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Tom Hanks was a relatively unknown TV actor with a sitcom as his biggest credit when relatively unknown director Ron Howard (best known for his own sitcom acting) cast him in this surprise hit. It made stars of Hanks, Daryl Hannah, and John Candy and an A-list director out of Howard. Hannah is a mermaid who comes to Manhattan in search of Hanks, the guy she has twice saved from drowning. Hanks runs a business with his lovable blowhard brother (Candy), whose goal in life is to have a letter published in Penthouse. When this perfect woman shows up, Hanks can't believe his luck and plunges into a dizzyingly romantic relationship, unaware of her sea-water secret. But the mermaid needs to soak and unfurl her tail from time to time, which leads to complications, including her capture by the government for scientific study (what else?). Hanks is winningly charming and Hannah is a perfect match in this enjoyably high-spirited comedy, though the biggest laughs belong to Candy. --Marshall Fine

Academy Award(R)-winner Tom Hanks (Best Actor, 1995, FORREST GUMP) ~stars as Allen Bauer, a workaholic who's convinced he can't fall in love -- that is, until he's mysteriously rescued from a boating accident by the woman of his dreams! Before you can say "mermaid," Allen and Madison (Daryl Hannah, MY FAVORITE MARTIAN) are swept away on the tide of a hilarious and heartwarming romance. But when the world discovers Madison's secret, it's sink or swim for the two new lovers! Master filmmaker Ron Howard (A BEAUTIFUL MIND) directs a star-studded cast, including John Candy (UNCLE BUCK) as Hanks' hilariously obnoxious brother in a magical tale that you'll fall for hook, line, and sinker!

Customer Reviews:

  • Splash
    If you love 80s romances then this will be right up your alley! It has Daryl Hannah in slouchy boots and Tom Hanks in a skinny tie. It is a sweet story and definitely will take you back....more info
  • Fond memories
    I was like... I think 7 or 8 when I first saw this. I love mermaids (and still do) and this movie was just awesome. I watched it again in high school and was able to appreciate the more mature themes of the film. Nonetheless, this is still a great movie for all ages (except the most youngest) It was always fun to watch the mermaid change to human (or back to a mermaid) and the story is funny. Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah, and John Candy all play their roles wonderfully....more info
    Who doesn't like a movie about a mermaid. This is a romantic comedy that will for sure win you over. I really recommend it....more info
    20th Anniversary Edition!.......Well it's got a good transfer and a few interesting extras, but what it is missing is the actual movie! The DVD has a altered version that removed the fact that Madison only changes back to a mermaid if she comes in contact with 'SALT' water! It doesn't destroy the film, but it does leave a sour taste in the mouth's of the people who saw the original theatrical version. The film is a very good romantic comedy/fantasy film, I would have given it a better rating if the DVD would have given both version of the film! BOOOOOOOOOOO :-(...more info
  • Hilarious mermaid story!!
    i just rented this movie from Hollywood Video. I loved it!!Madison and Allan and Freddy were very funny! it was a hilarious love story, of two different species of "people". Mermaids and humans....more info
  • its ok
    this movie is ok not my favorite but its ok....more info
  • See it again!
    I gave this to a nine year old godchild who is in love with mermaids. She was mesmerized! The movie still stands up today...a classic. I would give it five stars, except there weren't many extras in this DVD. I know that this movie originally was going to be longer because they had a lot more film of the underwater world of the mermaid that was left on the cutting room floor. Apparently, it's still there, because no deleted scenes made it to the DVD. Also, a word of caution if you are also planning on giving it to a young one...there are a few curses and adult language that I had forgotten about. Ooops. You might want to watch it first before you give it to your own kids....more info
  • Kind of a period piece, but good
    Unnecessarily profane. Flash or two of nudity, handled well. Dialog sometimes crude, suggestive but not too lewd unless you know Swedish. Nice story, not for pre-teens... or teens at all IMO.

    I was proud to spy the WTC's Twin Towers on the DVD case label of this edition. I hope they keep producing it in this era of post-9/11 political correctness.

