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Pretty in Pink [VHS]
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The era of Molly Ringwald's profitable collaboration with writer-producer-director John Hughes (Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club) was at its peak with this 1986 film (directed by Howard Deutch but in every sense part of the developing Hughes empire). Ringwald plays a high school girl on the budget side of the tracks, living with her warm and loving father (Harry Dean Stanton) and usually accompanied by her insecure best friend (Jon Cryer). When a wealthy but well-meaning boy (Andrew McCarthy) asks her out, her perspective is overturned and Cryer's character is threatened. As was the case in the mid-'80s, Hughes (who wrote the script and produced the film) brought his special feel for the cross-currents of adolescent life to this story. In its very commercial way, it is an honest, entertaining piece about growing pains. The attractive supporting cast (many of whom are much better known now) does a terrific job, and Ringwald and Cryer have excellent chemistry. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • A classic, I absolutly love this movie........
    This movie is an all time classic, for those of us that grew up in the 80's. I will never get tired of this movie. It's a heart felt, romantic, comedy that will always be a "one of a kind". I love all the actors and their personalities. To say anything bad about this movie would be like saying that the 80's wasn't a time we'd all love to experience again. By all means, by this movie, you won't waist your time or money....more info
  • one of the best throw backs of the 80's

    Have to love this movie!!!
    Pretty in Pink is a must have for any true movie lover. Basic cinderella story with a little something special. Great movie for a first date.

    Molly Ringwald, Guilty Pleasure, 1980's Suburbia
    "Pretty in Pink," along with "The Breakfast Club" and "Sixteen Candles" are the three movies that made Molly Ringwald America's favorite prom date in the 1980's. Of the films associated with Ringwald (and the rest of the "Brat Pack"), few are still enjoying any regular circulation now. What is sad is how most of the people who starred in these films and once enjoyed A-List status have fallen beneath the mainstream horizon. The interesting thing is the way these films portray an idealized, bittersweet suburban-princess ghetto that never existed but has become part of American mythology that still draws young people like moths to a flame. The films mentioned at the top of this review, along with "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" could comprise a modern day "golden age" legend for exurban teens. "Pretty in Pink" was probably the most financially successful of Molly's follies (it wasn't the best or the funniest, that was "Sixteen Candles") and probably stands as a central monument for that last gasp of films that could unapologetically be about nothing at all and still make for good entertainment. These movies were not made for anyone over 20-except as guilty pleasures-and should not be measured or criticized as any more than the fluff they were intended to be...but what's wrong with guilty pleasure?
    ...more info
  • Pretty in Pink review
    If you're an '80s kid like me there's a good chance you're a fan of John Hughes' Pretty in Pink. When watching this special edition DVD it's apparent that this is the Queen of '80s teen movies. With that said, it's still pretty underrated. I'm surprised at how many people still tell me they never watched this movie!

    James Spader plays the extreme a-hole and there's no bigger jerk in all of movies! Molly Ringwald is the quintessential '80s girl acting along with some amazing songs in the background. You also have a quirky "She's so Unusual" type performance from Annie Potts (Janine Melnitz from Ghostbusters), an Oscar worthy showing from Andrew Dice Clay, and even a hot Kristy Swanson as Duckette. You can't go wrong with Pretty in Pink, one of the '80s best teen movies....more info
  • Who Doesn't Love Duckie???
    Need I say more?!!?!?!? :)

    Oh...yeah...the Otis reinactment is delish!!!...more info
  • Pretty in Pink-Great 80s Film
    Molly Ringwald is awesome in this 80s classic. She is from the wrong side of the tracks and falls in love with someone from the right side. If you enjoy this movie you will alson enjoy Sixteen Canldes....more info
  • 5 stars for item; 2 for more corporate scuminess
    We saw this on the shelf at a Target a few weeks back. Save your money if you already have the collector's edition; this is just the old edition w/a CD of '80s music....more info
  • nice flick for anyone!
    I am a huge fan of the 80's and this movie is really one of the reasons why! This movie includes so many great scenes and such great acting, I don't know how anyone coudln't love it! Molly Ringwald shows off her witty attitude in this fun flick. Anyone can watch it and have a great time, laughing and crying at this beautiful story about a sweet, poor girl and handsome, rich guy.

