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Barefoot in the Park [VHS]
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Devotees of Neil Simon's repartee, such as in his Goodbye Girl and Brighton Beach Memoirs, will enjoy this earlier tale of domestic dispute between newlyweds. Corie (Jane Fonda) is the young housewife trying to keep life exciting while making a home for her and her husband, Paul (Robert Redford), on the fifth floor of a Greenwich Village walkup apartment. He's working hard at starting his career as lawyer; she's eager to be romantic and spontaneous; and the two have plenty to squabble about. The film suffers a bit from Corie's excessive perkiness and the odd lack of chemistry between the two actors. But those who find the dramatic conventions a bit stiff (some of the dialogue and action seems more suited for stage than screen) may still smile at the dated look (circa 1967) at home life. Mildred Natwick is superb as Corie's mother, and Charles Boyer milks his role as the elderly bohemian neighbor upstairs. --Jenny Brown

Customer Reviews:

  • One of my favorites!
    A charming, fun movie! The classic and funny story of young newlyweds is a timeless tale with a wonderful sense of humor. Robert Redford and Jane Fonda are enviably young and in love, and watching them acclamate to married life is hilarious! A must see and one of Neil Simon's best!...more info
  • An Early Romantic Comedy!
    I just love this movie. I first read and saw the play when two people in my high school drama club performed a scene from it. Very soon after that, they showed this movie on AMC (or a similar movie channel) and I fell in love. It was made before I was born (my parents, for that matter, were little kids when this was made) and so at times it can seem kind of hokey to me, but it's sweet and very funny. Robert Redford plays uptight Paul while Jane Fonda is very funny as the upbeat optimistic Corie. Plus, I just love her wardrobe. Can't say it'd really work in my life, but I wouldn't mind a couple of those dresses.

    Dharma & Greg has a similar premise (though obviously BITP is done much, much better than D&G!) -- a couple gets married after only knowing each other for a short while, she's a little flighty, he's a little uptight, hilarity and drama ensues as they deal with married life and living together in the big city. I love this movie. If you like Neil Simon, older movies, romantic comedies, or just want to see what all the fuss was about for the leading actors (Redford was a dreamboat and Jane Fonda is so pretty), I'd say give this a try....more info
  • Kick off your shoes and enjoy the show (recommended)
    The barefoot Redford-Fonda team is fantastic at delivering scene after scene of red-face laughter. A passionate newlywed couple embark on a lifelong dream of marital bliss. Like most new couples, they adjust to the most basic of accommodations but have more difficulty adapting to the notion that life is not all fun and games or not all career-building work. Was matrimony a serious mistake? Are they totally incompatible? Can conservative family and eccentric neighbors salvage this new couple's seemingly disastrous pledge? This is a film to be watched more than once since you will likely not hear some dialog due to boisterous laughter and totally miss other sections while rolling on the floor.

    Movie quote: "I feel like we've died and gone to heaven - only we had to climb up."...more info
  • Some people won't get it
    This is excellent. Many people under 35 years old or so probably won't appreciate this Neil Simon classic. I was 12 or so when I first saw it in 69' or 70'. I was captivated by it's exaggeration of marriage, love and commitment. It is not a 'reality show'. If you have been married for many years (33 years) like I have, you will really enjoy the absurdities and over-reactions. It's a great movie! ...more info
  • Great movie
    This is a classic. Its funny, but just a really good story. Highly recommend. And Jane Fonda is at her pretiest....more info
  • She got on my last nerve!
    Jane Fonda is a great actress, but I have to admit that she worked my last nerve when she was whining about her husband's prudishness and demanding a divorce.

    Robert Redford was a delight as a young husband trying hard to please a dizzy wife. The other characters, such as Jane's mother, the telephone man, the old delivery man, the eccentric "55" year old neighbor, were also fabulous.