    Period piece: John Candy, young Tom Hanks, pre-Kill Bill Daryl Hannah, WTC, "sexy" dialog. Worth having....more info
    SPLASH- from 1984- directed superbly by Ron Howard is absolutely the best movie of all time. It offers one of the best love stories ever brought to the screen.The performances were top notch by Daryl Hannah, Tom Hanks and John Candy. This film makes you wonder what it would be like to be in love with a fish. It plays at times like a comedy, and at other times like a fairy tale. I have always had a curiosity about mermaids and I see them as mystical beautiful creatures. Daryl Hannah was absolutely beautiful in this 1984 film which jump-started her career. It was the first movie released by Touchstone Films- a subsidairy of Disney. I am a collector of this film and it's related memorabilia. It is the best film of 1984 and the best film of all time. I will always have a special place in my heart for this movie!!!! If you haven't seen it- I recommend that you do!! It will forever live in your mind once you do!! We need more movies like this today because we seldom see them anymore. This movie is truly a masterpiece from beginning to end and is my all-time favorite movie!!!!!...more info
  • Classic movie that made them all big stars
    Considerng the adult humor and partial nudity, I was lucky as a kid to even be allowed to watch this movie on cable, especially since the "Blue Lagoon" came out shortly beforehand. My parents probably thought this was an innocent little film about mermaids. Some 22 years later, the movie still manages to be funny and charming...plus, now I get all the jokes. Who can resist a tale about finding the woman of your dreams who turns out to be more than what you bargained for? If you watch the credits at the end of the movie, you'll see the underwater city that Madison came from, something I had never noticed before. Ron Howard, Eugene Levy, Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah and John Candy probably never thought this movie would be the platform for making them huge A-list stars some twenty years later.

    This is a classic and a keeper. Future generations will enjoy as well.

    ...more info
  • "Mermaids and Hotels"
    This is a VERY funny look at a lonely, single bachelor(Tom Hanks) who has nothing at all going for him until he has a close call with death and is saved by a mermaid with a human touch. John Candy is very funny in it and there are some other funny people, too. One of the funniest films of the 80s. Better than "Fletch"...more info
  • Such a good movie
    This movie holds up good, and is timeless in so many ways. The DVD extras are resent and have background stuff you would not otherwise know about. Plus, that Daryl Hannah can swim like a fish....more info
  • Splash is a beautiful, romantic comedy.
    Splash is a wonderful, romantic comedy about a man and a mermaid who fall in love for each other. This is one of Tom Hanks' earliest hits that made him a star. His co-star, Darryl Hannah, who plays Madison the mermaid, has never really had a hot film career away from this movie, sadly enough. The late John Candy and Eugene Levy provide some of the film's hilarious comedy as well. This film was directed by Ron Howard. A movie about a mermaid has to be good, and Splash does this so well. Tips off to the crew of this movie who made it so real. The underwater sequences are well done as well as Daryl Hannah herself as the mermaid. She is utterly believable as a mermaid! She is just so sexy in the rubber mermaid tail suit. She swims in it so well. This movie really brought a fairy tale type story to life. A must see for everyone. This film was followed by "Splash, Too", a Disney TV movie sequel in 1988 starring Todd Waring and Amy Yasbeck in the Hanks/Hannah roles. Unfortunately, this sequel is not on home video....more info
  • Splash into this romantic comedy!
    I really liked this video because it had great pictures of the sea. It also had me laughing throughout the whole movie. It had good themes and a good script. I recommend it to anyone!...more info
  • It is so good to wacth a love story.
    I love this move because a love story and like a men to find he true love and the love of his life....more info
  • 4 3/4 Stars really, But Who's Counting
    This is the movie that took a young TV actor named Tom Hanks and made him a movie star. It didn't hurt the careers of Daryl Hannah, John Candy, or Ron Howard, either. Allen Bauer (Hanks) is on the rebound when a mermaid (Hannah) comes to New York looking for him. She saved him from drowning twice, although his memories of being saved are a bit hazy. He falls in love with her, of course, without realizing exactly what he's in for, because her tail changes into legs when dry. Add in Allen's playboy brother (Candy) and a zany scientist seeking to prove the existence of mermaids, and you have all the necessary ingredients for a very funny movie.

