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Midnight Lace [VHS]
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  • Why is this not on DVD yet????
    I LOVE this movie! Why has it not been released on DVD yet...what is the deal?

    For mystery lovers this is a CLASSIC! At times Doris can be a bit melodramatic but that was the acting style in those days so it is understandable. What is not to love about this movie...Rex Harrison, Myrna Loy...Doris...London in the 60's, technicolor--it is a fun piece....more info
    Doris Day is my FAVORITE actress.This movie has so many frightful parts.So many strange things happen to her like,in the fog a creepy voice swares to kill her,scary and death- threating phone calls,a shadow in the dark crosses her window,a strange man greets her at her door,somebody pushes her in front of a bus,and finally the climax of the movie.You have got to watch this movie.I am planning on buying this movie.YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS!...more info
  • top Doris Day thriller
    Fog-shrouded London is the setting for MIDNIGHT LACE, a glossy thriller starring Doris Day as a terrorised heiress.

    Doris Day plays Kit, an American heiress, newly-married to suave English businessman Tony Preston (Rex Harrison). Kit's life couldn't be happier, until she becomes the target of obscene phonecalls and begins to have 'accidents'. The detectives at Scotland Yard begin to feel that perhaps Kit is seeking attention, and even Kit's loving Aunt Bea (Myrna Loy) has her doubts. Is Kit going mad? Or is a killer really out to get her?

    Doris Day delivers a finely-pitched performance in this frothy thriller. In order to convey the reality of her character's situation, Ms Day drew from her abusive first marriage to musician Al Jordan. The painful memories that Day re-lived for her scenes resulted in the production having to temporarily halt after Day collapsed in hysterics on-set. In the final scene of the film you can tell that Day was completely drained; with her face puffy, lined and streaked with tears.

    The rest of the cast is equally fine: Rex Harrison as Kit's romantic husband Tony, the legendary Myrna Loy adds some much-needed comedy as Kit's beloved Aunt Bea; and John Gavin as helpful construction foreman Brian Younger.

    The gallery of supporting players includes Roddy McDowall, Natasha Parry, Herbert Marshall, Richard Ney, John Williams and Hermione Baddeley. John Williams' role as a Scotland Yard inspector harks back to his character in the similarly-themed "Dial M for Murder".

    MIDNIGHT LACE was filmed on location in London, with Doris Day's wardrobe exclusively-designed by Irene. The story was lifted from a little-known play by Janet Green called "Matilda Shouted Fire"; the screenplay by Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts adds some obvious Hitchcockian touches.

    MIDNIGHT LACE has been released on DVD in the United Kingdom; those with multi-region players should seek it out. A domestic US release shouldn't be too far away....more info
  • Midnight Lace
    Doris Day is one of the most underrated actresses in the business. Her performance in this exciting thriller is brilliant. The film is expertly directed by David Miller who keeps the pace edge of the seat speed. Doris' scene trapped in an elevator is harrowing and her final breakdown is brilliantly acted. She looks fabulous and her wardrobe is exquisite. No one wear clothes better than Doris Day. For those of you who basically know Doris Day as a singer and a commedienne,this movie will show you whata fine actress Doris Day really was. She makes it alllook so easy. Midnight Lace isa top rate thriller. A greatwhodunnit. A top notch DorisDay film. It also has a beautiful soundtrack featuringan instrumental version of oneof Doris' loveliest songs titled What Does A Woman Do....more info
  • Day and Hunter's Lace is Delectable!
    Doris Day segued from a successful series of comedy smashes into this, producer Ross Hunter's take on a Hitchcock-style thriller, "Midnight Lace". The pair who had teamed so well in 1959 with "Pillow Talk", netting Day an Oscar nomination as best Actress, once again satisfied the masses with this slightly improbable but very engrossing and glossy suspenser. It was one of the big hits during the waning months of 1960.

    The story about an American Heiress, Kit Preston, newly wed to Rex Harrison and taunted by mysterious threats from an unknown person(s), has been done before. Is she crazy? Is she only imagining these taunts as a means of garnering more attention from an unattentive husband or could there actually be someone out to kill her?

    While a film buff may be able to see some of the holes in the fabric of the story and guess the ending before the final reel, most moviegoers will enjoy the fast-paced ride they are taken on and will easily get caught up in the events unfolding.

    Doris Day is outstanding as Kit. She again proves her talent as an actress of depth and remarkable skill. She conveys her mounting fears with virtuoso ability, never going over the top into "hamminess". The production reportedly had to be briefly shut down after an especially harrowing scene in which Miss Day gave too much to the proceedings. She should have received a well-deserved Oscar nod.

