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Cloak & Dagger
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Who should a kid's hero be? In this underrated adventure-comedy, that's the central issue. Henry Thomas, fresh from E.T., plays a San Antonio kid whose father (Dabney Coleman) doesn't spend nearly enough time with him. So the boy loses himself in video games--and even has an imaginary friend (also played by Coleman), a super-resourceful secret agent. When he accidentally comes into possession of a spy group's secret plans, and winds up on the run from them, he must learn to rely on himself (and his imaginary pal) to save his skin. But, in the end, Dad proves to be his real hero in this engaging and solid family film. --Marshall Fine

Customer Reviews:

  • This movie rules & when younger lived for it.
    Cloak & Dagger is bar far one of the greatest shoes I can remember from my childhood. I'd watch it over and over countless times. It's packed with adventure and imagination. Definatly one worth all your while....more info
  • Two kids suddenly thrown into a goosebump-raising thriller!
    I saw this film with my buddies at a junior high school and though we all had a very good time, I still looked a little fearfully around to see if there are bad guys lurking nearby in broad daylight, waiting to leap right out and grab me. I mean, there's real adult-style violence and real KILLING even though a couple of young kids appeared in this film. Gad, this poor boy had to use his very own wits to keep himself from being grabbed and shot by REAL thugs AND this meant he used a real gun and took a car for a joyride drive! Mark my words, your knuckles will remain white-knuckled all the way to the very end - where the kid will STILL be in deadly peril! And you'll never see sweet-looking old grandparents the same way ever again!...more info
  • suspense/mystery
    if you are a fan of suspense and mystery on childrens movies, you will love this one....more info
  • Moving ending as boy faces profound choices.
    Dabney Coleman (Fresno) plays two roles in this combination adventure / children's fantasy / psychological drama, and it's some of his best work. On the one hand he's the loving but inattentive, busy father of young Davey Osbourne, played by Henry Thomas (E.T.). In fantasy / daydream sequences, Coleman also plays the boy's imaginary friend, tough but playful action hero Jack Flack, imagined to take the place, in some respects, of the working father. The film starts out with a lighter, fun tone, but Davey's imagination gradually get's him into more trouble - similar to Bobby Driscoll's predicament in the classic The Window: the more serious his claims, the less he's believed due to his past fantasies. Like in the Window, by the end of the film the situation is quite intense and real lives are at stake. Young Davey has to rely on his imaginary friend to make profound decisions, and with clever writing, effective directing, and skillful acting, a series of crises near the end of Cloak & Dagger make it one of the most moving films of it's kind. Not to be confused with the 1946 "Cloak and Dagger" starring Gary Cooper, which is also good, but only because Gary Cooper is in it....more info
  • One of my Favs Finally on DVD
    I remember seeing the preview for this back in 84 when it was theatrically released but didnt get to see it until it came out on video, and i was instantly hooked. I have watched this movie hundreds of times easy. Such a great kid's movie and eventhough I am in my 30's, I still love it as much as i did when i was 12. This movie inspired me to track down and purchase an actual Cloak & Dagger stand-up arcade game..i even had the opportunity to visit Atari in CA and see one of the very few original standups that was called Agent X before Atari renamed the game to Cloak & Dagger..well, I am totally rambling now. I dont know how much i would enjoy this movie as an adult had i not seen it a million times as a kid, but this movie is GREAT for kids and kids at heart. ( I hope the DVD atleast has the original movie trailer on it)....more info
  • Cloak and Dagger
    This was the first movie of 4 that I ordered. And I was overjoyed that it also came in the mail to me first. Thanks for the prompt service...more info
  • Cloak & Dagger-Henry Thomas-(1986)
    When a 11-year-old boy(Henry Thomas-E.T.-The Extra Terrestrial) witnesses a murder and a strange doctor gives the boy a video game cartilage, a group of spies want the disk back and try to kil the boy,tough the game cartilage "cloak & dagger" has very important goverment plans in it.With the help of a friend, Kim Gardner(Christina Nigra), and his imaginary pal Jack Flack(Dabney Coleman-Wargames) who plays two roles as Davey's father and Jack Flack.David G. Osborne(Henry Thomas) sets off with Kim,Jack Flack,and the spie's buddy(Micheal Murphy) with an adventure of their own with all the action and adventure.The film was filmed in San Antonio, Texas, on the riverwalk, S.A. airport,S.A. Mall, The Alamo, and S.A.'S biggest buissiness building.Watch cloak & dagger yull' love it, because it is my favorite movie.

    mpaa rating :pg, for violence.

