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What's Up Doc
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Director Peter Bogdanovich (The Last Picture Show) tipped his hat to the classic screwball comedies of the 1930s, and especially the most glorious of them all, Howard Hawks' Bringing Up Baby. Barbra Streisand plays a charming flake who distracts a self-absorbed musicologist (Ryan O'Neal). He's engaged to be married, but soon Streisand's character has him chasing after stolen jewelry and getting into one madcap fix after another. Bogdanovich, who is also a film critic, understands the engine of the screwball genre, and his loving revival of the form brings a smile, though it is not quite consistently inspired or funny. There are plenty of great moments, however, including a slap at O'Neal's own star-making vehicle, Love Story. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Whats Up Doc is funny as HELL
    This movie is still one of the funniest films ever made. If you need a good laugh this is the movie to see....more info
    A true classic. Every frame, every shot is in place. Laughter all the way. Smart, silly, witty, and funny. I have composed a new verse of Cole Porter's classic that Streisand sings over the opening and closing credits.


    'You're the top
    You're Barack Obama,
    You're the top
    You're the Dalai Lama,
    I'm the GOP
    An SOB, a fop!

    But if, Baby, I'm the bottom...
    You're the top.

    (And so's this movie.)...more info
  • I Love This Movie... a bit dated for most, yet oh so fun!!!
    This priceless movie with all its gags, bits and skillfully timed stunts and visuals is absolutely hilarious!!

    Coupling the extremely funny and beautiful, Madeline Kahn with Ryan O'Neal, the geeky, handsome, straight man was "pure genius" and then there's Barbra Streisand and her character ...Superb, charming, beautiful, and devilishly impulsive!

    I laugh just thinking about this union of character's... perfect!!!

    All actors and their characters are played perfectly throughout - just like a good recipe take out one ingredient and it just wouldn't be the same.

    The tangled mess that is this movies story line starts when Streisand and O'Neal's character's meet in a store while he's looking for aspirin adding along the way a couple of side story's that seamlessly come together over suitcases and what's within them, yes I said, "Suitcases!!" - all are the same style and make... then all hell breaks loose!!

    "WOW!! Too funny and wonderfully entertaining!!!"

    This is for me one of the best comedy's of its time/era!!! You've got to watch this movie at least once if not many times. ...more info
  • Don't You Dare Strike That Brave, Unbalanced Woman!
    Barbra Streisand disliked the script, didn't want to make the film, and even gave press interviews predicting WHAT'S UP DOC? would be a major flop. Instead it became one of her most fondly remembered performances, a film in which she plays a disaster-prone college student who somehow manages to run afoul of everything from jewel thieves to secret agents.

    The film is director Peter Bogdanovic's homage to the classic screwball comedies of the 1930s and 1940s, and like most films of that genre the plot largely defies description. Professor Howard Bannister (Ryan O'Neal) and his fiancee Eunice (Madeline Kahn) are attending a San Francisco convention at which Howard hopes to receive a major grant--but when college student Judy Maxwell (Streisand) bumps into him she is immediately smitten, and her outrageous efforts to insert herself into his life results in car crashes, dining disasters, and a close enounter with a Chinese dragon.

    The cast is absolutely flawless. Streisand's lunatic sense of comedy has never been better showcased than here, and while Ryan O'Neal is something of a flyweight talent he nails his role with tremendous charm. Then there is the supporting cast, which reads like a who's who of early 1970s comedy: Kenneth Mars, Austin Pendleton, Sorrell Brooke, Mabel Albertson (best recalled as Mrs. Stevens in the classic television series Bewitched), and Liam Dunn, to name but a few. And then there is the wonderful Madeline Kahn.

