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The Burbs [VHS]
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Tom Hanks stars in this sporadically funny, extended sketch piece about a gaggle of suburban neighbors so preoccupied with mysteries taking place behind the closed doors of a newcomer that they go to extremes to look inside. The film is essentially a simple satire from director Joe Dante, for whom suburbia has been ripe territory for such comic-horror stories as Gremlins, Explorers, Matinee, and Small Soldiers. Of all Dante's movies, The 'burbs has the least story material to go around, and it depends heavily (and with modest success) on the comic powers of its cast--including Bruce Dern as a paranoid nut, Hanks as a Mr. Normal-type who loses perspective, and Rick Ducommun as Hanks's neurotic best friend. These appealing people hold one's attention, but by the end of the film, with nothing much having happened, even the cast can't mitigate an empty feeling. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Sub-'Burbs
    While I found the humor of `The `Burbs' kinda cute and occasionally giggle-inducing, it wasn't really all that funny to me. Ya got Tom Hanks in the usual `reluctant-hero-caught-in-the-middle-of-it-all' role he usually played back in the mid-to-late 80s, with his trademark expression of outraged incredulity poppin' up when he's been pushed just a bit too far by his odd neighbors. Throw in the quasi-psychotic weirdness of Bruce Dern's character, and the cool-dudeness of then-teen-heartthrob Corey Feldman, and you've got a little something that's fun to watch, but ends up well short of being a bona fide laugh riot. Which was pretty much par for the course for most of Hanks' 80s comedies following `Bachelor Party'.

    Ah well, there's always `Forrest Gump' if I ever feel the need to watch a truly funny Tom Hanks flick...

    `Late...more info

  • Who's next door?
    Who is next door is the question you may ask yourself after seeing this classic movie filled with timeless moments? Tom Hanks decides to stay at home for his vacation with wife and son. To bad his anoying buddy from next door is completly convinced that the new neighbors are some sort of cult! Sure they are kind of strange but when an old man down the street comes up missing these nosey neighbors jump in to action, and form a pact to snoop around and check out these new strange neighbors. Filled with some ridicules but funny moments. What will happen to them when the new neighbors see who's spying on them? It is funny but it might not be very funny but worth seeing though....more info
    This is the greatest comedy of all time,second is Clue. It has a whole bunch of great lines and an outstanding score by Jerry Goldsmith (Patton). Even though Tom Hanks is really, really funny, the best character in this is Art, played outstandingly by Rick Duccomon. You have to add this to your comedy collection. The movie itself is about three men (Tom Hanks, Bruce Dern, and Rick Duccomon) who get obssesed with what is going on in Tom Hanks' neighbors house. Art thinks that the neighbors are killing the other people who used to live there. But he can't be right. Can He? This is a must have for people who love comedy and mysteries. The lesson: Don't judge a person by his cover....... but don't be too careful....more info
  • The Burbs Review
    Ha! Every time I think of this movie I laugh! It takes place in a quiet residential neighborhood until a very strange family moves into one of the houses. Every one of the families that lives in this cul-de-sac is strange, but relatively harmless. They know each other's business, down to what time they get up in the morning, it seems. Then this new weird family moves in, and the whole neighborhood goes crazy. It is one of the funniest Tom Hanks movies I have ever seen. The whole movie is crazy, funny, zany I guess would be the best word. A million laughs....more info
  • Great Movie
    This has got to be one of my favorite movies. It has a bit of comedy and a little scare here and there but all in all a wonderful movie. I watch it evey chance I get....more info
  • Beyond strange.
    The 'Burbs is one of the strangest films starring Tom Hanks. Parts of this dark comedy are good and funny but mostly this film is a mess. Hanks saves this film and Carrie Fisher is pretty good as well but the plot is bizzarre. I won't give away too much but expect a quirky tale, I think I like Corey Feldman, it's a sick 1980s crush, give The 'Burbs a viewing soon....more info
  • Beware of the Klopeks!
    The Burbs was one of my favorite movies as a child and I was so thrilled when I finally found it on DVD! It is extremely an late 80's film but it still has magic that will always be with this movie! Tom Hanks is the star in this movie. Basically he is vacation when he notices that his new neighbors are fishy to say the least. Him and his two neighbors decide to investigate. They try to get information many different comical ways-and in the end they end up even in the Klopek's house (the weird neighbors). When in the house they end up hitting a gas line and blowing up the house when this happens they are set to be arrested but something will turn up to prove the Klopek's were not who they acted like they were. This movie is filled with humor and is an over all good time. But to those it is 80's acting and it is 80's looking. Which I personally like but some may not enjoy. If you love 80's flicks this is one to add to your list!...more info
  • There goes the neighborhood !!
    Tom Hanks stars in this kinda dark comedy about new residents moving into this very nosey neighborhood.
    They dig through your trash, break into your house and then blow it up by trying to find dead bodies in the basement.
    Come to find out there's nothing to find in the house they're all in the trunk of the car that the new residents have been driving.
    A perfect picture of how people have their nose in everybodies business except their own.
    I would say this a good comedy, not Tom's best, but still worth buying.
    I rate this movie a 7 from 1to10!!
    ...more info
  • Comedy Classic
    The 'Burbs is one of my all-time favorite movies. Like wine or cheese, this movie gets better with age and multiple viewings. It just gets funnier and funnier as jokes and gags you did not notice the first time reveal themselves. No matter what kind of a day you had, or how you are feeling, The 'Burbs will cheer you up.