    YOu can never get tired of this movie, because each time you watch it the more fun it is. Andie is a poor girl who is really a truly amzing person inside, but she has feelings and emotions like everyone else. She and a handsome guy who goes to her school and has a lot more money than she does show off their impressive, fun, and totally 80's story. This movie is overall perfect for anyone!...more info
  • Overrated and mostly empty teen drama (2.5)
    Pretty in Pink, an 80's teen dramedy may have a FEW worthy moments but it's mostly full of hot air. While I'm a HUGE fan of 80's teen movies (and 80's movies in general) this one definitely did next to nothing for me.
    The premise is simple: Molly Ringwald plays Andie, a high school senior who'll be graduating in a month. What sets her apart is the fact that she's poor and comes from a family of a lazy father and a mother who left them. Though she is poor, her home is typical middle class and her stylish clothing make her look a lot richer than she actually is, perhaps to hide the fact that she IS poor. Whatever. Her best friend Duckie is in love with her but doesn't want to ruin their friendship. Andie falls for a cute, but rich, guy at school (played by Andrew McCarthy). This new rich boy is envied and disliked by Duckie and is too much of a coward to stand up to his hoyty toyty rich best friend who doesn't wants to date Andie but is too much of a rich snob to snag her. He's mad so he tells his best friend to avoid her.

    Anyways, the typical senior prom happens at the end where Duckie realizes he only wants for Andie's happiness and she ends up chasing her crush out and kissing him and the movie ends.

    What's most annoying about this movie is the lameness of the characters. They just aren't very interesting. And when you think things are getting good, they do for a few minutes before the film drags along once again. This movie would've definitely been great if not for the complete lack of chemistry everyone involved had. Sure, there are tears and confusion, but you don't really care because these characters simply ACT OUT the script, you don't get the feeling at all that they're real people with real backgrounds. 99% of the time the ONLY interest they show in their lives is in their given situation. The ONLY time any character shows any type of human character is when Andie remakes her prom outfit because she's really into sewing and fashionable clothing. This doesn't add anything to the story except come in where it's handy. And even then it isn't handy cause the only reason she resewed her prom dress was cause her dad went out and bought one and said "i know you may not like it, but i know you can do something with it." she might as well have just gotten one herself she liked and that would've been the end of it.

    bottom line: a cookie cutter teen drama/comedy that starts nowhere, adds filler, and ends nowhere you care about. ...more info
  • Molly Ringwald looks AWFUL in pink
    I grew up in the 1980s and I didn't know about Molly Ringwald until just recently. So I went and got 'Pretty in Pink' and, let me tell you, it was pretty lame. Molly plays a nobody named Andie who dresses up in old lady clothes. Her mother walked out on her and her father three years ago, so Andie has decided to change her role from being a daughter to a substitute wife. Her dad is a loser who's too lazy to get a job and every morning Andie wakes him, serves him breakfast, and nags about him having to find a job. Anyway, she has this screwed up friend name "Ducky" who is more annoying than funny and is in love with Andie. But Andie is in love with this rich guy at school named Blayne who isn't even hot. Basically, the movie is about poor Andie in love with rich Blayne. The acting was okay, but the story was boring and unbelievable. Molly's wardrobe was horrendous and that prom dress she wore at the end should have been ripped off of her and burned. It was *that* awful. ...more info
  • Pales in comparison to other Hughes/Ringwald collaborations.
    1986 brought the third of three John Hughes / Molly Ringwald movies, "Pretty in Pink", and I'm afraid it's the worst of the three.

    The storyline asks us to suspend disbelief over and over again, Molly's character seems weak and childish at times, and Jon Cryer is just annoying as the misfit "Duckie".