    Kahn kicked around New York in various venues in the late 1960s and early 1970s, making one or two television appearances and at least one short film--but WHAT'S UP DOC? was her big screen debut, and boy was it a lulu. Eunice Burns is "that brave, unbalanced woman," and she screams, snarls, whimpers, faints, demands, mutters to herself, is kidnapped, fires off handguns, and suffers every indignity imaginable, and Kahn is so brilliant she steals every scene she's in. It was not only her debut, it was a break-out performance in every sense of the word, and it launched her to equally memorable roles in PAPER MOON, BLAZING SADDLES, and THE YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN. Sadly, Hollywood seldom made full use of Kahn's talents in later years--but to our good fortune these great performances remain to charm and beguile us.

    Based on Bogdanovic's original story, the script is a memorable one, combining the rapier-wit of screwball comedy dialogue with the outrageous situations the genre demands, and if you can get through this one without screaming laughter you might want to have some one check your pulse, because you're probably dead. The DVD package is slight but pleasant, including commentaries by Streisand and Bogdanovic as well as a short documentary detailing the film's antecedents. A sure-fire way to cure the blues!

    GFT, Amazon Reviewer...more info
  • Great movie, but why the cut???
    I've been scratching me head over this: In the final scene of the movie where Ryan O'Neal and Barbra Streisand are on the plane, a noticeable cut has been made in this DVD version.

    In the scene, O'Neal apologizes to Streisand to which Streisand replies: "Let me tell ya, love is never having to say you're sorry" (a funny play from O'Neal's film "Love Story") then bats her eyes at O'Neal. In the original cut of the film, the camera then cuts to O'Neal who has a hilarious, stupified look on his face. The camera goes back to Streisand, who has even more hilarious slightly "special" look on her face, then back to O'Neal who replies, "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard."

    In this version, the back and forth cuts between O'Neal and Streisand have been cut. It goes from Streisand line/eye batting to O'Neal saying "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard." The cut makes the exchange not as funny, which is why I'm dumbfounded by the decision.

    I thought maybe I was losing my mind and remembered the original film differently, but in the commentary by Streisand (which, by the way, was a complete and utter waste with no insight or entertainment value. Talk about phoning it in) the scene is replayed...IN IT'S ORIGINAL UNCUT FORM. In Bogdanovich's commentary, the same scene is shown in the cut version with no explaination for the change. It's too bad, it's one of the funniest exchanges in the film. ...more info
  • Wild and Wacky/Cute and Contrived
    There's nothing quite like "What's Up Doc?". Off the cuff, one could say they don't make 'em like they used to. Otherwise, one must rely on older comedies to fit the bill. The movie still seems modern despite some of the early seventies garb and hairstyles. The pace and delivery are superb throughout. The plot is happily preposterous: At least four parties of people coincidentally meet into one another and have coveted valuables inside of identical suitcases. Judy Maxwell (Barbara Streisand) bohemian vagabond extraordinaire, leads this most excellent screwball adventure when she briefly ends her wanderlust and falls in love with the nerdy, absent-minded professor, Howard Bannister (Ryan O'Neill). Bannister is checking into a swanky San Francisco hotel with his cuckholding fiance', Eunice Burns (Madeline Kahn) where they will attend a musicologist convention. The plot thickens as others join the fray. There are thieves at the hotel who set their sites on a wealthy woman's suitcase filled with jewels; another thief wishes to lift a suitcase filled with top-secret documents. Bannister's luggage contains a rare form of igneous rocks, meant to be showcased at a dinner reception held at the hotel. Judy's suitcase is filled with her own belongings. It quickly becomes the comedy of errors. However, instead of there being a case of mistaken identity of persons, there is a case of mistaken identity of suitcases. Meanwhile, Judy connives to replace Eunice at the musicologists' dinner, an affair meant to have grant doner Frederick Larabee (Austin Pendleton) mingle with professors vying for a $20,000 research prize. Howard who is shy and awkward is no match for Judy who is no shrinking violet. She may convince Frederick with her charm to win the prize for Howard, but is unable to win her own prize, Howard. The action reverts back to the hotel corridor where thieves are stealing and exchanging matching luggage. Then, the fun really begins...