    Tom Hanks is so funny in his over-the-top performance as Ray Peterson, the suburbanite whose week-long summer vacation is interrupted by strange goings on in his suburban neighborhood. A strange family has been living next door for a month. Strange sounds are issuing out of this family's basement. Figures are seen digging in the backyard. Ray's friends, immature Art and ex-Vietnam vet Rumsfeld decide to spy on the neighbors. Ray's and Rumsfeld's wives are the voice of reason, sure that the neighbors are just a little odd.

    When the family makes its appearance, it is worth the wait. A great cast was assembled to play the strange Klopeks. My favorite is Henry Gibson from Martin and Rowan's Laugh In as Dr. Werner Klopek.

    Who says suburban life is boring?

    ...more info
  • charming, amusing film
    now this is a funny, well-done comedy. strong cast/lots of fun touches.
    get a big bowl of popcorn and just relax. ...more info
  • One of my absolute favorites!
    It's not hysterical, but is more a feel-good comedy -about three very different neighbors uniting against the new "unseen" neighbor, so anynomous and strange that the entire neighborhood becomes paranoid. And all the peculiar noises coming from the house at night doesn't help their anxiousity. It looks something like a "ghost house", and so different than the rest of the houses/gardens down the street. The theme of these three neighbors, and the actors of course, works perfect. It hadn't been as funny without Hanks and Dern and "the fat guy" (Art in the movie). I have no idea how many times I've watched "The Burbs", but it's many -and in its' simplicity it appeals to you as a movie to relax to, and to be honest; these are the neighbors you'd love to live next to.

    God, I love that street!...more info
  • classic hanks and a classic 80's flick
    Hanks' rant at the end ("WE'RE the wierdos!") is awesome. As is all the performances in this movie. That Corey kid is pretty damn annoying, but that was his role in pretty much every movie he's ever been in (with Stand By Me as the obvious exception).

    My favorite quote: "I'm gonna kill everyone, Satan is good, Satan is my PAL..."

    The intro to the movie that goes from the Universal Studios logo/animation and zooms in to the 'burbs is a personal favorite sequence of the movie....more info
  • Funny suburban humor
    My husband and I rented this film as a joke after moving from the city to the suburbs, and it really cracked us up. We could see things in the movie that we were beginning to do ourselves (like keeping tabs on who just got the new TV delivered down the street, who needs to water their lawn, etc). Recommended viewing for others who have made a similar transition....more info
  • The burbs
    Most wonderful, funny movie loved it and would recomend it to any one. very good indeed!!!!...more info
  • Burbs review
    Good movie. Very easy to purchase and obtain. Was mailed in a reasonable timely fashion. Everything went smooth, no problems....more info
  • Toms Hanks' Best Movie!!!!!
    Everybody says Tom Hanks' best movies are his newest,but i dont agree.The 'Burbs is an extremely funny movie based in,you guessed it ,the suburbs.Universal needs to release it on 2 disk....more info
  • a great throw back movie
    This is a favorite. Quirky and stylized, the film ranges from over-the-top to subtle. Perfectly cast, it's a comedic romp where the leads are almost as fiendish as the adversaries. It never did much box office, but it's now almost a cult pick....more info
  • Non-stop comedy!
    THE BURBS is great entertainment. Three super actors (Tom Hanks, Bruce Dern and Rick Ducommun) team up as suspicious suburbanites who find their new neighbors, the Klopeks, damned weird. Suspecting foul play, they decide to investigate what's going on in their neighbor's home while the Klopeks are out of town. The escapades are hilarious. The one-liners are keepers. Here's a couple of my favorites:

    "You've had that in your trousers all day?"
    "There go the god-damned brownies!"
    "About a nine on the tension scale, Rube."

    Enjoy!...more info
  • Ducommun Delivers In One Of My All-Time Favorites
    Sometimes a bizarre comedy just hits the right notes with me and, despite none of my friends liking it, I love this film. I am glad to see reviewers on this site who appreciate this very underrated, dark-humor gem.

    I always get a big kick out of this film, and one of the big reasons this is so entertaining to me for so many viewings is Rick Ducommun. I think he steals the show from well-known stars Tom Hanks, Bruce Dern, Carrie Fisher and Corey Feldman.

    Ducommun and Dern are the hilarious wackos who try to help straight-laced Hanks find out about the really-strange neighbors he has next door. Are these people some demented killers or just the figment of these nosy neighbors' imagination? Fisher is Hanks' always-complaining wife and Feldman is the teen across the street who watches all the lunacy from his porch, getting his getting nightly entertainment from these crazy adults.

    Director Joe Dante, of "Gremlins" fame, does a good job entertaining us in here, too, and providing some fun camera-work. Dante also used music to great advantage, mostly for humor. I love this movie. Did I say that before?
    ...more info
  • "Get off my lawn, lame-o!"
    One of the funniest movies of all-time! You'll never think of sardines on pretzels as a snack again without thinking of this movie. If you're a 10 on the tension scale Rube, check it out. Man, so many great lines, where to begin. Bruce Dern should have won an Oscar, what were the Academy voters thinking? Tom Hanks, Art the neighbor and Corey Feldman all great also. Just about every neighborhood has a Klopek family, just hope that yours isn't it.

    If I could only take 10 movies to that desert island this would be one of them, hopefully there would be a tv, dvd player and some electricity. ...more info
  • Watch Out In Your Neighborhood For The Reclusive Families!
    As Art Weingartner says "I'm telling you these people are Satanists. As I sit here, they are Satanists. Look... look, the world is full of these kind of things; black masses, mutilations. Mutilations! The incubus, the succubus - I'm tellin' you, Walter was a human sacrifice."

    Such is the hysterical dialog between Art (Rick Ducommun) and Ray Peterson (Tom Hanks) when they discover, along with some other people in their suburban subdivision, their elderly neighbor, Walter Seznick (Gale Gordon) is missing in action.

    Other neighbor buddy, Vietnam Vet, Mark Rumsfeld (Bruce Dern) decides to help Ray and Art to find out what happened to Walter. They all three are SURE that the weirdo reclusive new neighbors, The Klopek family, comprised of Dr. Werner Klopek (Henry Gibson), Uncle Reuben Klopek (Brother Theodore) and shy Hans Klopek (Courtney Gains)have something to do with the old man's disappearance.

    So...complete with night vision goggles, credit cards to slide in the Klopek's doorlocks to break in and various other spy equipment furnished by Mr. Rumsfeld, they start their little spying games.

    Men and their wives even plan a little friendly "welcome wagon" visit to the Klopeks (one of the funniest scenes in the movie!)

    Corey Feldman as young neighbor teen Ricky Butler, Carrie Fisher as Carol Peterson, & Wendy Schaal as Bonnie Rumsfeld ALL turn in great performances.

    Even Nicky Katt from Boston Public plays Ricky's young friend Steve Kuntz!