    Rex Harrison as her husband Tony is suave and dapper, while Myrna Loy is a delight as Day's Aunt Bea. Mix in Herbert Marshall, Roddy McDowell, John Gavin as well as John Williams, and you have the recipe for high suspense set in lavish surroundings indicative of Hunter's unique film style. Irene's stunning wardrobe, designed for Miss Day, was deservedly nominated for an Academy Award.

    If you've only seen Doris Day in her well-loved comedies or earlier musical treats, try "Midnight Lace" which capably displays another side to the multi-talented superstar....more info

  • Very suspenseful but mildly off-beat acting.
    While Doris Day and Rex Harrison are known for good acting and usually played good roles, this film is a bit of a 'bummer' for their reputations. Doris Day takes on a different sort of role in this film which may explain her not-so-convincing distress in some scenes. Yet I think we moderns need to account for different social responses and norms that may have contributed to her portrayals. Despite the 'cons' of this film, it remains in my top-twenty list of films. It is extremely suspenseful up until the very - I mean very - last scence. It throws you from one suspect to another throughout the film. There are few films that keep the attention of my entire family, but this is one of them from the ten-year-old to the mother of the family (whose age will not be mentioned). This would be a great addition to any film library. Cheers....more info
  • Suspenseful and gorgeously produced
    This little thriller from 1960 echoes the tasteful talents of Sir Alfred Hitchcock and his 1954 production of the Frederick Knott stage hit "Dial M for Murder." Doris Day and Rex Harrison star as a wealthy upper-class newlywed couple living in modern-day London. He is the boss of a prestigious company and she lives at home, enjoying married life and all it has to offer. The joy comes to an abrupt end when she starts getting menacing phone calls and hears high-pitched voices calling at her from the fog of London. Her husband will not believe her claims and her best friend feels helpless in what appears to be a simple case of a neglectful husband. But who can't be suspicious when Day is nearly hit by a bus, breaks down in a stopped elevator, sees a man's shadow in her bedroom window at night, gets phone calls over and over, and is almost labeled as insane by those who know her best. The tension and suspense gets to be too much to stand for first time viewers, who cannot leave their seat once the film reaches its final quarter. The photography by Russell Metty (who won an Oscar that same year for his colorful photography of 'Spartacus') is at once appealing and splashy then changes to dark and foreboding, that there is someone in the shadows waiting and watching. One could suspect that Alfred Hitchcock had a hand in this but notice the similarities between this and "Dial M for Murder"...both husbands are named Tony, both stories are set in London, there's a phone involved, John Williams and Anthony Dawson both starred in "Dial M..." with Williams playing the detective and Dawson as the would-be killer. They each reprise such a character in "...Lace." Each film is based on a play. Day, John Gavin, Williams, and Dawson all worked with Hitchcock in different films. And each one poses enough wonder and apprehension to keep you watching to see how it will all turn out. Day played a similar role in the 1956 film "Julie". In any case, this mystery thriller belongs on the shelf of any film buff who loves mystery films and who adores Hitchcock. That twist ending will leave you gasping and wondering, "Why didn't I think of that?"...more info
  • Old-fashioned whodunit dressed up in ermine
    As a fan of Doris Day, I was prepared for some of her customary histrionics as she fears for her life against an unseen menace. However, compared to her sincere interpretation of a mother who fears for her kidnapped child in "The Man Who Knew Too Much", this performance is pitched at a baser level, and accordingly loses much of its potential to identify with her as a helpless victim.

    Rex Harrison, as her smooth and busy businessman husband, plays the role as if written by Kipling: smooth, emotionless and terribly mannered.

    Despite these faults the plot is reasonably engaging, playing on the audience's emotions as one after another character is introduced to complicate the basically simple story. What is obvious is that Miss Day will survive, and the perpetrator will get his/her just deserts, in the best Agatha Christie tradition. It is clear to see why Hitchcock studiously avoided whodunits (with one exception): after the denouement there is a feeling of having wasted a good 100 minutes on a reasonably predictable mystery....more info

  • Where's the DVD...?
    Think what you want, Doris Day was a fine actress. This has to be one of her best. She did drama as well as comedy (remember "The Man Who Knew Too Much"? Hitchcock loved blondes...) This is a clever film, with a terrific cast (and also John Gavin, so nice to look at...)With a real draught of good suspense films lately, why isn't this scary, fun movie available on DVD? Anyone agree...?...more info
  • Doris Day Is Being Stalked!
    Doris Day is excellent as the American wife of a British businessman played by Rex. Even from the beginning she is being harrased in the fog, almost run over and receving horrible phone calls. She cannot convine her husband of what is happening so she is helped by her friend played by Myrna Loy and a young architech who is building in the area. The suspense increases and the ending is unnerving. Reminiscent of "GasLight" Day gives a chilling performance. In her book she mentions actually fainting on the set because it was getting to emotional for her and a lot of scenes seemed to mimick her first marriage...more info