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Battle of the Bulge [VHS]
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The German offensive in December 1944 became the basis for this all-star Hollywood take on the Battle of the Bulge. Henry Fonda is an officer who predicts the assault, Robert Ryan and Dana Andrews are Army brass skeptical of his intuitions, and Robert Shaw (his hair dyed yellow and his eyes glinting with malice) is a German officer leading the tank attack. Shaw is certainly the most compelling thing about the film, especially in his philosophical debates with ambivalent underling Hans Christian Blech. Elsewhere, the movie jumps around to sidebar stories (cowardly James MacArthur becomes a leader, wheeler-dealer Telly Savalas falls in love) while messing around with the historical facts of the battle. There are interesting episodes, such as the Malmedy massacre of American POWs and the Germans' use of English-speaking spies, but overall Battle of the Bulge has the feeling of having been patched together from different scripts. On the physical level the movie comes up short, with the Spanish locations rarely suggesting the wintry misery of the battle, and the use of models and studio sets highly inadequate. A number of war films from this era are compelling on their own terms, but in the wake of Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers, this one looks antique. --Robert Horton

Nazi Panzer forces stage a last-ditch Belgian front offensive that could turn the tide of WWII! Henry Fonda, Robert Shaw and Robert Ryan in the spectacular recreation of a crucial campaign. Year: 1965

Customer Reviews:

  • "Worst Blu-Ray Transfer Ever!"
    I was really excited to watch this one on Blu-Ray, hoping that it would be a clear and excellent presentation. About 15 minutes into the film, I could see a white haze on both sides of the picture. This continued in and out through the whole film,(in one scene, we view a train going through a tunnel at full speed, but it in the blackness, it actually looks like you're looking through a telescope at night) HORRID!
    The film itself..ditto, HORRID!...more info
  • Expected More-Disappointed
    While I thought the DVD was enjoyable, I was very disappointed with it because I was told by what I thought was a very good source, that there was only one version of the DVD for Battle of the Bulge and that it would have an "extra" where James MacArthur and director Ken Annakin are featured in a recent interview, discussing the making of the film. I did not find that anywhere on the DVD and was very disappointed. Can anyone tell me whether there is another version in DVD form that does have the interview of Jim and Ken? If so, please let me know.
    [...]...more info
  • Battle of the bulge
    It should be called the battle of the Beligan desert. I mean who were they kidding the big battle was filmed in a desert in southern California.
    Another thing I find irritating is that an entire scene is missing, with Robert Shaw and the General inspecting the tanks, that took place before they entered the war room to discuss the battle plan.
    And whoever thought to add that long train ride to nowhere into the film must have been on drugs. That scene should have been an extra in the feature section under deleted scenes (With good reason) because it was originally cut because it made no sense.
    But in the end it has a good story line with an all star cast. I must remember that this was made during the 1960's and not by Steven Speilberg. Saving Private Ryan it ain't and could never be....more info
  • 2 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    Turgid, overlong, simplistic, and certainly not historically accurate, Battle of the Bulge is a chore to watch and definitely not a rewarding one--there are very few reasons to see it but a whole host of reasons why not to. ...more info
  • An Audiophile Viewer
    Robert Shaw's performance was superb. His act and face was very close to the panzer commander Sepp Dietrich. The only pity was that the film producer did not use Tiger Tanks which has lost its accuracy. Hope a new reissue of film to be released with the latest technology soon. As good as directed by Steven Spielberg ??...more info
  • Entertaining But Not Historical.
    Great entertainment. But of limited historical value. No proper credit given to the roll of 3rd Army and Air Force for ending the Nazi's offensive. Still, the almost 3 hours movie keeps pace and viewer interest.
    ...more info
  • Battle of the Bulge
    This movie was entertaining,however they used fictional characters in the rolls. I think they should have been more historically accurate and the movie may have been better,just knowing this. The German seige on Bastogne should have been given more attention, since it was indeed an amazing spectacle of American courage and endurance....more info
  • Battle of the What?
    I think the major concern with this movie is its non relevance to the actual battle of the bulge - the historical connection is slight at best. Perhaps a different title may have been appropriate.
    If you can put that negative aspect aside, the entertainment value is well above average with plenty of action and a great cast delivering several brilliant roles (Telly Savalas imparticular)
    I was pleased to see the uncut version on DVD for the first time recently with a few questions answered at long last.
    All in all the movie is a classic and remains high in my list of WW2 movies....more info
  • very old favorite wore out vhs /please replace non HD.
    Battle of the Bulge.-I was a teenager in the ww2,3brothers in service I wanted to know all about the war. I have many ww2 videos in my collection. Just met you recently, want to order more,but can not play HD.
    Have sent"Battle"back . please replace with non HD.Reordered but was sent another"Battle" I am sending it back . Please tell me if you have only HD.
    I will still continue to order non HD videos . I hope we can work together on this . I still want to order ww2 videos .Thank You .
    Maitland Breen . Wish you could give me a contact phone #. MB...more info
  • Battle of the Bulge
    This is an action packed movie which holds one's interest from start to finish. It is historically correct in most every aspect. Every actor gives a surpurb performance, and the special effects are outstanding. It is a "must see" both for anyone who lived during this phase of World War II and the younger generation who have been taught so very little about the hardships and triumphs of brave servicemen during this conflict. I suggest The Longest Day (Two-Disc Collector's Edition), the story of the D-Day Invasion as a companion to the movie reviewed....more info
  • Theme song "Panzerlied" lyrics by Kurt Wiele
    This is supposed to be an epic war movie. And it is. It is a great vehicle for many of the popular actors of the time which includes some immortals. This is not intended to be a documentary. The over all intent of this presentation other than entertainment is to show that war has a lasting effect on those people that live through it.