    What happened to Walter? Did the Klopek's have anything to do with the disappearance? WATCH THIS VERY ENTERTAINING MOVIE and find out for yourself!

    Happy Watching!...more info

  • Great DVD!
    This is a hysterical movie. It is even better on DVD. Everyone should see this movie. It makes you realize just what can happen when you have too much time on your hands! LOL!...more info
  • Hey Pinocchio!
    Truly one of the funniest and most qoutable films I've ever seen. This is Tom Hanks' most brilliant work. Bruce Dern is incredible. Feldman is ridiculous. Courtney Gains, of Children of the Corn, shines as Hans "it came with the frame" Klopek. I must say though, I've always had my suspicions that the end of this film was changed to make it more palatable for a mainstream audience. After the Klopek home has exploded, and Tom Hanks slides down the steps in an unparalleled display of physical comedic genius, he launches into an inspired and dead-on rant about the irrationality of fearing those who are different from us - "It's not them! It's us!" - making a poignant point about the xenophobia of small-town USA. But then, the film makes an unexpected turn, and the Klopeks do indeed turn out to be murdering lunatics, rather than merely eccentric shut-ins. I've always felt the film would have been better had it turned out the Klopeks were, in fact, not murderers. Joe Dante - is this the original intent of your film? Anyway, if they weren't murderers, then we wouldn't have gotten to hear Bruce Dern yell "Hey Pinocchio! Where are you going?!" and then slide-tackle Courtney Gains to the ground. So all's well that ends well....more info
  • The burbs
    This is a terrific Tom Hanks film. It's one of his best and my family loves to see it repeatedly. We never tire of it, it's hysterical!...more info
  • When Neighborhoods Fight Back
    This is a superbly farcical dark comedy. There are, surprisingly, many layers of subtle humor in this otherwise madcap comedy. It may take a number of times watching this movie before you begin to see some of the more subtle jokes that often happen in the background.

    As always, Tom Hanks is great, but the supporting cast does an equally superb job in their respective roles: the former soldier across the street; the childish, simplistic neighbor who drags the world down to his level; the longsuffering wife; the stoner teen. They just culminate in a cast that makes this movie eminently watchable.

    This one is a great movie for a Friday the 13th party if you want a semi-dark movie that is still funny....more info
  • Back when Tom Hanks was fun to watch
    Before Tom Hanks got all serious and delusional under the guidance of Steven Speilsburg, he had a long string of enjoyable comedies in the 80's. The Burbs is a good ol' 80's flick in the same fun vein as Volunteers, Splash, and Bachelor Party.

    Well the 80's are gone forever (sniff sniff), but the movies live on. The Burbs is about a typical American neighborhood that just got some weird neighbors. You got the 'Doctor', 'Hans', and the rest of the ghoulish gang. The whole neighborhod thinks they murdered and sacrificed an elderly neighbor (who's really at the hospital).Carrie Fisher is great as Tom's wife, however the big breasted blonde housewife steals every scene she's in.

    Some good laughs in this one....more info
  • Very pleasant transaction
    This product was reasonably priced, as described, arrived in a timely manner. Couldn't be better than that...more info
  • One of Hank's best
    One of my favorite Tom Hanks movies pick up this old school classic....more info
  • One of the best comedies ever!
    This is a movie you will find yourself watching over and over. If not, then you would not be able to change the station if you came across it while channel surfing on TV. Each character in this movie is wrought from the mold of a perfect suburbia, with one exception, the new weird neighbors. No one has ever met them, talked to them, or even...took them brownies! Who are these people and why did Ricky Butler say he sees them digging at night in the back yard? Tom Hanks character, Ray is the hero of our story. He's on vacation but when boredom sets in he is bound to unravel the mystery behind these mysterious neighbors. It's practically his duty since he shares a property line with these creepy Klopeks. With his best friend Art at his side and Mark an ex-vet they decide to embark upon an investigation. Watch the hilarity ensue. Are the Klopeks sacrificing people in their back yard? Or Are suburbanites so bored, they will stop at nothing to end their own torture by torturing the "new neighbors"? You'll have to watch to find out. Be prepared, the one-liners just keep coming in this one. You will laugh until your sides hurt and become an undying fan of The Burbs....more info