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Dr. Emmett Brown: Then tell me, "future boy," who is president in the United States in 1985?
Marty McFly: Ronald Reagan.
Dr. Brown: Ronald Reagan? The actor?! Who's vice president? Jerry Lewis?

Filmmaker Robert Zemeckis topped his breakaway hit Romancing the Stone with this joyous comedy with a dazzling hook: what would it be like to meet your parents in their youth? Billed as a special-effects comedy, the imaginative film (the top box-office smash of 1985) has staying power because of the heart behind Zemeckis and Bob Gale's script. High schooler Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox, during the height of his TV success) is catapulted back to the '50s where he sees his parents in their teens, and accidentally changes the history of how Mom and Dad met. Filled with the humorous ideology of the '50s, filtered through the knowledge of the '80s (actor Ronald Reagan is president, ha!), the film comes off as a Twilight Zone episode written by Preston Sturges. Filled with memorable effects and two wonderfully off-key, perfectly cast performances: Christopher Lloyd as the crazy scientist who builds the time machine (a DeLorean luxury car) and Crispin Glover as Marty's geeky dad. Followed by two sequels. --Doug Thomas

Customer Reviews:

  • This editions review (not of the movie, of the extras)
    On this release of the great BTTF movie, you get a 2 disc edition with extra features never released on DVD, nor even on the 4 disc region 4 release.

    Obviously the movie is there, it was always good quality and great 5.1 sound on the rest of the editions, and nothing has changed for this one. Now included is a whole heap of new extras.

    There is an Audio Commentary from Bob Gale and Niel Canton. It is an actual commentary now, not just the Q&A audio that played to the movie, or separately as audio depending on which edition you had, that other one is still on here, but this 2nd commentary is brand new, not a re-run.

    As far as I can tell, all the extras from the other editions are still here. I own a heap of copies of different releases for this movie, and I get a little confused with what was on what; but I know the American fans will be pleased that extra deleted scenes that where only viewable on the region 4 bonus disc (4th disc) are now included in this release.
    In particular, the full version of the scene when Doc is asked if he has a permit, and Marty wonders if he will go home gay. It's a great and funny scene.

    Also included is the footage of the back to the future ride that used to be at Universal Studios. I went on that ride in 1993, and it was great to see it again. It has two videos for the ride, the first one is the video you would watch while waiting in line for the ride. It's like a news cast and security camera video telling you about Doc's 1 day ride into the future (fictional) and the second video is what you actually saw when on the ride as you chase Biff Tannin through time. Just take not that the ride itself, you sat in a 6 seat Delorean and it moved and rocked around, so it may lose some translation while your sitting on your butt.

    If your not particularly interested in bonus features at all, and just watch the thing for the movie, then there is no reason to pick this version up. If you are like me, and love anything you can find of BTTF, you will enjoy this one. It's not just another cash-in release, it does actually have brand new features to enjoy....more info
  • Great Scott!
    In 1985, Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) asks Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox), a high school teenager, to meet him at the local mall for a late night science experiment. When Marty shows up, he sees Doc backing a Delorean out from a van. But this just isn't any Delorean. This Delorean has been modified into a time machine. As Doc begins to explain how it all works, a group of terrorists that Doc stole some uranium from, show up and begin to wreak havoc. Marty jumps in the car and floors it after witnessing Doc getting shot. But as soon as Marty hits the magic number of 88mph, he is shot back in time to 1955. While trying to figure out how to get back to 1985, he screws up the first time his parents meet, which begins the slow cycle of his brother, his sister, and even himself to slowly fade away from existence. Marty must figure out a way to get the time machine to work again and also somehow get his popular mom to fall in love with is geeky father so he can get back to the future.

    Talk about a movie that just never gets old. Almost all the laughs are still funny. From the barn scene, to the first time Marty meets his mom as a teenager, to the skateboarding/poop scene. Back to the Future really is just a very fun movie. I think I was smiling almost through the whole thing and I've had to have seen this movie over 20 times by now. I think almost everyone has wished they could go back in time, but who really thinks about going back to hang with their parents. After seeing this movie, it might really be fun to do just that. We know Marty's mom preaches about how girls shouldn't chase guys and things, but when we see her at a younger age, she is doing exactly what she forbids her own children from doing. And when he comes across his dad, he finds out things that he never knew his dad was interested in. And then of course we have Doc Brown, who Christopher Lloyd played perfectly. His antics, and screams, facial expressions, and over the topness were done just right. What a great character. And Michael J. Fox also plays Marty McFly just right to. To think that Eric Stoltz almost played Marty McFly. Thankfully the director thought he just didn't fit the part and refilmed it with Fox.