    Great romantic movie - you will laugh out loud....more info
  • It just has the right touch of everything...
    `Barefoot in the Park' is not a perfect rom/com, but it is a delightful one, that is for sure. There is so much to love here that it's small and sparse downfalls are easily overlooked, sometimes missed altogether. Thanks in large part to some very surprisingly engaging performances and a spot on script, `Barefoot in the Park' may make you want to do just that; run barefoot in the park.

    The film tells the story of newlyweds Paul and Corie Bratter. Paul is an aspiring lawyer who is reserved and conservative. Corie is loud and vivacious and flirtatious and just completely his opposite. The two move into an apartment that they never got to see to find that it is practically falling apart, but being to optimist that she is, Corie makes the best of things, determined to have a happy home. Paul is a little more put off by his newfound surroundings, but he desires to keep his wife happy. Their building is populated by some strange individuals, not the least of which is Victor Velasco who just so happens to live in the attic. While Corie is busy making friends and spreading her wings, Paul finds himself recoiling.

    Will these differences end their marriage before it even begins?

    Parts of the overall scheme of things may not seem to fit all that soundly, especially when you consider the fact that Paul's conservative side seems a new thing for Corie, who most definitely would have known this man before marrying him, but it is easily forgiven or all around forgotten thanks to the wonderful acting.

    That acting is also quite surprising. To be honest I find both Robert Redford and Jane Fonda to be rather dull, especially when considering all the praise they receive from rabid fans. Redford is like Gere for me; a heartthrob who has no right to be a heartthrob, but here he is wonderful. He is the right amount of conservative and the right amount of charming. He comes off like the average Joe, which is exactly what the film called for. Jane Fonda is even better, much better. She is so infectiously charming, oozing all over each scene with pure blissful chemistry. Charles Boyer is hilarious as Victor and Mildred Natwick works well as Corie's mother, but I will say that her Oscar nomination was a little unnecessary.

    The film, like I said, is not perfect, but it is charming and enjoyable. It does feel very much like a stage play in scenes, and this comes off a little wooden, but it is short lived thanks to Fonda and Redford. The final resolution will make you happy and giddy and the way the actors devour the script is a joy to witness.

    The film even has one of those hysterical `ROUS' moments (watch `The Princess Bride' if you don't know what I'm referring to) when Corie's mother first visits the apartment. If you watch carefully you'll see that the door opens and Natwick is just standing there, still as can be and then she just runs full force into the door jam. It's one of those comical moments that is funny for a purely unintended reason, and one of those scenes that you just want to rewind and watch over and over again. ...more info
  • Redford and Fonda in Their Fresh-Faced Glory in Neil Simon's Lightweight Newlywed Farce
    Romantic comedies don't come much lighter than this early Neil Simon confection based on the early days of his first marriage. With Broadway in such a desperate state to open a revival of the original play this past week (and to rather abominable reviews), it's worth revisiting the 1967 screen adaptation starring the youthful, fresh-faced pair of Robert Redford and Jane Fonda. They convincingly play Paul and Corie Bratter, hot-to-trot newlyweds who after spending seven passion-filled nights at the Plaza, find the everyday trials and tribulations of marriage rather rough going. Corie has secured them a sixth-floor walk-up studio in Greenwich Village surrounded by eccentric neighbors, chief among them an aging lothario, Victor Velasco. Her widowed mother comes for dinner, which Corie transforms into a blind date with the wily Velasco. In the meantime, the personality clash between the button-down Paul and the free-spirited Corie comes to a head with Paul walking out drunk and sick with a head cold. The ending for all four characters is inevitable, but the journey there generates some nice giggles. It's all pretty generic and filmed rather flatly by Gene Saks as a movie barely opened up for the movie screen.

