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Like a soda pop left open all night, Bueller seems to have lost its effervescence over time. Sure, Matthew Broderick is still appealing as the perennial truant, Ferris, who fakes his parents out and takes one memorable day off from school. Jeffrey Jones is nasty and scheming as the principal who's out to catch him. Jennifer Grey is winning as Ferris's sister (who ends up making out in the police station with a prophetic vision of Charlie Sheen). But there's a definite sense that this film was of a particular time frame: the '80s. It's still fun, though. There's Ferris singing "Twist and Shout" during a Chicago parade, and a lovely sequence in the Art Institute. But don't get it and expect your kids to love it the way you did. Like it or not, it's yours alone. --Keith Simanton

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  • A classic film finally gets a Blu-Ray release
    This review is for the Blu-Ray edition.

    Ferris Bueller's Day Off is directed by John Hughes. The film stars Matthew Broderick, Alan Ruck, Mia Sara, Jeffrey Jones, Jennifer Grey, Charlie Sheen, Ben Stein, Richard Edson, and Edie McClurg. Contributors to the musical score include Ira Newborn, Arthur Baker, and John Robie.

    Ferris Bueller is a Chicago high school student who, like so many others, is sick and tired of long, boring school days. So he comes up with the ultimate plan - fake an illness to get out of going to school, and use that day to get together with his friend s, and do everything fun the city has to offer. Once he is up and about, he teams up with his girlfriend and his reluctant, constantly depressed and nervous buddy. And borrowing the latter's father's priceless sports car, the trio heads downtown to partake of numerous activities. But what Ferris doesn't know is that the school's dean is aware of his less-than-stellar attendance habits, and is out to bust him by any means necessary.

    The movie is a classic - one of those few eighties movies that really stands the test of time, and never manages to feel dated. Prior to shifting over to the world of family-friendly cinema, John Hughes was the master of teenage angst films. And perhaps no movie he ever participated in demonstrates that more than this one. There are laughs to be experienced around every corner, and yet the film is never raunchy or explicit. It's a success on every level.

    Ferris Bueller's Day Off's cast is one of the greatest assets the film has going for it. Matthew Broderick brilliantly portrays the title character. Always entertaining and always lovable, Brod erick's performance here is arguably the finest of his career. The other stand-out is Alan Ruck as Cameron, Ferris' always-fearful companion from a broken home. Other great performances include Jennifer Grey as the title-character's uptight sister, Jeffrey Jones as the high school's over-the-top dean who will stop at nothing to bring Ferris down, and Edie McClurg as the dean's goofy secretary. Some brief (but no less memorable) performances include Ben Stein as the boring, monotone economics instructor, Charlie Sheen as a drug addict in a police station, and former Sonic Youth member Richard Edson as a crooked parking attendant. The movie is filled with excellent performances.

    Alongside its cast, another great thing the film has going for it is the storyline, and the way the film explores it. It's a simple, to-the-point storyline so many people can relate to - who among us all hasn't wanted to ditch school for the sake of having a great day? The trio goes all across the city, and the comical scenes never stop. The tone of the film is perfect - always comical and entertaining, yet never raunchy or explicit.

    Music for the film is composed by multiple composers. Amongst them is Ira Newborn, who would also compose the music for numerous other films/shows/artists/etc, including the Naked Gun films. The songs featured in the film come from a variety of sources and cover numerous genres - each one of which always suiting a certain scene in the film perfectly. Sadly though, John Hughes refused to release a soundtrack album, as he felt the songs wouldn't work well together as an album. As such, many songs featured prominently in the film, including the Flowerpot Men classic Beat City, are now highly sought after. Great music.... I only wish there was a soundtrack that had it all together!

    This is one of those movies where I'd been waiting for the Blu-Ray for a long time - after all, it's one of the greatest films of the eighties. And let me be the first to tell you this Blu-Ray transfer does not disappoint. It's not the best vintage film transfer I've seen in HD, but it's certainly above average, given what I've seen for other films of the same era. Detail throughout the presentation is sharp, and there is an enhanced amount of detail I couldn't see in any old DVD presentation of the film. The grain level is consistent, and never interferes with the viewing process. My only real complaint image-wise is that a few shots look too soft , and some facial textures lack depth. Still, a small complaint. A lossless audio track only sweetens the deal, bringing the dialogue and widely-diverse musical score to life like never before. All in all, Ferris Bueller's Day Off on Blu-Ray shouldn't disappoint.

