Even though "The Naked Gun" is a laugh-riot, I'd still have to say you'd be better off renting it instead of owning it as the movie's humor tends to wear thin after a while. Still, if you like slapstick comedy, you'll definitely want to see this movie more than once....more info

  • Hilarious Classic...
    A good belly laugh is to be had, even after having seen it at least 20 times!...more info
  • Hilarious
    This is a movie for those times when you just want to sit back, forget all the seriousness of life, and laugh your ass off for about an hour and a half. The comedy in this movie is immature, meaningless, and at times stupid. It is totally off the wall and unrealistic, but this does not detract from the funniness because you know they are not trying to make it realistic.
    Sometimes it feels like they are trying to hard to make something funny, e.g. the scene at the beginning where O.J. Simpson gets shot and runs aimlessly around the room before falling into the water.
    Overall, this is one of the funniest movies I have seen. Recommended....more info
  • One of the Top 5 comedies ever produced...
    Writer/Director team David Zucker and Jim Abrahams (producers of cult comedy classics Airplane! and Top Secret) team up once again to bring audiences The Naked Gun (a full-length film based on their earlier collaboration Police Squad, a short-lived television series also starring Leslie Nielsen). With a plot and scene sequences that are far more believable than its two sequels, The Naked Gun is simply one of the best comedies ever produced for the big screen.

    The Naked Gun follows the exploits of Lt. Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen), a longtime member of Police Squad, a special division of Los Angeles County law enforcement. Fresh off his return from a much needed vacation to Beirut, Capt. Ed Hocken (George Kennedy) informs Frank that his partner and best friend Nordberg (O.J. Simpson) was shot and left in critical condition. Frank and Ed visit Nordberg in the hospital where they try to get some information on the shooter. Unsuccessful, they promise Nordberg's wife Wilma (Susan Beaubian) that they will not rest for one second until they catch the man who did this to her husband (then they go off to grab a bite to eat).

    Frank and Ed's search for the shooter eventually leads them to the office of Vincent Ludwig (Ricardo Montalban), owner of I Love U a Panamanian ship from the harbor where Nordberg was shot. Ludwig directs his Secretary, Jane Spencer (Priscilla Presley), to give Lt. Drebin whatever files he's looking for as well as to "get to know him and find out what he knows".

    Jane and Frank strike up a relationship and things are going great until Frank finds out that Ludwig is involved in a plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth when she visits Los Angeles on her American tour. Frank breaks it off with Jane when he believes Ludwig put her up to it. But when Jane reveals Ludwig's plot is to have one of the ballplayers kill the Queen during the 7th inning stretch of the Angels/Mariners playoff game, she reconciles with Frank and two set off with the rest of Police Squad to foil Ludwig's plan...

    Loaded with some of the best comedy sequences in cinema history (such as Frank's break-in of Ludwig's office and the stadium scenes), The Naked Gun is a continuous 85 minutes of outright hilarity. If you love comedy, this is a must-see film that ranks in the top ten of anybody's list of favorites...

    The DVD Report...more info
  • Just as good as Airplane! if not better
    This film hits all the right buttons! Hillarious word-play, visual puns, and deadpan delivery from Neilson make this one of my all-time favorite comedies. Throw in Priscilla Presley as the sultry love interest, Ricardo Montalban as the villian and you've got comedy gold. And despite his trouble in court, I've always loved O.J. Simpson in the Naked Gun trilogy. If you've been living under a rock for the past decade, run out and SEE THIS FILM!...more info
  • Best of the 3 films
    Based on the short lived "Naked Gun" TV series, this is the funniest of the 3 films.

    Still 20 years later it is very funny.

    Leslie is perfect doing Frank.

    "Weird Al Yankovic is on the plane" just love this little cameo since I am a fan.

    My favorite scene is during the baseball game when Leslie "Frank" is dress as the umpire & starts doing the calls per how the crowd reacts. I will replay that scene.

    For an older DVD the extras on this are lacking.

    So many memorable lines & gags.

