The Man Who Saw Tomorrow [VHS]
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Orson Welles narrates an incredible look at the prophecies of Nostradamus, whose amazing accuracy in predicting the future compels us to consider what his writings foretell us. Year: 1981 Director: Robert Guenette Starring: Orson Welles: Narrator

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  • The Man Who Saw Tomorrow
    Great film and I recommend that everyone should watch this movie. It is absolutely amazing to me that he was so on the mark with so many predictions for so many years.
    Wonderful and so glad I finally got a copy for my collection.
    Thanks Amazon....more info
  • Great movie of the biggest bull****ter psychic ever
    This really is a great movie. Wells does a fantastic job as narrator. It's great fun and great entertainment. I remember watching this movie in the mid 80's on VHS and being freaked out about the end of the world predictions. Time passed and we're still here. The story is filled holes and lies, but it's all good fun just the same....more info
  • Great film that needs dvd release !!!!
    This is such a great piece of entertainment, I highly recomend it to anyone curious about the history of Nostradamus!!!!...more info
  • Great video if you like to know about the future
    It's a great buy if you want to see the future!!...more info
  • Love it or hate it, this movie is a must see
    I, like so many other people here, saw this movie when it was originally broadcast in the 80's. I was a teenager and it frightened the hell out of me. Now, as and I adult, I just reordered it from Amazon Marketplace to view again with my family.
    Some say the movie is inacurate. Some say it's eerily right on. Others consider it to be complete conjecture. In the end, the theme you hear in the majority of reviews is that if you saw this movie 25 years ago, it stuck with you. It ticked you off, or haunted you.
    Personally, it freaked me out, but whether it's fact or fiction, or a mixture of both, no one can argue that it's entertaining, and worth watching! I would imagine that although the things that were printed on the net at the time of 9-11 were hoaxes, that watching this film post 9-11 has to be creepy even without specific mention of the towers.
    It'll be interesting to see what effect it has on me now.
    I only wish they would release it on DVD.
    ...more info
  • The Man Who Saw Tomorrow
    With the amount of emotion and feeling Orson Wells puts into his projects is by far outstanding. This was the most scary of them all due to the Attacks on September the 11th in New York. I usually don't write reviews on things such as this, but I watched the original broadcast on TV in 1981. The words them selves drew me back almost as if I had saw this just the other day. This is a movie worth takeing a look at and ponder over. The information delivered 20 years ago by this movie is so wierd I can barely describe it. It is a must see by all. I wonder what the transcribers of the profit are saying to them selves now....more info
  • The Man Who Saw Tomorrow...
    Saw this one and The Late Great Planet Earth, also narrated by Mr. Wells.

    I WAS HORRIFIED .... I want to know how to Survive-healthy., First viewed both of these videos in 1986!

    GREATLY DISLIKED the TOPIC .... IN AWE of the CONTENT ... Subsequently I have never forgotten these works. It is ultra - frightening to see the present day being talked about, by Orson Wells, on this video produced in 1976 and 1981.
    I always remembered how the Narrator and Nostradamus were not sure of where on the east coast the new city was; nor were or what the fire in the sky was, as well as location of the twin brothers falling. I still do not know where or what the temple or church they spoke of is located - only that when it is destroyed it marks the beginning of the reign of a new [evil] leader ... IT WAS THE BEST VIDEO EVER SEEN on this depressing topic. The topic offers no SOLUTIONS, only mentions there are survivors of the chemical war. .... Was horrified by the mention of the land producing no growth for more years than you could ever stock pile food or water ... bringing man to eat man, as a result of chemical warfare . LIKED the fact that this IS ALL FOR A GREATER PURPOSE: which brings about 1000 years of World Peace.
    Hence the topic, a bit depressing, once you realize you are living in this mess RIGHT NOW. We may or may not live to experience the beginning of 1000 years of World peace. Suppose we all have to find our own methods for survival, security, food, water, & health. Money in the bank certainly isn't going to be important with all the RAMPENT LOOTING from HOME TO HOME. Security, Food and Health seem to be the biggest issues. NOT TO MENTION ~ avoiding being killed by your fellow man to be a meal!...more info