    Special Features: This is a straight-up port of the Bueller Bueller Edition DVD, so all of the same features are present here. There are various making-of and other vintage featurettes detailing the creation of this classic film, as well as a photo gallery. Disappointingly, everything is presented in standard definition. Still, it is a nice variety of bonus material and I'm grateful we got anything on the disc at all. I wasn't expecting all the features from the previous DVD release, so this actually comes as a pleasant surprise.

    One complaint I must make, however - like the Bueller Bueller edition DVD, this version of the movie DOES NOT include the John Hughes commentary from the original DVD release. I don't see how hard it would have been to slap it on the Blu-Ray port.

    All in all, Ferris Bueller's Day Off stands the test of time, and this Blu-Ray is the new definitive version of the movie on the market. The movie itself doesn't fail to please, and a great transfer makes this package all the more appealing. If you've got a Blu-Ray player, steal your dad's prized Ferrari, rush to the nearest store, and pick up this disc.
    ...more info
  • One of the movies my Mom likes that I'll actually watch!
    I could watch this over and over again! It's so funny! The person who dissed women's manly handshakes is a sexist! But anyway, I would seriously recommend buying this if you want something funny to watch! Definitely 5 stars and your kids would probably like it too.....for one viewing per 5 months. Don't force it on them is my advice!!
    Rock on...more info
  • Life goes by fast.If you don't stop and look at it,it could pass you by.
    One of John Hughes best films,Ferris Bueler made me laugh harder than any other Hughes film. The though of one high schooler having an entire town behind his back makes you wish you were him.I love this film....more info
  • Memorable Movies
    I've loved it since I first saw it in a hotel room. Ironically,I was quite sick at that time.
    Ferris Buller has the day off, claiming he is ill, using his wits. Decade, or year doesn't mater because there will forever be those kids who would love a day on the run with no classes! Kids can easily relate, and if not there has to be something very wrong! No, I KID, REALLY!
    There's a lot of goodness in here, and the brother sister jealousy is spot on.
    Great fun, and laughs for everyone! ...more info
  • "Anyone?, Anyone?, Bueller?"
    Matthew Broderick stars in this very funny film about a high school student who decides to take a day off of school. What happens next can only be described as remarkable and somewhat crazy.

    Broderick stars as Ferris Bueller, a somewhat clever and deceitful (in a funny way) high school senior who, along with his best friend Cameron (Alan Ruck) decide to skip school and visit the sights and sounds of downtown Chicago in springtime. Ferris convinces Cameron to take his father's prized red Ferrari out for the day. Reluctantly, Cameron agrees, and soon the two are off on their adventure. Their next plan is to get Ferris' girlfriend Sloane (Mia Sara) out of school so she can go along. Ferris and Cameron devise a plan to call the school and tell Dean of Students Ed Rooney (Jeffery Jones) that Sloane's grandmother passed away. Dressed in a long trenchcoat and hat, Ferris arrives at the school to pick up Sloane, and the three drive happily away. However, Mr. Rooney suspects that something is up and immediately suspects that Ferris is at the root of it. He sets off to find Ferris himself and bring him back to school. By the end of the movie, Mr. Rooney probably wishes he had stayed in his office.

    Meanwhile, Ferris' sister Jeannie (Jennifer Grey) has figured out what Ferris is really doing. Angry that Ferris seems to get away with everything, she has to deal with the entire school taking up a collection for poor, sick Ferris while she really knows what is going on. In the end, though, she proves to be a big help to him.

    After heading downtown, the trio take the Ferrari to a local parking garage. Cameron's father knows the exact mileage of the car, so Cameron is already nervous about allowing Ferris to drive it. But that's just the beginning. The garage attendant decides to take the car out for a joyride and racks up over 180 more miles on the odometer.

    During their day,Ferris, Cameron, and Sloane manage to see the Sears Tower, a Cubs game, visit the Art Institute, and see Ferris sing "Twist and Shout" from a parade float. But when they head back to the garage to get the car, Ferris finds out about the extra mileage, and Cameron goes crazy. Ferris seems to think that by driving backwards that the miles will come off, so they jack the car up in the garage and put it in reverse. However, the miles don't come off. Cameron, having suffered through a tumultuous relationship with both of his parents, takes out his aggression on the car. Soon, it goes careening out of the back of the garage and lands in a pile of trees. Cameron actually feels relieved because now his father will actually have to talk to him. But Ferris realizes that he has only 5 minutes to get home before his parents do. Will he make it in time?