    The 1 down side to the 3 films is, now of course after history, OJ....more info
  • Mercilessly funny
    Non-stop slapstick attack from the ZAZ ("Airplane!", "Kentucky Fried Movie") crew. Straight-arrow Nielsen is perfect as idiot cop Lt Frank Drebin, who couldn't fight crime if he sat on it. O.J. Simpson's appearance is only made all the more surreal and bizarre by his real-life legacy. Cameos and celebrity impersonators abound....more info
  • The Naked Gun - From the Files of Police Squad! ~ Leslie Nielsen
    The Naked Gun - From the Files of Police Squad!~ Leslie Nielsen is the first and best movie in the series. Leslie Nielsen is amazing in his role as Frank Drebin. The script is very well written and the jokes are totally hillarious. It is kind of strange and unsettling to see OJ Simpson a movie but at the time he was not loaded with the stigma that he is today. The music is amazing and the dialogue is crisp. I love the opening sequence with the police car going all over the place. It is a total spoof of the sometimes overly pretentious cop movies that seem to take themselves so seriously. This is an amazing movie that should not be missed and there are several funny scenes like the one with the old chinese food in his fridge, the office scene with the fish and the pen, the scene in the bathroom with the mike on and the hosptial scene to mention a few. Higly recommended. ...more info
  • Masterpiece
    When asked what my favorite movie of all time, I always instinctively utter "The Naked Gun." While not everyone really appreciates this movie, unless you're into goffball comedies, this has to be one of the funniest movies ever. Not sure what else can be said about it. Puns, punchlines, side gags, are all brilliant. I laugh out loud every time I watch it....more info
  • One of the funniest movies ever, but the DVD is flawed
    Everyone who has seen The Naked Gun knows this is a wonderfully funny movie, and a must-have for any comedy lover's DVD collection. However, as another reviewer has pointed out there are problems with the DVD version. Just casually watching the movie tonight on TV (after all i do own the DVD), i was astonished to find there were parts to the movie that i hadn't remembered seeing. After booting up my DVD of the movie and checking, i found that there were indeed quite a few scenes missing from the DVD version! The worst part is that they are good scenes!
    For example, there are quite a few more exchanges in the absolutely hilarious "interrogation" of the low-life down at the docks. An equally funny moment is cut when Drebbin is inspecting Ludwig's apartment and somehow manages to get attacked by a dead animal rug.
    Let's all make paramount feel as ashamed as they should be for being the only company with enough gall to actually put out a DVD with less material then what you would see on TV, and take the other reviewer's suggestion to not buy this DVD until they put the scenes back in!...more info
  • So many sight gags it takes repeated viewing to catch 'em!
    I'm not going to summarize the plot of this movie. Others have already done that. I'm just going to tell you I think it's one of the funniest films I've ever seen.

    I love this kind of sight gag humor. And nobody does it better than Leslie Neilsen.

    The Police Squad! videos are priceless TV detective show parodies. It's a pity only a handful of episodes were ever made. They're a blast to watch -- especially the end credits when the actors "freeze" yet everything else in the scene continues to move. Really dumb humor, but it gets me every time.

    Which is why I love this, the first of the three Naked Gun movies. They feature the same bumbling detective (Neilsen) and the same intrepid team that created the short-lived TV series.

    I can watch this film and laugh every time. My favorite scenes are the chalk outline floating on the water...the shoe shine guy to which Lt. Drebin palms money for information...and, well, I could name scene after scene.

    Naked Gun is not for everyone. Not everyone likes the rapid-fire sight gag humor that makes this movie (and The Simpsons) such a joy to behold.

    But if that kind of humor tickles your funny bone, Naked Gun will cause you to laugh all the way to the store to buy the other two installments....more info