    The movie is great. The chase scenes are expert, and the lines are often superb. It has a great comedic cast with Streisand marvelously delivering some of the most intricate fast-pitch lines of any comedy in memory. The movie just couldn't have been done without her. And Madelaine Kahn's film debut as the fussbudget fiance is often hysterical (in both senses of the word). Kenneth Mars performance is fairly good, if not overblown, as Howard's nemesis, a pompous buffoon, competing for the foundation grant. (However, we've seen better performances from him before.) Some of the minor roles are much better. John Hillerman as the hotel manager and Liam Dunn as the courtroom judge are superb. (It may be of cursory interest, but M. Emmet Walsh and Randy Quaid can also be found here [as well as other familiar actors not known by name]). Praise is also due for Peter Bagdonovich ("The Last Picture Show") and his directorial abilities to put this happy mess together. (By the way, those expecting a romantic comedy will probably be disappointed. It is 5% romantic, and 100% screwball--if that adds up.)

    "What's Up Doc?" is a screwball comedy par-excellence. It is wild and wacky, cute and contrived. And those are some of its better traits....more info
  • what's up doc
    I received the product in the condition described and in reasonable time. I was very pleased....more info
  • Wonderful movie
    One of hollywood's great comedies. It is perfect for the whole family and is one of our family's absolute favorites....more info
  • Cult Favorite!!
    Although from the 1970's this is one of my all time "cult favorites." No cursing, no sex, just a lot of laughs. I can quote to many lines from the movie I've seen it so many times....more info
  • what's up doc review
    The movie is very funny with a lot of slap stick comedy. My son wanted me to order it for my wife's birthday and she was excited about getting it, but we all like the movie....more info
  • Screwball is supposed to mean funny. . .
    I had not seen this film since it first came out - and now I know why I had forgotten all about it.

    The great, and even average, screwball comedies have an internal consistency and characters we believe live in their odd little worlds. Unfortunately, "What's Up Doc?" misses on almost all fronts. While a fan of Buck Henry and Peter Bogdanovich, I have a hard time equating the poor pacing and mediocrity of this forced comedy with such artists. If nothing else, there are way too many written gems thrown away due to poor timing - and whether Bogdanovich couldn't get the performances he wanted or he intended to rush comic line deliveries, I don't know.

    Madeleine Kahn is the true jewel in this not so madcap piece. "Eunice" is complete and a joy because of it. Few of the other characters rise to the same level of 100% believable pure comic characterization. Ryan O'Neal zips through almost all his comic beats and Barbara Streisand is so busy "being funny", she isn't funny at all. O'Neal and Streisand give us performances while Kahn IS Eunice. So sad we lost her as early as we did.

    With a supporting cast including the likes of Kenneth Mars and Austin Pendleton, I expected much more. Good comedy finds its own energy and carries us along while we easily forgive any flaws and give in to the willing suspension of disbelief. From the outset, there are too many story holes, pushed performances, and pacing inconsistencies for even me to suspend that much....more info
  • Brilliant, Smart, Witty, & A Hilarious Screwball Farce Comedy!
    "What's Up, Doc?" is a farce screwball comedy from 1972, directed by Peter Bogdanovich and starring my favorite singer of all time Barbra Streisand, Ryan O'Neal, and Madeline Kahn (in her first film role). The movie was intended to pay homage to comparable motion pictures of the 1930s, such as "Bringing Up Baby", as well as the Bugs Bunny cartoons, which like this film, were made by Warner Bros. "What's Up, Doc?" was a huge hit in theaters, and became the third highest grossing film of 1972. The film came about as the result of a disastrous, aborted effort to film an adaptation of the black comedy novel "A Glimpse Of Tiger" by Herman Raucher, which was supposed to have starred Elliott Gould and Kim Darby in a story about an insane con man named Luther who befriends a runaway 19-year-old girl. Elliott Gould was cast as the con man, with Kim Darby as the girl. Production went on for a week before Elliott Gould and a group of his friends showed up on the set one day under the influence of LSD and threatened both the director and Kim. Elliott then disappeared, he would was found later hiding in a nearby hotel. The set was shut down, and it quickly became public knowledge that Warner Bros. was planning to file a breach of contract suit against Elliott Gould once police found him. In an effort to save her soon to be ex-husband, Barbra made a deal with Warner Bros., if the studio agreed not to take legal action against Gould, she would take his place in the film. (Due to the secretive nature of Barbra's talks with Warner Bros., accounts differ about what the payment terms would be. Some sources claim that Barbra agreed to only work for scale, while others say that she agreed to do it for free). Barbra met with Herman Raucher, and the two began working on altering the role of the Luther for a woman. Shortly thereafter, Peter Bogdanovich was brought on to direct. He decided that he didn't like the script, and began to make changes to it steadily, until it eventually became "What's Up, Doc?". These alterations effectively severed Herman from the production, causing all credit for his work up to that point to be stricken.