    The story is of course the title "Battle of the Bulge" only instead of concentrating on Bastogne we are treated to the formula which on the U.S. side Lt. Col. Daniel Kiley (Henry Fonda) figures out them sneaky Germans is going to attack through the forest and of course Col. Pritchard (Dana Andrews) wants to have Lt. Col. Kiley committed. On the German side Col. Martin Hessler (Robert Shaw) just wants to have fun playing tank and wants the war to go on for ever; however his sidekick Cpl. Conrad (Hans Christian Blech) has this thing about preserving his offspring from joining the fun of an endless war.

    Can Gen. Grey (Robert Ryan) find a mistake the Germans have made and turn this around or will the German juggernaut just keep coming on. No fair looking at this movie from hindsight.

    I have watched this movie on and off for several decades and even though the Blu-ray version does not add any new words or scenes to the movie it does add a sort of 3D effect that adds to ones viewing pleasure. As an added bonus Director Ken Annakin and Actor James McArthur (who plays Lt. Weaver in the movie) are still alive and adds a voice over commentary

    The Longest Day [Blu-ray]
    ...more info
    Many reviews will state the historical inaccuracies of this movie and most are correct in their positions but if you remove that purist facet and look at this movie for itself and not in context to history you find a great movie built on the traditional theme set by most WWII movies, Good vs. Bad
    Ingenuity, courage and freedom outshine even the bleakest odds! obviously a little propaganda there but it truly defines this era and genre of film and thats what I like about them! The HD version takes an already great film and refreshes it to its original vision adding the clarity and sound that only hd media can do! If you like this type of film I strongly recommend this movie on HD-DVD!!!! ...more info
  • Screen
    I have a 36" tv at home, Movie quality is good but I can't see the movie full screen because of it's blacked out 3" above & below the movie. Why?...more info
  • King Tiger
    My Grandson is crazy about Tanks.My self it's not one of my favorite War Ficks....more info
  • Great Acting BUT FAKE PANZERS!!
    This movie is a classic and I can't help myself understand why people are such hipocrits about this movie. This movie is a little dated (but which classic isn't:)) and it doesn't have real German Panzers such as Tigers and King Tigers. But other than that it is very educational for those who haven't a clue what took place at this time and the acting I believe is SOME OF THE BEST ACTING I'VE EVER SEEN! The Panzerlized song is great as WELL! OVerall this is an exceptionally Great Movie!...more info

    Okay, so "THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE" directed by Ken Annakin and featuring an amazing international cast is a film created from composites and fictionalizations which bears very little resemblance to the actual events. There is much to suggest avoding this film, but somehow it comes off as quite a hoot, if one just takes it as a fictionalized war drama.