    This movie has attained a sort of "cult" status over the years and still remains as funny as ever. Matthew Broderick is perfect as the scheming Ferris, while Jeffery Jones does a very good job as Mr. Rooney. Jennifer Grey plays the part of the overlooked and jealous sister perfectly, and Alan Ruck's job as the reluctant and somewhat confused Cameron is the perfect companion to the wild and reckless Ferris. Let's not forget the funny cameo by Ben Stein as the teacher who coined the term "anyone, anyone, Bueller?"

    I recommend this extremely funny movie very highly. The acting is great and the story is very funny. As a Cubs fan, I was glad to see the scenes in Wrigley Field and hear Harry Caray's voice. Watch this great movie and see how much trouble and mischief three friends can get into in one day....more info
  • Ferris Bueller's Day off
    Perfect movie for everyone. No matter how many times I watch the movie it is always funny. Whether you are stll in school or schools days are behind you this movie will make you feel good. ...more info
  • "We're pinched for sure." "No way, Cameron."... "Let's surrender." "Never!"
    How anyone could not like this movie is beyond me. I hate to wax nostalgic, but it's very hard for me to believe it's been 23 years since this movie's release. While I cringe at those 80's clothes and hairdos, I'm fully aware that the comedy here remains timeless and the angst of the wasteland known as high school remains equally pertinent.

    Although Matthew Broderick is more renowned these days for being Sarah Jessica Parker's husband and for his role in the Broadway version of Mel Brook's "The Producers," I'll forever fondly remember him for his work as the cunning, school-cutting, school clown Bueller. It sucks to typecast an actor, but it's pretty hard to beat his performance here.

    This movie is loaded with so many goodie quotes that an entire review can be composed solely on that subject. It also features a few people who got noticed here and got bigger roles: Jennifer Grey one year before "Dirty Dancing" and Jeffrey Jones, as Dean of Students Edward R. Rooney, two years prior to "Beetlejuice," to name but two of this great cast. For me, it's always pleasantly shocking to see previously unknown actors and actresses in older movies and wonder how you could have glanced over them in the first place (even though you can never tell who's going to be famous).

    I can't help but watch this from beginning to end every time - and I don't mind a single second spent watching this - even if it's the one-thousandth and first time I've watched it. To be cliche, it gets better and better each time.

    From Rooney getting his to Bueller's charmingly fooling everyone (except the sister) with his fake illness to the parking attendants riding Cameron's father's Ferrari at 100-plus mph and jacking up the miles to the stuffy atmosphere of the fancy downtown Chicago restaurant Bueller smooth talks his way into to the famous scene where the impromptu rendition of The Beatles' version of "Twist and Shout" livens up the downtown parade (complete with the zombie walk from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video from a segment of the crowd), "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" just screams classic from beginning to end. The folks at "Family Guy" can parody more scenes than they already have and I would love it. - Donna Di Giacomo...more info
  • Everyone should have a Ferris
    My brother is Cameron Fry and it wasn't until his first year in college that he found his Ferris Bueller. This is a classic that every high school student should see. It's a great way to appreciate life and the parade scene is one of the best. It's easy to tell from this film that Matthew Broderick was destined to be a star....more info
  • ferris bueller's day off
  • Bueller on Blu-ray....... Ohhhhhh Yeah!
    What a perfect John Hughes 80's masterpiece! Ferris Bueller's Day Off is one of my top 5 all time favorites. This Blu-ray is awesome where it counts most. The picture quality is the best this 1986 film has ever looked with a crisp clean presentation. The audio is excellent and exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed the extras featuring the amazing John Hughes and cast. Overall, Bueller gets an A+. Take a day off with this inspiring 80's masterpiece featuring unforgettable performances by an exceptional cast. :)...more info
  • My kids love this movie
    I'm sorry, with all due respect to the reviewer, Mr. Simanton, I thoroughly disagree with his review. My kids love the movie as much as I did, back when it came out, there is no loss of effervescence in our home. This movie is one of all time favourites of my older two children, who are 17 and 8. The soda bottle is still fine here, thank you....more info
  • Horrible Blu-Ray, always fun to watch the film though
    2 stars for the classic itself, but a horrendous Blu-Ray.