    Honestly, I could go on and on and on about this movie and just tell the whole story. But what fun would that be. Just own this movie.

    P.S. - I love watching old 80's flicks and seeing all the stuff that was cool back then. Also I really like seeing old advertisements or signs. Like the Pepsi symbol back then. Classic stuff.
    ...more info
  • let's hope there's more to come!!
    I've always been a "sucker" for packaging; with most things, it's kind of illogical, like groceries, that you (ideally) shouldn't even be looking at more than 6 (brief) times a day...but with entertainment items, I, for one, who values entertainment highly, think the packaging is important, b/c, face it: you're not gonna spend the majority of the time in which you own the item(s) actually USING them/it are you? Heck no! So that's where the pkging comes in handy, if you have your music/movies/books/whatever displayed prominently like I do and can/do look at them once in a while or more often...
    Sad to say though that sometime around 1997 or so, it seems, the packaging for movies has become EXTREMELY lame; I mean, for cryin' out loud, you can barely tell one movie apart from the next! You have to actually read the synopsis for each and every film that comes out in order to have ANY interest in it. But why would I, or anyone, read a synopsis for a movie that I'm not already interested in?
    Well, anyway; BTTF spent the longest time not available to purchase on its own, which to me was a drawback for buying ANY of the Back To The Future movies. I liked the imagery in BTTFpt1, the mall parking lot setting especially, and the 2nd one I actually haven't seen in ages, but the 3rd one, if I understand correctly, took place in the desert mostly, which is the most boring setting I can think of.
    I actually emailed Universal about 5 years ago, asking them when/if they re-release Halloween II and/or An American Tail to restore the original cover-art. Well, they apparently haven't even re-issued those two movies, but I guess we're finally starting to see eye to eye...well, I sorta doubt it, but I can dream can't I?...more info
  • Just one extra disc and poor widescreen
    I'm not very happy at this item.

    First off, they say its wide screen. Well, instead of seeing what was cut off along the sides, they blew the original picture up so that it now cuts off what's on the top and bottoms.

    There's no extra stuff on Disc 1, not even the Cigarette Commercial, and disc 2 is okay, but still this wasn't what I expected....more info
  • DVD is dead
    I completely fail to see why they are re-releasing this when everyone will be picking it up again once the Blu-Ray version is out.

    What is taking so long for the Blu-Ray version anyway?...more info
  • Fast-paced time travel adventure...
    This is one of those movies that seems complicated enough, but is surprisingly easy to follow. Michael J. Fox plays Marty McFly, a 17-year-old high school student whose best buddy is Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd). One night, Brown introduces Marty to something extraordinary: a time machine made from a DeLorean. Soon, Marty is thrust back into the 50s and finds himself hooking his parents up on their first date. But just around the corner is bully Biff Tannen. This incredible film launched an awesome trilogy that has finally hit DVD. It remains director Robert Zemeckis' best work....more info
  • Another 1980s icon!
    This is one of my favorite 80s movies, and this is from a guy who was to young to comprehend movies before 1985. I saw it for the first time on video many years ago, and I still can't forget the craziness that happens with the mix of 50s and 80s. Marty is very crafty, but it's all a matter of luck for him that gets him out of every mess he runs into in 1955. Watch this movie and you're definitely in for a jolt of 1.21 jigowatts!...more info
  • Robet Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg's Back To The Future
    This was one of the comedies ever made. It is about a teenager named Marty McFly(Michael J. Fox) who hangs out who the crazy scientist Dr. Emmett L. Brown(Christopher Lloyd). One day, Doc invents a time machine out of a DeLorean and plans to visit the past 1955. Instead, Marty travels to 1955 and runs into his father George(Crispen Glover) and his mother Lorraine(Lea Thompson). Then, he runs into Doc from 1955 and shows him the time machine. Doc says that the only way to get back to 1985 only by a bolt of lightning. Then he finds out that the clock tower will be struck in a week. So Marty spends a week in the future and also runs into Biff Tannen(Thomas F. Wilson), the bully who picks on George and harrasses Lorraine. Before the school dance, Marty tells George that he needs to stand up for himself at the dance and needs to defend Lorraine. At the school dance, Biff again starts to harass Lorraine and George has had enough. He knocks Biff out cold and gets together with Lorraine! After the dance, can Marty get Back to the Future in time? I highly recommend this movie....more info
  • How to make a funny, entertaining movie using a good script
    "Back to the future" is a lesson in movie-making. The script is really good, the director (Zemeckis) does what is expected of him, and the cast is perfect for the characters. Christopher Lloyd has just the right mad-scientist face to fit Doc Brown, Michael J. Fox is the eternal teenager always unconsciously falling in some kind of trouble, Crispin Glover is the likable idiot by the hilarious name of McFly (Hey McFly!), Lea Thompson is the pretty girl transformed in a fat an alcoholic mother.