    Also recommended : Mercury Rising-(action/adventure), The Client-(drama), FROM:MCA Universal Pictures,

    Comments & Questions? Please mail to : Chad Nicholson 2203 Apricot Glen Austin, TX 78746...more info

  • Oldie But Goodie
    My child really liked this movie. Action packed older movie that made the movies great back then. ...more info
  • Cloak & Dagger
    When I was a kid, I use to watch this all the time. I remember watching it over and over. I loved it. I recently bought it on dvd so my daughter (whom is 14) can watch it. Unfortunately, she did not enjoy it. I though have very fond memories of it. I still enjoy it and would recommend it to anyone who wants to watch something from the past. I give it a THUMBS UP....more info
  • continued from c&d by chad
    Also Reccomended : Witness-1986 (adventure/drama); The movie" Witness" is thou MPAA Rating : R ; for return a scene of murder,violence,some language , sexuality,and a small nude scene.Even thou the movie is rated:R and has a little boy in it, it is not for small childeren.Stars : Harrison Ford (The Fugitive), Kelly Mcgillis(top Gun), and Danny Glover (Switchback)....more info
  • f---ing awesome adventure
    if u like adventures ...... get - this - movie....more info
  • The original 'Spy Kids'...
    Remember that little boy named Elliot from the film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)? Well, his name is Henry Thomas, and while that was certainly the role he will probably be forever tied to, he actually did go one to make a number of films after that, including this one titled Cloak & Dagger (1984), and has been working steadily ever since, overcoming the general conception that child stars who peak so early often end up as casualties of The System, their careers, and their lives, on a continual downward spiral eventually ending up as fodder for some sleazy tabloid talk show, but I digress...directed by Richard Franklin (Roadgames, Psycho II), the film stars, as I've mentioned, Henry Thomas, along with Dabney Coleman (Tootsie, Wargames). Also appearing is Michael Murphy (Count Yorga, Vampire, Shocker), Christina Nigra (Twilight Zone: The Movie), the eternally crusty John McIntire (Psycho, Elmer Gantry), Jeanette Nolan (she was the voice of Mrs. Bates in the original Psycho), and William Forsythe (The Rock). Also appearing in a `don't blink or you'll miss him' role is Louie Anderson, in an unforgettable performance in the character credited as `Second Taxi Driver'.

    Thomas plays Davey Osbourne, a boy obsessed with role playing games, especially ones featuring a fictional super-spy character named Jack Flack who Davey projects as a real person, often having conversations and receiving advice from throughout the film (the character of Jack Flack is played by Coleman, who also has the role of Hal Osbourne, Davey's recently widowed and somewhat strict, but loving, father). While running an errand for a friend, Davey witnesses a murder, comes into possession a video game cartridge that contains valuable government secrets, and is now hunted by a trio of men, led by a man named Rice (Murphy), who wishes not only to retrieve the cartridge, but also to eliminate the only witness to their crime. Davey tries to tell others what happened, but his story is so fantastic that not even his best friend Kim (Nigra) or his father believes him, chalking it up to his overactive imagination. The situation becomes even more desperate as it seems the men will do just about anything, including kidnapping and more murder, to get back that which they've stolen and since lost. With Jack Flack's help, Davey must now try to outsmart the criminals and be the hero, but he will learn the world of make believe is a whole lot different than real life, especially as the danger poses a threat to not only him, but those around him. He'll also learn that heroes aren't necessarily defined by extraordinary actions, and they often can be found in the least likely places, not confined to ones imagination.

    If you're a fan of such 80's films like Wargames (1983), The Last Starfighter (1984), and Gotcha! (1985), then you'll most likely enjoy this film. The story is decent and flows along at smooth pace, despite any number of plot holes that present themselves (there are plenty, but given the kind of film this was, I was willing to not so much focus on details but just have fun). None of the performances here will win any awards, but everyone did well enough, displaying a level of professionalism consistent with their respective abilities. I did feel Michael Murphy was very convincing as the main villain. One thing that seemed a little creepy was the overall eagerness of the villains to do great bodily harm to the kids, specifically the scene where Murphy's character had Davey cornered and is describing all the things he's going to do to Davey for all the trouble he's caused...he spoke in great detail about how he was going to blow off Davey's kneecaps and then shoot him in the stomach just so he could watch him suffer a slow and agonizing death. What was weird about it was the expressive and explicit focus of violent intent to a minor...this is something I'd expect to see in a Quentin Tarantino or Sam Peckinpah film, but not so much in a film like this...I've seen films involving children in danger, but the threat of serious injury or even death seemed unlikely. The film takes place in San Antonio, and makes good use of a lot of visually interesting locations for many of the scenes including The Alamo and a place called the Japanese Tea Gardens. Another element of the film I really liked was the original music score composed by Brian May (not the guy from the band Queen), who has also scored such films including Mad Max (1979), Mad Max 2 (1981) aka The Road Warrior, and more recently Chicken Run (2000), all three films featuring Mel Gibson (Chicken Run featured Mel's voice for the main character, as it was an animated feature). Oh, in case any of you younger viewers are wondering, the game console featured in the film is called an Atari 5200, which came onto the market in the early 80's (1982, I think). It didn't sell as well as the earlier Atari 2600, but know that there was console gaming before PS2s, Nintendo Game Cubes, and your beloved X-Boxes...the graphics shown here were representative of the games at the time, and while they may look crude and rudimentary now, they were good enough for us as we spent (or wasted) many an hour glued to the television in our continual efforts to improve out hand-eye coordination.

    The anamorphic widescreen picture (1.85:1) looks very sharp and clean on this DVD, and the Dolby Digital 2.0 audio comes through clearly. There are no special features available, not even a menu, as the film starts playing once the DVD is inserted into a player. As the film ends, it goes back to the beginning and starts over again. Some extras would have been nice, but I can be content with what's here.


    ...more info