    The picture quality was right up there with the worst transfer I have seen. Large volumes of grain, hair, spots on the lens, blur, etc. Every once in awhile the alternative camera provided some nice clarity (the aerial city shots and one road sequence with the red car). I panicked one time thinking a pixel had failed on my plasma, but upon inspection it was a dot on the lens. There was absolutely no effort put into the preservation here.

    The sound was standard, and typically the only clear mixture was the "Oh Yeah" end title sequence and one or two other music montages. There was no time spent on cleaning up the monotone 2.0 either.

    Extras: All the same ones (word for word) as on the special edition, nothing new.

    This has been 0/2 on new BDs this week...frustrating....more info
  • Blu-ray: A classic teen comedy finally on HD but still without the commentary track.
    "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" was definitely a major hit from 1986. I can remember everyone from high school just in love with the film and many people praising the latest hit from Director (and also writer) John Hughes who has directed many of the top teen hits in the 80's such as "The Breakfast Club", "Pretty in Pink" and "Weird Science".

    Needless to say, a film in the 80's that was attached to John Hughes was considered as golden and sure enough, "FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF" was as successful as his previous teen films (the film grossed over $70 million in the box office) and the film is considered (and voted) by many fans as one of the top comedy films of all time.


    "FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF" is presented for the first time on Blu-ray and with a 1080p High Definition transfer. The good news is that the picture quality is better than any previous release of the film. Colors are vibrant at times, but with the film nearly 25-years-old, for some reason I felt the video looked a bit soft.

    Certain scenes show sign of ages with a few spotting and again, video was looking a bit soft. Having seen the two magnificently looking Paramount releases of "Saturday Night Fever" and "GREASE" on Blu-ray which comes out on the same day as "FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF", those films are 30-years old and look incredible and definitely look gorgeous on Blu-ray. But for "FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF", it was a good transfer, but not magnificent.

    You do see a variety of cool colors such as the parade segment or even when the three are at the swimming pool, there is very good vibrancy of colors and part of the positive about this film is that a good chunk of the film is filmed outdoors. If anything, this transfer does look way better than its DVD counterpart.

    As for audio, "FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF" is a John Hughes film, similar to his other big hits, music plays a big part of his films. And thus you can hear Yello's "Oh, Yeah" and the Beatles "Twist and Shout" in Dolby TrueHD 5.1. The film is strong on the dialogue side and thus, the true usage of surround sound and when the film does come alive is during the scenes that showcase the music.

    Also featured is French 2.0 Dolby Surround and Spanish mono. Subtitles include English, English SDH, French, Spanish and Portuguese.


    "FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF" on Blu-ray is based on the special "Bueller...Bueller...Edition" DVD release and features the following in standard definition:

    * Getting the Class Together - The Cast of Ferris Bueller's Day Off - (27:45) Interviews with a few of the cast during the time the film was shot and also a few recent interviews as of 2005. The casting directors selected Matthew Broderick because he was one of the top young stars of the time with films such as "War Games", Alan Ruck was supposed to be in the original "The Breakfast Club" but this time gave Ruck a chance in this film (which was turned down by Emilio Estevez). Also, interesting tidbits such as the real life relationship between the two actors that play Ferris's parents.

    * The Making of Ferris Bueller's Day Off - (15:29) We learn about the filming of "FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF" from the various scouting locations, finding the right car (Ferrari) and how they were going to have it crash out from a window and more.

    * Who is Ferris Bueller? - (9:12) Interviews with Matthew Broderick and the mindset of Ferris Bueller and playing the role.

    * The World According to Ben Stein - (10:49) Ben Stein is interviewed in the past and the present. Stein talks about how he was discovered from writing speeches for President Nixon and how he will forever be remembered for the two words..."Bueller...Bueller...".

    * Vintage Ferris Bueller: The Lost Tapes - (10:51) Onset craziness with the three main talents.

    * Class Album - This features the still photography used for publicity

    Owners of the original DVD release may still want to keep it because the commentary by John Hughes from that version was never included in the "Bueller...Bueller...Edition", nor is it on this Blu-ray.


    Back in 1986, this film was so popular. I can remember everyone in high school watching this film many times and even today, hearing bands and people who were influenced by this film. And suffice to say, it has become a comedy classic as many magazines and various film polls have placed it in their top 100 comedy films.

