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  • Fun and delightful
    This is a story about the switch in lifestyle that so many people really need to go thru to have a better understanding for the other side. This girl really have to walk a mile in somebody elses shoes. With warmth and a lot of humour you really get a feeling for this young girls road to a more understanding young woman. Ally Sheedy makes a great perfomance in the role of the maid. ...more info
  • This is *the* 80's movie!!!!
    This is one of the greatest movies ever made in the 80's. It is so funny. Ally Sheedy is great as the spoiled Jessie Montgomery who goes from riches to rags and Beverly D'Angelo is excellant as fairy godmother Stella whom Jessie calls a 'major whacko!' (It's so 80's!) The best part would have to be when Merry Clayton (who plays the maid Audrey) belts out a 'lovely little ballad' called 'I can Still Shine!' That song is so good but I can't find it anywhere. Valerie Perrine and Dick Shawn are also good as Jessie's employers Mr. and Mrs. Starkey (Mrs. Starkey kind of reminds me of my yearbook advisor) but that's ok! Great movie! A must-see!...more info
  • Well-Done Retelling of a Classic Tale
    "Maid to Order" is a rarity in Hollywood; a low-budget film based on a classic story that ends up being funny, clever and heart-warming. Admittedly there are moments when Ally Sheedy's poor little rich girl act is a bit over-the-top, but when she is being other than a stereotype she is believable and sympathetic.

    Jessie Montgomery (Sheedy) is the daughter of a wealthy Charles Montgomery (Tom Skerritt). Tom's role in this movie is relatively small, and nearly unimportant as he mainly tries (and fails) to figure out how to deal with his relatively uncontrollable daughter and is later studiously aloof when fairy godmother Stella Winston (Beverly D'Angelo) changes things as though Jessie had never been born. Tom is important from the plot of the movie, however, as Stella was actually sent to help Charles Montgomery, at least, so Stella says.

    Jessie comes home one morning after a late night party to discover that her father and the household staff do not know her. Jessie escapes the house, looking ever more bedraggled. She tries to buy candy from a machine, only to have her money taken. Finally, she decides to look for (gasp!) a job. She happens to walk into an employment agency just as a status-seeking couple Stan and Georgette Starkey (Dick Shawn and Valerie Perrine) are seeking a white maid (who would have guessed that one?).

    Things have hit a low for Jessie as the Starkeys and their own spoiled daughter Brie Starkey (Rainbow Phoenix) turn out to be a pain for the hired help, micromanaging, money-grubbing, and more about image than substance. The obvious irony being that Jessie now gets to see what life is like on the working class side of the fence, albeit a stereotypical view.

    However, the importance of Jessie's new position is how she sees the cook, the other maid and the chauffeur. As a spoiled rich girl she barely recognized that anyone other than her social peers were even human, and now she gets to see that each person has their own history, their own problems, their own hopes and their own dreams, and theirs are far more substantial than whether they will have to miss out on the debutante party of the year. Even more amazing, regardless of how much of a jerk Jessie initially is, these people actually give her more of a chance than she would have given them; this movie abounds with irony.

    As is typically the case in movies, it is always darkest before the dawn, and people who truly deserve chances get them, and those who need a kick in the pants get their just deserts, or at least a flavor of them. The true magic of the film, beyond that of Stella Winston, is how Jessie evolves to learn how to think of others, which I leave to the viewer to discover for themselves.

    There is a lot of predictability in this movie, and you could probably have guessed some of the ending, but I was unable to guess more than generalities, and that is a good thing. Further, the movie was sweet enough and funny enough to be worth buying and watching over again. Some of the charm may be from the supporting roles. Beverly D'Angelo is funny and clever as the fairy godmother. Merry Clayton does an excellent job as Audrey James, once a famous singer and now the cook. The other numerous roles give this movie a depth and character that I was not expecting from this relatively unknown comedy.