    My problem was how to rate this movie. I don't really consider it to be quite a classic like "Tootsie", "Arsenic and Old Lace" or some of the others I have rated 5 star comedies here. On the other hand, it is a personal favorite, I own a copy, and I have enjoyed watching it many times. So consider it about a 4 3/4 star movie (I rounded off). Whatever, anybody who enjoys comedy should certainly get a good laugh from "Splash". It's a great "date" movie, too, so watch it with a friend....more info

  • Madison the Mermaid
    SPLASH. This movie is actually an essay about the difference
    between erotica and pornography. Near the beginning of the
    film, John Candy shows up carrying stacks of pornographic
    magazines (Penthouse) saying his letter has been published.
    Later you see him drop coins (tolkens) upon the ground so
    that he might have an excuse to look up women's dresses.
    When Darryl Hannah (the Mermaid) walks across a lawn near
    the Statue of Liberty, you see men pointing these
    "pay-per-view" binoculars in her direction, and others
    rushing over to get their picture taken with her. She is
    objectified and put on display.

    Later, you see Eugene Levy's character running around trying
    to throw water upon Madison (Darryl Hannah) to reveal the
    Mermaid so that he can take a picture of her, exposed.
    He splashes the wrong girl, and her boyfriend looks upon
    Levy who is caught holding a camera, in anger and disgust.
    Levy later refers to himself as a "man of science" who just
    wanted to prove to people he was not crazy. Perhaps the
    director (Ron Howard) is suggesting that academics
    (psychiatrists, biologists, sociologists, political
    scientists, etc.) are actually sexual deviants looking for
    social acceptance?

    In one scene, John Candy speaks of adult pay-per-view
    television in motels, and then we see her, the mermaid in
    a giant "gold fish bowl", put on display before scientists.
    She is kept behind locked doors. You might imagine the
    following dialogue, which is never heard: "Hey, what are
    you doing in there? Nothing. Well, research, but of
    an intellectual nature." When Hanks character, Allen
    shows up to rescue Madison, he climbs up a ladder to talk
    to her. Whereas the others saw her on display, he climbs up,
    to talk to her. He doesn't see the "tv screen", the "gold
    fish bowl".

    Allen and Madison are in love, and so he never sees
    her without her clothes on (naked, vulnerable): He just
    sees the Mermaid, invincible, covered, and strong. But
    when she is first revealed, he is horrified, while cameras
    attack her, putting her on public display and putting
    distance between her and him, invading their space. When
    Levy's character says, "Behold, the Mermaid!" you can hear
    anger in his voice, while the cameras objectify her.
    Perhaps the anger is expressive of envy (why does she get
    to be the goddess?) or of resentment (of a woman's power
    over a man who would desire her).

    You cannot buy a woman's love, but neither can you expect
    it to be "free for the taking; exploiting thereof", like
    a land rush. You can only hope to receive, to be loved,
    to be chosen. Cannot a dime be used as a screwdriver?
    When John Candy drops the change on the ground, he is
    using that metal, not engaging in a commercial
    transaction. His intentions are what matter, and his
    intentions are questionable.

    In another scene, Allen (Tom Hanks) is angry at Madison.
    And she says his voice is different and she runs away,
    scared. In another scene, she buys him a gift. In a
    restaurant, she eats a lobster while others stare.
    Allen says to a doorman, "This door keeps spinning on its
    axis. You need to get it fixed." I began to wonder if
    Hannah was playing the guy, and Hanks the woman.

    In another scene, Hannah is watching television in a
    television store while doing aerobic exercises. Later,
    the tv sets explode, and Allen says to the sales people,
    "Hey, how about those Nicks?" Why would a guy watch
    sports on television when he could be watching women
    exercising on another channel, or for that matter, a
    Victoria Principal skin cream commercial? Also, women
    sometimes "nick" their legs while shaving. This movie
    I thought did a remarkable job of explaining the
    difference between erotica and pornography.

    A note to parents: There is a scene where somebody seems to
    to pronounce the name of the Lord in a disrespectful manner,
    but there is a flash of light, quickly followed by the
    sound of thunder, indicating that this is not something you
    should do. That said, I can't recommend this movie for
    people, adults or children, who are really innocent, or
    easily offended by any reference to what is called

    If you liked this movie, I also recommend 'Far and Away',
    which was also directed by Ron Howard, the star of 'Eat My
    Dust'....more info
  • Splash is one of the best romantic comedies ever!!!
    This is an excellent romantic comedy about a man and a mermaid who fall in love for each other in a modern fairy tale. This film was one of Tom Hanks' earliest hits that made him the huge superstar that he is today. Co-star Daryl Hannah, who plays Madison the mermaid, became herself a huge star from this film, but now times have changed in her film career, which has faded during the 1990s, which is sad. She is a great actress.

