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Silver Streak (1976) [VHS]
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Product Description

Despite the presence of hack director Arthur Hiller, this hybrid comedy-thriller works most of the time as pleasant faux Hitchcock. Gene Wilder is a book editor who is relaxing by taking a cross-country train ride. Then he gets caught up in a murder--and becomes a suspect. It's up to him to prove his own innocence. As noted, the script, by Colin Higgins, owes a big debt to Alfred Hitchcock; but the mystery isn't all that mysterious and the comedy isn't all that hilarious--at least not until Richard Pryor shows up, which is at least halfway through the film. Things definitely pick up from there. Jill Clayburgh, as the love interest, is merely along for the train ride. Wilder and Pryor eventually teamed up for several other films, but they were never as funny together as they are in this one. --Marshall Fine

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Train Ride for Zephyr Train Fans!
    For all those train fans that enjoyed the era of the Burlington Zephyrs and the vista-dome era, you won't want to miss this DVD. The acting is great and funny. You see life on a full line passenger train at the height of its travel glory. The suspense and action in the film keeps you totally absorbed. You won't be sorry to get the Silver Streak DVD....more info
  • Silver Streak
    Excited to get this video - very happy with price and DVD. This is a favorite of ours....more info
  • It's Hug 'n' Munch All the Way to Chicago!!!
    The Silver Streak can be considered a spoof on a movie such as "Murder on the Orient Express" where Gene Wilder plays an editor named George Caldwell who decides to travel by train to Chicago on what he had hoped to just kick back and relax on the three day journey when he gets tangled up with romance and murder.

    Enroute, he gets thrown off, knocked off and finally jumps off the train as he tries to solve a mystery on who murdered Professor Schreiner together with an undercover federal agent, Bob Sweet (Ned Beatty). He also teams up with a smalltime crook, Grover Muldoon (Richard Pryor), while police are vainly trying to track him down thinking that he was wanted for murder when he was actually innocent, and the life of Schreiner's secretary and George's newfound love Hilly Burns (Jill Clayburgh) was in jeopardy aboard the train as George tries to save her from imminent danger.

    So many bizarre things happen throughout each scene that this film is not worth missing for anyone who is into romance, murder, comedy or for just being a train buff in general.
    ...more info
  • Gene Wilder is great!!!!
    I hadn't watched this in a while. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it. Comedy, adventure, mystery -- all wrapped up in great movie....more info
  • Greatest Comedy Ever
    Silver Streak is the greatest comedy ever. Gene Wilder is George. George is on his way to Chicago by train from L.A. On his way he falls in love with Hilly played by the beautiful Jill Clayburgh. While on the train George witnesses a murder which leads to trouble for George who is thrown of the train by the actual murderurs. While George is off the train he meets Grover played by the comic genuis Richard Pryor. This is when the movie realy gets good. I will stop there not to give to much away. I have waited a long time for Silver Streak to be released on DVD. I hope you will enjoy the movie as much as I have....more info
  • DVD reproduction is too dark
    I am a huge fan of this film. I was greatly disappointed with the DVD version, however. Many of the scenes that are on the train, and in less than full sunlight, are much too dark. I was hoping to recapture some of the neat photography with the widescreen version (some is lost with the full screen VHS version) on a projection TV. Only those scenes that showed the outdoor panorama of the train passing was fully captured with the DVD.

    I like the show, but I can't recommend this DVD. ...more info
  • Adventure on a Train
    This movie is one I can watch over and over again. While Gene Wilder's cluelessness may seem to wear a little thin in places, the chemistry between the characters works. Admittedly when Richard Pryor appears the movie goes from humorous to hilarious, but in the meantime the Hitchcockian flavor will keep most viewers entertained.

    Gene Wilder is a book editor travelling by train from Los Angeles to Chicago. Jill Clayburgh is a professor's assistant. During a romantic interval in Jill's compartment Gene see's a man killed. Of course the man is the professor. Let the fun begin.

    Gene Wilder is a perfect straight man for this movie. He is clearly intelligent, but unused to crime and guns. His bravado is likely that of a typical suburbanite, and while we laugh at his actions, we also identify with his character.

    Other stars make this movie an absolute joy to watch over and over. Richard Kiel of James Bond "Jaws" fame makes another silent appearance. Ray Walston is a sleazy hood. Clifton James, another James Bond movie character, also makes an appearance about the same time as Richard Pryor. Ned Beatty plays a government agent and Scatman Crothers plays a conductor. An all-star cast of characters actors in somewhat stereotypical roles, but they are so instantly recognizable that their appearance is enjoyable.

    The train is a center piece of the movie, and the most important action scenes take place on or around the train. Train buffs who also enjoy comedies will find this movie to be fascinating. The end of the movie is particularly spectacular and intense as we wonder whether Jill, Richard, Gene and Scatman are going to survive to the end.

    This movie was nearly an instant classic when it was released. Light comedy and very good entertainment, this movie is worth having on DVD.

    ...more info
  • DVD looks good to me!
    I've waited for this title on DVD ever since the format arrived. Even though the disc is essentially bare-bones (although the original theatrical trailer is included), you do get an anamorphic widescreen transfer--I've never seen the movie look this good. For the price, not a bad deal. I'm not sure what the other reviewer meant about the DVD being too dark; the colors and brightness look just fine to me. As to the movie itself, I always thought it was best described as a screwball comedy on rails. Only drawback (for some) might be that a lot of the comedy was probably unintentional! If you're a train freak like me, you know you have to have it....more info
  • Pryor Jumpstarts Comedy-Thriller
    "Silver Streak" is an important film in the sense that it is the first film that "mainstreamed" Richard Pryor. Previously, Pryor was best known for his work on comedy albums, concerts, and "blaxploitation" films. I was thirteen when this film came out and it was an impetus for me to seek out Pryor's other rawer, more verboten body of work. Needless to say this was the first film to team Pryor with Gene Wilder and the chemistry they had was priceless. As for the film, the mixture of thriller and comedy is for the most part sucessful. Once Pryor enters the fray at the film's halfway mark it's like a shot of adrenaline. I attribute the film's sluggish first half to mediocre director Arthur Hiller. Patrick McGoohan's suave villainy is also a major plus here. A good supporting cast (Ned Beatty, Ray Walston, Scatman Crothers, Richard Kiel) is on hand here. Jill Clayburgh, who proved to be an able actress in subsequent films, is basically just on hand here as eye candy....more info
  • Silver Streak VHS tape used
    This was a used tape of an old movie. The movie was as good as I remembered and the tape was free of any defects. Can't beat it for 76 cents!...more info
  • A good film to be sure
    Action, romance and humor all in one film. Can't believe anyone can keep getting thrown off a train and living as much as George (Wilder) does in this movie--but why quibble? McGoohan (a bi-sexual actor to be sure) lucks out in playing Deveraux, who never has to do anything more than hold comely Hilly's (Jill Clayburgh's) hand. Probably some kissing scene between Devereaux and Hilly was written out at McGoohan's request (he wrote out Number 6-kissing-other-people scenes on The Prisoner, it says so in The Unofficial Prisoner Companion book). ...more info
  • Great!
    My husband loves this movie! Received in a timely fashion and in good condition!...more info