    I am a huge Molly Ringwald fan, but "Pretty in Pink" is certainly a step down from the heights of "The Breakfast Club" and the pinnacle of "Sixteen Candles".

    On a side note, Annie Potts is great (as usual) in a supporting role.

    "Pretty in Pink" will be a necessary purchase for any 80s, Brat Pack, Hughes, or Ringwald fan, but it lacks a certain "something" that the other movies seem to have....more info
  • Thank you
    Blast to the past and now my teenage daughter is hooked. Bought the set of Molly Ringwald 80ies movies including this one for a Christmas Gift. The price was just right and DVD arrived in great time and in good condition....more info
  • Goofy Plot, but Strong Cast & Characters Make This Teen Flick Memorable.
    I didn't see "Pretty and Pink" in the 1980s, but the film's enduring popularity motivated me to take a look 22 years hence. "Pretty in Pink" is part of John Hughes' oeuvre of '80s teen flicks, even though Hughes did not direct the film. Hughes wrote and produced; Howard Deutch makes his feature film debut directing. As was common with John Hughes films, the plot is simple and silly. The substance is supposed to be in the behavior. Unlike his other films, I think that Hughes achieved more with casting in "Pretty and Pink" than with dialogue or behavior, which accounts for its staying power. The film is a showcase of early work for a lot of big names.

    The plot is lifted straight out of Cinderella. Andie (Molly Ringwald) is a barely working class high school senior with a terminally unemployed father (Harry Dean Stanton). She's responsible, ambitious, and doesn't let poverty stand between herself and a trendy wardrobe. She sews her own over-the-top '80s fashions. Andie's greatest wish is that dreamy rich boy Blane (Andrew McCarthy) will invite her to the prom, but the only rich boy who has paid her attention so far is Blane's rakish friend Steff (James Spader). Andie's eccentric friend since childhood, Duckie (Jon Cryer), pines after her, but seems destined to friend status.

    "Pretty and Pink" doesn't resonate the way that many of John Hughes' teen movies did. I grew up poor and attended a rich high school, like Andie, but the way the characters interact in this movie doesn't ring true to me. It's a fairy tale. It's not a situation that people can relate to. The film's strength is its cast. Individually, the characters are appealing and interesting: Blane, the nice, handsome preppy. Steff, the licentious, handsome jerk. Annie Potts has a great role as Iona, Andie's colorful friend and employer. If the audience sympathizes with anyone, it is probably with Duckie, played to the hilt by Jon Cryer.

    Molly Ringwald was well-suited to most of her teen roles, but I'm not enthusiastic about her in this part. Ironically, the film was written for Ringwald, but somehow I just do not buy it. Andie seems contrived, and her emotions fall flat for me. It's also disappointing to see teens played by older actors. Molly Ringwald was the only real teenager. James Spader must have been about 25. But this is a memorable cast, nonetheless. Andrew Dice Clay has a cameo, and you can catch Gina Gershon, Dweezil Zappa, and Kristy Swanson in non-speaking roles. Cinematography is by the talented Tak Fujimoto. "Pretty in Pink" is fun, but you'll be thinking about the iconic characters and ignoring everything else.

    The DVD (Paramount 2006): The "Everything's Duckie Edition" is loaded with 8 featurettes, a Photo Gallery, and a feature commentary. Most of the featurettes include "then and now" interviews, taking footage from interviews with cast and crew in 1985 and in 2006. John Hughes is the only one not featured in any contemporary interviews. "The First Time: The Making of Pretty in Pink" (13 min) interviews director Howard Deutch, John Hughes, producer Lauren Shuler, and the cast about making the movie, the music, novice directorial mistakes, and the photography. "Zoids and Richies" (19 min) interviews cast and crew about characters and includes interesting stuff about casting. "Prom Queen: All About Molly" (13 min) interviews Molly Ringwald et al about the character of Andie, her situation, her crush, etc.