    The story, which takes place in San Francisco, centers on four identical plaid overnight bags and the people who own them. One of the bags belongs to Dr. Howard Bannister, Ph.D. (played by Ryan O'Neal) and is filled with his Igneous rocks that have certain musical properties. Howard, a musicologist, and his fiance, Eunice Burns (Madeline Kahn), have come to San Francisco in the hope of winning a grant funded by Frederick Larrabee (Austin Pendleton). His rival for the grant is the dubiously-accented Simon (Kenneth Mars) who I get a kick out of everything he throws his hair back. The second bag belongs to Judy Maxwell (Barbra), and is filled with her clothes. No matter where Judy goes, trouble happens, from car crashes to hotel rooms catching on fire. She never finished college, but nevertheless has a unlimited amount of knowledge from all of the courses she took at the many institutions of higher learning from which she was expelled from. The third bag belongs to Mrs. Van Hoskins (Mabel Albertson), a wealthy woman who is using it to store her Diamonds and other types of jewels too. The fourth and last overnight bag belongs to the mysterious "Mr. Smith" (Michael Murphy) and contains top-secret government papers. The equally mysterious "Mr. Jones" (Philip Roth) is trying to get hold of them through out the whole film, but does not succeed like the people with stealing the jewels. O.K so Howard, Eunice, Judy, Ms. Van Hoskins, and Mr. Smith all happen to check into the same place, "Hotel Bristol" at the same time, whereupon Judy begins pursuing Howard, two hotel employees (Sorrell Booke and Stefan Gierasch) attempt to rob Mrs. Van Hoskins, and Mr. Jones attempts to rob Mr. Smith. Over the course of the evening, the four parties mistakenly take one another's suitcases, setting up a farce & hilarious madcap chase around the city the following morning--through Chinatown, down Lombard Street, & etc too. All the protagonists finally end up in court, presided over by a world-weary judge (Liam Dunn) who turns out to be Judy's estranged father. They you have it hilarious!, I love it so, seeing Barbra & Ryan together, making movie magic and seeing Barbra so down to Earth and great!....more info
  • Favorite Moment
    When all of the characters,in the house of some academician, are scrambling to retrieve handbags that all look identicle. They all struggle with each other, fight, and ultimately a gun is drawn and slapped away. Best moment for me is when a maid who has to be 80-something years old, wearing coke-bottle glasses, and a confused look on her face, picks up the pistol and starts firing it haphazardly around the room. Even by current standards of sensitivity towards shootings in public places, when most wouldn't (and shouldn't)find humor in such random negligence, this gag still kills (in the best sense). ...more info
  • Hard to Find, but Worth the Search
    Long, one of my favorite comedies, "What's Up Doc" is one of the funniest movies ever made. Amazingly enough, it's actually a remake of another, equally hilarious movie "Bringing Up Baby" with Cary Grant and Kate Hepburn. I couldn't find the DVD at several other outlets (other than in a collection of Barbra Streisand movies), so decided to give Amazon a look. It's a good, clean transfer and priced right. I highly recommend it, if there's any left!...more info
  • Screwball Knockoff Gamely Played to the Hilt by Streisand and Stellar Supporting Cast
    Although the most commercial period of his career seems to be made up of homages to old Hollywood genres ("The Last Picture Show", "Paper Moon"), director Peter Bogdanovich's loving 1972 ode to the screwball comedies of the 1930's still holds up surprisingly well after all these years. While it's an almost complete knock-off of Howard Hawks' 1938 classic, "Bringing Up Baby", the movie generates its own pleasures away from its inspiration starting with a tanned and youthful Barbra Streisand as Judy Maxwell, a pushy, resourceful girl who falls for a socially inept musicologist named Howard Bannister at a luxury hotel in San Francisco.

