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Roman Holiday (1953)
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Maybe it doesn't quite live up to its sterling reputation, and maybe the leading man and director were slightly miscast. But who cares? Roman Holiday is the film that brought Audrey Hepburn to prominence, and the world movie audience went weak at the knees. The endlessly charming Hepburn had her first starring role in this sweet romance, playing a European princess on an official tour through Rome. Frustrated by her lack of connection to the real world, she slips away from her protective handlers and goes on a spree, aided by a tough-guy news reporter (Gregory Peck). Director William Wyler, more at home with such heavy-going, Oscar-winning classics as The Best Years of Our Lives and Ben- Hur, doesn't always keep the champagne bubbles afloat, and the Peck role would have fit Cary Grant like a silk glove. But the film is great fun, the location shooting is irresistible, and Hepburn embodies an image of chic style that would rule for the rest of the fifties. No coincidence: she won an Oscar, and so did veteran costume designer Edith Head. --Robert Horton

Customer Reviews:

  • Wonderful DVD
    Excellent DVD at a very nice price. The quality was very good for this black and white movie. I love all the older movies and this one is no exception! You won't go wrong by getting this one....more info
  • The Romantic Tale of a Disconnected Princess
    This is a story of a princess who is young to be performing the official duties of the Royal family but loves to experience the outside world. On the night of her visit to Rome, having disconnected from the real world for long, she slips away from her residence. During this little adventure she meets an American news reporter named Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck.) Audrey Hepburn offers great performance as a na?ve young woman who wants to be a common person away from the pageantry she is used to. It is a sheer luck that Hepburn was cast for this role. After she auditioned for the movie, a brief chat with director William Wyler convinced him that she is the best for the job. No one has ever regretted this decision as Hepburn went on to win the Academy award. Hepburn is a natural, and remains at ease in her portrayal as a princess enjoying the real world. No wonder Academy awarded the biggest prize in Hollywood even though she was novice to a Hollywood film and this is her first movie. Originally Cary Grant was offered the lead role but casting Gregory Peck was not the best decision one could have made. Peck has made great movies but he does not shine in this film. Shooting of the film in and around Italy adds depth to the story of movie. The princess taking a ride with Bradley in a Vespa motor scooter is an iconic symbol of American cinema. Anyone who has seen the other movie of Hepburn; Breakfast at Tiffany's could see some similarities in the story of these two films as she play a free spirited woman who doesn't know what she really wants in life. The movie was written by a Hollywood Blacklisted author Dalton Trumbo who did not get credit in the original movie but the DVD released later gives credit he really deserves....more info
  • Roman Holiday is a Keeper!
    This movie is absolutely delightful. Gregory Peck and Brian Keith are a hoot in this wonderful film about a princess who has had enough and sneaks off for a holiday, with no money and after her Dr gave her a sleeping pill. Audrey Hepburn is marvelous! Hilarious, witty, charming, romantic and down right good to see again and again.

    If you have never seen an Audrey Hepburn movie, Start with this One. You will fall in love. ...more info
  • A Modern Fairy Tale
    An enchanting real-life fairy tale, as light as a drift of marshmallow fluff, about a runaway princess and an American newspaper reporter, and their day of playing hookey in Rome; a Rome which is so thoroughly a part of this story that it might as well be one of the supporting actors. This was Audrey Hepburn's breakout movie role, and one is also charmed to learn from the extras that she was as gracious, loyal and endearing to everyone she worked with, as was the character she played: Princess Ann, of some unspecified European country, on a state visit/good-will tour of post World War II Europe. Isolated by the requirements of her position, bored beyond tears, and chaperoned every minute of every waking day, Princess Ann impulsively flies the luxuriously gilded coop of her country's embassy in Rome late one night. She is discovered almost asleep on a park bench by reporter Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck). Being one of nature's gentlemen, he assumes she is inebriated and takes her his artistically disarranged little garret of a place; when he realizes who she is, he has plans.

    Part of the undeniable charm of this movie is the fact that it shows us a past that is nearly out of reach: a past where motor-traffic meant a flock of Vespa scooters, and a working newspaperman would never be seen not wearing a tie. It is a world which pre-dated the paparazzi, ruthlessly pursuing celebrities twenty-four seven. One could barely imagine a newspaper reporter and his photographer friend being so gallant today - even if the princess and the reporter did manage to fall into love. A bittersweet ending; when the two almost-lovers part after their delirious, carefree glimpse of love in the shadows of the eternal city.

