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My Science Project [VHS]
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Faced with not graduating unless he completes his science project, a high school gear-head sneaks into a nearby Air Force base, looking for some gizmo he can pass off as his own invention. What he finds is an alien energy device that rips holes in both time and space, infesting the school with everything from dinosaurs to the Viet Cong. Writer-director Jonathan Betuel tries to mine some of the same veins as Weird Science and Real Genius (all three films were released in 1985) but with less success--mostly due to a slapdash script. The film veers from being The Breakfast Club to WarGames to Rambo, leaping over plot holes all the way. As the hero, John Stockwell is too low-key for his own good, but Danielle Von Zerneck is appealing as his emerging love interest, and Fisher Stevens and Raphael Sbarge do their best to inject some life into the material. Dennis Hopper (as a hippie-dippie science teacher) chews the scenary with gusto--and at one point shows up wearing the costume he wore in Easy Rider. --Geof Miller

Customer Reviews:

  • This movie brings out the excitement of my 60's high school
    It has been years since I have seen this movie. I still remember with fantasy nastalgia the excitement of high school revisited. Teachers that where far out (Dennis Hopper) and a car jock that was a sorry excuse for a student and a honor student that was a misfit groupie. Their combination gave me a feeling of hope and revenge and excitement all at the same time. This movie is a classic that will be one of my favorites for all time. I have been looking for the tape for many years and have ended up with a worn video store version. I am glad I can finally get a good copy....more info
  • Time Trip back to High School Days
    I saw this movie in 1986. I was about fourteen, tagging along with my mother on one of her business trips and bored in the hotel room. Mom rented this for me on the hotel's pay per view, and I spent a very enjoyable afternoon enthralled with it. I identified immediately with the heroine: cute, nerdy chick with plenty of unsuspected spunk. She has to take out her retainer to kiss the hero! And the hero (sigh) my idea of an ideal boyfriend at the time: blue collar sexy with a sensitive streak. Very cool movie!...more info
  • Einstein said that life was a spectacle.
    And this movie prooves that. I have this on Laserdisc.. and there was no way my collection could be without it. Definitely a comedy of all sorts- dark, light- romantic. You have to love Fisher Stevens catchphrases- I'd watch the movie just for his one-liners. I wish I could turn my high school into a timewarp- From dinosaurs to future invaders- this flick solves conflicts among all time periods. Ever see a dinosaur invade the gym before? If the team of Zucker and Abrahms ever got ahold of this movie watch out. I love this movie because it always makes me laugh- at the world around me- at scifi- or is it laugh with scifi- another classic 80's flick. And this fantastic exploit of adventure are enough to bring out the child in all of us....more info
  • Grade: A+
    It has to be said that this is a bad movie. However,as with Dolemite, this does not make it a "bad" movie. Its very entertaining and has an excellent cameo by Dennis Hopper and some surprisingly good special effects ,especially the dinosaur in the latter part of the film. It wont suit everyone, but if you like trashy movies, then this ones up there with Dolemite, Runaway, Biggles and Leonard part 6. Better than ...? anyway....more info
  • inner dimensonal time rips-oh my!
    The special effects are great.The character developement isjust so-so but i have to admit this movie has its moments ofhumour and the idea of a flyingsaucer being disassembled by thegovernment at hanger 54(which bythe way is a real location) doesnot seem that really farfetched.Dennis hopper do a finejob holding our interests andhis ex-hippie type persona(whichhe also used later in "flashback"helped hold together what reallycould only be described as adrive-in saturday night flick youmight have taken your best girlto see back in your high schooldays.If you looking for some simpleescapism his would be one youmight wish to check out.It has been on moratorium forquite a while and i was suprisedto see that Amazon has it-butpleasantly surprised.I ordered myself a copy-can'treally justify it -just missedthe movie....more info
  • A Great B movie
    There is just something about this movie, every time it is on, I have to watch it. It has an excellent plot but it could have been done much better.

    A high school kid needs to get an A on his Science project to pass so he goes to an old air force junk yard to look for something to tinker with. He finds an underground storage facility no longer in use. an odd light catches his attention. Security is soon on his tale. He grabs the object and runs. Know one is quite sure with it is, but it is an engine from an alien space craft. when he starts to play with it, all hell breaks loose as time and space are unraveled....more info

  • My Science Project
    I liked this movie when I was a kids in the 80's, and liked it even more now. Thank you for having the older movies....more info
  • Dude in a GTO and buddy save a chick from a time warp
    This flick is classic 80's B style low budget fun. A dude and his buddy find an engine from an alien space ship that turns out to be a sort of time warp generator that takes over the local high school. So they have to go into the school packing heat in order to kill of the T-rex and Aliens that threaten to harm the cute chick that the main character digs....more info
  • Red GTO + Blower = great movie
    If you went to high school during the 80's you've gotta love this movie. This movie is worth buying for the GTO alone if you're into muscle cars. I can't say enough about how cool the goat in this show is. definitely reminiscent of high school days and all the gear heads competing for the coolest/fastest car....more info
  • Excellent 80s Nostalgia
    As some others have said, "My Science Project" is pure 80s absurdity - but that doesn't make it a bad thing. With surprisingly high production values and a premise that was every misfit's high school dream (as in saving the day, getting the girl, and winning the respect of your peers), it's hard for an 80s-born nerd such as myself NOT to enjoy it. Since I was a kid I've always had a soft spot for this cheesy flick, and it hasn't changed with time. It may be too campy for much of today's audience, but it's jam-packed with that nostalgic 80s flavor and some really fun moments....more info
  • Just fun
    Every Halloween my friends and I get together and have a Halloween party. Our Idea of a good party is to put in as many hokey Scary or science fiction movies as we can, serve a buffet of food, and eat and watch movies.
    This movie along with "The Monster Squad",and the "Night of the Comet" are some of our favorites.
    It's fun to laugh at the acting, and the special effects, but it's also a great movie with Dennis Hopper playing a weird hippie science teacher, (Yeah, I'd have second thoughts about that too if I was a parent in this movie.), and a great car. It's worth watching and fun to boot.
    ...more info
  • This is one of the best sci-fi movies ever made!
    I first saw this movie when I was four years old; not in the theater, unfortunately, but on video, in the summer of 1986. I used to watch this movie by the hour. It is great! I still watch it a lot nowadays because Anchor Bay Entertainment has now released a (long overdue) widescreen videocassette. Nowadays, the movie is so obscure, underrated, and unheard-of. Given this fact, I have lots of unanswered questions. Why did Disney give up the rights? How did it do at the box office? Was it a hit or a flop? Did Disney disown it because it did bad at the box office?

    I highly doubt that we will ever see this movie in theaters again, which is a real shame. It deserves to be seen in theaters again; it is so dynamic, like STAR WARS. It is one of those movies that seems to have been made for viewing in movie theaters only. I can see all of the hard work put into the production: the optical effects, and especially the wonderful music score. This movie is such a classic and it has been overlooked one-too-many times....more info

  • my science project
    i like this movie its got great special effects for its time and this movie helps me think and relax ,the kids or high school kids are cool and remind me of my younger days in high school. the guy who made or directed it dont seem to be around any more. cause i havent seen anything like it for years...more info
  • Thrilling! Entertaining! Lots of fun!
    I absolutely loved this movie. Hopper was really great, along with a wonderful supporting cast. I have watched it over and over. It's one of my all time favorites. It's a classic!...more info
  • my science project movie
    the movie looks good but it lacks a better definition than other movies from its time and the wide screen format is very thik in the top and bottom margins so it makes the movie to look smaller...any way its a good movie ...i enjoyed....more info