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Under The Rainbow [VHS]
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In World War II era Los Angeles, the manager of the Culver Hotel leaves his nephew in charge for a weekend. The nephew changes the name to the Hotel Rainbow and overbooks with royalty, assassins, secret agents, Japanese tourists, and munchkins (from the cast of The Wizard of Oz). Secret Service agent Bruce Thorpe and casting director Annie Clark find romance amidst the intrigue and confusion.

Customer Reviews:

  • Funniest movie this side of Tommy Boy!
    This is an absolute cult classic. Unforgettable lines like, "Look Streudel, the Hindenberg" and "Perfect, a midget posse, that's what was missing" leave me rolling. Seeing Chevy Chase just be Chevy Chase is worth the price of admission. It's not Gone With the Wind or Citizen Kane, it's an 80's comedy. When Hollywood was still making movies you could escape into for an hour and a half or two and have some harmless fun....more info
  • My favorite comedy
    Obviously from the other reviews this is a movie that you'll either love or hate, but I know more who loved it and only two who didn't. I also saw this movie on HBO in the 80s when I was about 12 and I watched it every chance that I could. A few years later I bought it on VHS and I'm sad to see that it's not available on DVD.

    My friends and I would have a few drinks (while not necessary to enjoy this movie but enhance it) and rewind the best parts while laughing hysterically. How can you not laugh at Strudel fetching the ball over the balcony while the sound of the squeaky ball fades away? Or the drunken midget rolling down the stairs, shaking it off, and realizing "I forgot my beer?" as he stumbles back up the stairs to get it? Even today certain movie lines slip out of my mouth or I do the secret knock. It's a shame that you can't make movies like this nowadays for fear of not being politically correct and offending people.
    ...more info
  • This film is down right HILARIOUS!!
    Look, if you are looking for a movie to entertain, and want to see stupidity, than watch this film. It is cute, Chevy Chase and Carrie Fisher have a weird chemistry going. It just makes fun of Wizard of Oz and stuff. I don't know why people are comparing this film to Citizen Kane, etc. This film is like Airplane and Spaceballs....more info
  • Littlepeople-licious!!!!
    Well if you like little people and I tend to stay away from the words "dwarf" or "migit" because to me that's cruel. But, if you love or like little people this movie is for you. Rollo Sweet an aspiring dreamer that wants to go to Hollywood and be famous expect a telegram from the film company. While everyone in the boarding house was listening to the President of The United States giving a speech and by the way this took place around the 1930's so you'll see old timy cars in it, so there was no television invented yet so they had to listen to the President on the radio. When the aerial fell down, Rollo went out to fix it and when he lost his balance or got diverted, he fell to the ground in a dream. And in the dream everyone that was in his reality, is in the dream. You'll see cameos of Mako the late Japenese actor who looks for a German little person played by late actor Billy Barty. Pat McCormick who works in the Hotel Rainbow. Adam Arkin son of Alan Arkin, dwarf actress Zelda Rubinstein who we knew better as Tagina Barron in the POLTERGEIST MOVIES, Patty Maloney who we saw numerous times when Sid, Marty Kroft was around in their days. The late Eve Arden who play Ms. McGee in BOTH Grease movies. The main characters of course are Chevy Chase and Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher. In the whole storyline, Rollo finds a group of little people heading to check into a hotel to start shooting for the movie The Wizard Of Oz and when they check into the Hotel Rainbow, that's when everything goes crazy. The little people destroy the entire lobby, dining area and they even ruin the elevator. Thorp (Chevy Chase) who is a secret service agent protecting the Duke and Duchess from an assassin while a Japenese and German agent are meeting up to trade a map with defenses against the US...Keep track of how many dogs are in this...the Duke and Duchess lose many of them...and they name the dog "Struedel" and each one dies of an accident. At the end, Rollo recovers from his dream, until he sees a real car show up with little people in it heading to Hollywood. Again, if you love or like little people this one is the movie to see.....I just wish Warner Brother's would put it out as a RErelease on DVD cause it is one classic that should NEVER be forgotten.
    ...more info
  • This is one funny movie!!
    Sure, Chevy Chase and Carrie Fisher have nice moments in this movie. However, it is everything that swirls around them that makes this so funny. "The pearl is in the river." "And they all look alike." Granted that some of the dialog is not politically correct, but it is not mean.

    I saw this movie about five years ago, enjoyed it, and taped it. I saw it again last night with my wife and found myself starting to laugh at the beginning of the most humorous scenes, in anticipation.