    Of the extras, the most interesting is "Rome with a Princess" - a modern day look at the various authentic locations used, and a retrospective of Audrey Hepburn's career at Paramount studios.
    ...more info
  • A thin, stiffly acted, dated, cliche of a movie.
    What's all the fuss about. Ms. Hepburn doesn't act. Our leading man is plodding and mumbles half the time. Eddie Albert's restraint is utterly-unbelievable. Any two-bit paparazzi worth their weight in tin would have turned in those pictures for millions! What is Peck left with? A long life of knowing he's got a girl friend he can't touch, see, or speak with.

    I find this movie depressing. Hepburn chooses the stifling life of a princess for the "honor", instead of following the man she loves and running down that empty corridor screaming out his name as he walks out at the end, having chucked the whole royal kit-and-kabootle for her man.

    Peck choose poverty instead of instant journalistic fame? Albert takes one for his buddy and is now stuck doing endless pin-up photos in his dank drab loft?

    I mean really people. Would you like to live with the staff at the palace? Endless "League of Nations" speeches, and all the time wondering what the man of your dreams is doing? I'm sure she'd face the fate of Lady Di trying to escape her monotonous life. And to think she may even risk marrying someone like Prince Charles, a stiff approved of by her entourage. Depressing.

    Peck is forever seeing what could have been as no one believes a word of what he says when he finally comes out with the truth on his deathbed. And the only source he has is the former pin-up photographer down the hall in the rest home, the one who constantly mutters at the ceiling, "my photos coulda been a contenda" while taking pictures of nurses with his 1950 pinhole camera, the one without film they let him keep for patient management sake.


    We should have heard a "WAIT" as Peck walks out of the last frame. Audrey running, her tiara falling to the marble floor, shoes flying off, holding her dress as the entire press corp chases after the both of them. They jump into the river again. Eddie, knowing she'd break, waits in a scooter and off they go into the roman sunset for a TRUE ROMAN HOLIDAY.

    But NOOOOOOOOOOO.........more info
  • Audrey at her Best
    Oh, how I love Audrey Hepburn. If you are a fan and have not seen this one, its a must see! She is as captivationg as ever, and actually won an Oscar for her role, and this was her first major film. Gregory Peck is handsome and cool. Its not your typical love story.
    Watch it!...more info
  • The classics keep getting better.
    What more can be said about this film? Filmed on location in Rome, Italy in the fifties. Greg Peck and Audrey Hep. Nuff said!...more info
  • Beautiful
    This film is the sweetest, most lovable romantic film ever. This film encouraged my uncle to become a reporter!...more info
  • Slumming with Audrey
    This was Audrey Hepburn's big movie debut and it was a stellar one. She plays the crown princess of an unnamed European monarchy who is visiting Rome or a PR tour. She is tired of it all. She just wants to be a normal girl. She wants a holiday.

    She sneaks out of her embassy and falls in with Gregory Peck, an American journalist living in Rome. At first, Peck does not recognize her but, when he does, he knows he can get the scoop of his life. He squires her around, seeing the sites of Roman and surreptitiously taking notes and photos. He is also falling in love with her.

    All too soon, she realizes that she has to get back. By this time, she has fallen in love with him as well and that makes for a painful parting. It also makes for a difficult choice for Peck. He can publish his story and make his fortune at her expense or he can suppress it and remain poor.

    This was a delightful vehcle for Hepburn. She plays her part wonderfully and any viewer would be hard pressed not to fall in love with her. The story is very dated and simple but it is still wonderful. I'll go slumming with Audrey Hepburn any day!
    ...more info
  • Golden days
    'Roman Holiday' is a delightful movie for many reasons. It captures the essence of the regency period with a fairy tale princess, during an innocent time of life that was much simpler. Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck were cast perfectly for their roles and complemented one another nicely. It was light-hearted but at the same time conveyed a more serious meaning. Sometimes one must sacrifice what one truly wants for the greater good of sociey. This was all too poignant at the end of the movie.
    I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it to the sentimental hearted.

    ...more info
  • Hepburn ad Peck are delightful from start to finish...
    William Wyler's "Roman Holiday" is about a runaway princess (Audrey Hepburn) who escapes from surveillance and believing herself incognito spends a night - perfectly innocent- in a good-natured American newsman's Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck) apartment...