    "Volcanic Ensembles" (9 min) interviews costume designer Marilyn Vance and actors about the wardrobes. In "Prom Stories" (3 min), some cast and crew talk about their proms. "Favorite Scenes" (20 min) replays 8 memorable scenes from the movie followed by comments from the cast. "The Lost Dance: The Original Ending" (12 min) is about how and why the film's ending was changed. In "Wrap Up: Epilogue" (7 min), cast and crew comment on the film's enduring popularity. The commentary by director Howard Deutch is not constant but discusses the characters, interacting with the actors, John Hughes' role, themes, staging, editing, production design, and some other technical details. Subtitles are available in English for the film. Dubbing available in French....more info
  • Pretty in Pink
    First off I would like to say that I am a big John Hughes fan.I enjoy all of his movies because they are not only funny, they bring out tough subjects with humor it seems. Pretty in Pink is about Andie, a normal girl that isn't popular or rich whatsoever. Her best friend, "Ducky" has been her friend since like elementary school and has had the biggest crush on her forever and is her rock. She finds out that Blane, a cutie and rich guy at school likes her for all the right reasons. They click and like each other, but there's just one problem- everyone disapproves. Every guy like Blane is the kind of guy who likes to get laid and do drugs but Blane is not that. Andie loses herself in confusion and Ducky leaves her to fend for herself. All three of them learn the tough part about love and in the end it is basically a happily ever after. I would recommend this movie to people like Andie who need help in situations like hers. I learned alot in this movie for some weird reason. As for the star cast, Molly Ringwald really is "Pretty in Pink"....more info
  • Definitely a classic!
    This 80's flick needs to be in every movie collection. Especially for all young girls who are trying to fit in but at the same time wanting to keep your individuality. Mollie Ringwald is excellent in this film as she challenges those characters like the extremely annoying James Spader and the snotty girls in her gym class that think she is weird. Duckie is awesome as her best friend and major supporter, along with her friend, Iona.
    I cry at the end when she and "Blaine" are in the parking lot at the gym and he tells her "I love you."
    Classic, classic, classic....more info
  • Still Love it.
    I had very fond memories of this movie, but never got it on DVD. DH got it for my last birthday and it is as wonderful as I remember it. Love the special features, but wish there was more. It's a great movie....more info
  • john hughes at some of his best
    pretty in pink is my next in line favorite john hughes film second best to some kind of wonderful. his movies fall together so well. a killer soundtrack. great acting and every film has its own kind of magic.
    pretty in pink being the story of a girl andie whos had the same best friend "forever" duckie who of course is totally in love with her. she doesnt feel the same way but would never in a million years want to hurt him. her other "best bud" is played by a very young annie potts (designing women) who is as eccentric as they come and (tho they never really get into the subject) runs the record shop where a decent portion of the movie takes place. where takes place my top favorite scene where duckie does a hilarious and yet adorable reinactment of otis reddings "try a little tenderness". a scene that pays for the price of the movie on its own. but if the movie went that way forever it wouldnt go anywhere but some good laughs and unreturned crushes. tho rich in love they dont have any money and the rich brats at school bully them. particularly when rich boy blaine falls hard for andie and andie doesnt exactly dislike him either. jealousy ensues and it makes for a really great movie and a certain movie to cherish if youve ever fallen in love with your best friend or someone who your friends hate and be honest "who hasnt?" ...more info
  • Excellent, fun, and entertaining!
    "Pretty in Pink" is the story about a young high school girl, who receives the attention of a young yuppie played by Andrew McCarthy, who drives a BMW and comes from a very rich family. Despite, the fact that Andrew's character's friends don't like MOlly Ringwald's character because she's from the "other side of the tracks" they decide to throw caution to wind and date each other.

    Molly Ringwald plays an outcast and dates the popular, rich kid, named Andy (Andrew McCarthy).

    The plot is easy to follow and entertaining.

    It's definitely a good movie; especially, if you love 80's music. The music in the film is great as are the characters.