    I do recall every missing scene that should be on the video [vhs] version of this film, but is missing. There is significant exposition regarding the role of the 5th columnists in support of the Panzers, there is Henry Fonda telling Charles Bronson a story that starts with, "you make coffee as bad as my wife" and continues a fleshing out of both characters. There's the word "Kraut" that is deleted from the scenes or is in the missing scenes. Is it the "K word" I wonder that has caused these horrible deletions in the video version of this film? There's even the scene where Robert Shaw's character shows mercy to a young would-be assassin by sparing his life at the urging of the nuns onhand, and then just as suddenly decides to "spare the boy --- shoot the father!" There's alot of this kind of silly stuff and significant stuff missing, including Bronson's confrontation with Robert Shaw as a new prisoner-of-war, which in the video version we are never told about.


    This film as it appears on the DVD version is some 20+ minutes longer than the video edition I am referring to here and frankly is the only way to see this film. Naturally, this is not a true-to-historic fact type of war drama, as was "The Longest Day", that Ken Annakin had just directed several years earlier. Yes, there are over-the-top scenes, ridiculous dialogue and more than just unlikely scenarios for the plot of the whole film. In fact, there is very little fact here, and quite a bit of fiction, and I don't mean "fictionalize"!

    Nevertheless, in its entirety this is an interesting and very energetic film.


    Robert Shaw as Colonel Hessler is quite good as are his philosophical discussions with his long-time aid, Conrad, played by Hans-Christian Blech.

    Telly Savalas's completely over-the-top role, and performance as Sgt. Guffy, must be seen to be beleived as it is either the best or worst characterization seemingly at the same time.

    Henry Fonda as Lt. Colonel Kiley is in reality a non-existent composite character, but entertaining nonetheless, bad dialogue and all.

    Robert Ryan as Major General Grey is another composite, but his acting and role is a bit more wooden than Fonda's.

    Charles Bronson as Major Wolenski, commanding a company at the "up-front-front" as Henry Fonda put it, is right for his part and does a presentable job as the tough, seasoned front line officer. Later in the film as a prisoner, he informs and confronts Colonel Hessler about the rumors of recent mass murders of American prisoners of war, in a fairly heated scene which was related to the stiffening allied resistence henceforth.

    Dana Andrews as Colonel Pritchard, plays Colonel Kiley's [Fonda] detractor until he has seen the light and apologizes for his lack of faith.

    Anna Maria Pier Angeli as Louise is both Sgt. Guffy's wartime black-market business partner and surprise love interest. The biggest surprise was to the viewers I should think. This woman in real life was reputed to be James Dean's true love. Very sadly, she died of a barbiturate overdose at the age of 39 in 1971.

    George Montgomery as Sgt. Duquesne and James MacArthur as Lt. Weaver, also have a rather touching relationship in a rather insignificant sub-plot that I have always really enjoyed. Lt. Weaver grows-up quickly in battle, and learns to really appreciate Duquesne just in time for the pair to be separated by a mass killing of American P.O.W.s which Weaver survives and Duquesne does not. The effect of this does have a bearing on the film's, though perhaps not the actual battle's, outcome.


    All of the above leads us to the climactic last epic tank battle, which was done with a combination of real tanks and minatures. Still, over 40 years later, these tank battle scenes hold up quite well. I hope this is not spoiling the film for anyone, but the Panzers run out of gas and the Allied forces prevail sort of by default, according to the film anyway. In the end, the German Panzer troops simply abandon their tanks and hoof it back to Germany, or at least in that general direction, at least according to the film.

    If you want to see a true to historic fact film about the battle of the bulge, consider "Battleground" from 1949 directed by William Wellman. Of course, this is fictionalized also, but it is a closer representation from the common foot soldiers viewpoint.
    If you want a documentary about the battle consider "The Battle of the Bulge", narrated by David McCullough, or "The American Experience - THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE".


    ...more info
  • A good war movie but it doesn't do the battle justice
    This movie is set during the December 1944 German offensive in the west which came to be known as the Battle of the Bulge. The Germans put together a huge army and hurled it against four American divisions holding the Ardennes, a hilly area not believed to be passable to tanks in great numbers. American tenacity, as well as a timely counterattack by Patton's 3rd Army and the British-led army to the north allowed the offensive to grind to a halt.