    Her amiable adventures provide the basis for a charming fantasy-romance adventure... We see her on the loose for a single day in Rome smoking her "very first" cigarette, cutting her long black hair, riding on the back of a reporter's motor scooter, hesitating to slip her fragile hand in the 'mouth of truth,' escaping police, swimming the Tiber river, falling in love with the handsome reporter and at last returning to her official duties...

    Audrey Hepburn won the Academy Award, and nearly every film she made during the following fifteen years was worthwhile... She was good in epics as she was in musicals... She was nominated for additional Academy Awards for "Sabrina," "The Nun's Story," "Breakfast at Tiffany's," and "Wait Until Dark." She had such expressive big eyes that she was hardly required to speak... She was a star of extravagant beauty and her part in "Roman Holiday," (her first in a starring role) perfectly suitable for her wispy, thin little persona, haunted us by her looks and her voice..

    "Roman Holiday" was directed by a serious artist who knows how to tell a story... Meticulous, William Wyler worked out several doubling that I like to mention:

    - Hepburn is seen dancing in the great mirrors of the hall, and soon after, in civilian dress, she walks alone passing near the same mirrors in the empty shadowy hall...

    - At the extravagant ball she dances with short old personalities, and next evening she dances with our hero the tall American reporter on a barge in the Tiber river...

    - When she lies persistent to sleep in her Embassy bed, she sees the angels in the four corners of the adorned ceiling, and when she wakes in Peck's bed, she observes the water tank in the corner of his ceiling...

    - She has her hair cut by a barber who begins unwilling to cut it, then with emotion cut it all off... In that night she meets the same barber who has shaved his moustache...

    They were two receptions in the film: Near the beginning our bored princess receives an official welcome... Near the end she holds a press conference... Among the gentlemen of the press is Peck affirming that the story of her day with him is safe... And Oscar Nominee Eddie Albert discreetly presents her with his 'paparazzi' commemorative photos of her visit...

    The 'go away' of two lovers who certify their tender feelings by not saying goodbye brings very pleasant tears...

    And there is a last doubling of Wyler: Late night after they kiss in the funny little borrowed car, Hepburn leaves and Peck watches her disappear down the narrow street as she runs the corner returning to the Embassy... The camera holds for a moment on the little street making its emptiness speak in silence... The next morning, after the press conference, and the princess with her attendants depart as all the reporters except Peck... He is left alone, looking fixedly at the door through which 'his beloved' has left... Then he turns... The camera - below him - retreats as he walks slowly down the elegant space of the palace hall... His footsteps producing an echo... At the great door he stops again, and turns one more time... Nobody there... The nice dream is over... He walks out of the shot leaving William Wyler's academic use of deep-focus detains his camera on the cool elegant hall with its guards and ceiling... It is the end of a lovely story, a fairy tale...

    With a captivating charisma, Hepburn ad Peck are delightful from start to finish...

    ...more info
  • An Unforgettable Classic Film that has Captured the hearts of Many over the last 53 Years
    Many many years ago, all the way back to 1953, the Lovely Audrey Hepburn at an age of 24 made her acting debute in this romantic dramacomedy called Roman Holiday. Starring with the charming Gregory Peck she knew how to give a performance that would capture peoples hearts and brought her an Academy Award for best actress that year.

    This black and white film is one of the most succesful and memorable films of the 1950's. Like I said in the first part of my review, Audrey Hepburn acts beautifully and gives a stunning debute. She is both funny as lovely, but also knows how to give a fantastic dramatic performance.
    Gregory Peck is the charming man next to Hepburn in this romantic adventure. He gives a nice performance that fits well next to Hepburn's performance. He is charming, funny and was the right choice for this role.

    The film was shot entirely in Rome, Italy which gives stunning cinematography. The film may be shot in black and white, the spirit and the atmosphere of the lifely Rome of the fifties has been well captured on camera. The director, William Wyler, has succeded in making this film look absolutely beautiful. He gave the film comedy, drama and romance. Elements that are well brought by the actors and the story.

    The story in short: Princess Ann (Audrey Hepburn) is on her visit in the Italian capital Rome for business. She may look happy when being seen by the people, but behind that beautiful smile she is as unhappy as it can be. She wants to live and get out of the routines she has to follow everyday. One night she escapes from the palace and meets a News reporter played by Gregory Peck who can't wait to get a story. He acts like he doesn't know who she is and takes her into Rome, where they explore the Life she has never had, but only dreamed of having.