    An interesting character played by Annie Potts is Molly Ringwald's older friend, who acts as her female confidante and offers Molly advice on dating.

    I highly recommend this film for anyone aged 13 or over.

    It's a great movie--it's fun to rent or to even buy!

    ...more info
  • The Weakest Of The John Hughes Teen Comedies, But Still Very Good.
    Though not as good as "Sixteen Candles", "The Breakfast Club", "Weird Scienece" or "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", "Pretty In Pink", like all the John Hughes produced 1980s' teen classics, is a highly enjoyable teen romp.

    Molly Ringwald, Hughes' muse for these movies, plays Andie Walsh, a smart hiugh schooler who lives with her deadbeat dad (the always wonderful Harry Dean Stanton) and is generally in the company of her friends, namely the carefree Duckie (Jon Cryer in a classic performance). Pining for Andy's affection is Blane McDonnagh, a rich and very popular student who wants to take Andie to the prom. This does not sit well with Duckie, who's harboured a secret crush on Andie since he's known her. Backstabbing, lies, and heartache ensues, but it leads up to a great conclusion.

    "Pretty In Pink" is not as good as its predecessor, but it's still a very solid and entertaining teen comedy....more info
  • Molly's best John Hughes film.
    "Pretty in Pink" is one of my very favorite movies. John Hughes did a brilliant job with this film! He put Molly Ringwald with a brilliant cast that was amazing and he touched on the touchy subject of social class in High School very well.

    (May Contain Spoilers)

    Andie Walsh, (Molly Ringwald) lives with her unemployed father (Harry Dean Stanton) in the wrong side of town. Andie is a very headstrong girl who isn't very well liked with any of her peers exept her friend Jenna and Duckie Dale, (Jon Cryer) the boy next door that would do anything for her. She and Duckie are often made fun of by the popular kids, especially Steff, (James Spader). But one popular guy Blaine, (Andrew McCarthey) has been secretly lusting after Andie.

    Andie works at Trax, a new wave music store with her older on the outside friend Iona, (Annie Potts) who advises Andie to go to her prom despite not having a date to enjoy it with. Blaine then comes in to buy an album and they talk briefly. In the computer lab next day at school, Andie realizes that she is falling for Blaine and vice versa. Blaine then breaks the social barrier to ask Andie out on a date, much to his buddy Steff's dismay. Andie's buddy Duckie doesn't approve either. Unfortunately, Andie and Blaine have to deal with the wrath of the student body for their relationship. Prom is coming up and the peer pressure suddenly gets to Blaine, leaving Andie dateless. Blaine decides to ignore all of his peers and goes back to Andie on prom night and after a little covincing from Duckie, Andie goes back to Blaine.

    Molly Ringwald has great acting skills and it really shows in this movie. Jon Cryer really puts on a great performance as Duckie and Andrew McCarthy, Annie Potts, James Spader and Harry Dean Stanton do a fantastic job in their roles. The superb acting makes this movie a must see.

    The "Everything's Duckie Edition" includes new interviews with the cast, a featurette about Molly and her work with John Hughes in the 80s, a featurette about the cast's prom stories and great archive footage from the making of the movie in 1985. The biggest flaw with this DVD is that the orignial ending where Andie and Duckie end up as a couple is not included. Instead, there is an interview on why the ending was cut. Other than that, Pretty in Pink fans should get this DVD. This great 80s film should not be missed!