    John Candy plays Tom Hanks' older brother with Eugene Levy playing a crazy scientist who tries to prove that mermaids exist. These two provide some of the film's hilarious comedic moments.

    The romantic chemistry between Hanks' Allen Bauer and Hannah's Madison are just well done. Their characters' relationship just becomes true romance throughout the entire film. When Madison eventually gets caught as her mermaid fish body, Allen realizes that Madison is the one true love that he can never lose. Allen, along with his brother and the crazy scientist, band together to rescue her. Later, Allen realizes that Madison was the little girl mermaid that rescued him when he was a young boy in the film's opening flashback sequence. Madison and Allen were fated to be with each other!

    Splash was directed by Ron Howard, who is, of course, one of Hollywood's great filmmakers. A movie about a mermaid has to be good, and Splash does this so well. Tips off to the crew of this movie who made it so real. The underwater sequences are well done, as well as Daryl Hannah herself as the mermaid. She is just utterly believable as a mermaid! I must say that she is just so sexy in the rubber mermaid tail suit. She swims in it so well! I really thought that she played Madison to perfection!

    This movie really brought a fairy tale type story to life. A must see for everyone. I guess this film obviously makes for a great date movie.

    On one other note, most people probably don't know this, but Splash was followed up by a Disney TV movie sequel in 1988 that aired in two parts on the ABC network on what used to be a show called "The Disney Sunday Movie". The sequel was called Splash, Too and starred Todd Waring as Allen Bauer and Amy Yasbeck (movies "Problem Child" 1 and 2, "The Mask", and TV's "Wings") as Madison Bauer, now married from a Neptune ceremony. This sequel has Allen and Madsion come back to New York from their island hideaway to help Allen's brother Freddie (played by Donovan Scott) save Bauer Produce from going out of business. Madison has her own agenda later on as she finds a dolphin she knows from her past, named Salti, captured by another crazy scientist for study.

    Not a great sequel of course (as sequels usually are) but it was sort of nice to know that Allen and Madison had another adventure. There were some funny moments in the movie. It was particularly challenging to see Madison cope with suburban life and trying to understand how to be a housewife. I wasn't bothered that much with the recasting of new actors as these characters either. I did like Amy Yasbeck's portrayal of Madison in this sequel. She too swims and looks nice in a mermaid fish tail as well! A worthy successor to Daryl Hannah in her own right.

    Unfortunately, this sequel is not available on home video to my knowledge....more info

  • How's this for romance?
    This is the very first movie my wife and I saw together. We were dating in college and this was the perfect "date" movie. We loved it and eventually got married (all because of this movie?!). To add to it... our daughter, now 2-1/2, is named Madison after Daryl Hannah's character. We're not big movie fans, but this one has a special place in our hearts....more info
  • A Tom Hanks Classic
    I bought this movies because I love Tom Hanks! And Daryl Hanna was a great match-up. I can watch this movie over and over. It's just a fun movie to watch when you need a comedic lift!!! AND not to forget ever John Candy & Eugene Levy!!!...more info
  • Good Movie - Get it for your wife.
    This is a good movie and the DVD presentation is decent. There are no extras, besides the trailer, but I think that it is worth the price.

    The main reason that I bought it and that I think it deserves one star above the middle-of-the-road (3) is that there are TONS of guy movies out, including Terminators, DieHards, SciFi movies, etc. - and not enough movies for the guys' wives. This is a movie that my wife and I could both watch together without her getting the "I-watched-your-movie-now-you-owe-me" attitude after.

    If you want a good DVD to help you feel less guilty for having 20 movies for every one of your wife's, get this one.

    Jeremy...more info

  • Splash is a sexy, comical, romance.
    Splash is a movie must for anyone who enjoys a great love story. It is about two creatures from two completely different worlds that fall hopelessly in love with each other, and will do anything for their true love. All of the actors portray their characters beautifully, which make the story more believable and heart-warming then ever, while it comes alive in your living room....more info
  • GOOD
    This is a great film of love comedy and great acting. There is some great laughs from John Candy. A great film to sit and watch with someone you like...more info
  • Hated this movie!
    This was a horrible movie. There was so much that needed to be explained that they never got to in this movie. All this movie is basicly is kissing. A waste. I would've smashed this DVD if it was mine....more info
  • A movie that made a big splash
    "Splash" was a big hit when it first hit the screens back in the 80's and it's still fairly popular today. A man (Tom Hanks) that has been waiting to find the right woman for a long time finally finds her. But there's one problem that he doesn't understand until he really gets to know her, she's a mermaid (Daryl Hannah). How will a man and a mermaid work it out and stay together?