    In this production it seems as if the producers tried to find the least Bastogne-like terrain they could find. Also, the thick snow which caused enormous misery on both sides is nowhere to be seen in this film. However, the Battle of the Bulge does have some good acting and some interesting parts to it. The English-speaking agents were actually used by the Germans to disrupt communications and sow chaos (the ones who were captured were later shot, an surprising act of ruthlessness on the U.S. Army's part). But unlike the film version the battle did not end in bang, but rather in a whimper.
    ...more info
  • Enjoyable Movie; Horrible Account of History
    When it comes to the film "The Battle of the Bulge", I feel one should seperate the generally epic and enjoyable film from its horrendous telling of history.
    On the positive side, "The Battle of the Bulge" is a truely epic war film complete with a very suitable musical score and some talented actors. Robert Shaw gives a very memorable performance as a German tank officer who enjoys battle while Hans Christian Blech does a fine job as his older, combat weary aide. The actors portraying the Americans (Fonda, Bronson, Ryan, etc.) do a generally good job though overall Shaw and Blech steal the show. While lacking the realistic gore of "Saving Private Ryan", this film does have some impressive battle scenes. The massive tank battle near the conclusion is overall a superb example of filmaking. While some models were employed in shots of tanks exploding, a lot of the action was filmed with an impressive number of actual tanks. There is also a memorable scene of a German tank brigade advancing through a snowy forest just before the first battle scene. Also, this DVD has some scenes that had been cut from a video version I had previously had and also has contemporary interviews (including Shaw), a theatrical trailer, as well as a featurette.
    While the movie is fun to watch, its depiction of history is particullary bad. As there were very few Tiger II tanks left and M-4 Shermans may have been hard to find, I see little problem with the film using M-47 Pattons and M-24 Chaffees respectively in their place. In fact, some M-24 tanks saw service in Europe before the war ended. That said, it was laughable to see one of the people interviewed say that they were using the tanks which actually fought in the battle (he should have known better though a very few M-24s may have been in the Ardennes fighting). Also, tiger tanks (whether I or II) never formed brigades. Battalions were the largest formations they comprised (the 501st was the unit that supported Piper's spearhead's breakout on December 17th). Also, most German tanks in the Ardennes were either Panzer Mark IV tanks or Panzer V Panthers and not Panzer Mark VI Tigers. Also, why don't the allies have air support in the final tank battle since the skies are plainly clear (the terrain in the scene is incorrect as well though I can see why the filmakers would want to film a tank battle on open country)? To create suspense, the film makes it appear the Germans had a chance at possible victory. In truth, their plan was almost surely doomed though they could have inflicted more allied casualties if some events had been changed around.
    Anyway, if you like epic war movies, I recommend this one. Just don't expect it to be historically accurate. For those interested in a popular level discussion of the battle, I would recommend the original Osprey Campaign Series book on the Ardennes and a later book in the same series dealing with the Northern Front of the battle (I don't own the book dealing with the southern Ardennes)....more info
  • Excellent but...
    The overall quality is outstanding, with one exception. About 1/8 of the left side of the screen, at least on my panasonic Blu-Ray player, is faded, especially on the lower left corner. And now that I'm watching it as I write this, it also happens occasionally on the right side....more info
  • Inaccurate and contrived - but still a little fun to be had
    Infamous as the war movie denounced by Eisenhower for its woeful inaccuracies, anyone approaching this movie should be well aware of its pitfalls. However, if you can overlook them or at least partake with a generous pinch of salt, there are still some treats to appreciate.
    The battle of the bulge was set in one of the bitterest winters on record in 1944, when the Germans used the bad weather to confound the Allies air superiority to launch a massive all out attack designed to splinter the Allies and change the course of the war. As the disclaimer at the end of the movie says, this film is a highly compressed, fictionalized version of that, with all the characters merged and renamed.. in other words, it is a fictional version of what happened - and it shows.