    Taylor Hodgkins, 6/24/08...more info
  • 80's Classics
    Now, Molly Ringwald had to be my most favourite actor of the 80's. This story is sweet too. Being an outcast through highschool, Andy (Molly Ringwald), is a budding designer and she makes up all of her clothes, but gets ridiculed by the popular girls. Who doesn't get teased? But Andy likes Blane, a rich kid who has money and hangs out with the popular crowd. Then there is Duckie, Andy's loyal friend who is totally in love with her, and is against Andy wanting to go out with Blane, as he thinks he will break her heart. And there is Stef (James Spader), who wants Andy, but Andy does not want him. So Stef gets to Blane trying to make out that Andy is crazy and that she is not worth dating. But Blane still likes her. They go out on a few dates, and then he pulls away from her and she gets angry. Then the prom comes, and Duckie takes Andy to the prom and tells her that Blane is a nice guy and not like the others. So Blane sees Andy and she is upset. he walks up to her and tell sher that he loves her. Then he walks away. Andy stares after him, and Duckie tells her to go after him. And so ends the movie of them kissing in the carpark.
    A great ending that shows no matter what social class you come from, love will always conquer....more info
  • Pretty in Pink
    Can't even watch it as it was made in Mexico it doesn't work in any DVD players. Would have been great if i've was told that before i bought it....more info
  • Classic
    Pretty in Pink is one of those time capsule films that defined the era. Great acting by always solid Harry Dean Stanton provides an anchor, as does Annie Potts' 'Iona', for a surprisingly deep, mature past her years 'Andie', portrayed by Molly Ringwald. The film features a great cast that gives John Hughes funny, somewhat formulaic script life.
    Not only defining an era, the movie also defined the actors within it. How much of Jon Cryer's 'Ducky' shows up 20 years later in self-doubting, insecurity-ridden Alan Harper on 'Two and a Half Men'? James Spader's 'Steff' seems like a younger, immature version of 'Boston Legal's' Alan Shore.
    Great cameos from Gina Gershon and Andrew Dice Clay as well.
    Anyone between 30 and 40 should have this in their collection, no brainer. ...more info
  • Great 80's movie
    Another great movie with Molly Ringwald. I remember this from when I was a teenager and it was still a wonderful movie. I loved the special features! Great movie...I would definitely recommend buying this movie if you are a fan of classic 80's movies....more info
    Pretty in Pink takes us back to the era of the brat pack which included Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Judd Nelson, and Ally Sheedy..... I love this movie because of its story and of course is because its a classic from a decade that i really loved a lot which is the 80's...... Movies now these days don't deliever like the ones from the 80's and not only that but with movies from that decade were basic and had great storylines so if you are going with a collection of old movies then you should put this classic in there........more info
  • flashback
    originally this movie was actually not in my wish list but i decided to order it because with $5.00 i would get free shipping & handling, so why not?
    i actually started watching this movie on a bored night with my mom and i had forgotten how funny it was. i always thought sixteen candles was better than pretty in pink, but after watching it countless times i really appreciated the humor, duckie, and the horribly pink dress that molly ringwald wears to her prom....more info
  • PRETTY IN PINK extras...
    I only read a couple of the other reviews so someone may have already pointed this out. Just in case, tho, the PRETTY IN PINK, EVERYTHING'S DUCKIE EDITION has a bunch of "extras" listed, including THE ORIGINAL ENDING: The Lost Dance. ...more info
  • Maybe they could've stuck with the original ending?
    I don't know, maybe I'm in the minority here, but after seeing this film--after having not seeing it in like FOREVER, I'm still at the conclusion that the Molly Ringwald character--'Andie' should've wound up with the Jon Cryer 'Duckie' character--and not that the two of them would've turned all madly in love with each other--because it was clear throughout the film that the Andie character just didn't have those kind of feelings for her friend 'Duckie'.

    I just think it would've been cool if the Andie character could've showed some kind of solidarity and YES loyalty to Duckie--the ONE (if not) ONLY friend that she had at her school and stayed with HIM at the prom--I mean, let's face it, she was Blane's for the taking and then suddenly he didn't want her anymore, but then to sorta wrap things up, he develops some kind of conscience or thick skin or whatever and decides he wants her back and like clockwork, the Andie character is all eager to take him back? I mean, what about Duckie? What about his feelings? Don't worry Duckie, I'm with you all the way--the Andie character missed out on the only good thing she had! (Jon Cryer, where ever you are, YOU ROCK!!!)

    Also, there's great acting from James Spader being his Spader best!...more info