    2 hours of pure movie magic. Take a look at this masterpiece if you love Romantic comedies, classic films or a good drama film. Roman Holiday has all those elements and brings you fantastic entertainment.
    It is a film that has captured the hearts of many people all over the globe since it's release 53 years ago. Well, I can proudly say that I am now one of those people. ...more info
  • Wonderful Classic Movie
    I love this movie. I watched it right before my trip to Rome. The sights have not changed a bit and it's such a cute story line. Old black and white movies are so classic and so is Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. It portrays Rome so well. ...more info
  • A young princess trying to spread her wings...
    "Roman holiday" (1953) is a charming movie that you are likely to love, specially if you are fond of romantic comedies that have an excellent director (William Wyler) and great actors (Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck).

    Do you want to have at least an idea of what this film is about? Well, the main character is Ann (Audrey Hepburn), a beautiful princess that is visiting Rome for official reasons, but that wants to break free of her obligations, at least for one day. This movie tells us what happens when Ann gets to do what she wants, that is a day of almost perfect freedom in Rome. Of course, Ann is not alone: she accidentally meets an American journalist, Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck), a handsome rogue that becomes a possible love interest. But does Joe know who Ann really is? And what does he want from her?

    All in all, I can say that I enjoyed watching the story of Princess Ann, a young woman that could be compared to a bird trying to spread her wings for the very first time. You will laugh, and maybe cry a little, but I think that "Roman holiday" is a film that you will not regret watching.

    Belen Alcat...more info
  • Classic Movie!
    This is a timeless movie...for those who love these actors and love ITALY!!! this is a great collection....more info
  • 3.5 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    A romantic movie that takes a different arc than the standard meet-cute/happy-time/breakup/sad-time/happilyeverafter is always appreciated, and the wonderful Italian scenery and sweet interaction between Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck make this film a delight. ...more info
  • Absurd notions
    It is hard to read some of these reviews and not scratch one's head. To think, for example, that Cary Grant would have been better in this film is crazy. Cary Grant is a knowitall sophisticate. He would have wrecked the film. The whole point of the film is that everyone is innocent and learning how to be truly noble as adults. Only Gregory Peck could have carried off the male role without making him appear naive or an idiot. All the sexuality in it is very, very carefully dealt with -- one false move, and it would have crashed and burned. The film is about restraint and duty.

    It was Audrey Hepburn's best film. The final scenes -- so understated, but speaking volumes -- are brilliantly acted. Of course, nobody would behave like these two now. And of course we are so much better off. Sure we are. ...more info
  • One of my favorite romantic stories of all time
    William Wyler could not have chosen a better actress to play Princess Ann. Audrey Hepburn, in her first starring role, plays a very charming regal princess who is tired of her long European tour duty and sneaks outside of her embassy in Rome to mingle with the common folks. She meets Joe Bradley(Gregory Peck)an American News Service reporter in Rome. During their one day interaction, both Princess Ann and Joe Bradley enrich each other lives. Here lies one of the most romantic experiences in film history.

    The remastered version was sporatically better compared to the previously released DVD version. I wish the studio had taken the remastered recording more seriously. Nontheless, this is still a great romatic story that any movie fan should not miss....more info
  • A movie fit for a princess...
    I don't think that anyone could ever dispute the fact that Audrey Hepburn is regal... nothing short of royalty. This movie is one of my favorite Hepburn films. She's divine. And her princess dress is any little girl's dream! I don't like Gregory Peck usually, (except, of course, in 'To Kill a Mockingbird', but that could be because he was simply made to be Atticus.), but he doesn't bother me in the slightest in this movie. One of my all-time favorite movies....more info
  • The best thing I know is to do exactly what you wish for a while.
    Possibly my favorite romance of all time, ROMAN HOLIDAY is a heart-wrenching, charming and timeless tale of a young Princess Ann(Audrey Hepburn) who runs away and ends up in the arms of wise newspaperman Joe Bradley(Gregory Peck).

    Of course through a handful of events by random happenstance Joe and Ann fall in love, and their chemistry is really beautiful.

    "Do you have a silk nightgown with rosebuds?" "I haven't worn a nightgown in years!"