    The movie basically follows the same pattern as "Baby" with the exasperating Judy in constant pursuit of the beleaguered Howard much to his concurrent mortification and excitement. The semblance of a plot has four identical plaid-patterned duffel bags, each containing different items of varying value. Judy carries one with her clothes, and Howard has one with a bunch of rocks, the basis of his groundbreaking theory which he hopes will help him win the prestigious Larrabee grant. The snooty Mrs. Von Hoskins has the same bag which carries her priceless jewels, and then the fourth has top secret U.S. government documents. You can figure out what happens from the silly set-up, but it does provide a nice excuse for some still-hilarious sight gags, such as the hotel fire, the fight and shoot-out at Larrabee's post-modern apartment and most impressively, an elaborate chase sequence through the streets of San Francisco.

    Even though at thirty she is a mite mature to be playing a college drop-out, Streisand is in peak comedy form here, and she has an opportunity to sing a dazzling version of Cole Porter's "You're the Top" over the opening credits and at least the opening bars of a languorous "As Time Goes By" atop a conveniently placed piano. Still looking preppy and a bit dazed from "Love Story" afterglow, Ryan O'Neal is miscast as Howard, though he tries hard to evoke Cary Grant's David Huxley character from "Baby" and sometimes makes it though sheer will. Fortunately, there are three expertly hilarious scene-stealers in the supporting cast - Austin Pendleton as the lovably eccentric music patron Frederick Larrabee; Kenneth Mars using a faux-East European accent and a persistent cowlick to great comic effect as Howard's nemesis, Hugh Simon; and best of all with a glorious lack of vanity, Madeline Kahn in her feature film debut as Howard's persnickety, bouffant-wigged fiancee, Eunice Burns.

    It all moves quickly within its brief, 94-minute running time, and the script by a stellar trio - Buck Henry, Robert Benton and David Newman - is chockfull of zingy one-liners. The 2003 DVD has an enthusiastic, informative Bogdanovich on an alternate commentary track, and separately, Streisand is even recruited for about 15 minutes of rather superficial, scene-specific commentary (it's obvious she has little emotional investment in the film now). There is also a behind-the-scenes short done at the time of filming and the original trailer. Great fun and worthy of a repeat viewing....more info
  • In My Top Ten
    I don't usually watch movies more than once or twice, but I've probably seen this one twenty times over my lifetime. I'll go further in portraying myself as a dork and say that I think of it often.

    There are so many hilarious tidbits in this movie that it would be a waste of time to chronicle them. I would like to say that seeing this movie demands your respect for the comedy veterans that paid their dues during the 50's and 60's who end up in this flick. Aside from younger folks like Randy Quaid, John Byner and Austin Pendleton, there are a number of faces people my age grew up seeing on lots of B-level shows like Love American Style, Bewitched and the like. Real Ham and Egger's who made it in the business. Their timing is polished and spot-on.

    The pace is frantic and the dialogue is so funny. Nothing is ever allowed to bruise the laugh....old school stuff. Like many others, I'm not a big Babs fan, but she is incredibly funny and pretty in this. Ryan O'Neal and Madeline Kahn are hilarious. For all of you music majors out there, just keep in mind your most socially inept, poorly dressed, clumsy musicology teacher and you will surely relate to Dr. Bannister.

    Of all the scenes I love, my favorite is the short take between Dr. Bannister and the hotel manager. The deadpan, the barely controlled rage.....classic.