  • This Tape Blows All The Other Nostradamus Tapes Away.
    You will live in fear after seeing this tape....more info
  • Road the loan star follow is yet to widen
    A must see film. Could be only a sign to follow, yet steps undone. He that holds the sand of time, yet to step, into the serpents holes. He that of humble sole, still has time to know. For the serpents offspring yet to hold, the believers, will follow this road. For the Koran to the Bible, man so weap, people yet to see, for its not the new city, that we have seen, but the leages that follow....more info
  • Good fiction, and very misleading
    I saw this movie many years ago when it first came out, and it was about as dramatic and disturbing as a moive could be to a 14 year old, mainly due to the dramatization of events, and Orson Welles spooky and professorial narration. Many of Nostra's predications from the original quatrains can be interpreted to mean a lot of things, and like the old wise soothsayer at the carnival or who owns a shop, can twist things to match events that have happened. The third antichrist being a "middle eastern" in a "blue turbin" is spooky, until you realize that Nostra never actually predicted this. "The New City....that will burn" is supposed to be New York, and Welles says at one point that "nothing will save the city from dying." Obviously that didnt happen Sept 11th, but the movie becomes real eery at this part with the recent events that have happened. You can twist almost any loosely worded and vague translated prediction to fit current events, but the fact remains that it depends who is translating the works, and who is reading them. The famine that was predicted for 1990 I always got a good laugh at, because I ate filet mignon almost all year. But if someone poor read those translations, they would seem too true. Watch this for great entertainment fiction, nothing more. Worth seeing and owning. Recommended...more info
  • Be objective when watching this documentary
    If you are one who are easily spooked by the slightest thing, then don't watch this coz you might end up all scared & anticipating for WW3 or the end of the world. These prophecies, when translated, all depend on the scholars' interpretations. Except for a few quatrains, no names were outrightly given & any relation to actual events (e.g. Kennedy's, etc.) were provided by the interpreters as they saw fit.

    Maybe for commercial effect or to scare some more people, the last portion about the 3rd Anti-Christ was quite exaggerated. No doubt about what happened to the World Trade Center (we all have seen it) but the quatrain mentioned to identify this event was not one continuous verse. Lines from different quatrains were picked up to match or better describe the event, which then seemed to be one smooth flowing verse.

    I am not questioning Nostradamus' gift nor the scholars/interpreters' capability. All I am saying is that when you watch this, keep an open mind. It may overwhelm you to see all the seemingly matching incidents but noone certainly knows when the end of the world will be...only God....more info

  • man who saw tomorrow
    kinda spooky. it will make you lose sleep......more info
  • Something you'll want to watch again
    I saw this movie the first time 13 yrs ago. Being a horror buff, there wasn't a whole lot on film or in book form that I thought could scare me. The interpretations of the predictions were so in line with the teachings of the bible that I grew up with that I had to call my mother, 750 miles away for reassurance.
    I accepted her reassurance and went about my life. Even so, this movie has never been far from me. I had always intendede to purchase it but thought that it was probably no longer being sold...
    After seeing this movie, you will never doubt why Orson Welle's war of the world had such and impact on the people of the time. Once the goosebumps subside, you will remember his words about these prophesies, keyed by things which may have seemd innocuos before seing this film. It will cause you to noot only rethink your outlook, but the direction of the planet....more info
  • Fascinating
    Yea, I seen this back in 81 when it first came out. It was on cable t.v. then.I was just a child then, I think it's awful funny that the minute these disasters happened,and there have been other things that have happened, but when this happened with the WTC, I immediately recalled the movie. And that was back before they did alot of computer anything to movies like they do now. And besides, this is more of a documentary of Nostradamus. I don't think back in the 80's people were trying to scare the pants off people, they were just trying to be informative. It just seems like maybe this man new something that we should've listened too. And I'm wanting my husband to see it, so he can decide for himself what he thinks might happen to the world....more info
  • Prophecies are mixed and matched to scare viewers
    Most of the prophecies are pretty accurate up until the ones about the third antichrist. "Accurate" meaning that their interpretations of the original quatrains are reasonable.

    The prophecies surrounding the third antichrist are completely bogus, though. I wrote down the prophecies word for word, then looked in a 30 year old book with all his original prophecies, with English translation, in them. Literally, the movie takes one line from one section, another line from another, and so on.
    They then present these randomly assembled lines as if it were one prophecy, which is completey misleading.

    Don't be scared by this movie, it plays on your trust and your fears....more info