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Three Days of the Condor [VHS]
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Robert Redford and Sydney Pollack continued their longtime collaboration (the actor and director have worked together on Jeremiah Johnson, The Way We Were, The Electric Horseman, and Out of Africa, among other films) with this taut spy drama. Redford plays a reader for U.S. intelligence who becomes a hunted man after he is not among the victims of a mass murder of his colleagues. Faye Dunaway does solid work as the frightened and mystified woman whom he forces to conceal him, and Max von Sydow is appropriately cool as a professional assassin. That same, sustained tone of danger and expectation that made Pollack's The Firm so much fun can be found in this 1975 thriller, albeit with an appropriate dose of post-Watergate paranoia. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

    Robert Redford made a clunker called "The Way We Were" with Barbra Streisand that desperately tried to explain, apologize for, justify, glorify and approve of being an American Communist during McCarthyism, but just plain fails. He made the 1973 classic "Three Days of the Condor" (1973), with Cliff Robertson and Faye Dunnaway. He plays a CIA reader, a kind of pre-Tom Clancy research guy, a benign fellow among other benign CIA fellows, all of whom are murdered in a fuzzily explained hit by bad CIA fellows. After escaping, Redford tries to get to the bottom of it. Since he is a genius he has the intellectual tools to outwit his chasers. This is the film's highlight, revolving around the sexual tension between Redford and the redoubtable Faye, who he "kidnaps" in order to have a place to hide out, her apartment. The movie goes off the deep when the whole conspiracy turns out to be about the CIA's covert operations in the Middle East, where the U.S. apparently is planning the invasion (that never actually occurred) to take over OPEC. The message is that The Company murders innocents, the U.S. is a warmongering empire, and tool of capitalist greed. It is Redford's answer to Guatemala, Iran and Chile, where the people killed were generally Communists. Redford would rather show the CIA killing Chinese- and African-Americans and other non-threats....more info
  • Great suspense with surprises and twists
    An excellent movie helped to a great extent by the young Robert Redford. Have seen it many times and will watch it many more....more info
  • Entertaining...Fun.....But Not Too Intelligent
    *** This comment may contain spoilers ***

    I really enjoy watching this film. It has first-rate suspense and is definitely entertaining. I have seen it multiple times and will continue to watch it.

    Having said that, I have to admit I laugh when I read critics (elsewhere) writing about how "intelligent" this movie is. Intelligent? Yeah, right.

    Let's see. A man goes out to lunch and comes back to discover (after walking into an open front door that previously shuts and locks automatically) that all his co-workers have been murdered. Shortly afterward, he is shot at by a professional killer, who, conveniently, misses! OK. Now on the run, our hero (Robert Redford) kidnaps a woman at random in broad daylight and forces her at gunpoint back to her apartment. (Nobody sees any of this.) About two hours later, the woman is making love to the man and is instantly in love with him!!

    It gets better. The man - a professional reader, a bookworm, instantly turns into James Bond and the woman is instantly transformed from a lonely, shrinking violet into an international spy, boldly breaking into the CIA and talking tough to an agent. Wow, yes, that sure sounds plausible to me!

    Well, I''ll repeat one thing, for the readers here who forgot my opening paragraph and think I am panning the film. I am not. I like the movie. it's entertaining. It's fun to watch, and that's the name of the game. It's nice to see it's out on Blu-Ray.
    ...more info
  • Best Film Ever on the CIA
    Of all the films I've seen on the CIA, "Condor" is the best, including "The Parallax View". Superb performance by Redford and savvy direction by Sydney Pollack. "Condor" captures both the tenderness and depravity of this high stakes, life-or-death universe.

    There is a fascinating relationship of Von Sydow's Old Europe assassin toward Redford's hunted, harried character: a mixture of cold-blooded detachment and true affection.

    Perhaps the best exchange is between Redford and Cliff Robertson's CIA case officer who almost justifies the senseless murder of Redford's office mates. Redford intuitively recoils from Robertson's argument with this rejoinder: "Boy, have you found a home." ...more info
  • Top Notch CIA Thriller!
    Every time I re-watch this movie I feel very sad and then very angry at the same time. The reason being that many of the location shots were taken in and around the World Trade Center. Don't know about you but I haven't forgotten about that fateful September day as many seem to have. That aside, if you think about it, this movie is ever so contemporary in its main plot. Kind of makes you wonder what really is going on. Thinking what Director Higgins said at the end of the movie regarding food, oil, etc., "Don't ask people now, ask them then"! No politics here, just think with road rage and stupid attitudes of today along with the tremendous number of cars on the road: How would America deal with the gas shortages as with the mid 1970's oil embargo? Food for thought.