    Check it out....more info
  • Tons of laughs!!!
    This is one very funny movie-one that the whole family can enjoy together without the threat of boredom. This writer is one for one-liners, puns, and jokes of all sorts and this movie allowed me to rant and rave about it's funny points. The entire cast does a great job under the great direction of Peter Bogdanovich. From beginning to end this movie will have you laughing, giggling, clapping, and smiling all the way through. The cinema was packed for this film when it opened back in the 70's. I'm glad it came out on DVD. Great viewing for the whole family. Enjoy!!! ...more info
  • Very funny family movie!
    I saw this movie in a theater as a kid, and it was very funny! Although (due to generational differences) I've never been a big Babs fan, she was spectacular in this flick! Ryan O'Neal was her perfect counterpart! He was amazing as the absent-minded, brilliant professor type. He inadvertantly gets tangled with a jewel robbery, a spy conspiracy, and of course, Barbra S.! And all Ryan really wants to do is win a musicology grant with a suitcase full of rocks. Buck Henry cowrote the hillarious screenplay. It's simple enough for a kid to enjoy. It's the kind of movie even MY parents didn't mind taking the kids to see. There are mix-ups and slapstick scenes, and the obligatory comedic chase scene at the end. Madeline Kahn is great as Ryan's nagging, domineering, abrasive fiance. Kenneth Mars is hilarious as Ryan's rival for the financial grant. (Kenneth Mars has more recently starred briefly in the TV show "Malcolm in the Middle" as an old, kind-hearted Germanic ranch owner who employed Malcolm's brother Frances for a while) In this movie, he's a much younger, red-haired Germanic bad guy. A wonderful cast delivers an incredible performance of a very funny, family-oriented script. There are not many movies from my childhood that I feel the need to own at this stage of my life, but this is one flick that stands out as a movie I had to own!
    ...more info
  • One Great Comedy
    Now ordinarally I hate Streisand, I think she has a terrible singing voice and worse acting abilites. But despite all that, she works for this moive. This comedy is a gem. Ryan O'Neal's performance is flawless as the absent minded college professor who only interested in his rocks, not even fully realizing he is engaged to one "dangerously unbalanced woman". Which brings in Madaline Kahn in her star making debut as Unis. "Unis, a person called Unis." She is so obnoxious as the bossy girlfriend that it is hilarious to watch. Watch for Ryan O'Neal's line about her. "I don't think of you as a woman. I think of you as Unis." Classic. And while the film was inspired by the much eairler "Bringing Up Baby", the film gets by on it's on merits. The story centers around four similar absurd looking overnight bags, that not only end up in the same city, not only in the same hotel, but the same floor of the hotel. The film starts strong and only gets funnier as it goes along to one of the best and funniest chase scenes of all time, and the funniest courtroom scene of all time. I guarentee if you are not laughing as hard as you have ever laughed at this film, you need to check your sense of humor....more info
  • Unice? Who's a Unice!?
    I love this movie! Everything about it is grand. Amazon was the only way to find What's Up Doc. ...more info
  • Movies
    This is a great movie! Anyone who doesn't have it shold buy it. It is hillarious. ...more info
  • Pleased with service and product
    This is my first time ordering from and I am very pleased. The DVD I orederd was deliverd with in the time stated. And it is nice that you can track your purchase online.