    The story is the best in time traveling: what would happen if you went back in time and prevented your parents from knowing each other? It's a question everybody makes sooner or later, and "Back to the future" answers it in a brilliant way. The catastrophic nature of young Marty McFly is a hook for lots of good jokes and scenes through the whole movie. The best scene is the one where he threatens his future father with a possible brain-melting if he doesn't invite his future mother for the ball.

    Ah, and let's not forget the vehicle. The DeLorean, which is also the time-machine is a beautiful car, and has a strange story of its own.

    Some of the dialogue and the scenes are forever impressed in my mind.

    What happened to the actress Claudia Wells, Marty's girlfriend Jennifer in the first movie?

    The other two movies in the series are also very good, but this one is the best, and one of the most entertaining movies I've ever watched.

    Grade 9.8/10...more info

  • "Back to the Future" is a sure classic!
    Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) a teenager in the year 1985 but his life is about to be turned upside down when one night he meets with an old friend, Dr. Emmett L. Brown (Christopher Lloyd). Dr. Brown has invented the most fantastic time machine, one where you can travel 'in class', in a plutonium-powered DeLorean! But things get [messed] up and before he knows it, Marty is transported back to November 5th, 1955! With no way back, meets up with the young Dr. Brown to get him back to the future. As time runs out, Marty accidentally ruins his parents, George McFly (Crispin Glover) and Lorraine Baines (Lea Thompson), first meeting! Before he can go back, he must make sure that they fall in love, or he'll be history (no pun intended)! Also starring Thomas F. Wilson as George's bully and Claudia Wells as Marty's girlfriend.

    For a very long time I've been telling myself that I must see "Back to the Future". Finally, I got my chance while visiting my relatives. And I must say, I enjoyed this movie IMMENSELY! Steven Spielberg (the director) has certainly been very successful in his movie making and "Back to the Future" is surely a classic!

    The plot is actually very well written, interlacing good action, suspense, and plenty of humor. The movie is filled with sarcastic and hilarious lines (Ronald Reagan becomes president!). And the whole plot concerning Marty meeting his parents when they were young is just so interesting! But one of the best things about the movie for me is the utterly satisfying ending. Throughout the movie I'm sure you could have guessed how the movie will end. And yet the ending is so well-written you can't help but feel a bit surprised. Also the music is very terrific, "Johnny B. Good", "Power of Love", and "Back in Time".

    But the best thing about the movie is the outstanding performance by Michael J. Fox. Wow, he is such a terrific actor! And him being who he is, he handles the role of a 17 year old perfectly. He is so absolutely cool from where he kicks his skateboard up, when he at the end slides across the hood of the DeLorean, where he 'plays' some very mean guitar, and where he teaches Biff and his gang a lesson. The part where Fox meets each of his parents is priceless! A bit of trivia, Crispin Glover who plays Michael J. Fox's father is actually three years YOUNGER than him! :)

    Well, my conclusion is, if you still haven't seen "Back to the Future", I highly recommend it! Rated PG for some language and some instances and situations....more info

