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  • Doris and Rock together for the last time
    This is Doris and Rock's third and final film together ("Pillow Talk" and "Lover Come Back" are the other two). This time they are married suburbanites, Rock the hypochondriachal husband, Doris the patient ditzy housewife. When Rock convinces himself he's dying, his plot to find Doris a second husband convinces her he's having an affair.

    Particulary funny are the scenes where Tony Randall (the neighbor) and Rock cruise the country club to find a new husband for Doris. Rock "He's reasonably good looking." Tony "Not as reasonable as you George." Also, keep an eye out for Doris' fifty wig changes. They come about every 5 minutes.

    Paul Lynde has a small part but it's the Doris and Rock chemistry that make this movie worthwhile. This movie was based on a play and although it's fun, lacks the zip of "Pillow Talk" and "Lover Come Back." Still a must have for any Rock and Doris fan....more info

  • Great 60s movie
    If you enjoy Rock Hudson/Doris Day movies, you will love this cute movie. While it doesn't contain the violence or foul language that permeates the movies of the past 20 years, it merely entertains, providing a fun escape from life. Tony Randall is great, as usual, and the movie provides the typical Hudson/Day comedy. No special effects, just good, clean humor....more info
  • The Ultimate Acting Trio!!
    I originally watched this movie to see Paul Lynde, and while his performance cracks me up, I came to enjoy this movie for far more than his appearance. Hudson plays the ultimate hypochondriac who learns his lesson after overhearing his doctor talking about another patient's grim prognosis and mistaking it for his own. What follows is what makes this one of my favorite movies. One of my favorite lines is when Tony Randall(in his continuing inebriation throughtout the movie) asks the bartender at the party "Did you ever REALLY feel a table? Wake up! Wake up! Live your life!" Well, it's just hilarious. I also loved Lynde as the bubbly plot salesman who "likes people". If you enjoy romance comedies without the profanities and sexual situations a lot of today's movies have, this is one to see if not buy. I never get tired of watching Send Me No Flowers. Hudson, Day, and Randall's other two films together are also worth watching....more info
  • Another Feel-Good Movie from Rock and Doris!
    This is the 3rd and final movie made by Hollywood's famous comedy-duo (Rock Hudson and Doris Day). Rock plays a hypochondriac. He misinterprets a conversation his doctor has and thinks he is a dying man. Hiding his shock-discovery from his wife (Doris Day) he starts his crusade to find her a replacement husband. More misunderstandings result with Doris leaving him as she believes he's hiding an affair.

    This really is a zany, feel-good film, a total escape from reality featuring the equally cheery title theme song written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David....more info

  • Another Feel-Good Movie from Rock and Doris!
    This is the 3rd and final movie made by Hollywood's famous comedy-duo (Rock Hudson and Doris Day). Rock plays a hypochondriac. He misinterprets a conversation his doctor has and thinks he is a dying man. Hiding his shock-discovery from his wife (Doris Day) he starts his crusade to find her a replacement husband. More misunderstandings result with Doris leaving him as she believes he's hiding an affair.

    This really is a zany, feel-good film, a total escape from reality featuring the equally cheery title theme song written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David....more info

  • working on my collection
    I've enjoyed Doris Day comedies since I was a kid. With DVDs
    one can watch a favorite whenever the mood strikes. I have to
    say that I much prefer "Pillow Talk" and "Lover Come Back"
    to this one. Not as funny to me. That said, it was an
    enjoyable romp, fluffy like a "Three Museketeers" bar!...more info
  • Bright, Colorful, and Silly
    Feeling in the mood for an over-the-top 60s classic? Check out Doris Day, Rock Hudson, and Tony Randall in Send Me No Flowers.