    It is unfortunate that this movie is not available in DVD format.
    ...more info
  • The only thing I remember about this movie... the scene where Carrie Fisher was wearing just her underwear. What a babe! I give the movie 5 stars just for that scene....more info
  • Way, WAY under the rainbow
    First off, it's a Chevy Chase movie. Apart from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Chevy Chase has never made a good movie. Second, it's a veritable catalogue of racist and anti-midget gags that, well, would need to be really, really funny to work. It isn't. Which brings up a moral quandary: If a movie provides employment for lots and lots of midget actors, but the script itself is defamatory to midgets everywhere, is it serving a valuable purpose or a destructive one? I'm betting this is more thought than anyone connected with "Under the Rainbow" stopped to give....more info
  • Don't pay any attention to this review...
    ...because UNDER THE RAINBOW is one of those adoring movies from my childhood so I must rate it very high. My family got cable tv in the early 1980s when I was about 13. This goofy little comedy played a lot on HBO and I remember forcing my family to sit down and watch only to realize that "funny to me" wasn't always "funny to them". Before writing this review I watched it again and had the pleasure of being reassured that I'll never outgrow the wacky movies I grew up with. If you have YELLOWBEARD, CABIN BOY, JOHNNY DANGEROUSLY or the like on your video shelf then grab this pre-National Lampoon's Vacation Chevy Chase flick (this was when Chase was still funny) and I think you might like it.

    Good trivia: The actor who played the bumbling assassin played similar bumbling characters in 2 other silly movies. Catalina Caper (available here as Mystery Science Theater 3000: Catalina Caper) and Hysterical (now on DVD!) starring the Hudson Brothers ("You're doomed!!").

    Favorite line from UNDER: (in a Japanese accent thru a pay phone) "Can you fwix bwoken bus?" (pause) "What kwind of bus? It's bwack..."...more info

  • A grudge review
    Jeez, they'll let anything onto VHS... One of the reviews below says that if I don't think this movie's funny then "YOUR (sic) A CORPSE". Well, somebody better call 911 on me, then. This is a grudge review, given to one of those (thankfully) rare movies that actually made me angry that I'd lost 90 minutes of my life watching it. I sat there like a stone from start to finish. If I could give it negative stars I would - as it is, if my rating helps bring its star average down it'll provide some small measure of comfort......more info
  • Under the banal-bow!
    This is a film better than it's hey-day release back in the early 80's. Zany and funny it show's off Chase and Carrie Fisher in slapstick comedy unlike Ive' ever seen and Eve Arden and Adam Arkin also in an un-derated comic \-caper directed by Steve Rash for sillyness it desreves a viewing before buying but in my opinion worth the money if youre a faN like Airplane! Judge for yourself....more info
  • A bit obnoxious
    For obnoxious people only to learn from their mistakes. They might just find their behavior stupid and hopefully quit being obnoxious! One midget made me rate this film 1 star! The guy who grabs a upper portion of the rich women. How low can a movie go? Only funny part I liked was all those tourist guys taking pictures of everything they could take a picture of....more info
  • An Academy Award Winner....It isn't.....But........
    Life is too short. I laughed when I read the review by the person giving this a one star rating. This one has problems (nay, should I say "issues" {new speak}).
    Under the Rainbow is the kind of film I love. I don't want to be moved, I don't want to think, and I don't want to solve the world's problems. I only want to know that the "pearl is in the river". It was produced when a movie showing midgets and taller people as a farce was not considered anti-social. It is a scream! And for those of you worrying about what your children will see and hear (comparing it to today's films), it is clean!
    The gags are obvious, Chevy Chase is obvious, and once it starts, it is a roller coaster you can yell and scream on and still feel comfortable.
    I hear it asked, "why can't THEY make more movies like this?" Just open your eyes folks; Hollywood has been making great funny movies for years (Noises Off, Mouse Hunt, The Seven Chairs ...... etc.). They all don't have to be Disney pablum.
    I love this film, and am happy to make it a part of my comedy collection....more info
  • Knowing the Producer
    I first saw this movie in the early 1980's. I found it very funny being just 10 years old att he time. I knew the producer personally, Freddy Bauer and he is a great guy living in the suburbs of Pennsylvania. Too bad they cant get this movie on DVD....more info
  • Under The Rainbow-Chevy Chase, Carrie Fisher
    Take Chevy Chase as a bumbling G-man, Carrie Fisher as a lovely studio executive, add in a hundred small people starring in a film called "The Wizard Of Oz", a disguise bearing Duke & his half blind Duchess, an assassin, a busload of Japanese photographers, a mini Nazi (played by Billy Barty) & a Japanese spy searching for a map of American defenses and you've got yourself a yellow brick road of fun & mini-mayhem on a grand scale. I mean sure it's not Caddyshack, or Fletch, but Chevy does some great material, and it's great to see Carrie Fisher play absolutely straight to Chase's one liner character. Not many in the cast may be familiar, save for Billy Barty (from FOUL PLAY, also with Chase) and Mako (the japanese spy, who's appeared in a countless amount of movies, even though no one ever remembers his name) and the guy running the hotel during this fiacso looks familiar too. Take 90 minute's out of your life, sit back and enjoy the fun.
    Also recommended:
    Chevy Chase: Caddyshack

    Chevy Chase: National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
    Chevy Chase: Nothing But Trouble
    Carrie Fisher: Return Of The Jedi
    Carrie Fisher: Blues Brothers
    Carrie Fisher: The Man With One Red Shoe...more info