  • When it will be on dvd, JUST BUY IT
    "Back to the future" is no doubt one of the best movies ever made, and maybe the greatest. Moreover, it has such of genius plot that never seen before, and I'm afraid will never be seen either.
    Therefore, you should get this one. Right now they don't have it yet on DVD, but when it will be, JUST BUY IT before you won't be able to have it again. Highly reccomended....more info
  • Blast To The Past
    Marty McFly (Micheal J. Fox) was a typical 80's teenager, until his mad scientist friend (Christopher Lloyd) accidentally sent him back to the 50's. Doc Brown built a time machine out of a DeLorean using a nuclear reactor he stole from some terrorists who hunted him down. When Marty needed a getaway vehicle, he took the Delorean and ended up in 1955, when his parents were in high school. He interrupted their first meeting, and they never met. Now he has one week to set things straight before he fades away, and at the same time must channel a bolt of lightning into his time machine to get back on the same night he must get his parents back together.
    This movie is hilarious, and the actors are all great. I think some of the funniest jokes are the ones where Marty implies future events to unsuspecting people. For example, he tells his uncle as a baby, to get used to the bars of his playpen, because he will eventually go to jail. If you like this movie, see the rest of the series, but you must see them in order. I highly reccomend these films....more info
  • Great Movie
    I love this blast from the past although this movie does not go into the future like the title states. You will have to wait for BTTF Part II to get into the future....more info
  • Great Fantasy, Delightful Comedy
    It's all in the title. Marty Mcfly(Fox) gets sent back in time to 1955 by a time machine that Doctor Emmet Brown(Christopher Lloyd) built using a Delorean. This movie is filled with jokes and fantasy and action to go along with it! A family fun! I give it two thumbs up! Congratulations! Great movie!...more info
  • "Weight has nothing to do with it!"
    All you need to hear are the first three notes of that infectious musical score from Alan Silvestri, and you know where it's from. You remember the laughs, the catch phrases, the wild special effects, and that souped-up DeLorean, looking prime to explode. "Back to the Future", arguably the single most enjoyable comedic sci-fi fantasy, still holds up to this day as a favorite, not only of mine, but of virtually any dedicated film buff who can recognize when a film has real smarts behind the flashy visual effects and snap-action camerawork.

    The plot of the film is probably known to everyone who's reading this, I'm sure, so I'll be brief: In an attempt to escape the terrorists who Dr. Emmett Brown (Lloyd) duped out of their stash of plutonium, which acts as the fuel supply for his newly built time machine, Marty McFly (Fox) accidentally transports himself and a few bits of 1985 technology (most notably, a walkman that provides an enormous laugh, along with knowledge of a particular film that's strong with the Force) back to November 5, 1955, the last date programmed into the Flux Capacitor. Out of plutonium, Marty enlists the help of "Doc" Brown's younger counterpart to get him back to the future, but not before seriously altering the past in such a way that makes Marty's mother "amorously infatuated" with him instead of his father. In a nutshell, "my mom... has got the hots for me?" Precisely! And it's funny as hell! But it also provides a nice Capra-esque emotional center to the film as Marty desperately races against the erasure of time to fix up his mom and dad for that fateful kiss on the dance floor of the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance which will decide whether or not he will even exist when its time to go back to the future.

    Now, after all these surprises have come and gone, we are subjected to one of the best action sequences ever filmed. The wire running from the top of the clock tower, which when lightning strikes the clock tower at precisely 10:04 PM, sending 1.21 gigawatts into the Flux Capacitor, sending Marty back to 1985... "everything will be fine." As you can guess during a sequence set up as intricately as this one, every possible thing that can go wrong does, and to watch it unfold to Silvestri's excellent music and Zemeckis' stunning, electrifying directing style is one of the great guilty pleasures of film history. Of course Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd are spectacular in the lead roles, complimenting each other perfectly in every scene; the youthful, naive idealism of the young skateboarder in contrast to the mad-scientist energy of the Doc. Thomas Wilson provides the perfect villain to the plot as Biff, who, in the end, turns out to play a much bigger role in history than we originally thought. Crispin Glover is appropriately flaky yet likable all at once. Lea Thompson delivers her lines of then-teenager contradicting now-mother with just the right straight-faced stance.