    "Splash" is a real entertaining movie and it's not all drama. It tells a story of true love and it does have a lot of drama in it, but it also has a little bit of comedy to it in some parts, and most of that is credit to one of the best comedy actors ever, John Candy, who plays as Tom Hanks's brother. If you like good movies, I definitely recommend getting "Splash." It's bound to make a big splash while you watch it....more info

  • Pure Romance, yet lighthearted, touching, ..perfection.
    I first saw this movie when I was about 7 or 8 years old ( I was BORN the year the movie came out! ). I was a big fan of the little mermaid ( as just about every girl that age was )so when looking for videos with my mother one day, she suggested that I pick this one out to see. Well...The rest is history.

    Splash as all the elements of a great romantic comedy. It's more of a Romance really than comedy though but it does have it's funny moments. It's about a sucessful businessman from NYC who seems to care more about his career than he does his girlfriend; who subsequently dumps him. Despite his disappointment, Allen ( Toma Hanks ) isn't too heartbroken. Afterall, he didn't love her and THAT'S what bothers him because he knows that she was everything he wanted in a woman so he figures that if he couldn't love her then it must be simply impossible for him to ever fall in love. Obviously, we know that isn't going to be the case. So, after getting drunk with his flamboyant older brother, Freddie ( Played by the late, great, John Candy ) he decides to take a cab all the way to Cape Cod because he "...feels closer to something there." What happens is that he is dropped off at the wrong part of the island, is brought over by a man who owns a small boat, and ends up starnded on that boat and falls into the water ( AND he can't even swim )and is rescued by a beautiful mermaid, Madison ( Daryl Hannah ) with whom he falls madly in love with, unbeknownst of her true identity since she has legs out of the water.

    Some critics have said that this movie is a little far-fetched but let me remind you of the obvious...SHE'S A MERMAID!!! This is obviously a fantasy ( Madison learns the entire English language from just watching TV for an afternoon ). Once you have realized that and don't take everything so literally, you will either love or hate this movie. but you'll only hate it if you truly hate romantic movies, I promise you. It's so sweet and tender and all roles are just perfectly portrayed. The story is well done, the acting is great, the actors are great and I cannot praise this movie enough ( except maybe that I wish it were longer or perhaps go on forever ) Another thing that you may be thinking is that since touchstone films is a division of Disney, "Is this movie more of a kids movie?" I guarentee you it's not. It can be a family movie ( It's rated PG ) but it has a very grown up plot and though it may be labeled as a romantic-comedy, it's not too overly silly that it takes away from the romance aspect of the film which make it come off seeming ridiculous like with similar fantasy related films like "Mannequin" and "Date with an angel" ( Okay, okay. I admit it, I love romantic movies that have a fantasy twist to them and those movies I DID like, but they just seemed really really silly and irritating at times ).

    This would have to be my favorite movie. I love this movie soo much that I can quote almost the entire film word for word, ( If you don't believe me then email me and I'll shock you ) and now, at the age of 18, I still watch this movie at least 4 times a month if not more. I've watched it so much that I have to buy a new tape because the tape is actually quite run down and ragged now. And one more thing...If you're not a big fan of Tom Hanks, ( I really don't like any of his other movies and I HATED Forrest Gump and all the other "criticly acclaimed" films he's made. )Don't let this derail you from wanting to see this movie because Tom fits the part perfectly and to me, he isn't Tom Hanks. He's Allen Bauer; produce supplier. So if I haven't convinced you yet to watch this movie ( or watch it again! )...then I guess that there is no hope for you and you're missing out on a truly magical, highly romantic movie. I recommend this to everyone who loves romantic comedies...more info

  • Perfection (once again)!!!
    I waited awhile for this dvd to arrive, but was aware that it would take awhile. I was seriously expecting a used, battered copy, but this was brand new, not even opened, and I couldn't be happier. Well worth the wait!!! ...more info
  • It's enlightning!
    This is a great movie to cuddle up with your husband/wife or best friend and eat popcorn. You laugh at the movie, you cry at the movie. It's a classic!...more info