    UPDATE! 10.12.06

    Well, I got my answer. The summer of 2006, everybody just paid the $3 bucks a gallon and went about business as usual. But then again the long lines from the 70's never appeared either.

    UPDATE! 03.26.08

    Well, here it is two years later and gas is OVER $3 bucks a gallon heading towards $4.00 making this movie more contemporary every minute! (IMHO)

    UPDATE! 08.08.08

    Well, gas did make it to over $4.00 a gallon. Down a bit but it could go up in a heartbeat. Wouldn't you just love to see this movie back on the big screen? It would make a mighty pertinent statement in this election year....more info
  • By far , the best thriller of Sidney Pollack !
    The incredible plot of this engrossing script will involve you from start to finish . The dark intimate of an Information Agency through the figure of a simple reader - Redford makes he knows too many things he should not be noticed . That will be the essential and dramatic focus for an implacable chase . If you consider this golden cast : Max von Sydow , Faye Dunaway and Clift Robertson you will understand why this film has reached a privileged status at the moment you make the choice of the best bit nail thrillers of the seventies .
    The sixth best acting of Mr. Redford after The Candidate , Sundance Kid , The Great Gatsby and The Chase and The Great Waldo Pepper
    ...more info
  • Great Pacing, Charismatic Stars, Timeless Suspense
    I'm just getting around to seeing this espionage film. A young Redford scrambles to understand and outwit the unknown elements trying to eliminate him. Despite being over 20 years old, it doesn't have that dated feel that some films have.
    The action grabs you without a lot of special effects and car chases. The scenes with the leading lady sizzle. Just watching Redford is a treat.
    Of course, he was great in Butch Cassidy and in The Sting, so I don't know how I missed this one before. If you haven't seen it for awhile, treat yourself to a fresh viewing....more info
  • Redford at his best
    An insightful spy drama and you can't beat the last line, "But will they print it?"

    Overwhelmingly prescient given the increasing unreliability of the NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY, LOS ANGELES TIMES and CBS, not to mention CNN....more info
  • When patriots ruled
    It has been 20 years or so since watching this taut, suspenseful yarn that places duty and honor above company loyalty in the hands of a CIA book reader.On re-viewing this film, I would give this higher marks. Since 1975, media as an information-gatherer has turned into propaganda machine with no courageous patriots within.Instead of hired assassins as instruments, "the company" just reads to an indifferent TV audience, more diverted by Britney, than the takeover of democracy. The reviewer of "Shibumi" had things right when relating that novel to this movie.I found it also interesting in light of 9/11 events, that the Cliff Robertson (CIA division head) was transported to his NY office in the Twin Towers, when he set out on capturing the elusive Condor. It is a thrilling ride from beginning to end with a surprising finish. Robertson's character makes a threat, but Condor(Redford)unflinchingly accepts his fate of remaining "out there." The only check to a tyrannical government, or one with a hidden agenda, is the vigilant, informed citizen, or one Nicolai Hel in "Shibumi." This film is a must-see for anyone desiring to see citizenship in action in the modern era.How long must citizens accept "obfuscation" and "misstatement" for the truth?...more info
  • Good Movie
    Must see classic movie. Don't trust the government, they are here to help only themselves not you....more info
  • Man on the Run
    The strength of 3 Days of the Condor is in the role of CIA agent Condor, Joe Turner played by Robert Redford, a book reader for the CIA who finds the organisation he works for suddenly whipped out by a ruthless bunch of assassins led by the German Joubert, Max Von Sydow, in a famous sequence that is almost prophetic of the office rampages we hear about today in the news. Quickly phoning HQ, Condor is ordered to rendezvous with a pickup only to be speedily thrown into a game of cat and mouse with shadow agencies and his own competing against one another. Although there are some surprises in store, plot twists and the memorable tense elevator scene (did you drop these gloves sir?), 3 Days of the Condor is sadly let down by a lack of depth in the plot and some unconventional breaks in the pace, such as the overlong kidnapping background love story with Kathy, Faye Dunaway, and the Scooby-doo explanation ending that never really seems to answer much, leaving the viewer with a sort of half-satisfied explanation for the high body count shadow operations being witnessed. Although playing itself somewhat well to the tune of cold war atmosphere, this `man on the run' leaves many loose ends open and much to the imagination. This is mostly due to the very interesting confrontation between Turner and Joubert that is downplayed by the final scene where Condor confronts his boss.