    Gregory Peck is a dream, and Audrey Hepburn is simply stunning in her oscar-winning performance. In addition, Eddie Albert adds the perfect amount of 'comedy relief'.

    It's one of those movies that you never feel the desire to fast-forward through and the end will make your heart shatter no matter how many times you have seen it unfold before.

    Couldn't you just die as he exits and 'the end' comes up on that screen? Just Amazing. ...more info
  • Classic
    We still see posters from this movie around Rome so we felt we should see it. It was a classic in its time. Fun to see the sites where they filmed this movie. It's not like Rome is changing or anything (although there did seem to be less traffic in the movie)....more info
  • like a tour guide
    This is a classic film anD while watching it is like having a tour of Rome, all the sights and famous monuments . If you have ever been to Rome it brings back all the memories of your own Roman Holiday....more info
  • Roman Holiday
    Recommended to me by students here in China who probably didn't understand any of the word play. Back in the days of black-and-white Hollywood movies, they were masters of romantic comedy. Here's one.

    Gregory Peck was simply fantastic. I'd never seen him before. (Gasp!) It also introduced Audrey Hepburn. I know almost nothing about her career (gasp!), but I'd say she had more ability as a newcomer than a lot of veterans ever achieve.

    A simple premise executed almost flawlessly. Princess runs away from the spotlight and finds love with a commoner while hiding her identity. It begins with subtle humor, progresses to highly visual humor, then turns serious because there is a dilemma at its heart. Two hours may have been a wee bit too long, but I enjoyed it.

    In its day, I'm sure filming everything on location in Rome was a big selling point. It's not in color, but great cinematography is a joy forever. ...more info
  • Golden Age
    This Special Collector's Edition of 'Roman Holiday' does justice to one of the classic black and white movies of the golden age of the cinema....more info
  • "I could do some of the things I've always wanted to."
    Princess Ann (Audrey Hepburn) is tired of the royal life. She is required to behave in such a silly way and she has no time to enjoy herself. She visits city after city without any real change of scenery and she's tired of it. No one in her employ will help her achieve any excitement, so she takes matters into her own hands and escapes. Reporter Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck) finds her, and recognizes her for who she really is. What a story! He takes her home and plans his story, but can't let her know that he knows. The two spend a perfect day together on the town experiencing life as neither have done before.

    This movie is brilliantly executed. The cast is perfect and William Wyler's stylish direction puts Roman Holiday a cut above ordinary romantic comedies. The story is innocent enough for children to relish, but it rings true for adults too. Every new endeavor is a little adventure, so this film is exciting again and again even with repeated viewing....more info
  • Great Chick Flick - A Princess blending in with everyday folks
    Roman Holiday -
    Audrey Hepburn, a young stressed princess, experiences life without schedules and guards when she sneaks outside her country's embassy in Rome after being given sleeping medication. Gregory Peck, a poor newspaper reporter trying to earn enough money to get back to NY, thinks she is drunk and doesn't want her to be picked up by the police.

    Thereafter follow several comedic scenes. He follows her around to get a real inside scoop on the life of a princess... His friend (Eddie Albert)brings a hidden camera. They tour several famous places in Rome, ending up back where she started in the shadow of the embassy on a boat and suddenly surrounded by several secret service agents from her own country. They end up falling in love and hence the interesting ending when she discovers who he really is.

    The extra material, some told by Eddie Albert's son, tells you interesting side lights as to what part each of the actors put into making the movie unique. I had already seen the movie when I purchased this... It is a classic Audrey Hepburn film....more info
  • Eternal City, Eternal Film
    It's difficult not to have at least some, possibly subliminal, awareness of this classic and its imagery. Princess Audrey losing a slipper; Greg and Audrey on a scooter in Rome; Audrey bashing the guy with the guitar; Greg and Audrey at the end, back to Royal and Commoner; and surely - courtesy of "Only You" and Robert Downey's fine recreation with Marisa Tomei - the dare to risk hands being bitten off when put by the untruthful into the Bocca della Verita (Mouth of Truth) and Audrey's wild, coltish reaction to Greg's silly amputation mime (hand retracted into sleeve on extraction from the Mouth). These images have long since been absorbed into most people's cinematic vocabulary of the timeless and delightful: quite rightly so. Some of us have even been in the Eternal City on a fast-paced weekend break and still found time for furtive indulgence in a bit of our own movie-recreation magic, down at La Bocca with a camera on timer...