  • Laugh, Laugh, Laugh
    In the grand tradition of slap-stick comedy comes one of the best of the genre, The Naked Gun-From the Files of Police Squad! Taking Mel Brooks lead and running with it, the Zucker Brothers(of Airplane fame) have taken this form of comedy to a whole new level. This film parodies the old cop show Police Squad and stars Leslie Nielson as Lt. Frank Drevon. The plot is very simple, something weird is going on, and Frank is going to solve the mystery. But first he is going to give us some of the most outragiously funny situational and slap-stick comedy ever recorded on film. This movie is one of the new classics. It is hard to stop laughing at any point in the whole film. And a bonus to this film is that it stays funny no matter how many times you watch it. It is great!...more info
  • Missed the target, on this one....
    Okay, this was an okay movie. I mean, Leslie Nielsen is a truely great comedic and legendary actor. But, this movie has a very lame storyline. It's just pure cheese. ...more info
  • Hilarious film
    I, personally, loved this movie. Leslie Nielson has the perfect personality for Frank Drebin (main character) and Priscilla Presley tops it off. There are some very memorable moments, and also some one-liners that will have you rolling on the floor. If you're skeptical, rent the movie. You'll be laughing your butt off in no time....more info
  • Classic Slapstick
    Great comedy from the Zucker brothers. Nielson at his best, and even O.J. when he was still liked by the public. A must have for any comic fan....more info
  • An all time favorite film for us french,
    first of all, sorry for my bad english, but when I saw that the Naked Gun DVDs were going to be released in the next couple of month, I couldn't help but start smiling like the dumb french I am. Leslie Nielsen is our old time favorite comic actor here in Europe.This movie is packed with so much fun that it could be really dangerous for your health. Zucker 's film is excellent and I can't wait to have it. Order your copy now and you'll die of pleasure while looking at Leslie playing this dumb old cop and doing every stupidity you can't even dream of. A must have ,thanks to my fun dealer....more info
  • Great Movie, But I Want The TV Version!
    The Naked Gun-From The Files Of Police Squad. I don't need to talk about this movie. It's great. It's non-stop laughs. It's a must see. So what's the problem? The problem's not with the movie. It's with this DVD. Don't expect to much from silly Paramount, but has anyone ever watched this on cut TV, like USA, Comedy Central, or ABC? If so, you know the cutting out and editing of scenes for a certain channel tri trims a time slot, so they replace maybe 15 minutes with deleted scenes! And very funny deleted scenes I might add. One is where Frank Drebin is seen at a gym in the shower (of the woman's bathroom). Another is where Ludwig shoots Frank in the catchers's thing (didn't anyone ever notice it deflated?) and one where Frank turns off Nordberg's air at the hospital. All these scenes are outrageous and hilariously funny, but no version except the TV one has these scenes. I'm not going to buy any Naked Gun DVD until the scene's are restored. Same with Naked Gun 2, Airplane!, and Airplane 2.
    Don't by this 'till Paramount realizes we want deleted scenes!

    If you found my review helpful, please be sure to vote for me!...more info

  • Is this the funniest movie ever or what?
    This movie is hard to review because there are jokes and gags that come one after another and to explain them in a review would ruin it when you later see the movie. The plot is about a police detective (Leslie Nielsen) attempting to foil an assasination attempt of Queen Elizabeth in her visit to LA. He has foils who are fellow detectives, none of whom are quite as dumb as he is, including George Kennedy and, ahem, OJ Simpson who plays a poor schlemiel. The co star of this movie is a knockout, gorgeous, Priscilla Presley who really teams well with Nielsen. I don't want to give away any gags but, suffice it to say that there is a scene at a California Angels game that will leave you choking with laughter. The gags are silly but silly humor is usually the funniest. You will not intellectualize with this movie .. you will just roll with laughter. It's great and it's still funny a second or third time through....more info
    "The Naked Gun" is a collection of jokes, every scene has something funny and most of the jokes still are enjoyable after 16 years. The main character, Lt. Frank Drebin, is the most clueless creature in the planet, but without a doubt he is a very charismatic character that helps to create very funny situations.

    The creative team ZAZ (David Zucker, Jim Abrahams, Jerry Zucker) wrote a screenplay filled with jokes and scenes ridiculously funny. From the title sequence (the police car sneaking in the most unimaginable places) to the final scene, you get the feeling that "The Naked Gun" is a very good comedy.