    With a high television replay count 3 Days of the Condor has shown itself to be a very popular movie and Redford does his bit well, bringing out the bookworm's military manoeuvres now and again, this is a 70s conspiracy thriller highlight, although there are now better and deeper movies that revolve around the same theme. The Bourne Identity/Supremacy is really where the game is at now. 3 Days of the Condor, although being on the run for a good run, takes a backseat to the new pace....more info
  • Was Osama Bin Laden inspired by this film ?
    This film depicts the CIA headquarters being located on one of World Trade Center's twin towers. I wonder if Osama saw this film long time ago and was inspired by it to initiate his terrorist attack thinking he was hitting CIA alongside with the Pentagon on 9/11... Another Conspiracy Theory ? Maybe...

    All in all, this is an excellent film (details were masterfully described by the other reviewers ;-). Hollywood no longer makes films like these anymore...Only propaganda films now......more info
  • 1970's Spy Thriller
    One of Robert Redford better flicks. I can watch it over and over...more info
    What can I say except that it is a Robert Redford film....more info
  • One of Redford's best; although anunderlying anti=establishment story raises its ugly head!
    Ignore the background story; enjoy the "thriller" aspects - and be glad we live in a country that allows this type of commentary while acknowledging a need for the intelligence community !...more info
  • Fun thriller with an impressive supporting cast
    Joseph Turner (Robert Redford once again as the all-American) gets to read for a living, analyzing texts for the CIA through the cover of the "American Literary Historical Society." When it's his turn to go out for everybody's lunch, he comes back to find them all dead.

    From then on, Turner (code name "Condor") is on the run -- from the killers and from the government -- with only photographer Kathy (striking Faye Dunaway) his only, albeit reluctant, ally.

    Setting Three Days of the Condor during the Christmas season does little to bring tidings of comfort and joy. But the script by Lorenzo Semple, Jr. (The Parallax View) and David Rayfiel -- and the direction of Sydney Pollack (his fourth of seven collaborations with Redford) -- deliver the right amounts of post-Watergate paranoia and intrigue.

    As an enigmatic professional killer, Max von Sydow heads an impressive supporting cast that also features Cliff Robertson and John Houseman. (Keep an eye out for von Sydow's code name. It is a nice little in-joke connected to his appearance in The Exorcist.) The result in a fun thriller that, while very tied to its period, also reminds us that the priorities of the government have been the same for a long time. ...more info
  • Terrific suspense and a brilliant screenplay!
    This review is for the 1999 widescreen release by Paramount.

    The story involves a man named Joe Turner (Robert Redford) who works in a New York brownstone building that poses as a private literature society when in fact its an undercover operation for the CIA. His job is decoding possible enemy secrets found in publications printed anywhere in the world. Turner runs an errand by leaving through the back of the building, and minutes later the office is raided by assassins and the 8 or so remaining employees are all killed. Turner returns to his office and finds his fellow employees dead and contacts his superiors at the CIA Headquarters. He begins to realize that things are not adding up and goes into hiding. As the film moves on, he essentially kidnaps a woman (played by Faye Dunaway) and with her help, they devote their time together figuring out what has really happened.

    The movie is filled with twists and turns. Since Turner is an avid reader and has vast knowledge of intellegence operations, he does a magnificent job protecting himself as well as uncovering information about his advocaries. There is one unforgettable scene where Turner meets a professional assassin (Max Von Sydow) and the contract killer describes his work and with a straight face he mentions that he finds his job rather peaceful. This is definitely one of the best thrillers from the '70s.

    The DVD picture quality is nearly perfect with occasional tiny spots of film wear, but it is nothing to be overly bothered with. The sound is superb.

    Movie: A

    DVD Quality: A-...more info