    The bitterest Winter is hinted at in a few moments of the movie as during the initial battles we see some pockets of snow and men stamping their feet to keep warm - however, as the movie progresses, the films actual shooting location in Spain becomes more apparent as we see dusty desert and sweaty men. Worse, the two environments are poorly spliced together leading to woeful continuity, and almost the entire movie is plagued by incongruously sunny weather. The tanks bear no resemblance to those used, and the grimness of war is covered over, with death conveyed in the old fashioned `throw-up-your-hands-in-the-air-and-fall-down-dead' approach to moviemaking. Now that the movie is over, I am hard pressed to remember a single moment that actually showed blood. One would think that having directed on `The Longest Day' (a far superior film) Ken Annakin would have learned some lessons in the importance of historical accuracy, and how it can bring an audience in. Here, the contrivances which have Henry Fonda almost single handedly figure out the whole sequence of events and be in all of the major battle scenes, serve to disengage the viewer.
    So that's the bad out the way - but in fact, from a one star movie, a sort of watchable movie is rescued thanks to two things - Firstly, the cinematography - shot in Ultra-Panavision, a process designed to give an epic widescreen image, enough to project onto Cinerama (a process which used 3 curved screens, and in its true form, 3 synchronized projectors, to create an all encompassing experience). This movie has clearly been made with this process in mind, as scenes of trains hurtling along tracks and cars weaving down slippery roads are shown at some length from point-of-view angles... the end result is rather like watching a movie shot in 3D in its 2D form - the action seems contrived. However, the aerial, crane and dolly shots in this magnificently restored version use the widescreen to dramatic and exciting effect, and should only be watched in widescreen...the reputation of this movie has suffered greatly from too many years in pan-and-scan format designed for the TV screen.
    And secondly, the magnificent performance of Robert Shaw as the fictionalized panzer commander, based on Colonel Peiper - the youngest man to reach full Colonel in the German army. His is a complex character, showing humanity to his aide, and passion for the process of war - and yet disdain for the hierarchy that sends him to battle.
    Apart from Shaw, there are a few other moments which attempt to add some humanity to the proceedings, with heroism being forged from tragedy, such as the young lieutenant who survives the infamous (and historically accurate) massacre of prisoners at Malmedy, and becomes galvanized to lead the fight as a result. However, the pluses are outweighed by the clumsy script, inaccuracy and dusty desert filling in for frozen Belgium. The unlikely ending at the fuel dump serves as the nail in the coffin.
    Has a certain boys-own appeal perhaps, or to watch to enjoy the incredible amount of Franco's hardware on display...but in this day of Saving Private Ryan and other of its ilk, an audience should expect much more. Worth a rent perhaps, but not one to watch twice.
    ...more info
  • an ok war movie ,but not as good as "the longest day"
    "battle of the bulge" is one of those war movies that plays better on t.v. with all the ads in them, by this i mean that some of the scenes are very exciteing and very good but some are just slow and really hold the picture back. as history it misses the mark also.i enjoy it but it's not the great war movie it could have been....more info
  • Bulge's Battle: The Small Scenes Dominate
    THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE is one of those big budget war films that clearly try to portray a critical time during the Second World War when Hitler tried a last gasp hope of creating a stalemate. Director Ken Annakin unwisely tries to balance a script that has too many subplots. The most glaring misuse of a major actor is Telly Savalas, who is shown to be a money grubbing Sgt Ernie Bilko, who later morphs into a dazed Rambo, who wants only to shoot Germans. Then there is the conflict between Henry Fonda and Dana Andrews, both of whom argue incessantly over if and when the Germans will attack.