    Perhaps the most ironic and funny thing is that Frank Drebin never realizes all the accidents and disasters he provokes, and even though the danger is always following him, he is a very funny character. If you like comedy, you should see this one....more info
  • Why do I have to enter a title for EVERY review?
    This film is absolutely hilarious, no matter how many times you've seen it. It's far superior to the TV series it was based on. The emphasis here is more on physical comedy, rather than the deliberately silly dialogue in Police Squad (which didn't work very well). There are so many hilarious scenes (my favorite has to be John Houseman as the driving instructor) that you can watch it over and over again. In addition to the hilarious movie, this DVD has one of the greatest commentary tracks I've ever heard. Robert K. Weiss (the producer) and David Zucker (the director) are having a whale of a time talking about their film. They don't do the usual, self congratulatory comments that most directors do. Their comments on O.J. Simpson are priceless (the commentary was done after his trial). Speaking of OJ, the man who played Nordberg in the series was actually funnier and goofier than Simpson is/was. They should have kept him instead of giving it to OJ, who is OK as the doofus Nordberg. But this is still a brilliantly funny film. ...more info
    BASIC PLOT: Frank Drebin, a cop from the Police Squad, investigates after his partner was shot 6 times [He survived, though. It missed every vital organ]. What he discovers is a dasterdely plot to murder Queen Elizabeth.

    NAKED OPINION: It sounds like a pure action movie, huh!? WRONG! It's a comedy! Filled with so many laughs and memorable lines! My favorite part is the "Stone statue" scene! LOL! One of the funniest movies ever! ...more info
  • ...
    This movie will always be a favorite of mine due to how funny it was it shows th 80's was comedy's best decade. ......more info
  • Great movie - questionable edition
    The Naked Gun and Airplane series have earned their places in the annals of comedy fame. Slapstick comedy, outrageous dialogue and hilarious situations elevate normal everyday stories to films of such comedic heights that they're remembered fondly by everyone. I don't think I'm crossing a line when I say that Leslie Nielsen deserves a fair share of the credit. "Don't call me Shirley" still gets used in offices around the world and there's point denying that Leslie Nielsen (until about 10 years ago) was the ultimate clueless slapsticker of his day.

    Case in point: The Naked Gun.

    Sidelining all the other comedic talents to be found in Airplane, The Naked Gun places all the pressure squarely on the shoulders of Nielsen as Police Officer Frank Drebin. Right from the credits The Naked Gun sets the tone for a cop story gone zany. As an aberrant cop car starts off with siren blaring, it quickly becomes apparent that its route isn't what you'd think; a perfect analogy for the movie itself. Playing on all the tough-guy, film noir personalities of the decades of filmmaking that came before, the Frank Drebin character oozes stoic masculinity while simultaneously being in way over his head - like a man who won't stop and ask for directions.

    After the unfortunate, though ridiculously non-fatal shooting of Detective Nordberg (O.J. Simpson), Frank Drebin sets out to investigate the circumstances behind it all only to catch on to a scheme so nefarious that the only reasonable setting for the climactic ending is a baseball stadium. Clues left by Nordberg lead Drebin to business tycoon Vincent Ludwig (Ricardo Montalban) and his sexy secretary Jane Spencer (Priscilla Presley). Is Ludwig up to something? Is Jane only interested in Drebin as a spy?

    Drebin has to get to the bottom of things fast lest the Queen of England fall prey to an assassination attempt that could be perpetrated by anyone!

    With that said - it's not the plot that matters here. The plot is window dressing for an endless stream of visual gags and funny dialogue. While I don't think The Naked Gun achieves the same jokes per minute ratio as Airplane - there's still so much going on in the foreground and background that to really catch everything requires multiple viewings. As comedic cinema experiences go, The Naked Gun is quite rich.

    Leslie Nielsen, god bless him, really plays the same character no matter what he's in. He has three total expressions: shock, skepticism and sexy. Or whatever passes for sexy with Leslie Nielsen. What he lacks in variety he makes up in sheer deadpan excellence. There's never a Jimmy Fallon moment of approval-seeking to the camera. He makes dry joke after dry joke and never stops to see if the audience has caught it all - that's your job, not his. Again, this rapid-fire pace of one-liners and double-entendres makes for terrific viewing and re-viewing experiences.