    But come back, please, to this lovely film and you will find something that's more than the sum of admittedly exquisite parts. Dalton Trumbo wrote this under a Black-List-dodging cover, for a start; couple this with Director William Wyler's known insistence for precision-engineered scripting and you know you're going to be presented with a beautifully-shaped and paced experience. The casting is - of course - pitch-perfect, with Audrey justifying the latter iconics (which I've often considered a bit overdone in relation to her overall contribution) with a tremendous portrait of her character's initially innocent, fragmented, wrenched character, the evolution over the course of her self-discovering "holiday" and, most poignantly, the mature and genuinely regal way she conducts herself at the end.

    The film looks wonderful, naturally; location-work in Rome throughout will tend to do that for your movie. But you may not remember just how erotic the wet, underlit kiss on the Tiber's night-time banks really is until you come back. Or how funny the recurring shtick with Eddie Albert's bohemian photographer is. Or how spot-on the satire of the paparazzi is, for then and now. Edith Head does one of her finest fashion-jobs ever in this: not just Audrey, but all of them are dressed to perfection for their characters and their developments. Even the damned haircut is perfect!

    "Tragi-comic" is partly right for the final impact of the story. It's ultimately very uplifting, though, in both theme and structure. Both Audrey and Greg gain something permanent and perfect, even as they retire to their respective sides of the rope barrier. And how lovely that, in so articulate a film, the script calls for them to convey the final truths they've learned, what they've lost - and what they (and we) will have with us to enjoy forever - all of this is brought to life without words, in the looks they share at the end, Greg and Audrey acting their hearts out from their stillness whilst the state occasion goes on around them. The implied confidence in Greg's public question and Audrey's response near the start of the scene, along with the covert handing back by the cheeky reporter and snapper of the candid photographs taken on Audrey's incognito escapades, constitute some of the least cynical and most generous gestures ever realised on film - everybody finds nobility at the end.

    What a sweet and redeeming masterpiece this is! It's one of those films I'd cheerfully go and inhabit. Early on, Greg takes a "drunken" (actually drugged) Audrey up the outside courtyard stairs to his Rome apartment. In the night-light, she sways back to knock someone's door, just down a short flight from Greg's entrance; but he catches her hand (you should watch hands throughout this film) just before she can smack the door, twirling her up and away with comic grace, as if they're dancing. Well, I want to be the person who lives behind that door....more info
  • A good classic
    The quality of this movie was great. It's a movie that spans time and is great for all generations. ...more info
  • Unforgettable,Pure and Innocent Love between a Royal Princess and Press man in Rome,Italy !
    Most of all,Agile,special Big eyed
    unforgettable Actress,Audrey Hepburn, inspite of
    her Cancer in later Ages, She put her all energies
    forsuoting poor,diseased childrens in Africa, then
    she died.Gregory Peck was a really mayching cast for
    "Roman Holiday.Well,secret sightseeing of Rome was good
    But my best was Last Scenes of wrench of sorrow paeting
    in last press Interview. Last scenes of lonly walking
    Gregory Peck Remined me the last scene of "the Third Man" ! ...more info
    This was supposed to be Peck's movie. Audrey Hepburn was an unknown actress at the time, but from the moment Hepburn appeared on screen she owned not only her part, but the film as well ( and that comes from someone who considers Gregory Peck to be one of his all-time favorite actors ). The chemistry between the leads is wonderful, Wyler's pacing of the movie is superb, and the story is exquisite ( light without being fluffy, and loaded with class ). ROMAN HOLIDAY suffers few rivals in the field of comedy-romance. If you're a Hepburn, or Peck lover, or a sucker for great romantic-comedies you probably already have this classic, and are, of course, aware that one viewing of it can never be enough....more info
  • In my Top 5!
    Having a bad day? Feeling nostalgic? Watch Roman Holiday to cheer you up! A movie for the whole family! Definately in my Top 5! How can you not like a movie with Audrey Hepburn!...more info
  • Roman Holiday, a classic
    This movie is enchanting. The scenes of Rome make you want to go there, and it is so well acted that you understand totally why Audrey Hepburn won an Oscar for her performance. There's an innocence in this film not often seen today, but there is also tension, sexual tension, and the struggle of making decisions based on what is the "right" thing to do as opposed to what will make money, or ignore or avoid personal responsibility. All this woven into a love story, a comedy and the show place of Rome!...more info