    This is an immensely enjoyable film experience, from the first frame to the last. It's a film that ages well, despite the changes in our culture, and the spunky 80s attitude that we all laugh at now actually adds a bit of nostalgia to the film, giving it a classic feel. And it is a classic in every way a film should be. "Back to the Future" is one of Hollywood's all-time great movie entertainments....more info

  • Back to the Future, Why isn't it out on DVD???
    OK, I am 15 years old and have been in love with this movie ever since I first saw it many years ago. This movie has everything anyone could want in a movie. I personally think it covers every genre of movie. If you like adventure you can watch Marty McFly travel through time and attempt to get back to 1985. If you like suspence you would watch it for the, "edge of your seat" entertainment. If comedy is your favorite you will love laughing at the funny remarks and interpretations of the future and past. SCI-Fi, time travel. Well you know what i'm saying. I just still can't figure out why this great movie hasn't been released on DVD. Can you tell me?? I have a DVD collection of 80+ and this is really one of the only ones I really want (next to Godfather). Please enter your e-mail address above and vote for this wonderful movie to be released on DVD. You won't be sorry!!...more info
  • awesome movie
    Back to the future is a thrill ride for any viewer and should be considered one of the #1 movies of our time. It is a movie you watch once and then are a little puzzled. Then you watch it again and everything falls into place. Then you continue to watch it and as you do you notice things you didnt notice the first two times. It is a fun movie you can watch again and again and even continue the fun with part two and three of back to the future one of the greatest movie trilogies....more info
  • The start of something beautiful...
    Michael J. Fox solidified his stardom as Marty McFly in this film, which spawned two sequels and a host of imitators. Marty, a shiftless high school student, is looking for his place in the world -- but little realizes that it's 30 in the past! With the help of a time traveling DeLorean and an odd inventor (Christopher Lloyd), Marty screws up the past, fixes it and gets home just in time for his big date. In the hands of a lesser director (and without the stellar special effects), Back to the Future would have been just another high school flick. But the movie is graced with outstanding performances by Fox and Lloyd (who have a great on-screen rapport), and with great supporting turns by Lea Thompson, Crispin Glover and Thomas Wilson. Zemeckis paces Back to the Future perfectly, and leaves us all wanting a sequel even before we spy "To Be Continued" in the credits....more info
  • Back To The Future (Part One)
    Not much more needs to be said about this (in my humble opinion), classic from 1985. I've watched the original about 20 times and have always enjoyed it and still do. This movie not only has us thinking of simpler times but has a great soundtrack as well including Huey Lewis and The News and a ditty by Eric Clapton.
    The analagis "Female" version "Peggy Sue Got Married" produced by Francis Ford Coppola (also released in 1985) was never as good, in comparison; although I liked Peggy Sue as well.
    A great flick, worth getting the DVD when it comes out. The best of the bunch. Part 2 and 3 were never as good. They were released, of course, in 1990....more info
  • Its a wonder I was even born at all !
    Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, time travel and an ingenious story. What more could you want. All of these terrific actors disappear melting into their original characters. When you think of Michael J. Fox, you may think of Spin City, but more likely than not the name Marty McFly enters your mind. Christopher Lloyd has done many characters in several movies, but none compare to his perfect portrayal of Doc Emmit Brown. Lea Thompson's post Caroline in the City role had me wondering when I was a child whether it was possible that she was playing both young and old versions of Marty's mom. In fact, I had an argument with my own mother about it. "No way!" I said. Now that Im older I know better, but it just seems that a more perfect cast has never been assembled.

    Robert Zemeckis has crafted a fine story envolving a paradox and simplicity. Guess what? The Trilogy is coming to DVD in December! I can't wait to add them to my collection. I'm sure you can't either!

    Back to the Future is a movie so close to so many heart's that it will forever remain a classic, whether or not it makes A.F.I.'s top one hundred list. I consider it to be one of the funniest and incredible movie's ever made. What would you do if you could take a trip into the past?...more info

  • The greatest DVD of all time.
    The DVD is the greatest DVD out there! The special effects! The outtakes! The audio commentary by Fox, Zemekis, and Lloyd are a hoot! The absolute must-have DVD! Of course, this is dated 2010....more info
  • It's finally coming!
    Great news folks--the DVDs of the Back to the Future trilogy are finally on their way! Universal Studios has set up a website that describes the discs as having deleted scenes, outtakes and a whole slew of other special features. There's no release date yet but I think we all agree it can't be too soon!