    O.J. Simpson. What do you say about this guy? On one hand we can applaud him when he had a bright future in both football and comedy. As Nordberg, Simpson gets slammed, rocked, jarred and thrown out windows all for the cheaper laugh. What makes it all funny is Simpson's ability to keep the look of pure dismay plastered across his face. Superb.

    DVD Extra Features:

    As with all the DVDs in the "I Love the 80s" Edition pool, this DVD version of The Naked Gun features very little in terms of DVD extras. However, I'm happy to note that with The Naked Gun you get a rather funny commentary track featuring David Zucker (Director, Writer), Robert Weiss (Producer) and hosted by Peter Tilden. Not as funny as the movie itself obviously, but interesting to hear about onset anecdotes about Nielsen, Simpson and the rest....more info
  • Is there a funnier scene in the history of movies...
    Than the baseball game? That scene has me still cracking up and I think I have at caught that scene about 35 times. I can't stop laughing when Lt. Drebin takes off his umpire's mask and the crowd begins chanting "Enrico Palazzo, Enrico Palazzo!" If you haven't seen this movie, PLEASE rent it as soon as you can. It WILL be worth your while....more info
  • Great Lines!
    George Kennedy to Nordberg's wife: "As soon as Nordberg is better, he's welcome back at Police Squad."

    Leslie Nielsen as Frank Drebin: " Unless, of course, he's a drooling idiot. But that's just common sense."

    Nordberg's wife sobs uncontrollably....more info
  • One of the funniest , if not THE funniest movies ever
    This movie probably has the most creative and well done scene of any movie I have ever seen. And that is saying quite a statement.

    Naked Gun is based on a short lived television show called Police Squad which was basicaly a spoof of Dragnet and all the old time police dramas. Everything in the tv show was slapstick and sight gags and it was well ahead of it's time. The show was funny in it's own right but some bad scheduling and the fact that you had to watch it all non stop as it was so involved lead to its downfall after a mere 6 episodes.

    The Zucker brothers who produced this show and are the men behind the hillarious movie Airplane, decided to revive the short lived TV show, but this time in a movie format. And thus the Naked Gun:From the Files of Police Squad, was born.

    Lt. Frank Dreben is the focus of the tv show and of this movie, he is a clueless cop (played by Leslie Nielson) who has a habit of hitting things with his car and always makes time for the women. The woman in this case is (Prisila Presley) the assistant to the would be bad guy (Ricardo Montebon) who Frank takes a liking to, after she is sent to spy on him, while the bad guy masters his plan of controling unsuspecting victims to kill people without even knowing they are under a hypnotic spell. Along for the ride is Nordburg (None other then OJ Simpson) , Franks partner who is shot early on by thugs on a drug boat which leads Frank into looking in to the main criminal in the first place. A plan to end the Queen of Englands life is soon unvailed and lets just say its a mad romp from location to location with lots of laughs mixed in.

    But the thrill of this movie isn't the story, that is almost secondary and almost a little nonsensical at points. Its the fun situations that Frank seems to get into everywhere he goes. One moment he is in the mid east stopping terrorist, next he is hanging from a building as a fire burns inside and he is chasing a killer doctor in one of the wildest car chases ever. The laughs are so great in this movie that you truly can watch this many times and get just as much enjoyment from the wacky satire and one liners that are thrown at us non stop.

    As mentioned above this movie does contain the best scene ever. I won't give it all away but it involves a baseball game that the Queen of England happens to be attenting and Frank Dreben must find out who the unknown killer at the game will be. The whole final scent of this movie is so priceless that I don't know if something this brillient has ever been matched in a movie. I just watched it again with my family and already we were cracking up as if we were seeing it again for the first time.

    This is truly a lost art when it comes to comedy. It didn't rely on sick or gross humor but on simple slap stick and straight one liners by people who are taking their roles seriously without being in on the joke that we the viewer are in on. Even the soundtrack is catchy and well done. It's just a very complete and hillarious movie that you will want to watch many times and with many people.

    If you want a funny movie, that is short enough not to drag on but funny enough that you will have to pause it to catch your breath, have I got the movie for you. Naked Gun : From the Files of Police Squad. Get it today and you will wonder how you ever got by without it. I can't recomend it enough and you won't be sorry adding this to your movie collection. ...more info