    As for the movie "Whats Up Doc?" I loved it. I am a Barbra Fan and I think this is one of her best performances. And she lookes so young, hip and beutiful. Make sure to watch the commentary by Barbra as well as the Director commentary. Very intersting facts and cool insights. I think I am going to order "The Main Event" next. ...more info
  • Madcap Fun
    Great older movie. Madelaine Kahn is fabulous. Constant funny situations and chase scenes....more info
  • A real screwball comedy for anyone who can count!!
    I first saw this movie when I was a kid. But now that it is available on DVD, watching it again after 30 years sure brings back memories of the way comedies were done in the early 70s. Striesand was at her usual self, a good role for her and she went on to do better in THE MAIN EVENT pairing up again with O' Neal. Just wondering how the two felt about each other when they were cast again in opposite roles...But the climax in What's Up Doc is the judge in the court turns up to be Streisand's father. That's a good one. Peter, the director, must be given the credit to come up with the idea. I bought two discs, and the other would be given to a friend who is celebrating his birthday soon. When the movie was made, he had turned two. So he didn't have the chance to see it. Thanks to Warner Bros for putting the movie available on DVD....more info
  • What's Up, Doc?!
    My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed viewing this zany movie once again and are happy to now own a copy!...more info
  • Great Fun
    This comedy is a classic. Fast moving and very funny. Ryan O'Neal is great as the straight man to Barbara Streisand's wackyness. Watch for Madelyn Kahn as the girlfriend. Just see if you can keep up with the plaid satchels. Very clever and very funny. ...more info
  • "My name is not Steve."
    So utters easygoing Ryan O'Neal in this hilarious romp about one zany mix-up after another called "What's Up, Doc?". Barbra Streisand, at her most comical, intervenes in the lives of young couple, O'Neal and Madeline Kahn, helping O'Neal obtain his sought-after grant from a society of musicologists. He's Howard Bannister, but Judy (Streisand) affectionately calls him Steve, and he's determined not to let her interfere with him and his fiancee Eunice (Khan), whose name, by the way, is said 89 times in this movie, (I actually counted; it's so funny.) True, it's like a name you don't hear everyday, but you sure do here. Howard comes at a close second, Judy's name is said less than 10. So, as these characters check into the hotel, they, plus a wealthy woman and a man carrying top-secret government related material all carry overnight bags looking exactly alike. Hilarious mixups occur, plus unbelievable gags and jokes, plus a huge chase scene around San Francisco in which all end up facing a hilarously, weary judge in this unforgettable take on classic screwball comedies. You're sure to enjoy it, for you won't stop laughing with Barbra and Ryan....more info
  • I Love This Movie
    This movie contains the funniest lines and most classic blunders of all time. It's hilarious. Barbra Streisand, Ryan O'Neal, Madelein Kahn and Kenneth Mars play my absolute favorite characters in this movie. It's fantastic. I quote it all the time with my friends who also love it. ...more info
  • Classic Comedy Throwback
    What's Up, Doc is a wonderful screwball comedy that draws from all sorts of classic films, most notably Bringing Up Baby. It involved several people staying in the same hotel who own the same style of plaid suitcases. Barbra Streisand is a kooky student who horns in on an engaged man (Ryan O'Neal). He's there at the hotel in hopes of winning a grant to fund his research on prehistoric rocks. There is also a major theft at foot and a spy with confidential documents running around. Thanks to the identical suitcases, everything goes loopy with aid from Streisand.

    It is strange to see such a wonderful film made during this time period. It's very accessible and can be watched by anyone, adults and kids alike. It is also truly funny and can be watched again and again without getting boring. And if you're not a Streisand fan, don't worry. She sings the opener and a bit of "As Time Goes By," but this certainly doesn't qualify as a musical. ...more info
  • The funniest movie ever!
    I have loved this movie for easily 15 years and I never get tired of watching it. Ryan O'Neal, Barbra Streisand, Madelyn Kahn and the whole cast are unbelievabely hilarious. I'd bet that the people who made "What's Up Doc" loved making it and truly had fun. I would recommend this movie to everyone. My kids love it and have watched it so many times that they quote lines from it almost daily. This is a true gem....more info
  • classic comedy that's hysterically funny!
    All the other reviewers have said it so much better than I could so let me just say this: buy this movie. Right now. And I should warn you that by the time you've seen the whole thing, you'll probably have broken every single rib laughing but it is SO WORTH IT. ...more info
  • An old fashioned good time
    Silly it you may think it, slapstick it may be, but it still made my worldly modern teenagers laugh as hard as I did. It is a real romp, and while it may make old timers think of the Keystone cops sometimes, it is still very funny. Madelyn Kahn turned in a stellar performance and we were all breathless with laughter during the chase through the streets of San Francisco. I never thought my teenagers would laugh so hard at something that I thought of as wholesome good clean fun....more info