    I just can't say enough about this movie. It's truly the classiest, most fun and exciting "adventure comedy" of all time....more info

  • "Hey McFly!!!!...."
    I didn't know what to expect when I walked in the theater back in 1985 to see this interesting new movie when I was 6. Like a few other films I've reviewed, this is one of those movies that is a great memory of certain points in your life. This film, and a few others, sort of defined great moments from my childhood. In the film, directed by Oscar winner Robert Zemeckis(Who Framed Roger Rabbitt, Death Becomes Her, Forrest Gump, Contact, What Lies Beneath, Cast Away), young high school student Marty McFly(Michael J. Fox), is transported back to the 1950's, thanks to a time traveling delorean that belong's to Mary's slightly nutty friend, Dr. Emmett Brown(Christopher Lloyd). There, along with the 1950's version of Doc Brown, Marty gets to see his parents when they were young, and witness how they met. But, with Marty being there, he changes the way things happen, and ends up altering history. The result? - His mom falls for HIM and not his dad. Marty has to get them together, or he will cease to exist!. The script is brilliantly written by Zemeckis and Bob Gale. A perfect, flawless script. The movie is exceptionally made and acted. The sets and clothes that defined that era in time are solidly done. The movie is funny, touching, and tender. It has real heart, charm, and depth. Lea Thompson plays Marty's mom, and perennial nutcase Crispin Glover plays his father. The rest of the cast includes Thomas Wilson as Biff, and character actors Marc"Superman"McClure and Wendie Jo Sperber as Marty's siblings. How can we forget about the music?. Huey Lewis And The News had a huge smash with "The Power Of Love". Look real closely and you'll see Huey himself in a cameo early on in the film as a teacher. The film is fantastically plotted and drawn out. This also includes Parts 2 and 3 in the trilogy. This film was the #1 box office smash of 1985. Why?, because it was good. It also didn't hurt that this was during Fox's glory days as Alex on "Family Ties". This is a genuine film classic. A must!. See it tonight!....more info
    The Back To The Future trilogy ig absolutely awesome!! I can't wait for the DVD. In the meantime, ......more info
  • 88 Miles an hour!!!
    I just wanted to say that I grew up watching the Back to the Future trilogy and will be the first to say that these movies are absolutely brilliant. If you don't own these movies, own them. They should grace every homes movie collection. They are good on so many levels. The great thing is, the older I get, and the more I watch them, the more I catch that is interesting or just keeps getting better.

    These movies are so quotable, my whole family is always dropping lines from these movies and friends as well. The cast is so perfect, Micheal J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Flea, and whoever plays Biff, every one of them.

    Spielberg is to be commended on blessing this world with something so truly enjoyable. These movies can be watched over and over again and they just get better. If you haven't seen them, get on it, you wont be disappointed....more info
  • An amazing golden moment that all can indulge into
    What can I say? Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd are brilliant! I have seen it in 1985 and again now! anything of true quality goes tru time and becomes a classic. Back to the future is! Indeed, the humor is great, the action clean and fun and some good one liners.
    It shows that we do not need gratuitous violence like in some of the movies now, to have a really Must movie to see even have!...more info
  • Why Was This the Best Science Fiction Movie Ever Made?
    Well, there are five reasons. See "The Complete Trilogy" DVD listing for the first two...

    3. Production values. Today, we have amazing capabilities in CGA, capture technologies, and special effects. Back in 1985, they had pyro, models and matte photography. But feel the love here: they built a town square set, meticulously remade the 1950s, and then "aged" it for it's run-down 1985 look. You feel as though you grew up there and then lived there throughout its degeneration. The sheer brilliance of the filmmaker's dedication to these premises is not an accident. Our Auteur (Zemeckis) and our Angel (Spielberg, before becoming the total gozillionaire he is today) said we'd spare no expense in creating a lovingly detailed picture of the past and the present...

    4. Our ability to identify. This is a movie about us. Most great movies are just that. We identify with the protagonist, the archetypal wise-guy American "kid" featured in our films since before Mickey Rooney. We identify with his finding his own past - thus completing a quest we can all identify with. But finally, we identify with everyone. Even the parents, who lose and then find their relationship in the present. Even the bad guy who, while not redeemed exactly, is placed into a role commensurate with his gifts. Even the scientist, who, in a wonderful moment in all screen history, expresses the Dr. Frankensteinian triumph but in a way that makes us all share his joy: "It Works!!" This, after many, many failures and disappointments, exposing him to ridicule as a "mad scientist" at worst and a moneyed loser at best. What could be more American than that?