    Hudson plays George Kimball, a hypochondriac who, on one of his regular visits to the doctor, overhears a conversation that makes him think that he's about to die. He tells his friend and neighbor, Arnold (Randall), his secret, and the two of them begin to plan George's funeral. George decides to shelter his wife, Judy (Day), from the horrible truth, but he also realizes that she won't be able to manage life on her own. So George takes matters into his own hands and begins searching for her second husband. Meanwhile, Judy becomes suspicious of George's actions and starts to suspect him of having an affair.

    This movie was filmed in true 60s style. It's bright and colorful -- and silly. It's full of over-exaggerated slapstick comedy. And it's got all kinds of eccentric characters -- like the gossipy milkman, the swinging bachelor, and the over-enthusiastic cemetery plot salesman. It's a simple movie, but the simplicity makes it just that much funnier....more info

  • Day and Hudson's Third and Last Pairing in a Freewheeling Marital Farce Stolen by Randall
    After directing Doris Day in 1963's still-hilarious The Thrill of It All!, Norman Jewison showed similar comic sensibilities with this screwball 1964 marital farce complemented by a sharp screenplay by longtime veteran Julius Epstein. This one represents something of a departure in that Day and Rock Hudson, in their third and last pairing, play a married couple from the outset. As George and Judy Kimball, they are a happily married suburban couple hamstrung by his persistent hypochondria. Convinced that he is dying after a regular check-up, George spends the rest of the story preparing for what he thinks will be his imminent death, including setting up Judy with her next husband, a former suitor whom they literally run into at their country club.

    Unlike the previous two films, Hudson actually dominates this movie, and he is in peak comic form with a dryly funny turn as George. With her glamour minimized in favor of her homespun likeability, Day is relegated to the role of the confused wife here, though she has funny moments along the way. Randall steals practically all his scenes as devoted neighbor Arnold constantly in a drunken stupor in his premature bereavement over George's departure, and Paul Lynde has a riotous scene as an overzealous memorial park director. This one may lack the will-she-won't-she dilemma of the first two films, 1959's Pillow Talk and 1961's Lover Come Back and is usually dismissed as a domestic comedy, but I think the set-up is genuinely clever and the laughs well-earned. The only extra on the 2003 DVD is the original theatrical trailer. For those interested in all three films, your best bet is to purchase the bargain-priced Doris Day and Rock Hudson Comedy Collection....more info
  • Another great one from Doris and Rock!

    I can't imagine not loving a movie with such a perfect trio as Doris Day, Rock Hudson and Tony Randall. I could watch this film again and again and laugh hysterically each time!

    George Kimball (Rock Hudson) is a hopeless hypochondriac who, after overhearing his doctor speaking with a specialist about another of his patients, believes he 'could go at any minute'. He convinces his best friend and neighbor Arnold Nash(Tony Randall) of his impending demise causing Arnold to immediately immerse himself in a drunken stupor.

    Deciding to keep his coming death from his wife Judy (Doris Day), George and Arnold set out to find a new husband for her.

    Enter Burt Powers (Clint Walker).

    George is trying to convince Judy that her old school flame is the best thing in the world. When Judy sees George being kissed by a newly divorced woman she immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion. To calm her down George is forced to tell her of his condition.

    The fun of this movie is watching Rock dig deeper and deeper into trouble. Doris Day's character completely belives her beloved is near death and will go to any length to help him. That is, until she learns the truth!

    Paul Lynde who appears as a well-meaning funeral director is a hoot! He brings a whole new element of funny into the film.

    I highly recommend this movie. You certainly will not regret it. I can only hope it will be released onto DVD VERY soon!...more info

  • Send me no formula movies today . . .
    That's the kind of [bad] title ya get when you're trying to be witty.

    I admit, I've watched this movie about 5 times, because I really like Doris and Rock. Tony Randall is exceedingly funny as well. But in this particular movie, the chemistry, the story, it just doesn't live up to the high standards that these three actors generally rate.

    Rock is a hypochondriac, and Doris is his loving and devoted wife. Tony is their neighbor and good friend. Rock overhears his doctor giving a terminal diagnosis to another patient and assumes he is the one who is about to kick the bucket.