    For a film which is supposed to be a slam bang actioner, THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE is as unbalanced with the massed tank battles as with the distracting subplots. Many reviewers have commented on the historical inaccuracies, yet these departures need not have diluted the impact of on screen tank warfare. There are several minor scenes of lasting emotional power, some of which were cut from the VHS version. These oft deleted scenes include the introduction of the Panzer commander Colonel Hessler (Robert Shaw) to his individual tank leaders. Hessler walks into a large underground bunker where each tank leader snaps to attention as he walks by. Then, incredibly, one of them bursts out with a rousing, foot stomping rendition of DER PANZERLIED in which all the other commanders quickly join in. Their communal singing creates a subtext that suggests the enemy is not quite the inhuman faceless stormtroopers usually portrayed on the big screen. In fact, when the film was shot, Germany was a good friend of the United States and the producers tried mightily to smooth over the troublesome spots. Hessler himself was in reality SS Standartenfuehrer Joachim Pieper, a man of brutish behavior who was later declared a war criminal. Shaw's version of him was more clearly in the righteous but noble Aryan hero that was often sung in Wagnerian opera. Further, the film glosses over the Malmedy Massacre, where hundreds of GIs were machine gunned by Peiper's SS. Hessler, by contrast, is shown as objecting to the shooting which was carried out without his knowledge or participation. The other small scenes that linger in the mind are the delicate ones between Hessler and his driver, a war weary aged veteran (Hans Christian Blech). Much of their interplay is conversational, with Hessler insisting that a stalemate between his Panzers and the Allies would be victory enough. Blech counters with the understandably more human concern for the future of a post war Germany. Still, BATTLE OF THE BULGE is a worthwhile war film. I recommend that you see the uncut version where a critical 23 minute series of scenes is uncut. This movie is one of the few of its genre where the supposed bad guy (Hessler) is not the bad guy at all. There is really very little difference between Shaw and a later George C. Scott, who immortalized a similarly fanatical tank commander....more info
  • Should Be Entitled "Battle of the Bull" Just as poor now as it was in 1965.
    Sorry to be the voice of doom, but when I watch what is supposed to be a movie about a historical military event, I expect at least some amount of history. There are lots of explosions and decent acting, but the only thing historically accurate about this movie is that the Germans lost and the Americans won. Other than that, it's pure fantasy. "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" is more historically accurate - and believable. There are so many fantastic true stories about the Ardennes Offensive that could've been told with this movie, but instead, they made up a complete fantasy story, filled with innacuracies from one end to the other. Unlike other war movies of the period like "Patton" or "Tora, Tora, Tora!" or "The Longest Day", where film makers actually portrayed true events, this movie is over two hours of nonsense wrapped around tired cliches. I've seen this movie a dozen times or more and every time it just serves to impress upon me what an opportunity they wasted in making the movie. A lot of time, money, and resources went into making a movie which is just plain fiction and downright stupid in how it deals with the actions of both the Americans and Germans. As entertainment, it's not horrible, but as history, it's trash. ...more info
  • Terrible movie
    If the name of an event is used in a movie, then it should be as factual as possible. Where is the snow and the armies wearing the proper uniform. How come fictional characters and events were used. I thew my copy in the trash where it belongs. I is not based on a true story as it says it is. It should be lnamed "Battle of the Bulge, a fictional story"...more info
  • I'm sorry but its just a junk movie
    I remember enjoying this as a kid, but then as soon as I developed any critical faculties, this movie failed the grade. Regardless of the obvious abilities of many of the actors in the film, nothing can redeem it from the complete and utter fabrication of actual events, something quite unforgivable in this genre, at least when it purports to represent historical fact.
    Firstly, the real BotB was essentially not a tank battle fought over open countryside over fuel. Neither was it fought in anything resembling the vehicles portrayed, or the soldiers for that matter. It was a grizzly, cold and deadly last throw of the dice on Germany's Western front fought out in the claustrophobic villages and woods of the Ardenne. It brought the Western Allies a small taste of the horrors being played out in the East, though generally not through some kind of systematic cruelty as the film suggests, but through the extreme and desperate situations many of the combatants on both sides found themselves in. The actual battle represented many things, including the biggest surrender of US troops in history, and the complete incompetence of Hitler as a tactitian. These make no showing in the film. And of course it involved one of the greatest moments of pure pig-headed heroism in WWII (I refer here to the 101 airbourne's stand at Bastoyne), which at least does get a look in.
    The actual battle, while costing many lives, never had the tactical implications Hitler expected, or the film suggests. It delayed the western onslaught, but after initial successes, the German offensive was soon bogged down and awaiting its inevitable destruction by US and UK airpower and armour. If anything, it drained Germany of the resources it needed in the East, and therefore shortened the war.

    This film is a mockery of reality and the lives that were lost or ruined during this battle. Its just junk.
    To get a taste of how this film could have been (from the US perspective at least) see Band of Brothers. ...more info
  • Great new version!
    This new release of this movie has really been improved to enable the Blu-ray technology. The dividers that were present with the other older versions are gone. They were such a distraction. It really has grown through the use of blu-ray. Highly recommend....more info
  • See a documentary or read a book on the subject
    Wide-screen is the only way to see this movie, but you better have a front projector or a really big TV as the 2.76 aspect ratio of this ponderous production will look like a band-aid on your television. Not much good history and the staging is so old fashioned that you may want to just run this film in the background while you do something else. The real Battle of the Bulge is exciting history, but you would not know it from this film. Unless you are older or just like looking at a few older movie stars (that most young people will not recognize), I would check out a good documentary or watch the Bulge episode of BAND OF BROTHERS....more info