    The final reason is found with the second and third movies......more info
  • Go Johnny! Go! Go! Go!
    Besides the Blues Brothers, this is my favorite movie. It is about Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox), your typical 17 year old high school kid. We learn at the begining of the movie that Marty is very good friends with Dr. Emmett Brown "Doc"(Christopher Lloyd), an old scientist that many other people consider to be crazy. But he's not crazy, and things start to get really exciting when Marty sneaks out to meet the Doc at 1:15 in the morning at the Twin Pines Mall. The Doc doesn't tell Marty what's going on at first, but he was experementing with his latest invention---A time Machine. As the Doc prepares to go into the future, he is shot by terrorists that he tricked into giving him plutonium to run his time machine. Running for his life, Marty jumps in the time machine and drives off, unaware that when he got up to 88 miles per hour, he'd be in 1955. Marty goes to find the 1950s Doc to get help, and along the way interferes with his parents' first meeting. Marty must now get his parents together and get back to 1985. I'd reccomend this movie to anyone! ...more info
  • The one time-machine that will be remembered
    Director Robert Zemeckis and actors Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd created a film that will last the test of time. The 1980's brought about some pretty hair raising bands, but also brought us a movie that was ahead of it's time. I can still sit around today almost 20 years later and enjoy the film as if it were the first time I had seen it.

    Michael Jay Fox (Marty Mcfly) plays a 17 year old high school kid who isn't the most popular kid in the school by any means, but he does enough to just fit in. However he does have a good relationship with Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown) a kind of mad scientist if you will. Doc creates a time machine out of an autombile and plutonium after he had hit his head on the shower and had a vision of the flux capacitor. Marty then takes the time machine to 1955 where he meets his parents who are seniors in high school at the time. Unfortunately Marty's soon to be mom in the future falls for Marty and now Marty is in the dilemma of making sure his mom and dad still getting together or Marty will never exist. Kind of crazy huh!

    Not to give it all away this is an excellent film that has sci-fi, comedy, drama, teen romance, and adventure all in one package. This film defiantly created Michael Jay Fox's role as an actor in Hollywood. I have never heard a bad thing about this movie from any one that I know. There have been a lot of movies about time machines, but this one seems never to grow old and Michael Jay Fox helps you feel like you are along for the ride.

    Highly recommend watching this movie so that you to can go on an adventure with Marty Mcfly.
    ...more info
  • The Best Time Travel Film Ever!
    This movie was made in the mid 1980's and is still just as fresh today as when it was first released. My young children who weren't even born till more than 10 years after this movie came out, like to watch it over and over again. Last year we were in Universal Studios Orlando and they were so excited to see the Delorian on display outside the Back to the Future Ride. And everyone seems to remember the flux capacitor!

    Christopher Llloyd and Michael J. Fox give the performances of their career. A little known fact is that the actress that plays Marty's girlfriend is different than the other two films. Additionally, so was Marty's father....more info

  • Timeless
    Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) is your average, American teen who befriends an eccentric inventor named Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd). When Doc creates a time machine out of a DeLorean, Marty is accidentally transported back to 1955. After looking around town Marty meets his parents, who aren't even interested in each other yet. Marty then goes to find Doc Brown to try and convince him that he is from the future and needs his help. Unfortunately, the only way Marty can get "Back To The Future" is to generate a lot of power which they both realize is nearly impossible. Their only hope is from a newspaper that Marty has with him that says that the town clock tower will be struck by lightning, so they plan to draw the energy from the lightning so they can power the machine. Before they do, Marty must act as cupid for his parents so they fall in love and get married or else Marty will not exist....more info
  • Blast To The Past
    In the year 1985, Marty McFly (Micheal J. Fox), a typical teenager, has a pretty bad life. He lives in a bad neighborhood with an alcoholic mother, a timid father, and a music career that can't get off the ground. Then, his friend Dr. Emmit "Doc" Brown (Christopher Lloyd) reveals his latest invention; a time machine built into a DeLorean. Unfortunately for Doc, he has been hunted down by a group of terrorists that he stole supplies from. When they come after Marty, he accidentally goes back to 1955 and meets his teenage parents. Now, his only opportunity to get back involves channeling a lightning bolt into the car, but first he has to get his parents to meet and fall in love.
    This movie is hilarious. Fox and Lloyd did a very good job togehter, and the supporting cast is wonderful. This is definitely a classic....more info
    This is a great film with plenty of action, suspense, comedy and a great story. Marty McFly played by Michael J. Fox is an average teen who ends up going thirty years back in time and has to worry about making sure his parents get together and that he can get back to his own time with the help of Doc Brown played by Christopher Lloyd. This is a must-see if ur a fan of either science fiction, adventure or comedy....more info
  • Boy, Do I Love This Movie
    I think I could have a compound fracture, file bankruptcy, lose my wife to a merchant marine, lance an ingrown toenail, and still forget all my troubles watching this little jewel of a film. BACK TO THE FUTURE is crisp, clean, witty, ingenious pull-up-a-chair-and-get-ready-to-laugh entertainment.

    Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd strike up such an incredible chemistry--as the young Marty McFly and eccentric Dr. Emmet Brown--that I was hoping these guys would subsequently open up a sports bar on Long Beach and continue their interaction in front of wide-eyed patrons. When Marty is forced to flee enraged terrorists in Doc Brown's "time machine," a wicked DeLorean that suddenly transports the teenager back to 1955, the stage is set for a mesmerizing tale revolving around Marty's attempt (aided by a younger Doc Brown) to get "back to the future" while he just happens to interact with both of his parents: played by Lea Thompson and a geeky Crispin Glover. Marty's subsequent quest is delightful, entertaining, and downright funny; the film moves the viewer along smoothly, seamlessly, much akin to sipping a refreshing whiskey on a tranquil summer evening.

    Kudos to director Robert Zemeckis for providing such an entertaining, finely crafted, well-made film. Ignore the moronic sequels: BACK TO THE FUTURE will get you back to smiling within a few tick-tocks of the current clock.
    --D. Mikels...more info

  • You truly can go back again and again and again...
    Back to the Future , staring Micheal J Fox (Marty McFly) and Christopher Lloyd (Dr. Emmett L. Brown) is an orignal and still hold up the test of time brilliently even to this day.

    The story is of a young teenager, named Marty McFly who accidently gets transported back 30 years into the past. Where he meets up with his future parents, the inventor of the time machine that got him into the past and the future bully that would forever torment his father.

    Back to the Future holds no punches and isn't afraid to play with the fact that Marty is a kid of the 80's trapped in the past and how he has knowledge of what is to come, even if it won't happen for another 30 years.

    Some of the great elements of this movie include the great acting done by the main stars. Fox plays his character almost to perfectly, so well that it can't be imagined being done by anyone else. Lloyd as the crazy Dr. Brown also plays his part as if you could imagine this guy inventing the time machine out of a DeLorean. Lea Thomson as his mother also seems to fit the role as both his 80's mom and the teenager he will meet up with in the 50's. Chrispen Glover as the nerdy father plays off very well with bully Biff Tannen done by Thomas F. Wilson. All in all the actors as well as the story make this a timeless classic.

    If you ever wondered what it would be like to find see what it was like when your parents were growing up, this is the movie for you. Its full of great special effects, brillient story and it could have been made at any time, it still is a wonderful watch every time....more info

  • DVD is Better.
    This a good movie, on video.But it`s a Great movie on DVD.'nough said....more info
  • DVD is Better.
    This a good movie, on video.But it`s a Great movie on DVD.'nough said....more info
  • Very enjoyable weird story
    This is another one I watched when I was little and didn't remember much of except for the overflowing dog food, the name Biff, and the clock scene at the end, so we rented it and I greatly enjoyed seeing it again. Of course, there was so much I didn't remember.

    This is the first time I've seen a Steven Spielberg film as well, and although I've not seen any of his others to compare it with quality-wise, I did find the direction quite good. I liked the way he drilled that clock into your brain - seeing it behind someone's head, or in the newspaper, and so forth. He also successfully introduced all the major characters - the McFly clan, Biff, even Joey - right away. Subtly but there was just enough to know what they were like, and see the amazing difference in Marty McFly's "Revised History". Mother's little brother Joey the jailbird... when I saw him as a baby in the playpen, wearing black and white stripes...

    I liked the 50's sequences as well. I thought they did well with the costumes and creating the "mood" of yes, this was something different... The photo of Marty's was a bit corny, everybody fading away, but served its purpose in the suspense department.

    The negatives... there is language here, which is really all that prevents this from being an "okay movie" (one that the whole family could watch). I can't think of much else that really bugged me.

    Overall I found it enjoyable. I wouldn't say it's the greatest comedy... I prefer old movies as a rule... and I doubt if I'd watch it very often, but I can very much recommend it to you if you want something fun for an evening....more info