    An old flame of Doris's comes into to town, a real Texas he-man-type and Rock tries to get them together, thinking this slob would make a good husband. Then Doris gets the wrong end of the stick and thinks Rock's having an affair. meanwhile,Tony gets very drunk.

    Two scenes stand out to me, and don't ask me why, the morning breakfast scene, where Doris is eating her cornflakes (I always have a bowl when I watch this movie, weird, I know) and toasting toast at the table (What a great idea, to put the toaster at the table!)
    And then, at the very start, when Doris is collecting her milk at the door, and the dry-cleaning delivery boy, with his transistor radio, remember those! Well, neither do I. But in the latter scene, I didn't really think the whole thing was funny. I felt bad for Doris and I thought the dry-cleaning delivery [guy] was blyuck!

    There are funny moments, and I'd put up wth just about anything to see these three actors in a comedy....more info

  • One of my favorites
    I love Doris Day movies and this is one of the best. You can't beat the Doris Day, Rock Hudson, and Tony Randall trio....more info
  • Meg Ryan, you can't touch Doris Day!
    I am a newcomer to Doris Day films. An 80's child, I grew up thinking she was the queen of cheese based on things I'd heard about her films. I'm so glad I took my best friend's advice and checked her stuff out. This particular duo, Hudson, Day, and Randall are now on my fave list for comedy. The comedy here is real - not chock full of unnecessary sexual connotation and scatological references. Don't tell me films about people who are already married and trying to stay together are boring. Hudson and Day are proof of that. The script in this film is great - far more original than anything I've seen lately. Hudson is a hypochondriac who mistakenly believes he's been diagnosed with only a few weeks to live. The film's play on hypochondriacs is great in and of itself - right on the nose about this type of personality! His task to find a new husband for Day weaves a great web of complicated misunderstandings that leave you rolling. The film is full of great detail. I particularly like the way the filmmakers actually found someone to make Rock Hudson look small and puny - the scenes between Hudson and his wife's "future husband" are hilarious. My husband almost choked watching this hulk of a man trying to climb out of a fashionable little sports car. Ladies, my 27 year old husband liked this film as much as I did. I don't think any man could sit through the conversations between Hudson and Randall without a good laugh. I highly recommend this trio for anyone ready for a good script, and a good laugh....more info
  • great movie
    This is one of their best films together. I love it when she slaps him in the face and tells him he must be dreaming. Great fun for the whole family....more info
  • For Your Daily Laugh, Keep Replaying Paul Lynde's Scenes!!
    This is a good Doris/Rock romp.....but the star of this picture for me was Paul Lynde! As the over-the-top cemetery plot salesman, Lynde steals each of the few scenes he's in during this flick! Tony Randall, as usual, provides "rock"-solid support of the main characters. But Lynde....Just thinking of his part in this film cracks me up!! His initial scene with Rock must be watched at least 10 times! Lynde is so happy with his job of selling cemetery plots, he nearly bursts when he gushes to Rock ...... "You want to surprise her! Well this will give her a real thrill!! It makes a very thoughtful gift!!" And don't forget, when you purchase from Green Hills, Paul will throw in the first year's gardening at no additional cost! ("How's that hit ya??!!") :) :)...more info
  • Harmless Fluff
    Rock Hudson stars as a hypochondriac who misinterprets a conversation his doctor is having about a dying man and believes he is the man that is on his way out. He confides his situation to neighbour and pal Tony Randall so they can find someone for his wife, Doris Day. Of course, there are a lot of crazy mix-ups that you would expect with this kind of film. I honestly can't say I laughed very much. I've never found any of the star trio to be particularly appealing, so there probably wasn't much of a chance of me really enjoying this at all. Paul Lynde plays a cemetery plot salesman and is really funny. The movie is a pleasant time filler, but there's not much here that's fresh or even interesting, and I suspect audiences today will think they've seen it all before....more info