    This movie's humor is from the irony of Jessie's situation, and most of the comedy works. The humor is often subtle, and some may not see the humor, but for everyone else, this movie is a keeper.
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  • So what's wrong with a little slapstick?
    People who generally turn up their noses at slapstick and/or cartoonish comedy because it's beneath them are missing a lot of amusing entertainments in life. I saw "Maid to Order" first in the theater(where it came and went)and then on cable, where it finally found an audience. By now, everybody's seen at least part of it, and it's a highly enjoyable confection. Ally Sheedy is both too refined and too mature to be completely convincing as a spoiled brat living with her philanthropist dad, but she improves(as does the picture)and wins our affections. Supporting cast is even better, with Michael Ontkean a nicely low-keyed Prince Charming(he doesn't push his handsomeness and is very natural in an aw-shucks kind of way), Merry Clayton as a cook who used to be a singer(she's get down with Great White!), and Beverly D'Angelo as a wiseacre fairy godmother. What?! Fairy Godmothers in the 1980's? Yes, and it works surprisingly well. Some of the editing is sloppy, and some of Sheedy's outburts are shrill, but the film is an embraceable one and should charm even the cynics....more info
  • Maid to order, masterpiece
    This movie is just great! Actually I'm a huge fan of popular-romantic-teen movies like this, but spite their aparentely silly plots they are not so easy to make. It is hard to find one with such great costume design, music, timing and script all directly in harmony! All the outfits and dialogs are divine speaclly jessie's navy blue ball dress and Georgette outfits. Beverly D'Angelo is wondefull as jessie's fairy godmother. And there is a clip of "too bored to die" in the beginning of the movie, witch was a great surprise to find....more info
  • *Enjoyable Movie To Watch*
    I really liked this movie alot.It was a fairy tale type movie.A movie to teach a lesson in life while also being enjoyable to watch.A very good 80's movie that can be enjoyed by all....more info
  • Funny, entertaining, and amusing
    "Maid to Order" is about a rich, spoiled 25 year old heiress named Jesse Montgomery. Jesse has never wanted for anything. Her dad is well-to-do and is a philanthropist for an organization, which grants wishes to dying children.

    The show is comedic at its best! It shouws that no matter how rich you are, even rich kids, or in this case, young rich adults, have their fair share of problems, too and Jesse Montgomery learns this the hardway!

    Her father decides that he wants his daughter to grow up, make something out of herself (i.e., get a career) and stop living off his money and her own way.

    What happens is Mr. Montgomery's wish is granted by a fairy godmother!

    In just a few seconds, *poof* Jesse becomes poor, little rich girl driving a red, Mercedes SL convertible, to being literally dirt poor.

    She learns her lesson though the hard way--that sometimes "a job worth doing is a job worth doing right."

    Eventually, she realizes that maybe being rich and spoiled isn't what it's all cracked up to be and learns that materialism doesn't make you happy, but it's how you treat others and your generosity towards others that truly makes you happy!

    A clever film suitable for ages 18 and above due to certain adult themes portrayed in the film.

    I give it 2 thumbs up.

    Rent or buy it, you'll be glad you did!
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  • Cinderella????
    Does it seem right for a spoiled, rich girl to lose everything in order to find what she really wants? Her fairy godmother thinks so. Cinderella move've got help on the way. Being a maid is not exactly Jesse Montgomery's dream, but in order to find love and real happiness it's got to happen. The ending is predictable but would you have it any other way?...more info
  • This Was A Good Movie!
    This was truley a good movie, funny too! A movie to sit down and eat a large bowl of popcorn with lots of butter! I enjoyed this movie....more info
  • One of my all time favorites, thought I would never find it
    Off and on for the past couple of years I have been trying to locate this movie, I am so glad you had it in DVD. It is such an entertaining story I like it as well as my teenage grandchildren....more info
  • A Cute And Funny Movie!!!
    In this movie Ally Sheedy plays Jessie, a rich Beverly Hills kid. Then she gets busted for cocaine possesion but she is rescued by her Fairy Godmother played by Beverly D'Angelo. The only downside of this is Jessie is now poor and unemployed so she is forced to GET A JOB (Aaaargh!!!) as a maid for a couple of Bevely Hill Yuppies. This movie is very funny at times although I had to wonder how on Earth Jessie manages to do an honest day's work in domestic service while wearing 4 inch high heels?...more info