    The young leads show why they are still around nearly forty years later. This was the second of three screen pairings for Redford and Fonda, albeit they barely had any screen time together in 1966's "The Chase", a legendary bomb documented in dishy detail in James Robert Parish's just-released "Fiasco: A History of Hollywood's Iconic Flops". Luckily, they are more in their element here as Redford repeats his hit Broadway performance with rueful, self-effacing wit. He makes his staid lawyer character likable in spite of his initial rigidity and seems to regale in the liberation Paul experiences when he walks out. In what was her last Hollywood ing¨¦nue role before Barbarella and political activism beckoned, Fonda is a ball of energy as Corie, effortlessly sexy and flirtatious but surprisingly pure of intent in becoming a housewife. Charles Boyer is ideally cast as Velasco, using his well-worn boulevardier style to great effect, and Mildred Natwick plays Corie's jittery, pink-pill-popping mother with genuine warmth and crack timing. It's worth another look if only to see two stars well before they became icons. Within a couple of years of the film's release, Redford would explode in "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid", and Fonda would turn in startling work in "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?". The DVD has no extras except for the trailer....more info
  • Opposites really attract
    This movie really proves the point of how "opposites attract". Fonda and her quirky, Bohemian style meets Redford and his prudish, "fuddy duddy" (as she refers to him in the film)style. But it's those qualities that make them need and want each other and love each other despite being in a weird apartment building in a rathole apartment. It's great for laughs, love, and look into what makes us fall in love with other people....more info
  • A Charming Romantic Comedy
    This has been one my favorite movies for many years and I think it is one of Neil Simon's best efforts. He really seems to capture the challenges of a young couple adjusting to marriage once past the heavenly 6-day honeymoon at the Plaza, especially since the bride and groom seem at times to come from different solar systems. The groom, Paul, (Robert Redford) is down-to-earth, solid, sensible, a handsome rising young attorney who is hesitant to try anything new or do anything wild and crazy, a bit of a 'stuffed shirt'. The bride, Corie (Jane Fonda), is a beautiful, sexy, free-spirited young woman eager to begin their life together in their tiny new walk-up apartment on the top floor of a 5-story building (not counting the stoop). It's easy to see what attracted them to each other but is there enough substance to hold them together?

    To add more flavor to the mix, they blend in Corie's 52-year old straight-laced mother, Ethel (Mildred Natwick) and their 60-ish Bohemian neighbor, Victor (Charles Boyer), who dwells in the attic and lives a very uninhibited lifestyle.

    The casting is excellent, the script is great. I love what Redford and Fonda bring to these roles. I thought Boyer and Natwick were wonderful, too.

    One of the things I really like about the movie is that when Corie becomes hysterical and Paul thinks it's all over for them, they each find a new perspective. I think everyone will enjoy this delightful comedy, especially newlyweds! ...more info
  • Cute And Charming Movie!
    Barefoot in the Park is one of my favorite movies, I taped it when it was shown in Letterbox Widescreen on TCM and when I get around to it I'm going to buy it on DVD. This is a very charming movie and has a wonderful cast! Jane Fonda is absolutely charming as spunky, fun-loving newlywed Bride Corrie Bratter and Robert Redford is very good as her uptight husband Paul but also good are Mildred Natwick as Corrie's mother and Charles Boyer as eccentric neighbor Victor Velasco and I highly recommend this cute and charming movie!...more info
  • Neil Simon's classic comedy
    Neil Simon's BAREFOOT IN THE PARK remains to this day a breathless comedy delight, the universal story of two newlyweds and their rocky road to marital bliss. Following a 6-day (and night) honeymoon at the Plaza Hotel, conservative young lawyer Paul Bratter (Robert Redford) and his vivacious wife Corie (Jane Fonda) settle into domesticity in a fifth-floor walkup apartment building in New York, filled to the rafters with veritable kooks! Corie's mother Mrs Banks (Mildred Natwick) finds herself being wooed by worldly neighbour Mr Velasco (Charles Boyer) , whilst Paul and Corie slowly adapt themselves (hilariously) to married life!

    Robert Redford amiably recreates his Broadway role of Paul and Jane Fonda is just about perfect as Corie. Mildred Natwick is a hoot as Mrs Banks (and adds a lot of depth and drama to her comedy). Charles Boyer, in one of his last films, gives Velasco the flash and eccentricities the role requires. Neal Hefti composed what has become one of the most loved and admired film-scores of the 60s.