    Watching "FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF" as a teenager and watching it now as an adult, I have to admit that now, I find myself feeling differently about the film. And I have to thank these creators of various Internet theories for definitely giving me a second take on watching this film.

    Most recently, the "Fight Club" theory has been offered on the Internet about the film revolving around a figment of Cameron's own imagination. And for me, I know thinking things this way goes against what many people watching it at the time. But personally, I enjoy this theory because I realize, if a ten second scene was added at the end of the film showing Cameron lying down and while he was contemplating the negativity around his life and what if this whole experience was just a dream. Even with an ending like that, it would make the storyline much more plausible of how Ferris was able to accomplish the impossible.

    I know, I know...this is a John Hughes film, not a David Fincher film. But it definitely made me think differently about the film.

    Because if you think about it, It would make sense of how Ferris was able to pull the impossible off, Cameron in his mind contemplating the way he would retaliate against his father and also, his feelings towards Sloane. Everything is a figment of Cameron's imagination and to me, I'm really digging that theory versus a teenager who is constantly pulling off the impossible.

    But of course, purists who are reading this are probably saying, "well, that's not how John Hughes would have wanted" and yes, I know. This is a film that came out in the mid-80's and when you think of past-John Hughes classics, situations that possibly wouldn't happen in reality, do happen in his films and you always get the "happy ending".

    From the rags-to-riches story of "Pretty in Pink", two boys who are able to generate a hot woman from a Barbie Doll of "Weird Science" and how people of different backgrounds in high school are all able to become good friends in "The Breakfast Club". "FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF" was an adventure of three friends having the best day of their lives courtesy of Mr. Bueller.

    I suppose it shows you how overworking minds are able to come up with multiple theories for many films and TV shows and a fun, enjoyable and popular comedy classic such as "FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF" can definitely be analyzed (or over analyzed).

    But nevertheless, it seems the theory has given some new life and interest in the film and what better timing than to have the release of "FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF" on Blu-ray.

    As for the Blu-ray, it's pretty much what was offered on the "Bueller...Bueller" DVD edition but I figured that perhaps when the film reaches its 25th Anniversary, we may get something new or different. But if not, for those who have never owned the DVD release, this Blu-ray is quite solid. And of course, the picture and audio quality is much, much better than the DVD.

    "FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF" is a hilarious comedy that continues to shine now as it did nearly 25-years ago. Definitely recommended!...more info
  • Actual aspect ratio is 2.35:1
    Anyone put off by the currently listed aspect ratio of 1.66:1 should note that the actual aspect ratio of the Bueller... Bueller Edition is 2.35:1. I've added a screen capture to the image gallery for verification....more info
  • Broderick's Best
    FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF gave us numerable cinematic moments--all of them timeless. The "Twist & Shout" celebration in downtown Chi-Town. The Ferrari crashing through a plate glass garage. Matthew Broderick's impish deadpan to the camera. Ben Stein's monotone chant, "Bueller. . .Bueller. . .Bueller. . ." All of the above (and more) made for one grand time when this film came out in 1986; all of the above continues to treat viewers to one grand time today.

    Writer/director John Hughes makes truancy downright charming as we enjoy the antics of laid-back Ferris Bueller (Broderick) and two of his buds cutting class on a delightful spring day. Having suckered his parents (and the entire city of Chicago, for that matter) into believing he is sick, Ferris makes the best of his temporary freedom; he and his pals enjoy fine dining, a Cubs game, participate in a parade, go for a swim. And all the while, Ferris is being pursued by his relentless, yet unlucky, principal (Jeffrey Jones is hilarious). The administrator knows Ferris is playing hookey--he's just having one dickens of a time catching Bueller in the act.

    As humorous as this entire film is, it succeeds and flows and works because Broderick so aptly carries it. Whether he's talking his best friend into "borrowing" the friend's father's sports car, or he's deadpanning to the camera any number of optimistic "Buellerisms," Broderick is always charming, witty, and deliciously ornery. Even after the closing credits have rolled, Broderick makes a hasty appearance to admonish his audience ("You're still here? Go home!"). Broderick's been in several flicks, but here he's never been better; and next to "Caddyshack" FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF is the finest comedy the Eighties has to offer.
    --D. Mikels, Author, Walk-On

    ...more info