    Sensational film version of the Broadway hit, which opened in 1963, originally starred Robert Redford and Elizabeth Ashley, and ran for over 1,500 performances. ...more info
  • Waddayameen?
    Robert Redford and Jane Fonda at their prime, both in looks and acting. A refreshingly entertaining story without blood, guts or coarse language. ...more info
  • Good Purchase
    Enjoyable and funny movie with classic stars and two stars to-be (Redford and Fonda)!...more info
  • a real gem
    this is one of the best comedies ever. jane and robert are awesomely funny. both are incredibly sexy together. i watch it over and over and never get tired of it. i only wish it were on dvd. the neil simon dialog is incredible -- very witty and clever. it does not disappoint....more info
  • A laugh in every scene.
    This is a classic to beat all classics. A great story (though very dated - with Fonda trying to be a great wife (and nothing else) is funny in every scene. The actress who plays Fonda's mother steals the show. Great entertainment....more info
  • I'd go Barefoot in the Park to watch this film...
    This is a classic! I first saw the 1981 HBO special (on stage with a live audience) with Bess Armstrong and Richard Thomas (John Boy from The Waltons) and liked it. So naturally when I saw the same title airing on Turner Classic Movies years later I was curious to see the movie version. I loved it!
    The timing of the one-liners and the actors' facial expressions are priceless. Especially with the running gag of the newlyweds living on the top floor of building with no elevator. The delivery man and the telephone man in the beginning are funny. Jane Fonda, Robert Redford and especially Mildred Natwick have excellent comedic timing. I laughed from beginning to end. Who can forget when Robert Redford's character and Mildred Natwick's character go to a restaurant on Staten Island have dinner and drinks then can't make a fist and their teeth feel 'soft'. HILARIOUS. Another memorable moment is when Mildred Natwick's character assures Charles Boyer's character that she's okay to walk without holding on and then proceeds to tumble down a flight of icy stairs. (I had to rewind this a few several times while laughing). That in itself is worth watching.
    Top notch performances by all in this film. A must-see.
    ...more info
  • Endearing
    Jane Fonda was certainly lovely in this film, and her fey charm forgives the fact that she was clearly showcasing herself here and not truly interacting with her equally photogenic co-star, Robert Redford. Neil Simon's wit and clever use of human beings as props in sight gags has never been so polished in any of his other productions, and there is something truly endearing about this particular film. I think it is the mixture of its time and setting, all combined with the fact its two lead actors are still fresh enough in the business to exude real life excitement about their roles. This movie is funny, effectively coy a time or too, and just bizarre enough to stand the test of time. ...more info
  • A Timeless Treasure
    My wife and I have enjoyed this movie for years. For some unexplained reason, we had never bought our own copy.

    This DVD is the widescreen version and has a satisfying picture and sound. The story-line is familiar, and Redford and Fonda are convincing and enjoyable in their rolls. The balance of the casting is first class, and the whole package provides solid entertainment.

    I recommend this one highly to all who enjoy comedy. It would be a worthy addition to anyone's collection....more info
  • A Classic Never Mentioned
    I have found that the movies no one talks about, or rarely remember are usually the most enjoyable and this is one. Not a movie I expected from either actor, but entertaining the whole length....more info
  • Redford ala mode
    Excellent Redford & Fonda fare. Comedy done to perfection. Charles Boyer and Mildred Natwick just what the Doctor ordered in outstanding support roles. This flick is a treasure to own and one where the viewer will want to roll for plenty of laughs. If you don't own it do yourself a favor and buy it, and after you have it, you'll love it !...more info
  • A brilliant and charming comedy
    The very funny and very true story of a newly-married couple in New York in the late 1960's.

    Barefoot, which made Robert Redford famous, features the lovely Jane Fonda, as well as french actor Charles Boyer.

    Extremely funny, very well played, eccentric, original, charming, this is great entertainment....more info